Gazania Flowers in Hindi

Gazania Flower in Hindi: Gazania flower is very beautiful and attractive. Gazania is a species of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae, its botanical name is Scientific Name: Gazania. It is native to southern Africa. Gazania flowers usually bloom for a long time during the winter, although they can also be grown in the summer. The color of these flowers blooms in many brilliant colors like orange, purple, white and yellow.

How To Grow Gazania From Seeds

  • To grow a Gazania plant from seed, you need to have a day temperature around 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Now first of all you should buy Gazania Seeds from any nursery or online.
  • After this you have to prepare a good soil mixture, in which you mix the cockpit, sand, and vermicompost well. If you don’t have a cockpit, you can make a good soil mix by adding old compost to normal garden soil.
  • After this you have to take a pot, in which you are going to grow Gazania Seeds. Keep in mind that it is very important to have a hole at the bottom of the pot for water to drain out. By placing some pebbles on these holes. Fill the pot with soil.
  • After filling the pot with soil, fill the pot with plenty of water. Till the water starts coming out from the bottom of the pot.
  • After this, you have to plant Gazania seeds at some distance above the soil in the pot. On top of this you have to cover the seeds by making a thin layer of the cockpit. If there is no cockpit, use normal garden soil.
  • After that again sprinkle water on them. After this, keep the pot in a place where the direct sunlight does not come.
  • Your Gazania Seeds will sprout after about 7 days. When your plants get a little older, you can take them out of the pot and plant them in the ground or in a bigger pot.

How to Plant a Gazania Plant From a Cutting

  • To plant a Gazania plant from a cutting, you must take a cutting from the root of this plant.
  • You will see many small plants in the root of this plant. You can remove some of these small plants by cutting them with any sharp-edged tool.
  • After taking a cutting from the plant, you should plant it in any pot. Do not plant the cutting too deeply in the soil.
  • After planting the cutting, put water in the pot and keep it in a shady place. In about 1 to 2 months, your cuttings will start to grow very well.

How to Take Care of Gazania Plant

  • The Gazania plant should always be planted in such a place where there is about 6 to 7 hours of sunlight in a day. If this plant does not get good sunlight, it causes it to wither.
  • Always plant the Gazania plant in a good soil. The soil of the pot should be friable. The pot or any bed in which you have planted the Gazania plant should have proper drainage system.
  • If we talk about irrigation of this plant to this plant, then water it from time to time. If you water it a certain amount and well, then you get to see very nice and healthy flowers on the plant.
  • If you give too much water to the plant every day, then the roots of the plant rot. Due to which the plant starts drying up, and its leaves start turning yellow.
  • If you want to get a lot of flowers from the Gazania plant, then for this you should pluck old flowers from the plant from time to time. So that new flowers come on the plant. If you don’t pluck old flowers from the plant, it starts forming seeds on the plant, and the number of flowers on the plant decreases.
  • If we talk about the fertilizer of this plant, then it does not require much fertilizer etc. If you have planted it in good soil in the beginning, then you just need to take special care of water and sunlight, apart from this there is no need to take much care of this plant.
  • If we talk about kit moths on Gazania plant, then this plant does not seem to have any kind of kit moths. But if for some reason kit moths are eating the leaves of your plant, then you can spray neem oil for this. With this, there will be no kit moths of any kind on the plant.

Gazania Flower Season in India

According to the climate of India, the flowering season of Gazania lasts from June to November. Gazania flowers bloom very well these days. The bloom time of a flower lasts for about three weeks. After three weeks that flower begins to wither. Gazania flowers do not bloom at night. In the evening, their florets cover their center with their disc ie their leaves. Apart from this, even if the flowers of Gazania do not get enough sunlight, they stop blooming.

Note – this article Gazania Flowers in Hindi Was about Gazania flower and plant information. In which you have been told, how you can plant Gazania plant in a pot at home. Apart from this, how do you take care of the Gazania plant? If you liked this article, please do share it with your friends, thank you.

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We are provide all type flower tree and plant information in hindi.

Flowers are an important part of the beauty of nature, which everyone likes, you get to see many types of flowers in our world and in this article we are going to know about one such very popular flower whose name is frangipani flower. That only five husbands have flowers, but still they attract people with their beauty.

In this article, we are going to know the information related to frangipani flower like what is its Hindi name and how it is grown etc. So hopefully you will be very interested to know this information, then definitely read this article till the end to know.

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Frangipani Flower Meaning

Each flower has its own meaning, similarly Champa flower also has its own meaning. Which is very important to know about. Plumeria (Frangipani Flower) is a symbol of new beginning of life, spring, beauty, and attraction. Mostly it is used in Hindu culture. Apart from this, the Champa flower is also considered a symbol of devotion and dedication, and it is also a symbol of immortality in Buddhism.

