Best climate change essay 2021| climate change essay 2021

The environment around the Earth is an important component of the natural environment and biosphere ecosystem because when all kinds of existence in the system are possible only because of the gases contained in the atmosphere. It acts like an atmosphere because it absorbs incoming ultraviolet radiation from the Sun and prevents them from reaching the Earth’s surface, so the surface temperature does not rise excessively.

climate change essay
climate change essay

Climate is the average of the weather events of a place over a long period of time. Earth’s climate is not good. Weather and climate and natural causes change on a local, regional and global scale, but following the development of science and technology after the Industrial Revolution, human affairs have begun to change rapidly as humans alter the fundamental structure of atmospheric organizations. Gives and is able to crush. Its effect has started to affect the flora and fauna of the human community. Especially the very existence of mankind is in danger. This type of change in climate is called climate change. This means climate change caused by human activities 100 years ago. The geographic meaning of climate change is a long-term change in seasonal patterns.
Climate change parity is measured by a large change in temperature, precipitation, snow and wind patterns that occurs over several years. Climate change is being caused by humans burning large amounts of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas (which reduces the absorption capacity of carbon and forests and releases accumulated carbon into the atmosphere).

signs of climate change

Since the origin of the Earth, there have been many changes in the climate. Evidences of climate change in the Earth’s past years are called indicators of climate change. Here are some complete climate signs details-

biological indicators

  • Botanical Indicators – Fossils of plants, oxygen isotopes, growths found in tree trunks.
  • Zoological indicators – distribution and transmission of animal fossils, fossils, animals.

physical indicators

  • Sediment deposits in glacial lakes, coal sedimentary deposits, soil indicators, traces of advance and retreat of glaciers in certain latitudes.

snow indicator

  • Geological records reveal the transition process between the Ice Age and the Inter-Ice Age, respectively.

tectonic indicator

  • Plate tectonic – poleward movement and continental drift, hypochromaticism and oceanic diffusion.
    change in sea level.

historical record

  • flood record
  • dry record

factors affecting climate change

Climate change is a long-term process that is influenced by natural and human actions. Before industrialization human factors played little role in this process. The process of industrialization, urbanization and indiscriminate exploitation of resources has created serious problems in the form of global warming and pollution. The following are the natural and human factors of climate change.

The effect of natural factors on climate change

The atmosphere generally maintains a state of stability, due to which there are short to long term changes in weather and climate in terms of time and space. Long-term climate change persists for thousands of years and occurs very slowly. Climate change is always caused by natural work.

  • Variation in solar radiation – The amount of sunset that the Earth receives keeps on decreasing due to changes in the Earth’s orbital position or changes in the Earth’s axial tilt etc. Prolonged increases in the amount of sun’s radiation cause the atmosphere to warm, producing a warmer climate and melting ice sheets and glaciers. Similarly, due to a decrease in the amount of sunlight, atmospheric temperature declines, leading to the rise of the sheet phase of the climate and finally the arrival of the Ice Age. Again the increase in the Sun’s radiation due to contraction in the Sun core leads to an increase in atmospheric temperature and the Himalayan period ends and begins intermittently.
  • Sunspot Cycle – The activation of solar stigma increases as the number of solar stigmas increases, which increases the amount of solar radiation. This heats up the Earth’s surface and its atmosphere. For this reason, decreasing the solar stigma reduces the amount of solar radiation, which leads to a drop in atmospheric temperature.
  • Volcanic weathering – Dust and ash emitted by volcanoes destroy some of the short-wave Sun’s radiation in the lower atmosphere by scattering, reflection and absorption, thus reducing the amount of Sun’s radiation reaching the surface. Because the temperature of the lower atmosphere is controlled by the weather and climate at Earth’s surface, it causes the Earth to cool. After the Philippines’ Pinatubo volcanic eruption in 1991, the Earth’s average temperature dropped to about 0.5 °C.
  • Changes in atmospheric gaseous composition – There is a constant change in the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, water vapor etc. in the atmosphere. Their emissions are mainly due to natural factors and the imbalance of these gases produced by nature is balanced by different regions. But when man-made causes a change in this balance of the earth, its compensatory nature is unable to do so. As a result, events such as climate change occur.
  • Continental Drift – Various theories related to continental drift such as Wegener’s continental theory, Harry Haas’s ocean net spread and Morgan’s plate tectonic theory are also helpful in explaining the causes of climate change.

The impact of man-made factors on climate change

Short-lived climate change occurs through humanization, urbanization, industrialization, etc., for human-caused work. The current climate change is a man-made problem. Man affects the environment with his problems. The activities carried out by human beings with nature to achieve economic objectives and material goals have destroyed the balance of the natural environment. Such problems are called environmental degradation. This environmental degradation is the only problem facing humans in Haji in the form of climate change and pollution. The anthropogenic factors and their contribution to climate change are as follows:

  • misuse of resources
  • Urbanization and rapid industrialization
  • Fuel scarcity and use of fossil fuels
  • massive land use change
  • Increase in the emission of GHG, CO2 etc. into the atmosphere
  • ozone depletion in the stratosphere
  • rise in temperature

Effects of climate change on humans and ecosystems

Climate change has been affecting the human ecosystem for a long time. The truth of this fact can be seen in the form of melting glaciers, polar ice fractures, monsoon changes, rising sea levels, ecosystems and deadly heat waves.

  • Effects and diseases on human health
  • Impact on agriculture and food security and food quality
  • Impact on Ecology and Biodiversity
  • Water stress, water insecurity
  • melting glacier
  • sea ​​level rise
  • increase in atmospheric and ocean temperatures
  • impact on land resources
  • weather events

Biodiversity in India

India is of great importance in terms of biodiversity in South Asia. India is surrounded by the Himalayas in the north, the Indian Ocean in the south, the Bay of Bengal in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west. Due to the variation in climate and land size of different regions in India, biodiversity in India is very high. Due to the difference in size and ecosystem, this site is rich in area. India is one of the different regions of the world. India is also included in a total of 17 vastly diverse regions of the world. India is one of the most hotspot areas in terms of hotspot areas in the world.
India is among the top 10 countries in the world and 4 in Asia in terms of biodiversity. India is a very rich region in terms of species of organisms, as far as scientific knowledge and classification have been done in India. According to a report released in the year 2000 by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, there were 81000 species of districts in India. At present, according to the IUCN, which 91000 species of animals are now found in India. In terms of species, India is the leader in the number of mammals, birds, reptiles. In terms of local species, India has an abundance of insects, sea worms, fresh aquatic sponges, centipedes. India has an abundance of endemic species of large vertebrate animals. India has a leading position in terms of the world’s largest mammal species.

Biodiversity in India is more visible in wild trees and fauna. India is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of agricultural land. Apart from various crops and plantation agriculture, domestic useful trees are planted here, apart from this about 47500 species of plants are found in India. India is very rich in the number of species of flowering plants.

India is home to about 6% of the world’s total flowering plants, with the remaining 7% being plant species. The total area of ​​India is 32.87 lakh square kilometers, out of which only forests are found on 24.01%. India has a range of tropical evergreen forests to temperate and coniferous forests, apart from thorny shrubs and trees in areas with low rainfall.
Indian natural vegetation has undergone drastic changes due to many reasons. Due to the need for more areas for agriculture and fodder for livestock, the forest area is decreasing due to the development of industries and cities. Forest is a renewable resource, it enhances the quality of the environment and the local climate controls soil erosion and streams of rivers. Forests are the basis of industries and contribute to enriching biodiversity by providing livelihood to many communities.

Different Biodiversity Zones of India

India is a country with huge biodiversity. Due to the greater variation in the environmental conditions of its different regions, more diversity is seen in the fauna and flora. Sometimes the biodiversity is very high, sometimes it is very low, sometimes there are a large number of local species of animals and sometimes the species have very high characteristics and affinity. Following are the major regions of India in terms of biodiversity:

1. Major Hotspot Areas of India
2. Marine Biodiversity Zone
3. Bio-geographical region of India

Major Hotspot Areas of India

Some of the biodiversity areas of the world where species diversity is found are called hotspot areas. There are 35 hotspot areas in the world, which accounts for 2.3% of the world’s total area and 60% of the world’s species are found in these areas. These are biodiversity rich areas. The term police staff hotspot was first used by Norman Myers in 1988. In the list of these diverse areas of the world, there are four regions of India which are biodiversity rich areas-

A. Indo Burma region
B. Himalayan region
C. Western Ghats and Sri Lanka
D. Sunderland Region (Nicobar Islands)

As a biodiversity hotspot, India occupies an important place in the global biodiversity. The hotspot areas under the political landscape of India include 64.95% of the Western Ghats hotspot area, Indo Burma 5.13%, Himalayan region 44.37% and Sunderland hotspot area 1.28%. However, protected areas comprise less than 17% of these hotspot areas, well short of the Aichi target set under the Biodiversity Convention 2010.

Climate change and increasing constraints by humans are major factors in forest destruction and extinction of species. According to analysis of global human population data, the highest human population density is found in hotspot areas located in the tropics. While the highest human population density among all global hotspot areas is in the Western Ghats of India at 300 persons per km.

The local rate of global warming in the Himalayan region is higher than the global rate. This Himalayan hotspot can cause species extinction on many of the local flora in the region. Because the polarity of species and polarities is not possible due to the constraints of site shapes. Most of the vegetation cover of the Indo Burma Hotspot region represents high-level forest fragmentation.

The Kakashi part of the Andaman and Nicobar forest area has been destroyed due to recent disasters like the Indian Ocean tsunami. The vegetation of these hotspot areas is being severely affected due to fire, drought etc. in forests encroached by invasive species.
Marine Biodiversity Area | Biodiversity in India
The coastline of India is 7516.6 km wide. Marine Biodiversity Areas include various mangrove estuary coral reefs where the abundance of fauna species is found due to the favorable conditions of environmental biodiversity. Many species of coral are found here in the world. Marine biodiversity is abundant in mollusks, crests, polychaetes and coral species. Many species of mangroves and sea grass are also found here.
Bio-geographical region of India. Biodiversity in India
The biogeographic region consists of regions characterized by the characteristics and distribution of animal and plant species in other regions of the world. Variations in species and their ecosystems are due to variations in the gradient of latitudes, changes in geographic area, variation in habitat environment, etc. There is a great deal of variation in species and their habitats, as well as in climates that are variable relative to climate.


