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today you will know that How to Check Net Balance of Airtel Sim If you are an airtel user and you want to find out the 4G net balance present in your number, then this post can prove to be very helpful for you. Airtel is the largest telecom company in India which has the largest number of users in India. In the past, like the rest of the telecom company, the price of Airtel’s data pack was also very high. But since the launch of Jio, almost all the telecom companies have had to reduce the price of their data balance because Jio had previously provided free internet, due to which many users have joined with Jio and later also. Jio has provided internet packs very cheaply.

How to Check Net Balance of Airtel Sim

To compete with Jio, like other telecom companies, Airtel has also had to reduce the price of its data pack. Internet users of India have benefited a lot in the battle of Jio and other telecom companies like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL. Because in earlier times when Net Balance used to be expensive then people used to think 10 times before using net but today net has become so cheap that people are ending 1 GB in a day. Its full credit goes to Jio Telecom Company, which has made internet so cheap in India that people are taking the help of internet in every work today. It is a matter of telecom companies, today we are going to tell you about how to see the net balance of Airtel, so let’s know.

How to Check Net Balance of Airtel Sim

Here we will tell you how to check 2G, 3G or 4G data balance of Airtel, there are two main ways which are very easy. In the first way, you have to take help of some USSD code as you check main balance, in the same way you can check 2G, 3G or 4G net balance present in your mobile number by entering some USSD code.

In another way, you have to download the official app of Airtel, My Airtel, if you are an Android user, then you will find this app in the Playstore. If you are an airtel user then you should keep its official app installed in your mobile because with this you can not only know the balance present in your mobile but you can also recharge with the help of this app when the data or main balance is exhausted. Huh.

how to check net balance of airtel sim with ussd code

If you want to check the data balance of 2G, then for this you have to dial *123*10# from the dialpad of your mobile. This code works on almost all the states of India, however now very few people use 2G data because all the users have shifted to 3G and 4G due to cheap net. Due to this the use of 2G internet has become negligible.

Airtel users can dial *121# to know about the main balance, as soon as dialing this USSD code, a message will come in your mobile screen in which your main balance information will be present.

To know Airtel’s 3G net balance, you have to dial *123*11#, after this if your mobile number has 3G data then its information will come on your mobile screen. On the other hand, to know Airtel’s 4G balance, you have to dial *125*1541#. With this, you will get information about any net pack you have inserted as soon as you dial this code.

How to Check Net Balance of Airtel Sim from the App

If you are an airtel user and are going to use it even further, then you should install the app named My Airtel Thanks in your smartphone. Today, almost all telecom companies have launched their official apps for balance information and recharge, with the help of which the user can recharge his mobile number along with checking the balance.

How to Check Net Balance of Airtel Sim

Another way to see net balance in Airtel is the app of this company, when you open this app after installing, first of all you have to verify your number in it. When you enter your airtel number in it, an OTP will be sent to the mobile, which will be verified by writing in this app. After this, in the homepage, you will get to know the balance present in this number.

so now you know that How to Check Net Balance of Airtel Sim Here we have told you about two major methods which will be easy for you to understand. If you do not have a smartphone then you can take the help of ussd code. This app is available for both Android and Apple operating systems.

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do you want to know how to record call In any mobile phone, this post can prove to be very helpful for you because in this post we are going to tell you the easiest way to record a call. In such a situation, you should know Call Recording Kaise Kare Today, about 90 percent of the people have a smartphone or a keypad mobile, there are not many features in the keypad, but in the smart phone you get all the features of your work. Like this is an amazing feature of Call Record, so that you can save the conversation with anyone in the phone and later you can listen to it anytime. If most of your work is done in the phone itself, then we would advise that you should keep the feature of call recording on your phone.

how to record call

Because this feature may be needed at any time, if you are talking to someone important in a phone call, then you can record it so that later if there is any problem, then use the recorded conversation with you as a proof. Will find How important is the recording feature, you can guess from this that it will be found in all the smartphones available today. If you do not get this feature in your mobile, then you will find many apps in Google Play Store which provide automatic call record facility, these apps are also very useful.

how to record call

For your information, let us tell you that the option of Call Recording is there in all mobile phones like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, Motorola, LG, Mi or Redmi, OnePlus, Apple, Realme, Jio and there is no need to search for this option. Because it comes in your mobile screen while making a call, where to get it and how to use it, follow the steps given below.

1. To make a call recording, first call someone or receive someone’s call.

2. When your call is connected, you will get the option of record shown in the image below, on clicking on which the recording will start.

how to record call

3. In this way you can record call of any person very easily and this recording will be saved in your internal memory.

4. Some of Smasung’s mobile does not have the option to record, you have to turn it on by clicking on the three dot, you can see in the image below.

how to record call

So you have seen how easy it is to record a call in a smartphone, although this feature is not present in some mobiles, so you should check your phone once. If this feature is not available, then you do not need to worry because with the help of the app present in the Google Play Store, you can record automatic calls very easily.

How to make automatic call recording

In today’s smartphone there is an option to record a call but it is not automatic, if you want that whenever you call someone or someone’s call comes and the call is recorded automatically, then for this you can use the app from Google Play Store. can download. The name of this application is automatic call recorder, you can install it from here, let’s know how to use it.