Frangipani Flower Information about Champa Flowers

In today’s time people are getting away from nature. However, for some time now, Gardening is becoming very popular among the people. That’s why people like to read about different types of wonderful flowers. Out of which the flower of Champa or Gulchin is also one. Let us know, where did all the information related to this flower come from, which species it is related to, and many more information –

frangipani The flower is also known as Plumeria, besides its Hindi name is Champa or Champa. This flower is a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family Apocynaceae. The genus of each plant is different according to its area, variety and size.

But its “frangipani” name is generic. The name of the flower of this plant, Frangipani, was taken from a sixteenth-century marquis of a noble family in Italy. Those who once claimed to make fragrant perfumes, but that scent was actually made synthetic. After smelling the fragrance of which some people believed that this perfume was like the fragrance of recently discovered flowers.

The name of this flower in Persian is Yas or Yasmin. This flower is native to the Greater Antilles in Central America. Most species of this flower are in the form of deciduous shrubs or small trees. Most Frangipani Plant species are found in Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

Plumeria flowers are most fragrant in the night time. Although the flowers do not contain any sap, these flowers trick their pollinators, so that kit moths come and settle on the flower in search of Prague. By which the flowers are pollinated.

frangipani Plants are medium in size. It is grown as a shrub or small tree. Their size can go up to a height of about 18 to 21 meters or more. Much of the height of these plants also depends on the care of the tree. There are thick thick succulent branches on the top of the Plumeria Plant. These branches are covered with a special type of “knobby” protuberance. It is very delicate.

Everyone knows about the flower of Champa, but still many people have a question, how is the flower of Champa? Champa flower is small, which blooms in white color with yellow center. These flowers bloom in clusters on plants. Their flower stalks are thick.

Inside the flower are five petals, which are connected to each other like a small funnel-shaped tube. When the flower begins to bloom, these five petals gradually separate from each other, and the flower is in full bloom. Apart from yellow, the flowers of Champa are also pink in color, but these flowers are rarely seen.

frangipani The size of the leaves of flowers is larger than the leaves of other plants. The leaves of this flower are large, about 6 to 22 cm long and 2 to 7 cm small, which are attached to the upper part of the plant’s branches. The front of these leaves are sharp, and the upper surface is shiny. These leaves are pearl like leather.

When the fruit is formed from the flower on the Champa tree, it is like a dry follicle. Seeds come out from inside it, there is a light cotton on these seeds. When this fruit is ripe, the middle opens automatically.

Champa flower Plumeria flower is used in Hindu religion for cultural work. In the Western Ghats of Karnataka state in South India, the bride and groom wear white plumeria garlands during weddings. Plumeria plants are planted in most of the temples of South India. Apart from this, flowers of Frangipani are also used in worship in Sri Lanka.

how to plant champa tree with pen

How to grow Plumeri from Cutting in hindi

Step 1 – To plant a cutting of Champa plant, first you have to cut a cutting from the tree. The pen should always be cut long. After this, all the big leaves should be removed from this pen and kept in a shady place for a day.

Step 2 – The pen of Champa should not be cut directly from the tree. Due to the milk-like substance inside it, there is a risk of getting fungus in the pen.

Step 3 – If you have any fungal side powder after preparing the pen, place the cutting in its solution for 2 to 3 minutes. After this, plant the cutting in a pot. If you want, you can plant the cutting without any funky side powder.

Step 4 – For grafting, you have to prepare the soil by mixing normal garden soil and some old manure of cow dung.

Step 5 – Now you have to plant the Plumeri cuttings in the pot at a depth of about three to four inches. After planting the cuttings, fill the pot with plenty of water.

Step 6 – After filling the pot with water, keep it in a shady place. And sprinkle water in the pot from time to time, so that the moisture remains in the pot.

Step 7 – This cutting will take root within about a month. Until new shoots begin to appear on the cutting. Do not touch the cutting.

How to Grow Plumeria (Frangipani) From Cuttings

How to Grow Champa Plant from Seeds

  • To grow Champa from seed, you have to first collect the seeds from any plant.
  • After this, take out the seeds from inside the pod and place them on a tissue paper. Sprinkle water over these seeds.
  • After sprinkling water, when the seeds become slightly soft, it is ready for potting.
  • For planting seeds, mix vermicompost and cockpit in the garden soil. This makes the soil good and fertile.
  • After preparing the soil, fill it in the pot. Plant the seeds in pots to a depth of 1 to 2 inches.
  • After planting seeds, sprinkle water well and keep the pot in a shady place
  • It will take about 10 to 15 days for these seeds to freeze. When the plants get a little bigger, plant them in another big pot.