Variety of flora and fauna species are found due to the variation in the climate of the vegetation zones of India. From the point of view of biodiversity, there are 10 bio-geographical regions of India, which differ in climate, landforms, soil etc.

Trans Himalayan Region

This region is extremely cold and dry. Here only alpine species are found in the flora. Stones and icebergs are found in most of the area. Animals include wild sheep and goats, snow leopards, marble-coloured cats, marmots and black-necked swans.

Himalayan region

The density of vegetation is high in the eastern Himalayas due to high rainfall and proximity to the equator, while the density of vegetation is low in the western Himalayas. Many cases of vegetation have developed in the Himalayan region due to the decrease in temperature with the increase in altitude. With the increase in altitude, the Himalayan range has tropical forests from it to tundra vegetation. From the point of view of biodiversity, differences are found in the trunk of all these plants.
Due to favorable climatic conditions in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas, there is an increase in the number of species of fauna and flora. Large trees and mammals are found here. Snow leopards, brown bears are found in the main animals here. Due to HIM and landslides and environmental pollution, the major species here are endangered and going extinct.
Indian desert | Biodiversity in India
Apart from many endemic species of reptiles and birds, the region has the largest number of insect species. The blackbuck, one of the major species of the Indian desert, is an impressive species of mammal, which is now endangered. Nilgai, wild donkey is the special animal here. Chinkara, desert fox, desert cat, great Indian bustard, flamingo etc. are endemic to the Kutch desert.

semi arid region

This area has been a famous area for Asiatic lions. The region’s endemic species are the Song region lions. A lot of stone dwelling areas are found here. It is an area surrounded by grass and euphorbia bushes. Tropical dermal forests are found in natural vegetation. Wet forests and mangrove forests are also found in this region. where many flora are endemic.

Western Ghats

It is a highly biodiverse region of India and is listed as a hotspot. The region ranges from evergreen forests to dry deciduous forests. And many species of temperate vegetation are found in mountainous areas. The major fauna of this area are Tiger, Nilgiris, Langur, Lion, Malabari, Brown Hornbill. The species of amphibians found on the Western Ghats are found in many endemic species. The flying squirrel, the lion-tailed macaque is a unique and endemic species here.

Deccan Peninsular Region

The Deccan Peninsular region is bounded by the Satpuras in the north, the Western Ghats in the west and the Eastern Ghats in the east. This area is surrounded by rivers. The major rivers here are Tapti, Narmada, Mahanadi and Godavari. The Narmada and the Tapti flow west and fall into the Arabian Sea. The Mahanadi, the Godavari flows east and drains into the Bay of Bengal. There is an abundance of fertile black and red soils. Tropical Forests Tropical dry forests are found in the region extending from north central to southern plateau region. The animals found here are tigers, bears, wild boar, gaur, sambar, chital and wild buffalo elephants and deer in a wide area.

Gangetic plains

The Gangetic plain is one of the most fertile regions of India. It is classified into four parts on the basis of soil fertility, where there is abundance of crop species in fauna, flora and fauna. These are 4 parts – Bhabar, Terai, Bhangar and Khadar. This area is very important from the point of view of fertility and agricultural production. The Gangetic plain extends from Rajasthan to the agricultural region in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. Mangrove forests are found in its south eastern region. The major animals found here are elephants, blackbucks, Indian rhinoceros, freshwater crocodiles and turtles and a variety of fishes.

coastal area

The coastal region spread over a wide area of ​​India is highly diverse. Natural vegetation is abundant in mangrove forest areas. Among the animal species are dolphins and crocodiles, dugongs, avifauna. Turtles living in clear water and many species of fish living in sea water are found here. The Sundarbans along the Bay of Bengal along the eastern coast have the highest number of Royal Bengal tigers.

North East Region

Biodiversity is found in abundance in the North Eastern region of India. The region is very rich in terms of tropical flora. Evergreen and semi-evergreen forests, moist deciduous monsoon forests, grasslands and swamps are found here. Bamboo, jackfruit, tuna chestnut are abundant here.

Indian island territory

This region of the Indian subcontinent is a group of 572 islands. This region extends to the north of the Andaman Islands and to the south of the Nicobar Islands. This area is divided by a 10 degree channel. Of these 572 islands, 36 are habitable. This area is of great importance from the point of view of biodiversity. Some special species of the world are found here like dolphin, jackfruit, coconut, mollusks etc. Coral reefs are spread over 11000 sq km in Andaman Islands and 2700 sq km in Nicobar Islands. Here there is an abundance of trees of tall squares and many such trees are found which are used as medicine. For example, the Behra tree, which is often used in medicine, is found in the region. Medicines are made from its bark.

Who does not know Mahatma Gandhi, who taught the lesson of non-violence to the world, his impression is not only on Indian currency notes but also in the hearts of all of us. Even whenever a freedom fighter is remembered, the name of Mahatma Gandhi comes first. Since childhood, we have been reading about the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi in school and even in schools or colleges. Mahatma Gandhi Essay In Hindi is often given.

list of subjects

We all should know about Gandhi ji, who he was, when Gandhi ji was born and what were the movements run by him. Because knowing about them is very important from the point of view of general knowledge, any school or competitive examination. Therefore, in this article, through Mahatma Gandhi Essay, information about his life introduction and important movements etc. has been provided to you (Mahatma Gandhi In Hindi).

mahatma gandhi essay in hindi

Mahatma Gandhi Essay In Hindi

Biography of Mahatma Gandhi – Essay On Mahatma Gandhi (300 Words)

About Mahatma Gandhi – The full name of Mahatma Gandhi was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was born on 2 October 1869 at a place named Porbandar located in Kathiawar district of Gujarat state. He had an important role in making the country independent, due to which he is also known as the Father of the Nation. Every year on 2 October, the whole of India celebrates the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi’s father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi and mother’s name was Putlibai. Mohandas was the last child of his father’s fourth wife. His father was a fan of a small princely state of Kathiawar during the British Raj and his mother was a religious woman. Gandhiji was greatly influenced by his mother’s values.

Gandhi’s marriage

Mahatma Gandhi was married to Kasturba in 1883 at the age of 13 and Mahatma Gandhi had 4 sons named Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas and Devdas. Kasturba Gandhi supported Gandhi in every movement.

Gandhi’s education

Gandhiji did his early studies from Porbandar. At the age of 11, he enrolled at Alfred High School in Rajkot and did his matriculation from there. After this he studied at Samaldas Arts College and went back to Porbandar. In the last, Mahatma Gandhi Ji completed his studies of law at the University of England, UCL Faculty of Law and returned to India.

Mahatma Gandhi used to call education “The Beautiful Tree”, because he believed that education is subordinate to society, not to the government. It was the wish of Gandhiji that every citizen of the world should be educated.

death of mahatma gandhi

Gandhiji was shot dead by Nathuram Godse on 30 January 1948 at Birla Bhawan in Delhi, after which Birla Bhavan came to be known as Gandhi Smriti. Every year on 30 January, tribute is paid to Bapu ji at Rajghat in Delhi, hence it is also celebrated as Martyrs Day.

Essay on Mahatma Gandhi (500 Words)

Introduction to Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi ji was a person who dedicated his whole life for the service of the country. Mahatma Gandhi was a priest of truth and non-violence, so he is also addressed by the names of Father of the Nation and Bapu etc. His birthday is celebrated every year on 2nd October as Gandhi Jayanti. His father’s name was Karamchand Gandhi and mother’s name was Putlibai. When Gandhi was in school at the age of 13, he was married off to Kasturba Devi, the daughter of a merchant from Porbandar.

Movements by Mahatma Gandhi

Many movements were made by Gandhiji to free India from the slavery of the British, which are still remembered by the people. When Mahatma Gandhi saw that the dictatorship of the British in India was increasing day by day, he started many movements against them such as, Champaran Satyagraha, Non-Cooperation Movement, Salt Satyagraha, Dalit Satyagraha, Quit India Movement. Let us know about some movement through this Mahatma Gandhi Per Nibandh.


Champaran Satyagraha (1917)

On 19 April 1917, a movement like Champaran Satyagraha was started to help the farmers in Champaran district of Bihar. This movement lasted for about a year. The farmers of Champaran district used to be very upset because they were being forced to cultivate indigo. The farmers were forced by the British merchants to cultivate indigo on 3/20 of the land and that is why they were not able to cultivate.

In 1916, Champaran farmers Rajkumar Shukla and Sant Raut went to Lucknow and told Gandhiji about the atrocities being committed on the farmers, after which Gandhiji reached Champaran and did this movement for about 1 year in favor of the farmers, after which Nil The traders agreed to pay 25 percent of the farmers’ money.

Kheda Satyagraha (1918)

After the Champaran Satyagraha, a peasant movement was carried out in Kheda district also in 1918 AD. The hard work that the farmers had produced throughout the year was destroyed due to floods and droughts, due to which the condition of the farmers became very bad. The farmers were repeatedly asking to waive the tax, but this was not being forgiven by the British and due to this the farmers were also taken prisoner.

Gradually, the farmers’ livestock and their crops were taken away from them and seeing that no one came forward to help the farmers, after which Mahatma Gandhi decided to help the farmers. The farmers became aware of their demand and started Kheda Satyagraha. After this, the British waived the tax of the farmers and released all the prisoners.

Ahmedabad Mill Mazdoor Movement (1918)

The Ahmedabad Mill Mazdoor Andolan was started on 15 March 1918, the main objective of which was to withdraw the increased ‘plague bonus’ by the mill owners. Mill workers were given plague bonus in 1917 due to the outbreak of plague disease in Ahmedabad, but in 1918 the mill owners announced to abolish this bonus.

The mill workers wanted to retain this bonus as the bonus amount was much less than the increased inflation. Seeing this, the mill workers started opposing it. As soon as Gandhi ji came to know about this, he asked the workers to demand 35% bonus, even in this movement Gandhi ji even went on a hunger strike. After some time this matter was handed over to a tribunal and after seeing everything, it was announced to give 35% bonus to the mill workers.

