everyone today Facebook use and many more Facebook user Story We also post, in such a situation, sometimes we need to know about our friends. Story Liked but there is no option to download facebook story in facebook app and a question comes in our mind how to download facebook story?

Also read: How To Download Facebook Video Gallery.

Friends, in today’s post we will know Facebook Story Download Kaise Kare Are you a friend of yours? fb story download Can both photo and video files along with music in the gallery of mobile.

Facebook Story Kaise Download

anyone’s facebook story download To do this you have to download an android app from play store. Save Story for Facebook Stories – Download Huh. This app has 1M+ downloads in play store and got a rating of 4.4, it is a 15MB app. Download the app by clicking on the Download Now button given below.


How to use App?

step 1. Open your app facebook account Login with
Step 2. Click on the option of two numbers on the top of the home page.

Download Facebook Story 2021

Step 3. Here the story of your friends will come, click on what you want to download.
Step 4. Click on the 2 dot below the story download Click on the option of it, then the story will be downloaded in the mobile gallery.

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PM launches new payment platform e-RUPI Know what is e-RUPI, how it works, what are its benefits and how to download:

Hello friends, on 2nd August 2021 our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a cashless and contactless means of digital payments. e-RUPI has been launched. The objective of this one time payment system is to stop leakages in government welfare schemes, and ensure that the benefits reach the people they should be.

In this article, we have tried to provide all the information related to e-RUPI to all of you readers, so to know this article “What is e-RUPI, how it works, what are its benefits and how to download” Do read till the last.

What is e-RUPI? (e-Rupi Kya Hai)

e-RUPI is a platform which has a cashless and contactless means which will be used for making digital payments. It is a QR code or SMS string-based e-voucher that will be delivered to the users’ mobiles. Users will be able to redeem this voucher without any digital payment app, internet banking or card. This digital payment platform has been developed by National Payments Corporation of India on its UPI platform. Associate partners are the Department of Financial Services, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the National Health Authority. This initiative will connect the sponsor of the services with the beneficiaries and service providers and the connection will be done in a digital manner without any physical interface.

e-RUPI has been developed in collaboration with the National Payments Corporation of India and other co-operative departments.

How will e-RUPI work?

According to the Prime Minister Shri Modi, now the beneficiaries can get a QR code or an SMS-based electronic voucher on their mobile phone and they need to use a card, digital payment app or even to avail the e-voucher. That internet banking access will not be required. For example: You bought a product and received a voucher on purchase. With e-RUPI, you do not need to carry the voucher in physical form. Vouchers can be sent to your mobile phone in the form of QR code or SMS.

According to the government this digital solution is secure as it ensures payment only after the transaction is completed. Being pre-paid in nature, it facilitates timely payment to the service provider without any intermediary.

The system can also be very useful in ensuring leak-proof delivery of government welfare services, such as providing medicines and nutritional support under mother and child welfare schemes or under TB eradication programmes. E-vouchers can also be set up to the beneficiaries for Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana and fertilizer subsidy etc. Since these payments will be sent in the form of vouchers, they can be used only for the intended purpose.

Procedure to issue Vouchers under e-RUPI:

As we mentioned e-RUPI digital payment system has been developed by National Payment Corporation of India on its UPI platform. The National Payments Corporation of India has joined the banks that will be the voucher issuing authority. The corporate or government agency is required to approach the partner bank (private and public sector lenders) with the details of the specific person and purpose for which the payment is required to be made. Beneficiaries will be identified using their mobile number vouchers allotted by the bank. This platform will be our revolutionary digital initiative that will improve the quality of life and simplify the payment process.

What is the purpose of e-RUPI digital payment?

The main objective of e-RUPI digital payment platform is to provide cashless and contactless payment system so that citizens can make digital payments without any difficulty. With the help of this payment platform, users can make payments in a secure manner and this payment platform uses QR code or SMS-based e-voucher which will be delivered on the beneficiary’s mobile. e-RUPI digital payment platform ensures timely payment of services without the involvement of any intermediary. Users do not need any card or digital payment app or internet banking access to make payment which will make the payment process simple and secure.