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How to Grow Plumeria From Seeds

How to take care of Champa Plant

If you already have Champa tree Frangipani Tree in your house. And flowers are not growing on him, he is not growing well. So you have to take care of your Champa tree keeping in mind all the things mentioned below, and your plant will start giving more flowers in a very short time. Let us know about how to take care of Plumeria plant –

  • Champa plant should always be planted in such a place. Where there is about 6 to 7 hours of sunshine in a day.
  • You can plant this tree in any soil except clay.
  • If you have this tree planted in clay soil, then once in a week, add water after hoeing it well. With this, it holds its roots well.
  • Champa plant requires a lot of water. But you should put your own in the root of the plant. When the water given earlier dries up. Because if moisture remains in it for a few days continuously, then it can also damage the plant.
  • It is very necessary to take care of Champa plant in winter. Because at the time of winter, if the root of this plant gets cold, then it starts drying up. If your plant is small, then you can keep the dry leaves late in the roots of your plant in winter. This will protect the root of the plant from the cold. Apart from this, if the plant is too small, then it can also be covered with a cloth.
  • When flowers start blooming on this plant, during this time you can add phosphorus fertilizer to its roots. Due to this, more flowers come on the plant.
  • If you do not have any such compost, then once a month you can also add vermicompost to it.
  • Apart from this, there is no danger of any kind of kit moth on this plant. If you take care of your plant keeping in mind the things mentioned, then very good flowers will come on the Champa tree.

Frangipani Flower FAQ

Why doesn’t Bhanwara sit on Champa’s flower?

The flowers of Champa have a special kind of pungent smell. Due to which whirlpools, butterflies and bees do not sit on it.

How many species of Champa are found?

There are about 40 species of Champa found all over the world. Most of which occur in tropical and sub-tropical regions. The evergreen trees of Champa are usually 18 to 21 meters tall.

What are the uses and benefits of Champa flower?

Champa flower is yellow in color, it is used in herbal medicine. Apart from this, it is also beneficial in many diseases according to Ayurveda.

Does Champa plant need full sunlight?

Champa plant is planted as an ornamental plant in gardens and houses, it needs about 6 to 7 hours of sunlight for best growth and more flowers.

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hrysanthemum Guldaudi Flower Plant in Hindi

Guldaudi Flower in Hindi Chrysanthemum flower comes in the list of flowers blooming in autumn. Many flowers bloom on its plant in the autumn season. Chrysanthemum flower is also known as Chrysanthemum flower and Shevanti flower. Today we will know all the information related to Guldaudi Flower and Plant. There are many species of Chrysanthemum Plant, and it blooms in many colors. Let us know, all the important information related to it –

Chrysanthemum Flower Information

Chrysanthemum is an ornamental flowering plant that blooms in autumn. About 30 species are found all over the world. It is commonly found in Asia and Northeast Europe. Its Scientific Name – Chrysanthemum It blooms in many brilliant colors. In which yellow, white, pink, and purple are the main colors. Chrysanthemum flowers are of different sizes and colors according to the variety. The center of Gudauri is believed to be in China. This flowering plant was first grown in China for use in herbs.

The name Chrysanthemum is derived from the ancient Greek words chrys meaning “gold” and anthemon meaning “flower”. Chrysanthemum flower is considered a symbol of long life, loyalty, happiness, and optimism. Red chrysanthemums and yellow chrysanthemums are considered to be symbols of love, and white chrysanthemums as symbols of truth and loyalty.

As we have already told you, chrysanthemum is one of the flowering plants growing in autumn all over the world. It was first grown in China, from here its plant was sent to Europe. After this, chrysanthemum was grown in the world famous grove “Que” of England in 1780 by a French man named Cels. Due to being very beautiful and attractive, it became known all over the world. At present it has about 150 castes. Among these species which are grown in the groves, they are called Chrysanthemum Indicum Linn.

Chrysanthemum plant comes in the list of herbs. It is also used in Ayurvedic herbs. It is also beneficial in many diseases. Its roots are branchy and fibrous. The stem of this plant is straight and soft. It has a light rust on its stem. The color of its leaves is green, the leaves are cut from both the cores. The chrysanthemum flower blooms on a tall stalk at the top of the plant. From the part of the plant from which the stalk emerges, many more stalks emerge from there, which form a cluster of flowers.

The chrysanthemum flower has many petals, but in reality these petals are a small flower. Chrysanthemum flowers are shiny. These flowers remain on the plant for a long time. Apart from the beauty of this flower, the flowers of some of its species also have insecticidal properties. The flowers of the species Chrysanthemum cinererifolium were first known as insecticides around 1840. At present, chrysanthemum (Shevanti Flower) is being widely cultivated in Brazil, India, Iran, Algeria, and Switzerland.