Khilafat Movement (1919)

The Khilafat movement was launched in 1919, as a number of outrageous allegations were being leveled against the Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire. The main objective of the Khilafat movement was to pressurize the British to establish the post of Caliphate of Turkey. In India it was led by the All India Muslim Congress. Muslims started fearing about the safety of their caliph and they started this movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

In 1919, Gandhi ji contacted the Muslim community and helped them in starting this movement. As soon as this movement became successful, Mahatma Gandhi was made a national leader in no time.

Non-Cooperation Movement (1920)

After the ‘Jallianwala Bagh Massacre’, Gandhi felt that the British were now succeeding in establishing their dominance over Indians, after which Gandhiji decided to start the Non-Cooperation Movement on 1 August 1920.

During this movement, students stopped going to school, college, lawyers were refused to come to the court. Gradually, the effect of this movement was visible from cities to villages. During the agitation, a group of farmers set a police station on fire at Chauri-Chaura in Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) district, after which Gandhiji withdrew the movement in view of this violence.

Quit India Movement (1942)

Mahatma Gandhi started the Quit India Movement against the British in August 1942. This movement played an important role in the independence of India. Under this movement, Gandhiji also gave the slogan “Do or Die”, due to which the people of India became angry towards the British and after that the British Government decided to free India.


So friends today in this post we have told you many important things related to Mahatma Gandhi like Gandhi Ji Ka Janm Kab Hua Tha and Gandhi Ji Per Nibandh. Hope you liked the information given by us.

If you liked the essay on Mahatma Gandhi, then do not forget to share it with your friends and if you have any question regarding this post, then definitely tell us in the comment box, our team will definitely answer your questions. To know about other similar articles, stay tuned on Hindi Sahayata.

Mahatma Gandhi (FAQ)

1. When is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi celebrated?

Answer- Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated every year on 2 October across the world.

2. When was Gandhiji born?

Answer- Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 at a place named Porbandar located in Kathiawar district of Gujarat state.

3. What is the full name of Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer- The full name of Mahatma Gandhi is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

4. Who killed Mahatma Gandhi?

Answer- Nathuram Godse shot and killed Mahatma Gandhi at Birla Bhawan in Delhi on 30 January 1948.

How to Develop Positive thinking, Essay on Positivity, Importance How to Develop Positive thought or thinking or suvichar quotes in hindi shayari on positivity

What is Positivity Meaning Importance and Essay

Positivity is a kind of thinking that resides on the heart, mind and mind of a person, there can be no proper definition of this thinking, but if we tell the meaning of positivity here, then it will be such thinking that due to which the mind, heart and mind of any person But no weight will be felt, this thinking cannot be defined but can be felt, if you are in any dilemma and have fallen from many types of ideologies, then only those thoughts will be positive for you, which will be positive for you in your mind, heart and soul. Will give peace to the mind.

benefits of positive thinking

In the most difficult times, if a person keeps positive thinking in himself, then he gets many benefits, these benefits can be both psychological and physical.

psychological benefits

Due to positive thinking, a person’s heart and mind remain calm, he remains happy, he remains satisfied, due to which the people around him are also happy with him and such a person never gets disappointed, he is not sad.

physical benefits

Psychologically, if a person is healthy and happy, then such a person does not have any kind of disease, then the way positive thinking calms the heart and mind of the person, in the same way keeps the body of the person healthy. .

Positive thinking is a power, a weapon, which God has given us. By using this we can win the biggest battle. We face many kinds of problems in life, there is no one in whose life there is no problem. Every person has trouble, but not every person seems to be upset, crying. Even in times of trouble, those who keep control in their thinking, they are able to fight with it and succeed. There are 2 types of thoughts in the human mind, positive and negative.

Positive thoughts come from God, whereas negative thinking It’s the work of the devil. Believe it or not, but just as there is God in this world, so is the evil power. Bringing wrong thoughts in the mind, bad thinking about oneself only gives this demonic power. Who is such a person who would like to do or think bad for himself and his people? But Satan is like this, he wants, the thinking of man should go according to him, so he will put everything which is not for our good, in our mind.

how to create positive thinking

It is said that only people with positive thinking can be successful in life. The thoughts of your mind come in front of everyone through your nature. Everyone likes to be around positive thinkers. For positive thinking, as soon as you wake up in the morning, stand in front of the mirror and follow this process –

  1. smile
  2. today is my day
  3. I know, I am in the best place today.
  4. I know, I’m the winner.
  5. I am responsible for myself.
  6. I can choose my own destiny.
  7. I know I can do this, and I definitely can.
  8. God is always with me.

You are thinking, what will change by doing this, my problem will not be fixed like this. But you have faith and follow this process. It is said that there is a lot of power in words, if you speak positive then it will be the same, because positive rays will come around us. As much as possible, speak positively on your situation.

5 Steps to a Happy Life with Positive Attitude –

1. Believe that happiness is a choice, which you can choose for yourself.
2. Stay away from negative life.
3. Find positive things in every situation.
4. Strengthen the positivity inside you.
5. Share happiness with others.

Some other powerful things for positive thinking –

Think positive –

As our thinking remains, we will behave like that, and if we think good then it will be good, and if we think bad then we will think bad. Everything has two sides, one good and one bad. You must be thinking that all these things are only to be said, only one can understand the condition of a person, on which it passes. Yes it is true, but you have to fight your own battle. Just as someone will say half a glass full of water is half full, someone will say that it is half empty. The situation is the same, just the way of looking at it and thinking is different.

Play a game – You are in a very difficult situation in life, where you don’t see anything good going forward. But in this situation you have to find a good, a good, take it as a challenge. Even in a bad situation, think what is the blessing of God, what good is happening at this time. It will feel difficult in the beginning, but gradually it will become your habit.

Change your attitude

, Our happiness or sorrow is not related to our troubles, it is decided by the way we look at it. There are many such people in the world, who will be in difficult situation of life, but still they will always keep smiling. And there will be many such people who will have everything, even if they have got the biggest victory of their life, they will still be upset. You have to decide how you see your life.

Limit your complaints –

Don’t complain about anything, don’t be irritable. Do not curse God, or any human being or your luck in a bad situation, rather look at the other side of that situation.

  • For example, if you have lost your job, then think that the work which was not being completed due to your job till now, you will be able to do that now, you have a lot of time now, for your family. You should also think that God has thought of a better job for you than this, you just have to wait for it.
  • If you get into a fight with someone, the person in front tells you a lot, then think about how much he cares for you. If someone does not care about anyone, then he will not even say anything considering him as his own. This will also give you peace.

Don’t focus on the good

When we focus on our problems, we give them a chance to claim their rights in our lives. Do not pay attention to the problem, try to focus your attention on the other side. By focusing on the problem, you will not be able to change your situation even 1% by being upset. This will make a difference on your health and your thinking.

Make a list

Make a list for yourself, write down all the things that make you happy, peaceful. As soon as there is turmoil in your mind, negative things come, you choose one thing from that list and do it. The one who gets instant peace, happiness from the talk, keep it at the top. As the first thing I pray in such a situation, I spend time alone with God. I listen to songs, play with children. Make a list in the same way.

Motivate –

Helping a person also brings positivity in us. If someone is upset around you, then encourage him, tell him the good things of life. Apart from this, if someone needs anything, then help him.

always laugh

do the exercise


Listen to good songs, read books as well as read precious words of positive positive.

Talk as much as possible with positive people, tell them your problems, try to adopt their thinking.

Many times it happens that after listening to positive things, after reading them, we feel good immediately, but as we get busy in our life, forgetting these things and go back to bad thoughts. To avoid this, remember the above mentioned things as much as possible and try to bring them into your life. You should put posters, notes of positive things in your room, on the mirror bathroom door, on the washbasan. These things will be in front of you as soon as you wake up. Due to which the day will start with positivity.

Positive Thoughts Quotes become the mirror of life, sometimes even unknowingly a person makes a mistake at that time. good thought They act as mirrors and introduce reality.

Good thoughts and precious words on positive thinking (Suvichar Positive Thoughts quotes)

  • Suvichar 1

    The filth of the mind does not hide from God, so religious rituals are useless.

  • The behavior of a person of lesser status than you is the truth of your life.
  • Those who shy away from talking face to face on controversial issues have four in their mind.
  • The places to live are those where your mind remains at peace.
  • The brightness of the mind is much greater than the brightness of the body.
  • Those who are true lovers are not afraid to bow down, they are afraid of bowing down.
  • True worship is to accept it by making a mistake, but it is foolish to make it a daily habit.
  • Forgiveness is the biggest victory of life.
  • Even a small child can sense the show of love.
  • The discontented cannot find happiness even in heaven.
  • He who declares his own merits on his own is the greatest demerit.
  • Those who do not accept their mistakes, the hope of improving them is in vain.
  • Human beings are made by religion, it is not the duty of a person that he can make religion.
  • Religious ostentation takes away from humanity.
  • Those who cut others’ paths often proceed in a circular path.
  • It is believed that sorrow hurts but it is this which teaches the importance of happiness.

shayari on positive thinking Poem

The answer to every pain is destiny,

O man! don’t you grieve

Because you are the cause of all your sorrows.

If only the karma is curbed,

Cause it’s karma that will decide

The journey of your life.

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Bijli Kaise Bachaye (Save Electricity, How To Save Electricity?) essay on

This is such a big question that always comes in the mind of the end of the month when there is a small electricity bill in hand. Reducing the electricity bill is not only our need but the need of the whole world because energy in any form is misused. are not correct. Yes, if we are using natural energy like wind or solar energy then there is no concern. But we should not misuse electricity, petrol, gas and other such fuels which we get very hard and spending money.

Some tips have been written to reduce the electricity bill. By adopting these, you can reduce your electricity cost.

Bijli Kaise Bachaye

In today’s time, the budget gets shaken when the electricity bill, telephone bill comes more than expected. It feels very bad when half of the salary gets exhausted in paying these bills. It is in the hands of the consumer to reduce the electricity bill to a great extent. There is a need to wake up in time, because once the bill is paid, we forget and then at the end of the month, it comes to our mind that we had planned to reduce the electricity bill.

So always remember the line of a couplet. “Call so today, do it today, so do it now.” When will the moment become paralyzed? So take your step towards reducing the electricity bill from today itself. Here are many such ways by which you can reduce your electricity bill.

