The Group of Seven (G-7) is an international intergovernmental economic organization consisting of the world’s 7 most developed and advanced economies (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Japan and the United States). G7 Ki Sthapna Kab Hui I would like to tell you that, this group was established in the year 1975 by 6 richest and powerful countries. The group was renamed G-8 after Russia joined in 1997, but was later suspended.

list of subjects

There are more than 190 countries in the whole world. Some countries are very big and powerful while some countries are small and less developed. Many countries have formed small groups like SAARC, ASEAN, G20, BRICS, G7 etc. to help each other on their cultural, economic etc. and from time to time these countries exchange their views. They keep meeting to provide, solve problems and help each other.

Apart from its member countries, India, Australia, South Korea and South Africa were invited as guest countries to the 47th G7 summit held in June 2021. This topic becomes very important for any competitive exam because of India participating in this conference.

So today we are going to tell you complete information about G7 through this post like- what is G7, when G7 was established, G7 Me Kitne Desh Hai and G7 Ka Mukhyalay Kahan Hai etc. Just end this post of ours. Read till

G7 Kya Hai

G7 Kya Hai

G7 Ka Full Form or G-7 means “Group of Seven”. The G7 is an international intergovernmental organization comprising the seven largest countries in the world. With the largest economy, they contribute more than 58% to the global net worth ($317 trillion in global net worth). Apart from this, the GDP of G7 country is 32% of the total GDP of the world. The European Union has also been invited to the G-7, apart from this, these countries continue to invite different countries under the G8+5.

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G7 Ki Sthapna Kab Hui

G-7 Ki Sthapna was done in the year 1975 but at that time there were only 6 countries in it, hence it was known as G6. But with the joining of Canada in 1976, the number of its member countries increased to seven and its name became G7.

Now you know that, G7 Ki Sthapna Kab Hui Thi but do you know how many countries are included in G7 or Kaun Sa Desh G7 Ka Sadasya Nahin Hai, so let us now know about it further.

G7 Me Kitne Desh Hai

At present the number of G7 Ke Sadasya countries is seven. Before that it was also a group of G6 and G8. Russia was suspended from the G8 group of countries in March 2014.

If a question related to G7 Ka Headquarters Kahan Hai is coming in your mind, then you have been told about it further.

G7 Headquarters

G7 Ka Headquarters or G7 Headquarters is not yet certain. Every year in the country where the G-7 summit is to be held, its head office is made there till the next conference. In 2020, the 46th summit of the G7 was held in the US. Last year the 47th G7 summit took place in the UK in June 2021 and this is the headquarters of the G7 for 2021.

The G-7 summit is held annually in its seven member states on a rotational basis. In the year 2021, the UK got its presidency, which was organized in Cornwell, England.

This was important information related to G7 Headquarters In Hindi, let us now tell you the names of the member countries of G-7 along with their capital and currency.


G7 Country Names with their capitals and currency are shown below:


G-7 country name Capital Posture
Canada Ottawa canadian dollar
France Paris Euro, CFP Franc
Germany Berlin euro
Italy Rome euro
United Kingdom London British Pound
United States Washington DC United States Dollar
Japan Tokyo Japanese yen

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What is G7 Summit

During the 1973 oil crisis, members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) increased oil prices and cut supplies to countries that supported Israel in the Yom Kippur War. Then inspired by this, the G-7 was formed to discuss economic and political issues.

Since the oil crisis, the group has expanded to cover a wide range of international issues such as energy, security, climate change, poverty, trade, etc. In today’s time, the G7 member countries are considered to be the richest and developed in the world, apart from this some of the major features of G-7 are listed below:

  • major exporting countries
  • largest producer of nuclear power
  • largest gold reserves
  • The largest contribution to the United Nations budget

G7 Me Shamil Desh also invites other international organizations to its summit every year. The names of the organizations that have been invited since the first meeting of 1975 till now 47th G7 Ki Baithak 2021 are shown below:

  • international monetary fund
  • international energy agency
  • United Nations
  • world trade organization
  • world Bank
  • African Union
  • The European Union

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India also participated in the annual meeting of G7 Countries 2021. That’s why many people think that India is also included in the G7 countries. But as we have told you above, G-7 countries also invite some guests in every meeting and this year India and other countries were invited by G-7 countries as guests.