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Types of Chrysanthemum Plants Types of Chrysanthemum Plants

chrysanthemum flower in hindi

The chrysanthemum flower is the second most popular and attractive flower in the world after the rose flower. Whose wild species are 40, and there are thousands of varieties of this flower. Its varieties may differ depending on the size, color and number of flowers. Some of these popular varieties are as follows –

Single Blooms – Chrysanthemums look like daisy flowers, this flower is yellow center with white petals. The main difference between these two is that the flowers of chrysanthemum are larger in size than the daisy. In the single bloom species of Chrysanthemums Plant, the plants are usually two to three feet high. And its flowers are like white daisies in appearance.

Spider Blooms The petals of these chrysanthemum flowers are thin and elongated. Which looks like spider legs. Also the petals of these flowers go in different directions. The color of flowers in this variety is pink, yellow and white.

Thistle Chrysanthemums – In this species the flower petals grow parallel to the stem. Their diameter is usually up to 2 inches. The petals are flat and sloping. Like a paint brush.

Quilled Blooms – As the name suggests, this variety of chrysanthemum has a pointed spike like petals. The petals are elongated, at the ends of which cups are made. In fact these petals look somewhat like a small spoon.

Decorative Bloom – These chrysanthemum plants differ in size. There is a disc in the middle of these flowers. Flower petals cover the disc. These chrysanthemum plants differ in size. There is a disc in the middle of these flowers. Flower petals cover the disc.

Benefits of Chrysanthemum

Guldaudi Flower Plant in Hindi

By planting chrysanthemum plants in the house, the energy of the house remains positive. In addition, it is also a disinfectant. Its flowers, leaves and roots are all beneficial. Tea is made by drying the leaves of chrysanthemum flowers. Chrysanthemum tea is very beneficial for health. It cures many diseases. And it also increases immunity.

  • Grinding the leaves of chrysanthemum plant and applying it on the forehead provides relief in headache.
  • Grinding the leaves of chrysanthemum flowers and applying it around the eyes gives coolness to the eyes, and the problem of itching also goes away.
  • The decoction of chrysanthemum flowers is very beneficial in gas formation in the stomach. Apart from this, it is also used for stomach pain.
  • Shevanti or chrysanthemum flowers are also used for mouth ulcers. Because its taste is cold.
  • It is also used to cure heart related weakness. There are many remedies of chrysanthemum in Ayurveda, from which heart related weakness can be removed.
  • The flowers and leaves of chrysanthemum have cooling properties. Due to which if it is applied on the burn or cut area, it helps in the quick healing of the wound.
  • Not – The benefits of chrysanthemum flowers have been told to you here just for information. Before using anything, please consult an ayurvedic doctor.

How to plant a chrysanthemum plant with a pen

Shevanti Flowers in Hindi

  • You should plant the cuttings of chrysanthemum flower Shevanti Flower in the month of July.
  • You must have one year old chrysanthemum plants for cutting cuttings. The older plants you have should be cut off at the top, leaving about 7 to 8 inches.
  • After this, the plants should be taken care of until new leaves start growing from inside it again.
  • When your older plants start to grow new leaves, you can cut the cuttings from these plants.
  • You should use a sharp knife or any gardening tool to cut the pen.
  • Clean the tool thoroughly before cutting the cutting from the plant.
  • After this, whatever new branch has emerged, you have to take their cuttings for planting.
  • After this, you have to prepare a mixture of rate and fine gravel in any pot or seedling tray.
  • After preparing the mixture, add water to it well.
  • After this, apply rooting hormone powder on all the cuttings you have cut for planting, and plant them in the pot.
  • After this, keep this pot in a shady place, and till the roots start coming out of the pen, then sprinkle water in the pot. So that the moisture remains in the pot.

How to Grow Guldaudi From Cutting Video

how to grow chrysanthemum plants from seed

  • To grow chrysanthemum plants from seed, you first have to collect all the dried flowers on the plant.
  • After this, mash all the flowers in any vessel with a light hand. After mashing, remove all the top leaves.
  • Now keep all the remaining seeds at the bottom. Chrysanthemum seeds are very small.
  • After this you have to prepare the soil for growing the seeds, use vermicompost, some old manure of cow dung and sandy soil of the garden.
  • Now fill this soil in a pot that has a hole at the bottom for water to drain out.
  • After filling the soil in the pot, put the seeds in the pot at some distance. After this, make a thin layer of soil over these seeds so that the seeds are covered.
  • After that sprinkle water over the pot. Give the pot plenty of water for the first time.
  • After planting the seeds, keep the pot in a shady place. These seeds will start to set within about 4 to 5 days.
  • When the plants grow from the seeds you sown, transplant them into a different pot as they grow.
  • In this way you can grow chrysanthemum plants from seed.