Bijli Kaise Bachaye Tips How To Save Electricity

The answers to many such questions are found on the Internet. Reducing the electricity bill is also a necessity and it is also the duty of all of us to stop the misuse of energy.

Get all electrical equipment checked:

Get all the electrical appliances in your home checked out. Sometimes these devices consume more electricity than necessary. If you catch it in time, then get those equipment repaired or buy new ones as this one-time cost can save you from paying monthly electricity bills.

Replace old equipment:

Generally we proudly say that our fridge, washing machine or TV is 20 to 25 years old and till date nothing has happened to him. But you are under an illusion that very old electrical appliances start consuming more electricity. Due to which your electricity bill can be more than double, so be sure to get the old electrical equipment checked and if possible replace them. This is a big reason for the high electricity bill coming.

Proper use of air condition:

Air condition consumes a lot of electricity. Electricity bill is very high in summer days due to air condition and cooler. Try this in the room you want to keep the temperature low. Do not let much sunlight come there. Use thick and dark colored curtains for this. And don’t keep the lights on more than necessary. This raises the temperature of the room and it takes more of the air condition to lower it. If you are able to reduce the temperature before your measure, then the air condition will consume less electricity. Which will reduce the electricity bill.

Use LED bulb:

Use LEDs instead of normal bulbs in homes, although they are a bit expensive but they are helpful in reducing your electricity bill every month, which is a huge savings. Generally this LED bulb is also bad. That’s why first of all change the bulbs of your house.

Remember to turn off the switch:

These days a person does not get the time to eat. For that, it is very important to charge devices like mobiles and laptops, but due to busyness and carelessness, mobiles and laptops are charged, but they often forget or avoid turning off the switch board. Even though they are less, but keeping this in mind, you can reduce the electricity bill.

Make sure to turn off the TV switch:

Due to the remote being in the TV, we turn it off with the remote itself and sometimes even leave the set top box on for the whole day. Also, the switch of TV is sometimes not turned off for several days. This is a very bad thing. Saving electricity is also the duty of all of us and it saves your money, so do not be careless like this. Turn off both the TV and the set top box.

Use geyser properly:

In winter or whenever we need hot water, we use geyser, geyser consumes a lot of electricity and we always leave the geyser on or go to get water after turning it on, all these are very bad habits. | Turn on the geyser five to ten minutes before taking a bath. You will get enough hot water. There is no need to keep the geyser on for hours. If it is the case that you are not getting hot water, then get your geyser checked or replaced as a failure of the geyser can increase the electricity bill by 3 to 5 times.

Use Microwave Carefully:

Do not cook small things in the microwave like heating water or boiling potatoes. Make only those things in the microwave that are good in them because microwaves consume a lot of electricity. Make sure to switch it off too and take care while keeping it on pre heat, only if necessary or else avoid pre heat.

Use less tube light and bulb:

Pay attention to wasteful expenditure. Use low volt light. Just keep the light of the room you are in, but keep enough light on while reading and watching TV so that you can do your work without any problem.

Use the press wisely too:

If you press clothes at home, take some care. Do not use unnecessary press. This will reduce your bill.

Take care of refrigerator:

Fridge is in everyone’s house and is used in all seasons. Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind that it is very important to clean the fridge from time to time. And very little attention is given that due to the frozen ice in the fridge, the fridge consumes more electricity and the electricity bill comes more.

Use solar equipment:

The energy of the sun is the only energy that is easily and freely available and is available in abundance, so use its equipment, which will save energy and reduce the electricity bill.

Remove old feathers

Old fans also consume more electricity, if there is scope in them, then fix them by adding grease, otherwise, after many years, the old fans should also be replaced. When the fan makes a sound and starts spinning after a long time after turning on its switch, then understand that it needs servicing and take proper care of it and replace it if possible, this also reduces the power consumption.

There can be many other ways by which electricity bills can be reduced. Save electricity, make a country, this slogan was given by Prime Minister Modi some time back. We all have the right on the energy of the country, but we should also stop its wasteful expenditure. Often we go out of the house without turning off the fans and light switches, even when there is enough light in the day, we turn on the lights and we never turn off the electrical appliances in the class room or office because there We don’t have to pay the bills.

There is a story related to this when I was in the first year of engineering. At that time I was taught basic electricals by a faculty. He used to be very proud of the whole college. He often used to examine the students and used to give many types of punishment. Once he came to our class at the time of recess. There was no one in the class at that time. He saw ten fans of the class room running at full speed. Which none of us were aware of. When we came to the class room one by one. We have been made to stand on the bench and everyone was asked, do you know why you have been punished? But none of us had the answer. On that day and one day after that, our whole class got punished. But we didn’t know the reason. He then told us that we had left all fans on. We are all going to become engineers, so we should take care of it and stop the misuse of energy. At the same time, others should also be motivated to do this.

Now whenever I see the light, fan on for any reason without any reason, I turn it off first. Even though I do not have to pay his bill, but it is my duty to save the energy of the country.

To save electricity, parents should also teach children so that they understand and all these things come in their habit.

Today you have come to know from this blog how to save electricity and from the story you must have understood its importance that saving electricity does not mean being miserly, if we keep using fuel at this speed, then soon we will all lose. The speed with which we are developing, we have left the ground and started flying in the sky, which is taking us towards destruction.

Share this blog and inspire your friends, relatives like saving electricity. This is our duty. We all just talk about right and leave duty.

For your ease and everyone can understand quickly, therefore we write all the things in Hindi so that we can connect with you easily, this blog has also been written to explain to you the importance of electricity and other energy.

How do you like this blog? If you know anything else that we have not written, then write us in the comment box. We will place the tips given by you in our blog and will be grateful that you have helped us and other readers.

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Hello friends! Today we will talk about such a topic here, which is a very serious and serious topic. Do you all remember the bomb blasts of Mumbai? Also remember the Pulwama attack of 2019 and Uri attack of 2016? These were terrorist attacks on our country. How do we get goosebumps when we hear these names? We call the masterminds behind these heart-wrenching attacks terrorists. .

So friends, if you are looking for Essay on Terrorism in Hindi, that is, Essay On Terrorism In Hindi, or Essay on the problem of terrorism, then you have come to the right place. Here we have written different types of essays on all these topics. Is. If you want to know more about terrorism and want to be aware of it, then definitely read this article of ours till the end.

Preface on Terrorism.

(Aatankwad Par Prastavana)

Terrorism is a cowardly act done by terrorists, whose purpose is to disturb the peace of the country and spread panic among the people. Many people have lost their lives due to the nefarious deeds of terrorists.

India has been threatened by terrorism, especially from Pakistan. For years, Kashmir, Mumbai, Delhi, have been the main victims of terrorism. Delhi’s Parliament attack, Mumbai’s countless bomb attacks, Uri attack, Pulwama attack, how many more attacks have happened on India.

Essay on Terrorism.

(Essay On Terrorism)

Terrorism is such a word, when we hear it, we get nervous and our heart beats fast. Terrorism, which is called Terrorism in English, is actually a violent act done by a group of some bad people, which they do to intimidate the general public, to harm them.

These terrorist attacks are sometimes the result of conflicts between countries. Two countries fight with each other, intimidate each other, cause harm, attack each other.

Where does terrorism go today, not just using bombs. The time to fight with weapons has become obsolete. Now bacteria and viruses are being used to fulfill the purpose of destroying other countries.

Today, all countries have big weapons to counter terrorism.

In 2020, the situation of COVID-19 in the whole world today, it is only a type of virus terrorist attack, which has infected millions of people.

Today’s new era is also a new era for terrorism. If you sit to write an essay on terrorism, then words will fall short, because its story is so old, that some aspects will still remain untouched. “Boneless skin my body is this, so such love is noble which would have been from Ram, so why is there Bhava-Bhit”

India Essay on problem of terrorism in hindi.

(Bharat Mein Aatankwad Par Nibandh/Aatankwad Ki Samasya Par Nibandh,

Our country faces many challenges at once. Poverty, unemployment, inequality, population growth, and much more. But the biggest challenge we have to face is the problem of terrorism.

These terrorism groups want to take over other countries by doing violence, want to win over them. The problem of terrorism in India has a very old history. For many years, there have been terrorist attacks on India, behind which many terrorist groups are involved.

The problem of terrorism in India is increasing day by day. It has caused a lot of damage to the general public, whether knowingly or unknowingly. To give a befitting reply to these terrorist attacks, many of our jawans are stationed at the border. By risking his life, he is ready to fight with these terrorists.

Terrorism is such a problem that the Indian government has adopted many methods to fight, but now they have to be more strict and to stop this violence, a concrete strategy will have to be made.

Short essay on terrorism.

(Short Essay On Aatankwad)

Terrorism is a very dangerous and violent group of people who do not think before doing anything to get their point across. No law applies to them, nor do they follow any rules.

They just have to make their point, and in the process of carrying out their cause, even if they have to take the lives of hundreds of innocent, innocent people, they do not hesitate even for a moment, they just drop bombs.

Remember Mumbai train blast? How many local trains of 7 railway stations were blown up by bombs in one stroke. About 200 people lost their lives and some 700 people were badly injured.

These terrorists have absolutely no compassion, they only understand the language of violence. The elimination of these terrorists is very necessary for both human and country, then only human will be able to live a peaceful life.

Essay on Global Terrorism.

(Vaishvik Aatankwad Par Nibandh)

Today’s era is connected with each other in such a way that if something happens in one corner, then its news is immediately received in the other corner.

If there is any attack in one country, then the whole world is shocked.

Terrorism is not a matter of concern for any particular country, but it is a matter of concern for the whole world.

Terrorism is faced by many countries including India, America, Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, and many more.

America’s 2001 World Trade Center attack is one of the world’s biggest terrorist attacks. Similarly, Pakistan’s 2016 Peshawar school attack, Spain’s 2004 train bombing, are the world’s most dangerous and heart-wrenching terrorist attacks.

Terrorism is a global problem that all countries have to fight together.

on terrorism Essay 2020.

(Aatankwad Par Nibandh 2020)

2020 has been a very painful year for the whole world. Since the beginning of this year till now, something or the other is happening.