Friends, today we have given you G7 Sammelan Kya Hai, when was G7 established and G7 Ka Mukhyalay Kahan Per Hai? etc. Almost all the important information is provided. If you have any question related to G7 Ki Jankari then you must tell us in comment, we will try our best to help you. If you liked the post, don’t forget to share it with others.


  • When did Russia break away from G7?

In the year 2014, Russia was removed from the list of G8, since then it is called G7.

  • Who are the member countries of G7 at present?

At present, the number of member countries of the G7 is seven, which includes Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

  • Is China in the G7?

No, China is not a member of the G7.

  • Which country will host the G7 summit 2022?

Germany will host the G7 summit 2022. The G7 summit is expected to take place in the Bavarian Alps in June 2022.

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, where different posts have been created under the constitution to run the country such as President, Vice President, Prime Minister etc. But there are many people who do not have general information related to their country such as, Bharat Ke Rashtrapati Kaun Hai Or who is the Prime Minister of India. If you also want to know that at present Bharat Ka Rashtrapati Kaun Hai, then here you have been given complete information about all the Presidents of India till now.

list of subjects

The President is the first citizen of the country. There are many countries, where all the decisions are taken by the President, because there is President’s rule. On the other hand, if we talk about the country of India, then here the reins of the country are handled by the Prime Minister, because in India the Prime Minister has been given more power. That is why all the small and big decisions related to the country are taken by the Prime Minister. But the President is the head of the country, so the highest office is considered to be that of the President.

No law can be made in the country without the permission of the President, because the last seal to make a law is taken by the President. Now many questions related to the President must be arising in your mind that, who was the first President of India or if you say, who was the first President of India? These are questions that every Indian must know because these questions are frequently asked in competitive exams to job interviews. Let’s go ahead and know about it.

Bharat Ke Rashtrapati Kaun Hai

who is the president of india

Present time President of IndiaRam Nath Kovind‘ Who was born on 1 October 1945 in Paraukh village located in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Ramnath Kovind of India 14th President who was appointed to assume charge on 25 July 2017. Ramnath Kovind has also been the Governor of Bihar before assuming this post i.e. from 2015 to 2017 and he held the post of Governor of Bihar till June 20, 2017.

About family- Ram Nath Kovind was born in a Dalit family. He was the youngest among all his siblings. His life was very full of struggle, because his mother had died due to fire in the village, after which he had to go through a life of struggle.

Education – Ramnath Kovind completed his early studies from a school in his village and after that he took admission in Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastava College located in Kanpur and obtained B.Com and LLB degree from there. After completing this degree, Ram Nath Kovind left for Delhi to prepare for Civil Services. After some time in 1971, he was selected as a lawyer and after 2 years he got married.

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Let us know that after the end of his studies, what achievements did Ramnath Kovind achieve in the coming years –

  • In 1977, Ramnath Kovind worked as a lawyer for a full year.
  • After this, in 1978, he remained the Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister of India for a year.
  • In 1991, he joined BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party).
  • Even Ram Nath Kovind was the President of BJP Dalit Morcha from 1998 to 2002 and after some time he was elected as the MP of Uttar Pradesh.
  • After this, on 8 August 2015, Ramnath Kovind was made the governor of Bihar and in the year 2017 he resigned from this post and finally he was now appointed as the 14th President of India.

Here we have known who is the current President of India, now we will know next, the list of all the Presidents of India so far, after which you will know, in which year which President was appointed and if its After anyone has asked you who is the President of India, then you will be able to answer this question in a pinch.