1. First of all download and install automatic call recording app in your mobile.

2. On opening it, it will ask for some permissions which you have to allow so that it can work well.

how to record call

3. After doing this your app will be ready to work.

After this, you do not need to do anything separately to do Call Recording, it will keep recording automatically. If you want to know where and how to watch the recording, then for this you have to open this app where you will get the list of all the recorded calls.

how to record call in jio phone

As we all know Jio phone is like a smartphone but still many important features have not been given in it. Like call recording and hotspot etc. If any feature is missing in Android mobile then you get its apps in play store but you will get to see limited apps in Jio phone’s app store.

Call Recording feature is not provided in your Jio phone at present, but if you read the below mentioned trick carefully then you can record any call of your Jio phone very easily. Whenever you want to record a call, you have to open your browser at the same time, after that follow the steps given below.

1. After opening the browser, open the website named

2. In its homepage, you will find the button of start recording, on clicking on which the recording will start.

3. However, if you are using this site for the first time, then you have to allow mic permission, after which your recording will start.

4. Now to download this recorded voice, click on Upload On Server, after which you will get the download link in front of you, on clicking on which your recording will be downloaded, now you can listen to it anytime.

How to View and Remove Call Recordings

If you have recorded a call from the feature present in your smartphone, then this recording is saved in your internal memory, for this there is a folder which is present in most mobiles in the name of Record. In this you will get all the audio files recorded by your mobile.

If you are using automatic call recorder for call recording, then you have to open this app again to view and listen to the audio file. Here you will get the list of all the audios, apart from this these recordings are also saved in your internal memory.

So now you know that how to record call If you have a smartphone, then you get many options to record the call, like after the call is made, there are many options in your mobile screen, in which there is an option of recording, which starts recording as soon as you click on it. If your mobile is not getting this option, then you can take help of apps present in Google Play Store, one of these apps has been mentioned in this post which is working very well, you can download it. Huh.

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Will know in today’s post how to set caller tune in bsnl sim As we all know BSNL is the government telecom company of India which has been providing its service for many years. However, still this company seems to be struggling in front of other telecom companies of the country like Airtel and Jio because most of the users prefer to take Airtel or Jio SIM due to its poor service. Well today our topic is about BSNL Sim Me Caller Tune Kaise Lagaye, in today’s time everyone wants to activate caller tune on their number because people often get bored with normal ringtones.

how to set caller tune in bsnl sim

As far as Airtel and Jio are concerned, these companies give their users the opportunity to set a free caller tune and to make it a lot easier, they have also partnered with the music app. For example, to set Caller Tune in Jio, you can use JioSaavn app and Wynk Music app in Airtel and its process is also very easy. You can make your favorite song as your hello tune as you listen to the songs in these music apps. But currently you do not get any such facility in BSNL, if you are a subscriber of BSNL then you have to set the caller tune manually.

how to set caller tune in bsnl sim

Here we are going to tell you three ways to set caller tune in BSNL number, by following which you can easily set hello tune in your number. On one hand, where big companies like Airtel and Jio have made caller tune service absolutely free, in BSNL Sim you have to pay some charge for this, so let us now tell you the methods.

1. For this you have to call on 56700, 56789 or 56768 and follow the given instructions. In the end, you will be heard some songs, if you like any of these songs, then you can confirm and make it your caller tune.

2. In another way, you have to send the BT song code in the message box of your smartphone and send it to 56700, the code of each song is different, which you have to send with BT. For example, if the code of your song is 98765, then you have to send BT 98765 in the message and send it to 56700, your song will be set to hello tune, you can find the song code by clicking here in the BSNL website.

3. You can also set your BSNL Number Par Caller Tune by dialing USSD code, for this you have to dial *567#. After this, following the instructions given in it, you have to reach the list of songs, in which if you like a song, then you can set the caller tune by replying the digit next to it.

BSNL Sim Me Caller Tune Kaise Set Kare

If you also use Airtel or Jio SIM in addition to BSNL, then you will know that official music apps are available to set caller tune in these SIMs, but you do not get any such facility in BSNL at present. However, it has a third party app known as My BSNL Tunes, you can download it from Play Store or by clicking here. Through this app, you can easily set hello tune, how to use it, follow the steps given below.

how to set caller tune in bsnl sim

how to set caller tune in bsnl sim

  • To set caller tune, first download My BSNL Tunes App from Google Play Store.
  • Now open this app, it will ask for some permissions which you have to allow.
  • After this, you have to enter your BSNL number in this app and verify it with OTP.
  • In the homepage of this app, you will get to see many trending songs, out of which you can make any one as your Caller Tune.
  • On whichever song you click, the option of All Callers will come below, on clicking on which your caller tune will be set.

In this way you can easily set hello tune on your number within few seconds through My BSNL Tunes App, apart from this you can also set caller tune by calling and messaging number 56700.

so now you know that how to set caller tune in bsnl sim In this post, we have told you four ways, you can try any of them, at the moment all the methods are working well. Although currently BSNL company is charging some monthly rupees from its customers for setting caller tune but in the coming time it can be free like Airtel and Jio. If there is any new update related to this, then you will know through our website.

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