Features of e-RUPI Digital Payment

  • This platform will be cashless and contactless
  • Through this system users can make digital payment through e-voucher with the help of QR code or SMS
  • This voucher will be delivered to the users mobile
  • Users can redeem this voucher without any payment app, internet banking or card
  • Through this initiative the sponsor of the services will be linked with the beneficiaries and service providers. This connection will be conducted digitally without any physical interface
  • Payment to the service provider through this platform will be done after the transaction is completed
  • This payment platform is fully prepaid.
  • No service provider is required to make payment to e-RUPI
  • This platform can also be used for providing services under schemes which are for providing medicines and nutritional support.

Highlights of e-RUPI provided by Hon’ble Prime Minister:

On the occasion of launching the e-RUPI platform, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India criticized the various benefits of this platform.

  • Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji says that this initiative is a step towards digital governance.
  • With the help of this platform, digital transactions can be done easily and this platform will play a major role in making digital payments effective.
  • This voucher will help in transacting in a targeted, transparent and leak free manner.
  • The Prime Minister has also highlighted the fact that India is moving ahead with the help of digital technology.
  • The standard of living of the citizens is improving and technology is playing a major role in the lives of the citizens of India.
  • He has also expressed his gratitude that this initiative is being started when the country is celebrating Amrit Mahotsav on 75th Independence Day.
  • This voucher can be used not only by the government but also various NGOs can provide this voucher in place of cash if they want to help someone in education, health etc.
  • This initiative will ensure that the funds provided to the beneficiaries are utilized for the same purpose.
  • In the initial phase of the scheme, only health sector benefits will be covered.
  • The Prime Minister has given various examples of using this voucher such as in vaccination campaigns, old age homes, hospitals etc.
  • This voucher is individual and purpose specific.
  • Only the person for whom this voucher has been issued can use it.
  • He has also highlighted the importance of technology.

Many private hospitals, corporates, businesses, NGOs and other institutions have shown their interest in e-RUPI.

How to Check Live Hospitals List on e-RUPI?

  • Firstly the official website of National Payment Corporation of India https://npci.org.in/ Go to
  • After opening the website, the home page will open in front of you.
  • After opening the homepage, the option of “what we do” will appear, click on it.
  • now you UPI have to click on.
  • after that you e-RUPI live partners have to click on.
  • after that you Live Hospitals on e-RUPI have to click on.
  • After clicking on Live Hospitals on e-RUPI, a PDF file will appear in front of you.
  • In this PDF file you can see the list of Live Hospitals on e-RUPI.

What are the benefits of e-RUPI?

benefits for consumers

The payment process is contactless and only has to be followed by a two-step redemption process. No need of any kind of digital payment app or bank account. The consumer is not required to share his/her personal details to maintain confidentiality.

benefits for hospitals

The vouchers received are prepaid hence the payment process is completely secure. Vouchers can be redeemed in few steps. Hospitals do not need to handle cash hence hassle free and contactless payment can be ensured through voucher verification code. Which makes the payment process easy and safe and secure.

benefits for corporates

Corporate voucher distribution enables employee wellbeing by quick, secure and contactless issuers, can track voucher redemption thereby reducing costs as transactions are digital and do not require any physical issuance it occurs.

How to Download e-RUPI Digital Payment Mobile App?

  • To download e-RUPI, first go to Google play store or Apple App Store in your mobile phone.
  • Now you have to search by entering e-RUPI Digital Payment in the search box.
  • After searching, a list of apps will be displayed in your screen where e-RUPI will be found at the top.
  • You have to click on the first option.
  • After that you have to click on install.
  • Once installed, the e-RUPI mobile app on your mobile will be downloaded and usable on your mobile.

How to redeem e-RUPI Voucher?

  • To redeem the e-RUPI voucher, the beneficiary has to show the e-RUPI QR code or SMS at the service provider outlet.
  • The seller has to scan this QR code or SMS.
  • Now the beneficiary will receive an OTP.
  • The beneficiary has to share this OTP with the service provider.
  • The service provider has to enter this OTP in the OTP box
  • Now the service provider has to click on Proceed.
  • After doing all this, your e-RUPI voucher will be read.