How to Grow Guldaudi From Seeds Video

How to Take Care of Guldaudi (Chrysanthemums) Plant

  • More flowers on the chrysanthemum plant and good soil should be used to make the plant dense.
  • The better your soil, the better the plant will grow.
  • Always keep some moisture in the plant.
  • When the plant starts to grow a little, then you can add NPK 19-19 fertilizer to it. While giving fertilizer, always keep one thing in mind that you do not have to give too much fertilizer to the plant. Otherwise, your plant may also be happy with it.
  • Apart from this, you also have to cut the chrysanthemum plant from time to time. So that many new branches will come in your plant and this will bring more flowers.
  • It is also very important to do hoeing of chrysanthemum plant, once every 10 days you need to do 2 to 3 inch deep hoeing.
  • If sand and ash mixed with rotten dry leaves in this plant, the plant grows very well.
  • If you plant your plant by taking care of all these things, then I am sure that many flowers will come on your plant.

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Poppy Flower Information in Hindi

Poppy flower is a type of flowering plant. About which you are going to get complete information today. It is also known by many other names. Poppy flowers are called poppy or poppy in Hindi. Apart from this, it is also called poppy plant. There are many more interesting facts related to the poppy flower, which you are going to find in this article. Let us know, Poppy Flower in Hindi, all the information related to the flower and plant of Poppy –

Poppy Flower Information

Poppy flower is called poppy or poppy. It is a flowering plant. It is commonly used for home decoration. But apart from this it is also cultivated. Poppy is a plant of the poppy family. It is believed to be native to the Mediterranean.

Initially, the poppy flower was found around the Mediterranean. After that it started being grown all over the world. At present, poppy is cultivated mainly in many countries like India, Asia Minor, China, Turkey. Poppy is cultivated in India in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh.

Let us tell you that to cultivate poppy, you have to take permission from the Excise Department. If you cultivate it without permission, then you can also be punished. This is because opium is extracted from the poppy plant, which is completely illegal. Opium is a drug. “Post” is a word derived from Pashto language.

Poppy Plant Poppy Plant

Poppy Flower Information in Hindi

Poppy plant is very beautiful and attractive. Usually the poppy tree is about 60 cm high. But in some of its species, this plant is also small. The leaves on the poppy plant grow straight from its stem. The color of these leaves is light green. The leaves of this plant are also very beautiful. White, red, purple, yellow, and pink flowers bloom on top of the poppy. Apart from this, it is also found in many colors.

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Poppy Flower Poppy Flower

Most of the poppy plants are seen with red flowers. Apart from this, it is also light purple, and white. A fruit grows on this plant, this flower of poppy is called ‘Doda’. It is very smooth, the shape of the Donda fruit is oval.

Let us tell you that some species of poppy are used for opium, and some species are used for flowers in home and gardens. Poppy plants that are used for flowers and home decoration are called Shirley Poppies.

To extract opium from the poppy plant, farmers call its fruit, which is called Donda. Stripes are made on the raw dough with a sharp knife. After this, a sticky milk-like substance comes out from this ball, when it dries and becomes thick, then it is scraped from the top of the ball.

This is opium. When the poppy fruit is dried, the remaining opium is also removed by soaking the peel of its pod in water. Morphine and codeine are extracted from it, both of which are used for medicines.

Opium usually contains 8 to 13 percent morphine, which can go as high as 22.8 percent. If we talk about how much opium is produced from the cultivation of opium, about 25 ser of opium can be extracted from one acre of field.

Poppy Seeds Poppy Seeds

Apart from poppy, poppy is also used for its seeds. Poppy seeds are also called poppy seeds or poppy seeds. Its seeds come in many colors, among which Black White and Blue are the most sought after. The amount of oil in Poppy Seeds is found to be around 40 to 60 percent.

The oil extracted from these seeds is used for cooking food items. Poppy seeds are used to make sweets, and things like thandai. There is no intoxicant in the poppy seeds. Poppy seeds are considered medicinal.

The benefits of poppy seeds are very beneficial for the human body. Poppy seeds are also very beneficial for hair. It is very popular because of its postic properties. In Garhwal district in Uttarakhand, the green leaves of poppy are used to make a vegetable.