List of President of India

The President of India is elected by the members of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and Legislative Assembly. The term of the President of India (President India) is 5 years and if he wants to resign from the post of his President during this time, then he has to send a resignation letter to the Vice President, after which he can resign.

Bharat Ke Rashtrapati Ki List In Hindi

As we all know that on 26 January 1950, India has been given the status of a republic state under the Constitution and with this we got Dr. Rajendra Prasad as the first President of India on that day. In the table given below, we have given you the list of the President of India since 1950, that is, from the first President of India till now, which is as follows-

serial number Name of the President of India
(India President Name)
1. Dr. Rajendra Prasad 26 January 1950 to 13 May 1962
2. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan May 13, 1962 to May 13, 1967
3. Dr. Zakir Hussain May 13, 1967 to May 3, 1969
Sri Varahagiri Venkatagiri May 3, 1969 to July 20, 1969
Justice Mohammad Hidayatullah July 20, 1969 to August 24, 1969
4. Sri Varahagiri Venkatagiri August 24, 1969 to August 24, 1974
5. Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed August 24, 1974 to February 11, 1977
Shri Basappa Danappa Jatti (Acting) February 11, 1977 to July 25, 1977
6. Mr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy July 25, 1977 to July 25, 1982
7. Mr. Giani Zail Singh July 25, 1982 to July 25, 1987
8. Sri Ramaswamy Venkataraman July 25, 1987 to July 25, 1992
9. Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma July 25, 1992 to July 25, 1987
10. Mr. Kocheril Raman Narayan July 25, 1997 to July 25, 2022
11. Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam July 25, 2002 to July 25, 2007
12. Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil July 25, 2007 to July 25, 2012
13. Shri Pranab Mukherjee July 25, 2012 to July 25, 2017
14. Shri Ramnath Kovind 25 July 2017 to present

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Qualifications to be President

According to Article 56 of Part 5 of the Indian Constitution, it is mandatory to have the following qualifications to become the President –

✔️ First and foremost, the candidate must be a citizen of India.
✔️ Second, the candidate who wants to become the President must be at least 35 years old or above.
✔️ Candidate should be eligible to become a member of Lok Sabha.

Interesting facts about the Presidents of India

What is the name of the current President of India or if we say who is the President of India, we have known all these things. Let us now know some interesting facts related to all the presidents so far –

Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first President of independent India, who served as the longest President for 2 terms.

So far, there are 14 Presidents in India, out of which 13 are Presidents who were associated with some political party.

There are 2 Presidents in the history of India who died in office during their tenure, the first being Zakir Hussain and the second President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed.

There are 4 Presidents of India who have been honored with the Bharat Ratna Award, which includes the names of S. Radhakrishnan, Zakir Hussain, APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Pratibha Patil was the first woman President of the country.

The first Sikh President of India was Giani Zail Singh, during whose tenure Indira Gandhi was assassinated.

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The office of the President is considered to be the biggest post in our country, hence the President is also called the first citizen of India. The President of India gets many powers under the Indian Constitution. So friends, today in this post we have given you all the information related to Bharat Ke Pratham Rashtrapati Kaun The or if you say, who was the first President of India.

Hope you liked this information of ours. If you have found this information useful, then definitely share the President of India List given above with your friends, so that they too can easily answer this question to them when asked by anyone. To get more such information related to general knowledge, stay tuned on Hindi Help. Here we will keep you informed about the information from moment to moment. Thank you!

Bharat Ke Rashtrapati Kaun Hai (FAQ)

  • Who is the present President of India?

Presently the President of India is Ram Nath Kovind. He is the 14th President of India, who was appointed on 25 July 2017.

  • How much salary is paid to the President of India?

At present, the President of India is given a salary of Rs 5 lakh per month, apart from many allowances such as free medical, accommodation and treatment for whole life.

  • Who was the first President of India?

Dr Rajendra Prasad was the first President of India, who was appointed on 26 January 1950. He is one of the prominent leaders of the Indian independence movement.

  • Who was the first President of India?