What is e-RUPI?

e-RUPI is a cashless and contactless digital payment medium, which will be delivered to the mobile phones of the beneficiaries in the form of SMS-string or QR code.

What is e-RUPI Voucher?

e-RUPI is a digital voucher that can be redeemed by the beneficiaries for using any specific government services. The digital system does not require a card, app or internet access to redeem the voucher.

Who can use e-RUPI?

The e-RUPI voucher issued by this system can be used only by the person who would have been allotted the e-RUPI voucher. In a statement issued by the Prime Minister, it was said that Sakar can also use this system in Ayushman Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, fertilizer subsidy etc.


Giving a speech about e-RUPI, Prime Minister Shri Modi said that ‘Some people of India were saying that technology is only for rich countries and India is a poor country, so what is its work in India? But today India has served the mentality of those people wrong. Today we are seeing technology as a weapon of progress for the poor”.

This speech definitely suggests that we are slowly moving on the path of progress.

You have this article of ours.What is e-RUPI, how it works, what are its benefits and how to download” How did you like it, do tell by commenting and don’t forget to share this article thanks.

Who is the owner of Koo App Desi Twitter, How to Download Koo?

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Elements App Download: Hello friends, on this post we are going to tell you about India’s social media app, you will be happy to know that under self-reliant India, the first social media app of Make in India has been launched, it has been named Elyments. Already the Government of India had banned 59 Chinese apps, after that this app has been launched under the self-reliant India campaign, so read the Elyments App Full Review carefully and download it as it is an indigenous app.

WhatsApp and Facebook have a large number of users in India, in this app you will get to use all the features found in WhatsApp and Facebook, Elyments App is designed keeping in mind the Indian audience, so the app is available for WhatsApp and Facebook in other countries. Give or not give competition to Facebook, but it will definitely give competition to them in India.

What is Elements App?

Elyments is a social media app launched under Make in India, this app has been launched by the President of India M. Vaikaiah Naidu and is now available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store platforms. Elyments is an all-out social media app that competes with Facebook in terms of features and features, as the app incorporates the features of various social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.

ELiment was launched on 5th July, 2020 on the occasion of “Gurupoornima”. Now you have come to know that what is eliment, elyments app which country ie eliment is the app of which country. Let us now know how to download elyments app, how to use elyments app features and elyments app, keep reading the post for Elyments App Full Review.

How to Download Elements App?

It is very easy to download Elyments, you can download it from both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store platforms, in the search bar you have to search for Elyments, then you will see Elyments – Social Media Simplified, as you see in the above screenshot. You have to download it only. You can download it from the official website of Elyments https://www.elyments.com/ for both Android and iOS platforms.

Download here for Android

elements app details

Currently the size of the elyments app is 90 MB and Elyments has got a rating of 4.4 on Play Storer whereas it has been downloaded by 1,000,000+ people in a very short time, by looking at its ratings and downloads you can find out that Elyments in a very short time. Has become a popular app.

elements app features

Talking about the elyments app features, it positions itself as a super-app. Because in this you get almost all the facilities. Available in more than 8 Indian languages ​​Elyments – Social Media Simplified, integrates features of popular social media platforms for chatting and making free audio/video calls. This super-app enables users to connect with friends, send messages to them, interact with each other’s content via feeds, and even video call with friends.

The popular social networking app also comes with a feed search option in which you can follow celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. The notification bar has been replaced by alerts that let you track friend requests and activities. Like like, comment on your post. You can also use filters while clicking photos

Apps on its platform will also have public profiles that users can follow or subscribe to. The report states that the Elyments app will include options regional voice commands to make it accessible to all.

Combining the features of top social networking sites, Element also has the option to take photos and apply multiple filters. The app also has options to use AR characters while creating posts with innovative elements.

Is the Elements App really secure?

Yes, Elyments App is absolutely secure, with special attention given to the privacy of the user, the app developers really care about the information security of the users the most. The Art of Living Foundation has taken the help of more than 1,000 IT staff to build the app, it is being told that the user’s data will be hosted on Indian servers, without the permission of the user, no one’s data will be shared with others. Will be done.