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Brahma Kamal in Hindi

Today we will know about Brahma Kamal Brahma Kamal in Hindi Brahmakamal is a sacred flower. According to some research, Vaidya people say that the drops dripping from its petals are like nectar. Apart from this, this flower is also beneficial in many diseases. Today we will know the ground about many things related to it. As when Brahma Kamal blooms, to which deity it is offered. How to plant Brahma Kamal plant and where to get its plant. You are going to get many more interesting information related to this. So let’s know about the specialty of Brahma Kamal –

Information about Brahma Kamal Brahma Kamal in Hindi

Brahma Kamal is a type of flower, whose botanical name is Saussurea Obvallata. Its 24 species are found in the state of Uttarakhand, it is also known as Kaul Padma in Uttarakhand, according to some legends it is also believed that this flower is named after Brahma, the god of creation.

Apart from this, about 210 species of Brahma Kamal are found in the whole world. This flower blooms only once in a year at night time. Sometimes it takes more than a year to bloom. Some people have a question, when does the Brahma Kamal bloom? Let us tell you that Brahma Kamal blooms once a year at night time between July and September.

Brahma Kamal is used as a herb in Ayurveda. From its root to the flower, all the parts are used. Brahma Kamal is the state flower of which state, let us tell you that the flower of Brahma Kamal is the state flower of Uttarakhand state. This flower is considered very sacred in India. In Hinduism, this flower is considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity and wealth. In the house where the plant of Brahma Kamal is planted, there is always happiness and peace for all reasons.

The color of Brahma Kamal is white, this beautiful and attractive flower blooms in the light of the moon. It starts blooming after sunset. It takes about two to three hours for the Brahma Kamal flower to bloom completely. And it feeds all night. It is also believed for the flower of Brahma Kamal, that if any wish is sought after seeing the flower of Brahma Kamal in bloom, then it gets fulfilled.

Where can I get the Brahma Kamal plant? Brahma Kamal plants grow the most in the Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand. In which Pindari Glacier, Valley of Flowers, Hemkund Sahib, and Tungnath are prominent. Brahma Kamal flower is offered in Kedarnath.

When the blooming season of this flower comes, the local people pluck the Brahma Kamal and bring it to the temples. Despite the ban on the sale of this flower, it is still sold to the pilgrims. At present, Brahma Kamal is on the verge of extinction, because as soon as its flowers bloom, they are immediately plucked. So that seeds cannot be made from flowers. Thus its species is on the verge of extinction.

Braham Kamal Information in Hindi

Rules for breaking Brahma Kamal

Brahma Kamal is the most beloved flower of Mother Nanda Devi. That is why the Brahma flower is plucked on the day of Nanda Ashtami. Apart from this, there are many other strict rules for breaking Brahma Kamal, which are very important to follow. The life span of this flower is about 5 to 6 months. The mention of this flower is also found in the Indian epic Mahabharata. Draupadi was anxious to get this flower because of its intoxicating fragrance.

Brahma Kamal also has a story of its own. According to which it is believed that when he came to the Himalayan region, he had offered one thousand Brahma Kamal to Lord Shiva, but out of this one flower was less. Then Lord Vishnu had dedicated one of his eyes to Lord Shiva in the form of a flower. Since that time Lord Shiva is known as Kamleshwar and Lord Vishnu is known as Kamal Nayan.

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how to plant brahm kamal plant

  • Planting a Brahma Kamal plant is very easy. To plant this plant, you have to take a leaf of it.
  • To plant Brahma Kamal, you have to first prepare the soil. For this, you have to prepare 50 percent normal soil and 50 percent old manure of cow dung.
  • After this, you have to plant the leaves of Brahma Kamal at a depth of about three to four inches.
  • After planting Brahma Kamal, pour plenty of water in the pot.
  • After this, keep the pot in a place where direct sunlight does not come.
  • Because Brahma Kamal does not like much heat. It grows very well in cool places.
  • In about a month, all the leaves will start rooting.
  • When the plants grow up, give them only enough water that only moisture remains. Because they require very little water.

How to Grow Brahma Kamal From Cutting in Hindi

How to take care of Brahma Kamal plant

  • The Brahma Kamal plant does not require much care.
  • If insects get on the leaves of its plant, then you should use any insecticidal medicine.
  • This plant does not like much sunlight, always keep it in a shady place.
  • Brahmakamal does not require much water either. Add water as per the requirement.
  • This plant also does not require much fertilizer. You can apply cow dung at the root of the plant twice in a year.

How to take care of Brahma Kamal plant, see in the video

Where is Brahma Kamal found?

Brahma Kamal is found in the areas of altitude of 3000-5000 meters in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Its about 61 species are found all over India. Out of which 58 species occur in the Himalayas.

What is the specialty of Brahma Kamal?

Many types of rare tree plants are available in the Indian Himalayan region. In which a Brahma Kamal is also included. Brahmakamal is related to the name of the Hindu deity Brahma, hence it is considered as the ‘King of Himalayan Flowers’.

Brahma Kamal is the state flower of which state?