Today, as we know, terrorist attacks are not just fought with missiles. Many new methods of attack have come to the fore, one of which proved to be the most dangerous attack – CORONAVIRUS. It is believed that this is a bacterial attack by China.

Today, more than 20 million people have been infected with this disease all over the world and more than 7 lakh people have died.

The series of terrorist attacks started from the beginning in 2020. The terrorist attack in Kabul’s Gurudwara in March shook the whole world.

People worshiping God were riddled with bullets by those ruthless terrorists. What can be more panic than this that we are not safe even at the door of God.

In India, attacks on the soil of Kashmir keep happening every day. How many jawans are martyred while saving us from these terrorists.

The year 2020 started with many attacks, whose effects are still being faced by the people of the whole world as well as their economic and social condition.

essay on terrorism 250, in words.

,Essay On Terrorism In 250 Words)

Terrorism is a violent and violent activity carried out by a group of dangerous people, who are trained in every way. Where do the terrorists who spread terror go?

The purpose of these terrorist attacks is to create fear among the general public. They want to create fear in the public, that people should not even come out of their homes. Temples, mosques, markets, schools, railway stations, no place is safe. Even the house is not completely safe. As soon as there is an attack, people shudder and sit in their homes in fear.

These terrorists, to carry out their purpose, choose only such places, where there is a maximum crowd. In this way, they can harm many people at once.

Do you remember that 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai? In that attack, about 170 people were killed and about 300 people were injured. Many places were targeted for these attacks and there were large numbers of people everywhere.

There have been many more such heart-wrenching terrorist attacks, not only on India, but on many other countries as well. Whatever be the country, the loss is only of human race and nature.

To stop this violence, our government has to take many strong decisions and to end this evil, we all have to support them. May there be no attack, and it may not be our last day.

Speech on Terrorism.

(Speech On Terrorism In Hindi)

Honorable Principal, respected teachers and all my classmates – I warmly congratulate all of you.

Like every time, even today our school has come here to make all of us aware of an important topic. Today’s topic is Terrorism.

We have heard the word terrorism many times, but who are these terrorists? These terrorists are a group of very cowardly and violent people, who take millions of lives to fulfill their means.

There have been many such terrorist attacks in our country of India, some of which you must have heard the names such as – Pulwama attack, Uri attack, Parliament attack, Mumbai bomb attack and many more.

Their purpose is to damage our economic, mental, political and social condition, but the Indian government and our capable army are deployed to protect us from these attacks.

But is it only them’s responsibility to protect the country? We all have to bear the responsibility of protecting the country. It is the duty of every citizen to be aware of the activities happening in their neighborhood, if we see any suspicious activity, then it is our responsibility to inform the police personnel about it.

In this way, if every citizen of the country understands his responsibilities and cooperates with the police personnel for the security of the country, then without permission, even Parinda will not be able to kill in our country.

So let us all come together and say thank you to all of them and stand with our country against these terrorists.

thanks i

Quotes on terrorism.

(Quotes On Aatankwad In Hindi)


So friends, here we have introduced you to every aspect related to terrorism and this was our small effort to bring you information related to terrorism.

Hope you got the information you wanted on terrorism by reading these essays. After reading this, you must share it with your friends and tell us your valuable thoughts or any question by writing in the comment section.

Today in this post we will tell you about save trees, we have been hearing this since childhood that Ped Lagao Paryavaran Bachao, vriksh lagao paryavaran bachao, plant trees save the environment. Trees play a very important role in the movement of life. We need oxygen to live, and we get that oxygen only through trees. If we are alive then only because of trees because trees are the only medium through which we get oxygen. Plant trees, save the environment, plant trees, save the environment, plant trees, save the environment, we often hear such things.

list of subjects

Today, we have a strong need to save the precious resource of the natural, but we are wasting it, or we are destroying it. Our today’s essay is also on this topic – Save trees SAVE TREES. Also, we have planted trees, save trees essay in Hindi, plant trees, save the environment. Ped lagao paryavaran bachao essay in hindi.

save trees

So friends, if you want to know about save trees or save trees, want to know about the importance of trees, or want to know about save trees movements, then do not worry at all. We will give you all this information. So if you want to be aware of the important information to save trees and trees, then definitely read this article till the end.

save tree essay in hindi

Trees, given to us by God and the earth, are a priceless gift. Which we need to keep. If we have a tree, then this should be the mantra of our life. Along with us humans, many other animals which are alive due to oxygen, we get it from trees only. The gas we release from our body in exchange for the oxygen we take in is called Carbon Dioxide. This gas can pollute our environment, but the tree takes it inside and saves both us and this nature.

In this way, trees are an important source of production of Oxygen as well as consumption of Carbon Dioxide. If there were no trees in this world, it would be difficult for humans or animals to live on earth. Because we get oxygen only because of the tree. Save Trees, Save Trees Andolan This is all we are told about in schools.

We have to protect the trees to keep ourselves alive. Due to industrialization, how many trees are being cut, forests are being cleared, buildings are being built there. We have to stop all this. Similarly, if trees are cut down and buildings are made, then there will be no trees left on the earth.

Essay on Tree Conservation

Man can remain hungry and thirsty for some time but cannot live without oxygen. Trees are a very important part of our ecosystem. Trees work to maintain balance in our environment, and at the same time provide us with medicine. Save trees is not just a slogan, it is an important responsibility of all of us. Which every human living on earth should understand and believe. Many animals, including humans, animals depend on trees for their food and shelter. It is the tree that controls this environment.

Apart from giving us oxygen, the tree also performs many important functions, which we ignore. But we need to know the importance of the tree. Some of the importance of trees are as follows:

  • We get many types of wood from trees, which are used to make furniture.
  • Trees save both us and our environment from many types of pollution.
  • Trees help to clean the air around us.
  • Tree roots prevent soil erosion.
  • Trees are also helpful in preventing floods.
  • We also get many important medicines from the tree.
  • Many food items are also available to us from the tree, such as fruits, coffee, tea, oil, and also many types of almonds.

So now you must have understood that trees are an important source of many of our needy things. Now that you know it’s important, now you know how to save it. Read our next essay to know how to save trees.

How to save tree 10 Points in Hindi?

How to save trees 10 points in hindi In this we will give you some very important information.

save trees

Saving trees is very important in today’s modern world, where urbanization, industrialization and global warming are increasing very fast. We cannot cut trees like this. Because this is our only loss, if the trees are not saved then how will we live.

So understanding this, we should cut at least the tree and use it very thoughtfully to save it. How to save trees? This is a very important question, the answer to which is very simple. Some easy ways to save trees are as follows:

  • plant more trees The more trees we plant, the more we will make our environment prosperous.
  • use organic fertilizers – Chemical pesticides and fertilizers cause a lot of damage to the trees. So we should use only organic fertilizers. Due to this the quality of the soil will also be maintained and the fruits which will come on the trees will also be of quality.
  • stop felling of trees Nowadays a large number of trees are being cut due to industrialization, housing and road construction. Due to this a lot of damage is being done to the environment and the trees are dying day by day. It is very important for the environment to stop it.
  • Reduce soil pollution To save trees, we have to save the soil first. Trees get their nutrition from the soil. If we pollute the soil, then the tree itself will suffer.
  • Save paper, save trees We use paper a lot in our daily life, and paper is made only by trees. To save paper we should use it wisely, reuse it, write on both sides of the paper. These are some small things, which we have to take care of, so that we can save the trees.
  • Do not use paper napkins and paper plates Whenever we go out, we should use steel plates instead of paper plates. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.
  • Teach others about the importance of environment We should tell people about the importance of trees, how they are useful in our life. We get oxygen through trees and we also get fruits. Which is very useful for our life.
  • Reduce the use of wood We use wood for many purposes. We have to reduce it. Whenever we go to buy any furniture, then buy only an alternative to wood. In this way we can save many trees and forests from being cut.
  • Use recycled paper as much as possible We should use recycled paper. This can save thousands of trees from being cut. It is also safe for the environment. This reduces methane gas and CO₂ emissions by up to 20%.
  • Use eco-friendly things We should minimize the use of things made of paper. Instead, we should use eco-friendly things more.

How to save trees 10 Points? Or How To Save Trees 10 Points? You must have got the answer of these questions here. In Save trees essay in hindi you came to know about the importance of trees.

Plant Trees Save Trees Save Earth Essay.

Ped lagao ped bachao tree is an integral part of our life. It is not only the medium of our living, but also the medium of our food. It has many more benefits. In today’s date, big factories are being constructed at that place by cutting the forests. Houses are being built, buildings are being constructed from those woods by cutting down trees.

Cutting trees is completely wrong and it is also against our environment. If this happens, we will be in a lot of trouble. We can put the future of our future generation in danger. That’s why we don’t have to destroy the trees, but we have to think about saving them. If we are cutting trees for any of our work, then instead we should plant two more trees, so that the balance of the environment is maintained. If every person plants even one tree, then lakhs of trees will be planted. That’s why we should plant trees, so that we can use it for ourselves.

By doing this we will also save the tree and will also be able to use it. They don’t say – “Save Trees Save Life”.

Plant trees save environment save life essay.

Ped bachao tree is a priceless asset of our earth. It is because of the trees that there is greenery on the earth. We get many things from the tree, be it air, food, medicine, the tree gives us everything. The tree only knows to give and we do not give anything in return. How for our own benefit we have cut down thousands of trees and erected houses in their place.

How do we forget that if the tree is not there, then we will not be there. From trees there is the environment and from the environment there is life. How much damage is being done to our earth today due to global warming. The ice is melting and due to this there is a significant rise in sea level. The biodiversity of which we are proud, is slowly moving towards ruin.

By cutting trees, many changes are being seen in the life cycle of the earth, which is not a good sign for our earth. So many small animals are dying by cutting trees. Many animals are dying of hunger due to lack of food, and the reason for this is the cutting of trees. Due to the death of these animals, a lot of changes are also taking place in the food chain, which is not right for humans or for nature.

So therefore, we need to save trees, and we can do this by planting more and more trees. The more trees we plant, the more the environment will benefit.

This statement fits perfectly here: “Plant trees, save environment, save lives.”

Save Tree Movement.