Features of Elements App

  • Elyments is India’s first social media app, developed under Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • Elyments is created by App Developer, Sumeru Software Solutions, Bangalore based IT Firm.
  • Backed by Art of Living and developed by over thousand IT experts.
  • The main focus is on the privacy of the user, as the data is hosted on Indian servers and without the permission of the user, his data will not be shared.
  • It is available in 8 Indian languages.
  • It is available to download from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
  • Elyments has so far 1,000,000+ downloads on the Google Play store.
  • Elements rating: 4.4
  • ECommerce platform Features and Elements Pay

Why Download Elements App?

As an Indian citizen, you must download Elyments, because to make the self-reliant campaign successful, it is very important that we use and promote our local product, as the Prime Minister has told us many times. Vocal for local. Which will give a new impetus to the Make in India campaign.

Secondly, the Elyments app has been included on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, all these features are included, the company says that more features will be added to it in the coming time, so if you have not downloaded it yet, then the above You can download from the given link.

So now you know Indian social media What is Elements? How does this work? What is its privacy policy? What are its features and what are the features in it, you must have understood the Elyments App Full Review very well, this is an indigenous app, so make your friends aware to promote it more, because from today every Indian has to be a local. To become vocal.

Download Instagram Reels, this is the easiest way

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Hello Friends, Although you have already told everyone how to download your name ringtone, but making your work easier, I have brought another post for all of you, with the help of which you all can download your name ringtone. You can do it quite easily.

Yes, today I am going to tell you all the names of the app through which you can download apne naam ki ringtone ko very easily.

Many people want to keep their name ringtone in their mobile. In such a situation, this post is going to be very helpful for all those people.

if girlfriend calls Girlfriend called Is. if dad calls Papa’s phone came There are many such ringtones that you can download through these apps.

name ringtone download hindi

It would be really funny if you had your name ringtone on your phone and people were surprised to hear it.

Actually many people were asking in the comment how they can download their name ringtone very easily… so this post is going to be helpful for all of them.

It is very easy to make ringtone of your name. If you follow the below mentioned trick. Because in this detail post you are being given all the information that you will need to make your name ringtone.

some people who like to have naam ringtone

Your phone is ringing ( Your name ) Ji > ( Naam Ringtone )
Your phone is ringing…..> ( Name Ringtones )
PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE…..> ( Name Ringtones )
Please answer the phone…..> ( Name Ringtones )
pick up the phone….. > ( Name Ringtones ) And so on !

Now many name ringtones you can download directly in the old way, but if your ringtone is not available there then this app can be useful for you.
name ringtone maker apps You can create Hindi ringtone by yourself

Well there are many on google play store my name ringtone app Available but in this post I am listing those apps which are best and very easy for your use through which you can create and download your name ringtone without any problem.

Download your name ringtone maker app for free

Download My Name RingTone Maker

This is a great one to make your name ringtone which you can use by downloading it from play store. By this you can not only make naam ringtone but you can also use mp3 cutter, that is, you can cut any mp3 song and make ringtone.

It also has a very good rating on the Play Store, which is a sign of its being the best and it has been downloaded by more than 10 lakh people.

That is, you can use my name ringtone make to make your name ringtone, which you can download from the link below.

Download My Name Ringtone Maker & Flash Alerts

The My Name Ringtone Maker app is also a great one, due to which it has been added to the list. You can also make apne naam ki ringtone quite easily using this. All you have to do is install this app and then write your name in the text box and play it and save it.

In this also you have the facility of mp3 cutter which you can use to cut ringtone. It has a rating of 4.3 on the Play Store which is an indication of its goodness. Along with this, more than 10 lakh people have also downloaded it.

You can also download it for free from play store whose direct link is given below….

Download Name Ringtone Maker.

As its name suggests, you can use it as Name Ringtone Maker. Like the above app, you can also make your name ringtone through this but it works on text to speech which converts text into speech which does not have the facility to add background music due to which it sounds very simple. Is.

Still you can use it because its rating is very good on play store and more than 1 lakh people have downloaded it.

You can directly download this app from the link given below.

In this way you can easily download your name ringtone in your mobile.
With this easy Hindi trick, you can make your name ringtone very easily.
You can make your name ringtone with this easy trick and also tell your friends.