Pratibha Patil was the first woman President of India, who will always be remembered in the history of India.

  • Who was the first Vice President of India?

The first Vice President of India was Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, in whose memory Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on 5th September.

  • What is the salary of the Vice President per month?

The Vice President is paid a salary of Rs 4 lakh per month.

  • What do you call President in English?

President is called President in English.

In today’s time, there are many things that are considered necessary to learn and through which any work becomes easy. One of which is a resume. Friends, in today’s post, we will know what is Resume after all? Resume Kya Hota Hai In Hindi!

What is Resume?  Resume Kya Hota Hai In Hindi

It is generally seen that when the youth go out for a job or move out for a specific purpose, they need to make a resume. Through this the youth can move ahead in the right way and the future can be determined.

In such a situation, what is the resume we give you today? Its role, types and many important information related to it will be given so that you will be able to use it properly.

What is Resume?

Actually Resume is a type of document which is used at the time when you enter a new job or a new institute. Through this, information is given to the company and the institute in front about their skills and apart from this, all the information is given through the resume, through which one can easily get the job and carry out his work in the right way. .

A good resume plays an important role in getting a job in any organization or position, if you are a qualified person for any job and your resume is capable of describing your qualifications, then you can get the biggest job.

purpose of resume

Whenever the resume is made, one thing is kept in mind that the resume created by you should be good enough that through it you can be called for the interview. You must have noticed that whenever a vacancy comes out for a job, the first thing that is called for is your resume. This is done so that it can be seen whether you are eligible for that job or not?

In such a situation, the main objective of creating a resume is to give all the information in the right way through which you can be entitled to a good job. In such a situation, it would always be right to make the resume attractive so that you are not easily refused.

Under this, proper information can be given about your experience, skills, educational qualification, position, so that you do not need to tell anything and everything speaks for your resume.

type of resume

If you are looking for a good job, then you should be aware of the type of resume, through which you can give information about yourself to the people by making the right type of resume and get a good job.

  • Chronological Resume — It is the first of all resume types to be used. It is generally used when work has already been done for a company or institution. In such a situation, information about the date is also given in it and also about the experience and post in which you have worked before. Each resume has a different structure in which the tasks are also done differently.
  • Functional Resume Whenever a resume is made, this resume is also included in it. Under this, information is given about your skills so that the front can get the right information about the skills contained in you. Apart from this, information related to your skill and achievement is also given and sometimes it is also used when coming to a new job, so that the future can be ensured.
  • Combination Resume — It is this type of resume in which information about the employer and position is also given, as well as mentioning your past work in it.
  • Digital Resume As we all have seen that today’s time is completely digitized, where we do everything digitally through internet and through this our work can also be made easy. In such a situation, digital method is also used to create resume, under which web language is used. In such a situation, through this digital resume, your resume can also be made attractive, which can be beneficial for us somewhere.

body of resume

In today’s time it is very important to make a resume because somewhere it is very useful for us, but we also need to know about its main parts, so today we will give you information about its main parts too. .

  • resume header- Whenever a resume is made, it is the topmost part in which mainly name, photo, information are there. Under this, a passport size photograph is always affixed. If you want, you can also add color photos. Under this, your profession is also described in it, which also tells your skills somewhere.
  • Contact information– In this body of the resume, information mainly about name, number, address, email address is given so that the reader can know about the whole situation in a correct way.
  • Career information- This part of the resume is written in the form of short paragraphs in which some important information is written. Although in today’s time it is considered optional and even if it is not mentioned, the resume is considered complete.
  • Educational Qualifications- In this part of the resume, information is given about the educational qualification, under which the name of the main institution where you were working or where you did your studies is written. Apart from this, information about the previous degree and post year is also given in this so that the other institution can get the correct information about you.
  • Skill Ability- Under this, information about your skill potential is also given. In such a situation, in whichever organization you have worked, detailed information is given about it and is also mentioned correctly.
  • Experience- It is considered the main part of the resume, under which it is written about all the organizations or companies where you worked in the past. Apart from this, information is also given about how many days you have worked in the previous institution and what was the reason for leaving that institution? It is considered correct to give all these key information so that the person in front also has proper information about you.
  • Received awards- Under this part, if you have received any award or award from the previous organization, then information is given about it so that you can also know about your achievements.
  • Hobby – After you have written down all the information, you can also write your hobby. Under which information can also be given about the passion going on inside you.

main uses of resume

In today’s time, whenever you go to work or study in a new place, there is a need for a resume and it can also be used in many ways.