Brahma Kamal is the state flower of Uttarakhand.

How many times does Brahma Kamal bloom in a year?

Brahmakamal blooms once in a year. This flower blooms at night.

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Carnation Flower Information in Hindi

carnation flower (Carnation Flower in Hindi) Very beautiful and attractive. Today we will know in detail about this beautiful and attractive flower. White Carnation is the most preferred of this flower species. Apart from the white color, these flowers also bloom in many colors.

Carnation is a very strange species of flower, very few people know about it. Many people do not even know the meaning of carnation flower, and they search on Google, Carnation Flower Meaning in Hindi, so today you are going to get all the information related to this flower in this article.

Let us tell you that this flower is very much liked in India, so in this article we will also know about which season of this flower blooms in India (Carnation Flower Season in India), so let’s know, Carnation All important information related to flowers in Hindi –

Carnation Flower Information | Carnation Flower Information in Hindi

Carnation flower comes in the list of most important and beautiful flowers all over the world. Its scientific name is Scientific Name – “Dianthus Caryophyllus”. This name was given to the carnation by Theopharastus, a Greek botanist.

The petals of this flower are like paper, which is cut from the middle, it is very attractive to see. The inside of the carnation flower smells like a clove. These flowers remain fresh for a longer time than other flowers. Most of the people apply it in their homes and gardens for its fragrance and beauty.

Carnation flowers bloom in many colors, among which red, white, yellow, and pink are the main ones. There are about 250 species, but only Dianthus barbets, Dianthus cryophyllus, and Dianthus chinensis are planted in homes and gardens.

It is a plant of “Cryophyllaceae” family. The “Cryophyllaceae” are known for producing total spectacular flowers. Carnation flower is widely cultivated in many countries including Colombia, Turkey, Europe, Israel, Netherlands and India.

There are many species of carnation flowers, which also have different colors and shapes, but the flowers of Dianthus Caryophyllus species have 5 petals, and it usually blooms in white, pink and purple colors. Carnation plant when grown, it is about 6 cm in size, and it grows to 8.5 cm, the stalk on this plant is very short, its stem color is light brown, or blue Is. Apart from this, the stem of the plant depends on the species.

Meaning in Hindi

Carnation means love. Carnation flower is considered a symbol of love. According to a legend, when Jesus was being carried on the cross. Carnation flowers had grown at the place where the tears had fallen from the eyes of the holy “Mary”. Because of which they are also considered a symbol of maternal love. If the Cornation Flower is also considered as the flower of Jesus, because it is made up of two words of Greek language which includes “Dios + Anthos”, in this Dios means, Jesus and Anthos means, flower.

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Meaning of Carnation Flower Colors

information of carnation flower in hindi

Carnation flowers bloom in many colors including red, yellow, white, purple, and pink. But each color of Cornation flower has its own meaning, so let us know, what is the meaning of the colors of Carnation flower –

  • White Carnatiion – The white carnation flower is a symbol of purity and luck.
  • Light Red Carnation – The light red carnation flower is a symbol of appreciation.
  • Pink Carnation The pink carnation flower is a symbol of gratitude and perseverance.
  • Yellow Carnation – The yellow carnation flower is the symbol of Capricorn.
  • Dark Red Carnation – Carnation flower in deep red color is a symbol of love and affection.

Carnation Flower History

The history of the carnation flower dates back to the time of Jesus, at which time the carnation flower was used for art in the ancient Greek and Roman states. But according to a Christian legend, the carnation flower was born on earth when “Jesus” was being carried on the cross, at this time when “Jesus”‘s mother “Mary” came to tears, at the place where “Mary” The tears had fallen, there the Carnation Plant had grown. According to this legend, the carnation flower is also called the symbol of Mamta.

Varieties of Carnations Flower Species

Carnation plant is popular for gardens and homes. It grows in many different colors. Apart from this, as mentioned above, according to their colors, their meaning is different. Usually there are mainly three species of carnation, but if we talk about its varieties, then it is found in hundreds of varieties. Let us know about some of the major species of carnations –

1. Dianthus “Everlast Lavender Lace”

In this species of carnation, the center of the flowers is very soft. In this variety, the height of the plant increases to about 8 to 12 inches, these plants require sunlight, it attracts butterflies.

2. Dianthus “Neon Star”

Neon star flower has four petals, which are slightly cut from the edge, it usually blooms in pink color. It is very easy to grow.

3. Dianthus Superbus

In this variety, fringed flowers bloom, in whose petals, long beautiful fringe-like fibers hang. The colors of these flowers are white, red and purple. These flowers have a very nice aroma.

4. Dianthus Caryophyllus

It is the most commonly grown variety of carnations, which produces red, pink, and white flowers. It generally gives better yields in the southern countries.