So friends, in this way we told you how you can make your name ringtone and then download it.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends, Sharing Button is at the bottom of the post.

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mobile me twitter video gif download kaise kare In this post I will tell you how to download Twitter Video Gif in mobile, Twitter is a popular social network platform, many people use Twitter, all post video, photo, animation text according to their own. We like many of them Videos, Gif, Photos very much and we want to save them in mobile but there is no video, GIF, Photo download option on Twitter.

But with the help of Twitter Video Gif Download karne wala app, we can download any Twitter Video, Twitter GIF animation, photo in mobile, let’s know which is Twitter Video Downloading app and how to download Twitter Video in mobile. Do.

Mobile Me Twitter Video Gif Download Kaise Kare

Mobile Me Twitter Video Gif Download Kaise Kare

step 1 best in your mobile twitter account Open the

Step 2 After that, by clicking on the arrow icon below whichever Video, Gif you want to download. Copy Link To Tweet Click on it and copy the link of that video.

Step 3 After copying the link, go to the Twitter video downloader website and paste the link in the box. download To click on the button.

Mobile Me Twitter Video Gif Download

Step 4 Now click on MP4 or MP4 HD, after that a new page will open, after waiting for some time the video will start downloading.

Twitter ka ka video download karna

In this way you can save any Twitter Video, Gif to your mobile download, share the information of downloading Twitter with your friends.

i hope you understand now Mobile Me Twitter Video Gif Download Kaise KareToday, there are many website apps available on the internet with the help of which you can download Twitter Gif.

I will tell you in this post How to Download Image Video from Pinterest Pinterest is one such social media network that allows us to share photos and videos, interestingly according to a new report, Pinterest is now the fastest growing platform for sharing content online. The study also revealed that 80% of Pinterest users are women. Many times such a photo comes in front of us which we like very much.

If you run Instagram, then you must have come across such a photo many times which you like very much and you want to download it, but due to lack of information, you could not download it in mobile. In view of this we Pinterest Photo Video Thought of writing a post. After reading this post, you can save any image video of Pinterest to the gallery of your mobile.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to post and pin and discover new images. Using a visual orientation, social networks are heavily focused on the concept of a person’s lifestyle, allowing you to share your tastes and interests with others and discover about those people.

Pinterest is a visual search engine with over 300 million monthly active users. People use Pinterest to search for recipe ideas, decoration inspiration and DIY hacks, makeup, dressing styles in image and graphical formats. But once you click in the image, it redirects you to the respective website pages

Using Pinterest, users can upload pictures from their mobile or computer, or pin things they find on the web using the Pinterest bookmarklet. As with most other social networks, users can use standard social networks such as following their friends’ boards, liking and commenting on other users’ pins, re-pinning content to their own boards, sharing others’ pins on Facebook and Twitter. networking can work.

How to Download Pinterest Images?

Downloading Pinterest image / photo is very simple, you can do this work through Pinterest App or browser of your mobile and computer. For this you follow the steps given below.

First you have to login to your Pinterest account, then you have to access the photo which you want to download. There is in the search box at the top in which you can search the image by typing any keyword.

Pinterest photo download

When you get the image of your choice, then click on that image, after that the image will open, then you have to click on the 3 dot below the image, now a small popup will open in which Download image Click on the button, that’s all the Pinterest Image will be downloaded in the mobile.

How to Download Videos from Pinterest

Now we are telling you how to download videos from Pinterest Although officially Pinterest does not give the option to download videos but we can download any video of Pinterest through third party website.

step 1: First login to your Pinterest account.

Copy Link

Step 2: Now whatever video you want to download link copy Do it, if you are doing this work from mobile, then by hitting on the three dots below the video, tap on Copy Link and if you are doing it from computer then you can copy the link by clicking on the download icon.

Step 3: Now go to the Pinterest Video Downloader page.

Pinterest Video Downloader

Step 4: Now paste the link of the video in the box that appears Download Click on the button.