  1. If you want to apply for a new job, then you can make a resume for this.
  2. If you want to apply in any university of any country, then only your attractive resume proves to be effective for this.
  3. Resume is considered essential for admission to any professional course.
  4. Information about your skill potential in any field can be given through the resume.

Keep these precautions in mind while making resume

Whenever a resume is made, if these main precautions are taken care of, then surely you can make a great resume.

  1. While making a resume, always give information about the company where you worked in the past.
  2. If a resume is made using the right language, it becomes quite attractive.
  3. Resume should always be of one page only.
  4. Whenever you make a resume, it has to be formatted properly so that it can be made attractive.
  5. While creating a resume, the font size should be between 12 to 14.

How to make a resume for yourself?

Mainly resume is made in cyber cafe but if you want you can make your own resume.

For this you have to go to winword on your computer or laptop. After that you have to go to MS Word and write all the information about yourself as we have given you information. After you have prepared your resume, it will have to be formatted so that it can be made attractive in the right way.

You can easily make it at your home too so that there is no problem. You can also make it through computer, laptop or mobile.

Resume is your first impression

Whenever you make a resume, keep information about what kind of information you have to give in your resume because whenever you give your resume in any institute or company, it is your first impression through which you can know your own skills. Provides information to others about abilities and competencies. In such a situation, it should be tried that there should not be any kind of mistake in the resume created by you and you can make the resume in the right way.

Can take advice from consultant

If you are making your resume for the first time and in such a situation you do not know how to make it and it is necessary for you to make a resume. In such a situation, if you want, you can take advice from a consultant who has prepared a resume before so that you can get information about its correct outline.

It happens that when a work is done for the first time, there is panic in the mind and then we start wandering in doing that work. In such a situation, if you take advice from a consultant or make a resume through the information given by us, then it will definitely be effective for you and you will be able to create a new and great resume with ease.

In short, resume shows your true skill potential as well as gives proper information about you. In such a situation, you should also know how to make it in the right way so that the mistake cannot be made again or again. We have tried our best to give you information about how to make a resume so that you can be aware of your future.

In this way, today we have talked about making you a resume, what is the resume? Because without creating a resume you cannot do a job in a good place. Hope you like the information given by us, thank you all for reading it till the end.

Hope what is your resume? Resume Kya Hota Hai In Hindi! Would have liked this post, and found it helpful.

If you have any question related to this post then comment below. And if you liked the post, then also share it on social media.

Indian Premier League (IPL) is a well known cricket tournament match. It is most popular among cricket-lovers. Players from many other countries including India also participate in this. Each team of IPL represents a different state of India. If you do not know what is IPL then in this article we will give you IPL in Hindi (IPL in Hindi) is going to provide every small and big information related to it.

The most interesting and special thing about IPL is that the players are selected through auction. The highest bid is made for the best player in each team. When cricket legends represent the states, then the curiosity for the team of their state increases among the spectators.

During the IPL tournament, the team which registers consecutive wins or whose score card is highest, only then can reach the final. The winning team in the IPL final is declared the winner and a good amount is given as a reward.

If you do not know IPL Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai, or want to know more about IPL then this post is for you. In this we have given you what is IPL, full form of IPL, how many teams are there in IPL, what are the rules and prizes of IPL, etc. IPL Ke Bare Mein Jankari.