Ped bachao ped lagao In today’s time we are forgetting its importance, because our needs are increasing. It is written in our Puranas that trees are like gods, it is our duty to protect them.

Many years ago today, many villagers came forward to save the tree and saved the trees from being cut by giving their lives. Since then, there have been several Save Trees Movements, with the aim of protecting the trees.

Some of the important Save Trees Movement of India are as follows:

bishnoi movement: This movement took place in the year 1730 in Rajasthan. This movement was led by Amrita Devi, in which about 363 Bishnoi villagers sacrificed their lives to protect their forests.

Amrita Devi who hailed from Bishnoi village could not see the destruction of her faith and the sacred trees of the village in front of her eyes and went and embraced the trees and inspired everyone to do the same.

When the soldiers tried to use an ax to cut down the trees, even then these people did not leave the trees and lost their lives.

Chipko MovementThis movement took place in the year 1973 in Uttarakhand. The movement was led by Sunderlal Bahuguna, whose aim was to protect and conserve trees.

This movement is remembered mainly because the role of women in this movement was very important. In this movement, women tied a sacred thread around the tree and embraced it.

The main reason for this movement was that due to the cutting of trees, due to industrial reasons, there was widespread flood in the area, causing great damage to the villagers.

Another reason that angered the villagers was that the government was not allowing villagers to cut forests for fuel and fodder, a sports production company that got permission on a large scale.

Apart from these save trees, there were also many movements, in which every effort was made to save trees, such as – Save Silent Valley Movement, Save Jungle Andolan.

We should also take lessons from these movements and come forward to save our trees.

Save trees slogan in Hindi.

Preserving our trees, Preserving our future.

You will be able to breathe only when you save the trees.

Trees are protectors of nature, don’t cut them and become eaters.

Mother earth calls out, children may be a thousand trees.

Human will be protected only when you protect wildlife.


So friends, hope you have liked the post, save trees and you must have learned something from these essays. And you must have also come to know that how to write on ped lagao par nibandh, you must have also known the meaning of save tree essay in hindi. And with this, you must have understood the importance of the essay on Plant trees, Save the environment, Plant trees, Save the earth. If you liked this article of ours, then do share it with your friends and if you have any question then definitely write it in comment.

what is negative thinking, essay, meaning, poetry, poetry, article, how it is, loss, why it comes, identity, symptoms, relief, liberation, change in positive thinking [Negativity Kaise Door karen in Hindi] (Symptoms, Quotes, Removal Mantra)

My experiences which I have written in this article will help you to get rid of negative thinking so that others like me can free themselves from negative thinking.

In today’s time, negative thinking surrounds life and it hinders life progress. Man is getting entangled in the web of jealousy, hatred, and all these feelings are a hindrance in the progress of man. Human beings are constantly ending the golden moments of life on their own in this kind of thinking. If you yourself are suffering from such negative feelings or you are seeing such feelings in your friend or relative, then you can try the following methods.

How to End Negativity

essay on negative thinking, Article

What are negative thoughts

Before converting negative thinking into positive thinking, you need to know what is negative thinking. Let us tell you that when you make such an impression about someone that you only see bad in him. So this thinking is called negative thinking. Because it is not limited to just one person. You will think of this for every person whom you do not like or like less at some point.

how negative thinking is formed

When you see things around you that make you jealous. That’s where negative thinking starts to form. Negativity starts to arise in your mind towards that thing or that person. That is, you start thinking badly about him. If you do not control it, then slowly it turns into hatred.

identification of negative thoughts

If you want to understand that you have negative thoughts in you, how can it be identified. So for this, first of all you should understand the thoughts (negativity) and know what kind of feelings are coming in your mind. Then let him know whether it is a wrong idea or a right one. And don’t hesitate to accept it. You can make this comparison by staying confined to yourself. You don’t need anyone other than yourself to get away from negative feelings.

Symptoms of Negative Thinking

The symptoms of negative thinking can be as follows –

  • always underestimating or overestimating oneself
  • always finding fault in others
  • Always consider yourself humiliated as if no one has asked you for food during the program in the house, many such expressions when you feel that you are not getting respect.
  • Every person has some or the other shortcomings, but sitting in his heart and mind and looking at himself with an inferiority complex is also a negative emotion.
  • Being dissatisfied means not having attachment to your life, your work and always thinking this wrong.
  • Being unhappy over small things and causing pain to yourself and others.
  • Before doing any work, instead of looking at the positive side of it, first look at the negative side.
  • Finding evil in any object that has come to the fore such as food or clothing etc.

There can be many other reasons which make a person a slave of negative life. According to all the points written above, observe your life whether you are also suffering from negative feelings?

why negative thoughts

Negative thinking is not a thing nowadays, it has been going on since the time of Baba Adam. But now scientists have done research on why negative thinking comes. So let us tell you that when you think about something, your mind keeps that thing safe. That nothing is going to harm you from this thing. But when something bad happens or something bad happens. So our brain becomes active that is because the brain feels that it is harmful for their body. That’s why negative thoughts start taking home in his mind.

negative thinking damage

The biggest damage caused by negative thinking falls on your life. Due to negative thinking, you start considering your life as a curse given by God. But you should not think like this, because if you will spend the life given by God in negative thinking. Then you will never get life again.

who are negative thinking people

They are people with negative thinking. Those who never see the good in anyone. They are always looking for everyone’s flaws. Even if there is a million goodness in him. But if there is a flaw in them, then the person with negative thinking sees it as a flaw.

basic mantra to change negative thinking

Give the right direction to your life, accept the shortcomings inside you and help yourself. It has also been written in the Puranas that man is first responsible for himself, our first duty is towards himself. It doesn’t mean that we should become selfish but unless you love yourself you can’t keep anyone happy. No one’s life is normal, but the negative thinking of a person is responsible for his miseries. Conflicts are an integral part of life. If you take it as a burden and sorrow, then this beautiful life given by God will look like a curse. Therefore, it is necessary to look within yourself and remove your troubles.

How to End Negativity

Simple ways have been written for how to get rid of negative thinking in life, which you can easily incorporate in life with your daily routine. But for this you have to wake yourself up as well as accept that your thinking is negative, which is not a big deal. Nowadays, due to increasing distance in families with crime and cheating, negativity is increasing. This can be got rid of by adopting the following measures –

early morning

Start the day with a happy mind, for which you get up early in the morning. At that time of the environment, when the sun is towards the east and the sky is resonant with the sound of birds, then walk out of the house barefoot on the grass and remember the happy moments of life.

Meditate on God for a moment

Although no one believes in this in today’s time, but you can do this only to make your mind focused. Spirituality is also a form of science, it is not very much, but by giving 5 minutes of the day in the worship of God, enthusiasm comes in the life of the person. Because we knowingly or unknowingly hand over all our troubles to God, due to which we experience self-peace.

Make exercise or yoga a part of life

Exercise or yoga is not always useful for physical health, it also leads to mental development. Walking 30 minutes a day, doing pranayama, doing yoga and giving one hour of the day to your body in places like gym should be mandatory, this creates positive feelings in life. The mood remains happy, mental satisfaction remains.

pay attention

Throughout the day, sit in the posture of meditation for 15 minutes, in which the forefinger and thumb of your hand are connected and the wrist of the hand is placed on the knees. And sitting in Sukhasana i.e. slung palti. Sitting in this posture, chant Om with long breaths.

do not eat meat or eat less

People who eat meat become furious and diabolical minded like wild animals. Our human body is not made to digest this type of food, if we eat this type of food in large quantity then it is natural for our thoughts to come with negativity. If you like to eat meat, then take it occasionally, which will satisfy your mind and its side effects will also be less.

don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol also gives rise to negative thoughts, due to its daily use, man starts behaving like an animal, his control over his senses starts ending. Therefore, do not or at least use alcohol / alcohol.

eat sattvic food

Food is responsible for human thoughts. If we eat light sattvik food without garlic, onion, then we feel lighter and it also affects our thoughts. Sattvic food gives positive direction to human thinking.

get used to laughing

This is a kind of therapy, laughing out loud for 5 to 10 minutes daily without any reason. This makes the mood happy. Blood pressure remains under control and there is positivity in thoughts. Don’t look for any chance to laugh, just laugh out loud, it will automatically become your habit.

spend time with kids

Children are very cute, if you have any children in your house, then play with them, talk, answer their questions and listen to their point of view, understand them. Then you will realize how nave there is in the world. If there are no children in the house, then make friends with the children of the colony and meet them. No matter what anyone says, do whatever you want to do for your happiness.

make friends

Usually girls leave their friends after getting married and because of this they become very lonely and indifferent, so people of all ages should make their own circle. As we age, spending time with friends should be a part of life, doing good things.

Television, don’t let newspaper news sit in your mind

Crime is increasing day by day, about which we read day and night in TV shows, news channels and newspapers. Those news are being shown or read only to make you alert, which is necessary but these things increase negativity. The feeling of doubt starts increasing in a person, so it is okay to be alert, but it is wrong to keep all those things in mind, it ends the happiness of life. That’s why elders always say that whatever has to happen will happen, have faith in God. Hearing this, today’s generation laughs but it is many times better than always being under stress.

change negative thinking into positive thinking

  • Just like a coin has two sides, every situation also has two sides.
  • You have what you are, if you are fat, thin or physically there is any deficiency in you, then accept it with love. Don’t always think about him, not everyone gets everything in life that you have, many do not have it.
  • Know and enhance your quality. Make hobby one thing other than job and regular work and give time to it every day. This will make you love yourself and there will be a change in negative thinking.
  • Do not always depend on anything to pass the time, do something new everyday. Find a way to be happy with yourself.
  • Enjoy wholeheartedly in party or family function with everyone, do not miss anything, be happy with those who are happy, if negative feelings come, then at the same time take a deep breath and say in your mind, go to hell and go back to your work or Get involved in the enjoyment.
  • If there is a chance to do some new work in front of you, then do not think about the negative part of it, always do any work with a positive attitude.
  • Do not feel lonely or sad because if you want a sense of sympathy for yourself, then this is the biggest negative quality. It is a good thing to adapt according to the situation, but it is not right to be sad for it all the time. Keep yourself away from such thinking, explain yourself because it is a darkness, there is a life of peace outside it, so do not let such feelings come in your mind. Always make yourself strong and courageous and remind yourself that you are very strong.
  • Never compare yourself to those richer than you, while always comparing yourself to those who are less than you, this will make it easier for you to understand every aspect of life. And you will say thanks to God that what you have are many, at that time you will not have any problem with yourself.
  • Negativity is not a disease, it is a feeling on which Saiyam can be built on its own, just need to understand yourself.
  • A person also becomes angry due to negative thoughts. Therefore, before reacting to any action, think for two minutes and then answer, by doing this you will feel peace in yourself.