Pinterest video download

Step 5: Then the option to download the video will come in front of you, by clicking on it in whatever format you want to download, you can download it on mobile or computer.

so now you know How to Download Image Video from Pinterest We have told you how to download in computer, but you can also do this work in mobile browser or in Pinterest app, for this you have to access the image you want to download, then click on the image below After clicking on 3 dot, you will see the button of download image, by clicking on it you can save it to mobile gallery.

How to Download Xender, Transfer Data to Desktop?

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In today’s article we will know that how to download movie from telegram see easily because even today there are many people who Telegram Does not know how to download movies from what are we telegram And What are the benefits of downloading movies from Telegram Will also learn about You must be aware of this that all people Movie They are very keen to watch movies and they love to watch movies.

how to download movie from telegram

And for that every platform (such as Google, YouTube etc) but they search for their favorite movie but they do not find that movie. But you don’t need to worry because if you are watching the same movie telegram But if you search, you will get that movie instantly and you will be able to enjoy that movie, Telegram Downloading movies from is very easy.

how to watch movie in telegram through this you Hollywood, Bollywood along with Tollywood Movie You can also download very easily. You know that OTT has become very popular ever since Coronavirus started, the demand and popularity of web series has increased to a great extent, hence big OTT Platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar etc. have started creating very good and great content.

These OTT Platforms charge a high amount of money from common users to view their content, these OTT Platforms are very expensive and to give a befitting reply to these OTT Platforms, Telegram is standing firmly in the market, it has always been the favorite of the people. It has been because it provides good movie web series etc. to the users absolutely free of cost.

what is telegram

Friends, you must have heard about Telegram, this one android messaging app Yes, it is exactly like WhatsApp but in this you get to see many different features, here you can make your own on a Telegram channel in which countless people can join, the most important thing about Telegram is that You can download and watch your favorite content.

Movies mostly used on Telegram Movie is done to download, but for your information, let me tell you that you can also earn money through Telegram, you can guess the popularity of Telegram by the fact that this application is more than 1 billion on Google Play Store. Has been downloaded too many times.

how to download movie from telegram

Telegram Se Movie Download To do this, you have to follow the steps given below, which is very easy, you will not have any problem in understanding the process of downloading movies from Telegram because its steps are very easy, the process of downloading movies from Telegram is something like this. is type.

1. Open Telegram App

In the first step you Telegram The application has to be opened. If you want, you can open it from here also.

2. Click on Search Option

After that you will see a page like this on the home screen and on the right side there is a Search The option of will also show, you have to click on the option of the same search bar.

how to download movie from telegram

3. Search Movie Name

Now by entering the name of the movie you want to download Search button, for example we will give you Through My Window Will download and show the movie. for this you Search going to the option Through My Window Have to search for the movie.

how to download movie from telegram

4. Check Movie Name in Channel

Now many channels will come in front of you named Through My Window. Now you have to check carefully which channel that movie is in because in today’s time fake things have increased a lot on Telegram, all are sharing their personal links by creating channels in the name of new movies to be released. Huh.

how to download movie from telegram

5. Download Movie From Link

As soon as you open the original channel, you will get the name of the movie and the download link of the movie, you just have to click on the download link to download the movie and then the movie will be downloaded.

So you must have come to know that downloading movies from Telegram is very easy.

What are the benefits of downloading movies from Telegram

Friends, you get to see many benefits of downloading movies from Telegram, the first advantage is that whenever a new movie is released, it first becomes available for download on Telegram.

Along with this, if you can’t find a movie on any movie site, then on Telegram you can easily search for that movie and then download it, on Telegram you will get to see many such groups that each Provides link to download new movie.

This will be to your advantage that you will not have to search for every movie on different movie websites, you can download new movies by becoming a member of Telegram Group.

How did you like this article of ours, in this article we learned that Telegram Se Movie Download Kaise Kare In this article we have you Process to download movies from Telegram Step by step is explained in very easy words how to download movie from telegram hope you have understood,

So now you know that how to download movie from telegram See easily, it has always been our endeavor to present complete and correct information in detail to you and you can get the information that you have come to our article to know. If you still do not understand anything, or you want to know if you want to get any more information, then you can also ask us by commenting in the comment box given below the article, we will try to answer your comment soon.

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