5. Dianthus Plumarius

Flowers bloom during the months of May to August in this variety, it is basically pink in color. Plants grow up to about 2 feet tall. The edges of the petals are lightly cut, which gives beauty to the flower.

How to Grow Carnation Flower From Seeds

Carnation Flower in Hindi

  • To grow carnation plants from seeds, first you should get Carnation Seeds from the market or online.
  • Carnation seeds are black in color, after they come out of the packet, you have to prepare the soil for planting the seeds.
  • To prepare the soil, mix the old manure of cow dung, normal garden soil and sand in equal quantity and fill it in the pot. If you have a cockpit, then you can mix it in place of manure.
  • After this, you should scatter the carnation seeds at some distance in the pot.
  • After planting the seeds in a pot, you should make a thin layer of soil over the seeds, after which water should be sprinkled in the pot.
  • After this, keep the pot in a place where there is good sunlight during the day, but direct sunlight should not fall on the pot.
  • As long as the Carnation Seeds do not come heavily, then keep spraying water in it and keep the moisture in the pot.
  • In about a week or so, all your seeds will sprout. When the plants get a little older, then the fungus side should be sprayed.
  • When the plants grow up, keep spraying NPK 19 19 in them, you should do this spray twice a month.
  • In this way, you can grow Carnation in your home through seeds.

How to Care Carnation Plant

  • To grow Carnation Plant properly, you should first prepare the soil in such a way that water should not stagnate in the pot.
  • These plants mostly require sunlight, always plant them in a place where there is about 5 to 6 hours of sunlight.
  • The plant should not be planted in a very big pot, if you are planting a plant in a big pot, then plant three to four plants together in it.
  • You can spray Liqued Fertilizer once in 15 days.
  • As long as the flowers bloom on the plant, do not let the seeds form on it. Keep plucking all the dried flowers from time to time.
  • When seeds start forming on the plant, it reduces the number of flowers on the plant.
  • While watering the pot, keep in mind that water does not fall on the leaves and flowers of the plant, as it can cause fungus on the plant.
  • If your plant is infected with fungus, then you can spray neem oil for this.

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Peacock Flower in Hindi – Peacock Flower is a very spectacular and attractive flower, very few people know about it, although Peacock Flower is known as Caesalpinia Pulcherrima Also called, it is a plant of the Pea Family, which is a species of flowering plant in the Fabaceae family of the Pea Family.

The plant is thought to be native to the tropical and subtropical Americas, but there is a theory that it may also be native to the West Indies. But from where the Peacock Flower originated, it also remains a mystery.

Some common names for this species include Poinsiana, Peacock Flower, Pride of Barbados, Red Bird of Paradise, Dwarf Poinsiana, Flos Pavonis, Mexican Bird of Paradise, and Flamboyant-de-Jardin. The Hawaiian name of this plant is “Ohai Aliʻi”.

The shape of the Peacock Plant is like a bush, which grows up to about 3 meters tall. It grows mostly during the summer days. It is a semi-evergreen plant, but due to extreme cold, this plant dries up.

Peacock Plant in Hindi

But as the spring season approaches, it starts turning green again. Plants of this species are more sensitive than plants of other species. The leaves of this plant are bilateral, whose length is about 20 to 40 cm, in which there are pairs of 10 leaves.

In these pairs, the length of the leaves is 15-25 mm and the width is 10 -15 mm. Peacock flower flowers are about 20 cm long, each flower has 5 leaves, which can be red, yellow, or orange in color. After flowering, a pod appears on it, the length of this pod is about 6 to 12 cm.

Caesalpinia Pulcherrima or Peacock Flower is the national flower of the Caribbean island of Barbados. This flower is also shown on the upper left and right corners of the Barbadian flag of Queen Elizabeth II.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peacock Flower

In which areas does the peacock flower grow?

The peacock flower, believed to be native to the West Indies, has several other names, including dwarf poinciana, pride of Barbados flower, and paradise flower. This plant grows in areas with hot climate. Peacock Flower Plant is planted as an ornamental plant in gardens.

Are peacock flower and gulmohar the same thing?

No, Peacock flower is a plant of Pea family, and Gulmohar belongs to Fabaceae family. Big pods come on the Gulmohar tree, and small pea-like pods come on the peacock flower plant.

What is Peacock Plant?

Peacock Plant is an ornamental plant, commonly planted as an attractive ornamental plant along roadsides and in gardens.

How do you plant Peacock Flowers?

For planting Peacock Flower Plant, you should choose good and sandy soil. Apart from this, you should always plant this plant in a place where there is a good drainage system. Because this plant does not like water much. The right time to plant a Peacock Plant is in late February or early March.

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