What is IPL

What is IPL

IPL The Indian Premier League is a Twenty20 cricket league played in India, played every year from March to May, by teams representing different cities of India to achieve the IPL trophy. Is. It is administered by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Mumbai Indians have achieved the maximum number of wins in the IPL and are followed by Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders, known as KKR, at number three. Not only the players of India, but players from other countries also participate in the IPL.

The players of IPL cricket teams are selected through auction. Cricket team owners include the best players in their team by bidding as much as possible. IPL matches are broadcast live on TV. This gives a profit of thousands of crores and also helps in strengthening the economy of India.

New players are also included in the IPL by the BCCI. In this, players performing well are included in the Indian team.

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IPL Full Form In Hindi

IPL Ka Full Form or Full Name “Indian Premier League” It happens. IPL in HindiIndian Premier League‘ either ‘Indian Head Association‘ is called. The first T20 match of IPL in India was organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in India in 2008. The first season of IPL started on 18 April 2008, in which 8 teams participated.

With this, here you got information about IPL, IPL Kya Hota Hai and IPL full form etc. (About IPL In Hindi). Hope that now you have understood that, what is the meaning of IPL (Indian Premier League Meaning In Hindi) or IPL Meaning In Hindi. Let us now know about how IPL started in India.

IPL starts

IPL was started in India in the year 2008. Here the first IPL was held from 18 April 2008 to 1 June 2008. A total of 59 matches were played in this. Eight teams participated in the first IPL match or in IPL 1. Every year the number of IPL teams keeps on increasing or decreasing. In today’s time there are 10 cricket teams for IPL. The founder of IPL is Mr. Lalit Modi. He is credited with starting the IPL in India.

IPL rules

  • IPL cricket team players can be selected or acquired in 5 ways. Auctions are organized every year for the selection of players.
  • There are 16 players in each team, out of which 4 players are foreigners. Apart from this, there is also a physiotherapist and a coach. The foreign players are finally selected.
  • Every IPL cricket team has to include at least one new player.
  • BCCI can change many rules of IPL. This time the BCCI is considering to introduce the ‘Power Player’ rule in the IPL. According to this rule, a player can be changed by a team at any time in the match after the fall of the wicket or after the end of the over. The final decision to bring this rule can be taken in the IPL Governing Council meeting.
  • After the Power Player rule is implemented, teams will have to choose 15 players instead of the last-11 players, so that players can be changed if needed.

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IPL 2022 Overview

IPL 2022 Date 26 March 2022 – 29 May 2022
Host IPL India
Administrator BCCI
Country India
Match Format T20 (20 Overs)
Teams 10
Total Matches 74
Venue Mumbai

IPL Teams 2022

Team full team name
Chennai Super Kings CSK
Delhi Capitals DC
Punjab Kings PK
Kolkata Knight Riders KKR
Mumbai Indians MI
Rajasthan Royals RR
Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB
Sunrisers Hyderabad SRH
Gujarat Titans GT
Lucknow Super Giants LSG

Now we tell you some important IPL Details in Hindi. First of all know what is IPL Ka Itihas.

History of IPL

Initially the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and International Cricket Council (ICC) did not accept the Indian Cricket League (ICL). But later again, the IPL was announced by the Board of Control for Cricket In India on 13 September 2007, with the first match played in New Delhi in April 2008. Till now its 14 seasons have been played.

In the year 2008, the first tournament of IPL was organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in India. Between 2008 and 2012, DLF sponsored the IPL. After this, in 2013, Pepsi Company took the sponsorship of IPL by paying $ 72 million. Then in 2015, IPL was sponsored by the Chinese Vivo company for two years. TATA will sponsor it in IPL 2022 this year.

If we talk about IPL Auction Process, then in IPL auction, every Team Owners bid for 18-25 players for themselves. Each player has its own Base Price fixed. It is mandatory to have 4 foreign players in every team.