All the points mentioned above were about the changes to be made in your nature which you can bring slowly in yourself. And you can remove yourself from negativity.

I have written this article on the basis of my experience, I myself was in the circle of very negative thinking due to some personal reasons and used to fight with all the people of the house every day, but when I started doing the above mentioned points slowly in myself. Today in the same circumstances, I consider myself happy and satisfied.

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Global Warming Ke Karan: Today in this article we will talk Global warming About (Global Warming in Hindi). Global warming has become the biggest problem of the world today, that is why it is important for us to know that what is global warming?

list of subjects

After reading this article till the end, what is global warming to you? What are the Causes of Global Warming? How to Prevent Global Warming? You will get answers to all such questions. Therefore, definitely read this article Global Warming in Hindi Essay till the end and understand Global Warming in Hindi Essay in detail.

What is Global Warming? (Global Warming Kya Hai in Hindi)

Global warmingWe all know that ‘Global’ means ‘Earth’ and ‘Warming’ means warm. This makes it clear that Global warming This means an increase in the average temperature of the Earth.

There are many such activities happening on our earth due to which harmful gases are generated. Due to all these activities, the temperature of the earth is gradually increasing. The temperature of the earth has increased so much that it is challenging for all of us to control it now.

Global Warming

Definition of Global Warming in Hindi (Global Warming Ki Paribhasha)

When the amount of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, methyl etc. increases in the earth’s atmosphere, then the temperature of the atmosphere starts increasing, this increase in temperature is called global warming. The earth is getting warmer due to the increase in temperature.

If the rate of this temperature increase is not controlled, then our earth will turn into a ball of fire. All the fauna, flora and fauna will be destroyed.

Come friends, next we throw light on some aspects related to global warming like: what is the cause of global warming, what is the harm due to global warming, what is the solution of global warming. We have also provided you essays related to global warming below.

Essay on Global Warming, in Hindi.

Global warming has become a huge problem. Human beings had harmed the earth for their selfishness. Due to which the existence of the earth is slowly on the way to end.

Some such activities are being done by humans due to which many harmful gases are being generated in the atmosphere. The temperature of the earth is increasing continuously due to which it is getting hot day by day. The amount of carbon dioxide and some other harmful gases in the atmosphere has increased. Due to which every living being on this earth and living here will have to suffer.

We all know that the earth gets its heat from the sun’s rays. This rays received from the Sun, passing through the atmosphere, hit the surface of the Earth, then reflected again and returned.

Our Earth’s atmosphere is made up of many gases. In which many harmful gases have been included. All these gases together form a natural cover, that is, a kind of cover or level on the earth, so when the rays received from the sun hit the surface of the earth and return reflecting, then this cover stops it. Due to the sun’s rays not returning, it is heating the earth’s atmosphere.

Animals and plants on earth need a minimum temperature of 16 °C to survive. In such a situation, increasing the temperature of the earth is pushing this world towards destruction.

Global Warming Essay in Hindi

In today’s time, new technologies are being developed every day by man. Man has become so blind in his selfishness that he does not want to think about how much damage is being done to the environment due to these techniques of ours.

Human beings are playing with their earth every day. Due to these stupid acts, many problems are arising on the earth, among them global warming is a very big problem.

The Earth’s atmosphere has become very hot due to continuous exposure to the sun’s rays. Humans need a minimum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius to live a better life, but the Earth’s atmosphere is continuously increasing. It is very harmful for all of us.

Global warming refers to the increase in the temperature of the earth and the change in the weather due to it. The result of this increase in the temperature of the earth is that the patterns of rain are changing, the ice deposited on the icebergs and glaciers has started melting, the sea level is increasing continuously and most of all human beings. He is facing many diseases.

Due to the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment, the temperature on the surface of the earth is increasing continuously, this is called global warming. This has become such a big problem for our country that it is necessary to solve it as soon as possible.

Human beings are developing such technologies every day which are harmful to our environment such as refrigerators, fire extinguishers etc. It destroys the ozone layer, the natural cover above the earth. This ozone layer prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun from reaching the earth. Scientists say that there has been a huge hole or hole in this layer due to which ultraviolet rays are directly entering the earth and due to this the temperature is increasing continuously.

Many efforts are being made all over the world to deal with global warming but it is not yielding any good results because humans are not stopping using such things which harm the environment.

Due to global warming, the existence of animals, birds and plants seems to be ending. Due to the melting of glacier ice, the amount of sea water is increasing, due to which the sea surface is also increasing and as a result, a very large part of the earth will be submerged in water. Thousands of people will become homeless. The lives of animals, birds, humans and plants will be in danger.

To deal with global warming, we have to reduce the use of petrol-diesel, electricity. The use of such technology has to be stopped, which generates harmful gases, if we plant more and more trees, it will generate pure air in the earth, which can reduce the effect of global warming.

Apart from this, we also have to control our ever increasing population. Water conservation and air conservation measures have to be adopted. All those activities being done by humans have to be stopped, due to which the temperature of the earth is increasing.

If the ill effects of global warming are not taken care of in time, then this problem will take its formidable form. The result of which would probably be that the earth would have to end its existence.

It is necessary for man to come out of his selfishness and think about the improvement of this nature more than economic comfort. People have to be aware about tree plantation so that the amount of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases can be reduced in the atmosphere.

Global Warming Short Essay in Hindi

Floods, storms and many other disasters are increasing continuously on the earth and the reason behind all these is the blindness of man in the attachment of his selfishness.

It has nothing to do with the Earth’s atmosphere. As a result of this, today the earth is facing a problem like global warming.

Global warming means an increase in the temperature of the earth. With the increase in temperature, the earth is getting warmer, due to which many dangers are being created.

Due to these dangers the existence of the earth will be in jeopardy.

The continuous increase in the temperature of the earth is a worldwide problem and we all have to come forward to solve this problem, this is the only solution by which the existence of the earth can be saved from ending.

Due to Global Warming | Global Warming Ke Karan

To save the Earth from the biggest problem of the world, Global Warming, it is very important for us to know the right reasons for it. So let’s know in simple words Causes of Global Warming in Hindi?

Global Warming Ke Karan

Global Warming Ke Karan The following is

  1. Increase in harmful gases: The increase of harmful gas or greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide, methane etc. on earth is the most important cause of global warming problem. Due to which the ice deposited on the glaciers has started melting and the sea level is increasing. Scientists say that the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is increasing, this gas mixes with other gases present in the atmosphere, due to which the radioactive balance of the atmosphere is deteriorating. Due to the ability of harmful gases to absorb the hot rays of the sun, the surface of the earth is getting warmer.
  2. environmental pollution : There are many types of environmental pollution like water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, noise pollution etc. Due to pollution, the amount of harmful gases in the atmosphere is increasing, due to which the temperature of the earth is also increasing.
  3. Industrialisation: Industrialization is being promoted continuously. New industries are being established every day but no measures are being adopted to destroy the waste material coming out of factories due to which toxic substances, plastics, chemicals, smoke etc. are getting into the environment. All these harmful waste materials are playing their important role in increasing the temperature of the earth.
  4. Population Growth: According to a report by scientists, the most important cause of global warming is human-caused carbon emissions. That is why controlling population growth is very important.
  5. felling of trees: We get pure air from trees, but big dense forests are being destroyed for the construction of roads, establishment of industries etc. Trees are being cut continuously. Due to which the atmosphere is warming, the amount of harmful gases is increasing. Cutting down excessive trees will reduce the amount of oxygen, due to which the ozone layer will also be weakened.

Effects of global warming. (Global Warming Ki Haniya)

Global warming is becoming a matter of great concern, its consequences are so deadly that it will one day turn the earth into a ball of fire.

Global Warming Ki Haniya

  1. Increase in Earth’s temperature: The rate of increase in the temperature of the earth has increased for the last 10 years. According to the US Geological Survey, there used to be 150 glaciers in Montana Glacier National Park, but due to global warming, now only 25 glaciers are left. The earth is getting so hot that the day is not far when the whole earth will turn into a ball of fire.
  2. Expansion of human diseases: Due to the increasing threat of global warming, the biggest impact of climate change will be on humans, due to which many diseases will arise. Due to the increase in the temperature of the earth, the earth will be warm and with the increase in heat, diseases like malaria, dengue will increase and the number of infected diseases will also increase. Human beings will not even get clean drinking water and pure air to breathe.
  3. Threat to the existence of animals, birds and plants: Animals, birds, humans, plants can all live their lives in a minimum temperature of 16 ° C. Climate change will occur due to global warming and the heat will increase a lot. Due to the increase in the temperature of the earth, all the animals and birds will be destroyed.

Solution to global warming. (Global Warming Solutions/Global Warming Ke Upay)

The temperature of the earth has now increased so much that controlling it is challenging but not impossible. Continuous efforts are being made by the government, agencies, NGOs etc. to reduce global warming. With the joint efforts of the public and the government, global warming can be stopped from increasing.

Global Warming

  1. All people have to reduce the use of petrol, diesel and electricity so that the amount of harmful gases can be reduced.
  2. More and more trees will have to be planted and trees will have to be saved from being cut.
  3. Awareness campaigns should be carried out by government agencies, NGOs etc. across the world.
  4. Proper disposal arrangements should be made for the harmful gases emitted from vehicles and industries.
  5. All such things should be banned due to which the ozone layer is getting weaker.
  6. Such lights should be used in places like home, office, etc., which consume less energy.
  7. Measures should be adopted to reduce water pollution and air pollution.
  8. Population growth should be controlled.
  9. Items that cannot be recycled or reused should not be used.
  10. Minimizing the use of machines like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. will reduce the amount of harmful gases.
  11. The level of burning of coal and oil in factories should be reduced.
  12. Global warming can be tackled with the help of technical development, such refrigerators should be invented in which CFCs are not used at all.

Global warming is a very big problem created by man but only man can solve it. That’s all in this article of ours today. Hope you have got the answers of all the questions related to global warming in detail. How did you like our Global Warming Kya HaiGlobal Warming in Hindi Essay? Do tell us in the comment box and if you want to share any thoughts related to this article or our website Hindi help with us, then definitely tell that too in the comment box.

As we all know that compared to 10 years ago from today, how much India has developed today. Today, from sending money to buying goods, everything is done within minutes sitting at home. From city to village, everything is developing. Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken a pledge to make India a developed country, and this is a very important step towards that. We know this campaign as Digital India. This is also our topic today – Digital India

list of subjects

So friends, if you want to know about the meaning of Digital India, Benefits of Digital India, or the purpose of Digital India, then you have come to the right place. We will give you complete information about all these topics as well as about Digital India Portal and Digital India Online Registration. So if you want to know more about Digital India, then definitely read our article till the end.

Meaning of Digital India.

(Digital India Kya Hota Hai?)

Digital India is a campaign started by the Government of India, specially to make available government services to the citizens of the country on a digital platform.

Efforts are being made in this campaign to make the country prosperous especially by improving from the roots and empowering the country in the field of technology. To make India a developed country, this is a very important step which will take us towards success.

When did Digital India start and for more information related to it, definitely read our next essays.

When did Digital India start?

(Digital India Ki Shuruaat Kab Hui?)

The Digital India campaign was launched on July 1, 2015, at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi. It was inaugurated by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji in the presence of eminent industrialists like Mukesh Ambani, Azim Premji, Cyrus Mistry.

It was launched to connect rural areas to the Internet and increase digital literacy.

There were many people who did not have any information about government facilities, due to which they could not take advantage of it. But Digital India gave them a new light, made them aware of their rights, that too very easily.

Digital India has strengthened its hold in many areas and is moving ahead on the same path.

Digital India Portal, Online Registration, Payment.

(Digital India Portal, Registration, Payment)

Digital India Portal is a website that has been created with an objective to provide an opportunity to retailers to access various web services and serve their customers at low investment cost.

There are many different areas under Digital India, which we can take advantage of. For this we have to first get the government recognized registration then only we will be able to use it further. You do not need to go anywhere or any office to get this recognition. You can do all this work online only.

To register on Digital India Portal:

  • First of all go to its official website http://www.digitalindiaportal.co.in.
  • There you will see many options, out of which you have to go to ‘FRANCHISE REGISTRATION’ and register yourself by going here.
  • Now in the page that will open in front of you, you will give all your personal information asked for.
  • After that you will upload your Aadhar card, PAN card, a photograph of yourself and your signature.
  • After that you will submit it by pressing on SUBMIT.
  • Your ID Password will be sent to you on your given email ID within 24-48 hours of your submission. By giving this ID Password, you can start using the Digital India Portal.
If you face any problem in doing this process, then you can call on the numbers given below the SUBMIT button, or their official email ID ‘[email protected]’ You can also mail.

The Digital India campaign lays special emphasis on digital empowerment. A part of this is also digital payment. There are many such digital payment methods, which help us to do money transactions sitting at home. Such as- Internet Banking, Credit / Debit Card, UPI Services, etc. It allows us to make payments through electronic means.

Digital India Online Registration and Digital India Payment is very important part of Digital India Portal.

Essay on Digital India, 200 words.

(Digital India Essay In Hindi, 200 Words)

Digital India is an important step towards a developed India, which has proved its importance in many fields.

This campaign, started in 2015, is a proactive effort to bring digital facilities to every small and big citizen of every small and big village and city. The goal of Digital India is to increase in the areas of electronic services, manufacturing and job opportunities and take India forward towards development.

Digital India is such a project, in which we can do our government work sitting at home. Why only government, today we can do almost all the work sitting at home in minutes, without making rounds of government offices.

The people of backward villages are not that much educated, nor do they have much knowledge of these subjects. Sometimes they do not understand the working of government offices and there is no one to help them. These people often live in villages away from cities and it is not possible for them to visit offices again and again.

To reduce these difficulties, Digital India was started, so that they can do their work in the shortest possible time sitting at home.

With the implementation of Digital India, the economic and industrial sector of the country has also increased significantly. The country has been able to stand itself on many platforms. Digitization gave many unemployed opportunities to earn a living and at the same time worked to reduce the high-cost of many goods.

There are many more reasons to start Digital India, which have been implemented for the benefit and convenience of our citizens. To know about these objectives and benefits, definitely read the next essays.

on digital india Essay.

(Digital India Essay)

This very important campaign, implemented from July 1, 2015, which we know as ‘Digital India’, started with the aim of digitally enriching the country and making government services and facilities accessible to the citizens of the country. has been done.

While inaugurating it, our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had assured all the citizens that now all types of government services will be available to every citizen very easily.

Coming into the work of Digital India, there has been growth in many technology sectors in India. Digital India has made the work of us citizens very easy. We can do bank work, office work sitting at home, and can buy goods without going to the market.

Some of the facilities provided by Digital India initiatives are: Digital Locker, E-Health, E-Education, E-Shopping, National Scholarship Portal, and Bharat Net. Along with this, the government has also planned to start a botnet cleaning center.

The path on which Digital India has walked to empower the country is progressing and going forward and in the same way, this campaign will continue to enrich our country in every way.

short essay on digital india, 100 word.

(Digital India Essay In Hindi, 100 Words)

The Digital India campaign was started on 1st July 2015, with the main objective of creating a better infrastructure for the country electronically and to make the country digitally empowered by providing internet facility to every citizen of the country.

Since the inception of this campaign, how many people have been given mobile phone and internet facilities and at the same time, it has also been seen that 35% of the population of the country is using the internet, which shows the success of this campaign. enough to prove it.

The government has taken care of this project reaching every village, every city. Digital India has provided the facility to the citizens of the country to do their important work, such as depositing money, sending money, filling forms, buying goods, many innovative ways of studies, etc., sitting at home.

In our short essay on Digital India, in 100 words, we have told many important things, which will help us to know about Digital India.

Objectives of Digital India.

(Digital India Ke Uddeshya)

Digital India campaign is one such scheme run by the Government of India, whose main objective is to reach government facilities from door to door, that too through digitization.

Digital India is particularly focused in three areas –

  • The first is to provide a digital infrastructure to every citizen of the country.
  • The second is to take care of the digital empowerment of every citizen.
  • The third is to provide governance and service to the citizens according to their demand.

Apart from these, there are many objectives of Digital India, some of which are as follows:

  • Trying to make our country advanced in every field.
  • High speed internet facility in every village.
  • Mobile phone facility in every home.
  • Zero import of goods into our country and minimum cost on imported goods.
  • Facilitating efficient and easy delivery of services to citizens.
  • Providing more and more jobs to the citizens.
  • To create a new and developed government, through technology.

In this way we come to know that Digital India has many aspects, all of which have only one main goal – to improve the economy of India and provide good governance to the citizens of India through the joint efforts of the government.

Advantages and disadvantages of Digital India.

(Digital India Ke Labh Aur Haani / Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital India)

As we all know that every coin has two sides. Similarly, everything has two sides – a positive and a negative.

Whenever a new thing or a new plan is started, there is a lot of controversy on its positive and negative sides. Similarly, Digital India also has two sides. While it has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

We can know the advantages of Digital India and the disadvantages of Digital India from the following points –

Benefits of Digital India:

  • Today’s era is the era of digitization. Today everything is done through different types of electronics. Now in minutes we can submit forms, deposit money, exchange money, do all our government work sitting at home, and many more. All this has been possible only through Digital India.
  • Digitization has provided us with many employment opportunities. How many people doing technical work got a chance to earn their livelihood. Also, today is the era of online business. From big businesses to small businesses, Digital India has played its part in the growth of all sectors.
  • All transactions can be tracked due to online money exchange, due to which no illegal transactions are possible. With this, the black economy can be easily eradicated.
  • Because all the exchange of money happens online, no shopkeeper can avoid paying tax to the government. In this way the income of the government increases, as a result, the economy of the country grows.

Disadvantages/Disadvantages of Digital India:

  • Digital India has made everything digital, but one thing is neglected that even today there are many people, who do not know about mobile or internet, or how to use it. This can be difficult for them. India is still digitally incapable.
  • To make use of Digital India, the most important thing is to use mobile. But many do not have mobile at all. Here Digital India lags a bit behind.
  • Digitization has made us humans dependent on machines. We also use a machine to talk to someone. Digitization has made us socially distant from each other.
  • The use of internet has given a big boost to cybercrime. No special precautions are taken in India, due to which the risk of cybercrime increases.
  • Internet access is essential for the success of Digital India. But because of its high price and slow speed, it becomes difficult to use by all, especially poor people.

These were some important things related to Digital India, which tells us about both its advantages and disadvantages.

Hindi Slogan on Digital India.

(Digital India Slogans In Hindi)

The purpose of Digital India, the whole country should be digital.

Internet will be accessible to the public, ease of services will serve the public interest.

We will make the country digital, make it accessible to the people.

The use of papers will be less, now the power of high speed internet will be there.

Internet has made everyone easy, Digital India has made everyone’s troubles far away from home.

This government undertaking, made services easy.

Connecting to the Internet, weaving the dreams of a developed India.

City will connect with village, information will be easy to get.

Paper and time will be saved, Digital India has helped everyone.

The expansion of Digital India will bring immense employment opportunities.

The Digital India campaign has been very successful so far and it is going to strengthen its roots even further. As of 31 December 2018, India had a population of 130 crore people, 121 crore mobile phones, 123 crore digital Aadhaar cards, 446 crore smartphones. E-commerce grew by 51 percent as well, increasing from 481 million users in December 2017 to 560 million internet users, which is 35% of the total population of the country.

It is hoped that the objectives of this campaign will prove beneficial for all the Indians and digital India will transform our country into a developed country.

So friends, by reading this article of ours, you must have come to know about Digital India and many things related to it. If you liked this article of ours, then do share it with your friends and if you have any question for us, then definitely write it in the comment.