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Rewards in IPL

This time the cost of IPL has been cut by BCCI as compared to the year 2019. Under this, the prize money of the winning, runner-up and qualifier teams has been halved. Now the IPL champion team will be given a prize money of 10 crores instead of 20 crores. Whereas the runner-up team was earlier given a reward of Rs 12 crore 50 lakh, now its prize money has been increased to 6 crore 25 lakh.

4 crore 37 lakh 50 thousand rupees will now be given to both the losing teams in the qualifiers. Along with this, 1 crore will be paid by the Board of Control for Cricket in India and the franchise to the state where the IPL will be hosted, 50 lakh will have to be given to the BCCI and 50 lakh to the franchise.


So friends, this was the information about IPL in Hindi. Hopefully by reading this post you must have understood IPL Match Kya Hota Hai, IPL Ka Kya Matlab Hota Hai or IPL Kise Kahate Hain and now if someone asks you what is the meaning of IPL? So you will be able to tell him the meaning of IPL in Hindi.

If you liked our IPL Information In Hindi, then definitely share it with your friends and if you have any question for us, then tell us by writing it in the comment.


  • Who is the founder of IPL?

Shri Lalit Modi ji is the founder of IPL. The credit for the introduction of IPL in India goes to him.

  • When will IPL 2022 start?

IPL 2022 will start in Mumbai from 26 March 2022. Its last match will be played on 29 May 2022.

  • Who is the king of IPL?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is called the king of IPL. He is also called the father of IPL because of his brilliant performance in IPL games.

  • Who is the sponsor of IPL 2022?

Indian company ‘TATA’ is sponsoring IPL 2022.

Hello friends, in the present times, the payment bank is becoming very popular, which is working as an alternative to the ordinary bank. Today we will provide you all the information related to payment bank in this article and along with that I will also discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of payment bank.

So to get a special information of the payment bank, click on this What is Payment Bank? How does it work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of Payment Bank? Post Do read till the last.

What is Payment Bank? What is the Payment Bank

What is the Payment Bank

Like any other bank, Payment Bank is an institution that works with low credit risk. Payment banks cannot issue credit cards or loans. The system was set up in September 2013 under the supervision of RBI. The main objective of setting up such a system is to make it easier for the unorganized sector to open a bank account.

What kind of operations do these banks do?

These banks accept demand deposits up to ₹ 1,00,000. These banks do not provide any kind. They do business in mutual fund distribution as well as they sell insurance products. These banks do not allow NRIs to deposit any amount. They provide ATM card services to their customers which they can use to withdraw money. These banks also use UPI as a form of transaction processing.

Who controls these banks?

These banks are registered under The Indian Companies Act, 2013 but still they are governed by both The Indian Companies Act, 2013 and The Banking regulations Act, 1949. Like other banks, these banks are also required to maintain the Cash Reserve Ratio.

Benefits of payment banks-

  • Since these banks do not require the account holder to come to any office to open an account, it is very easy to operate such a bank account.
  • These are a good alternative to the formal bank. If one has an account with this type of bank, then he does not need to open an account in any formal bank.
  • There is no need to maintain any monthly, quarterly or annual balance amount to keep the services running.
  • These banks are easy to operate. They usually have mobile software, using which one can perform all the tasks that a formal bank would require to go through a lot of paperwork.

Disadvantages of payment banks-

  • Most of the people in India are not even aware that such service is available.
  • People do not take advantage of this facility even after knowing about this system because not much incentive is given for opening the account.
  • People in the unorganized sector do not know the use of technology, due to which they do not understand how the payment bank works.

List of Payment Banks in India / List of Payment Banks Available in India

At present there are 6 companies which are providing this service.


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want to know that What is SEO and how does it work? We have explained you in very easy words in this post.

If you want to make a career in Blog, YouTube or Digital Marketing, then it is very important for you to have knowledge about SEO.

Blogging for online earning, YouTube is a good medium today, so that you can earn a lot of money. But for this you need traffic, which read your blog or watch your video.

Let us know how SEO can help you to increase this traffic / visitors.

What is SEO? – What is SEO in Hindi

The full form of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization“. SEO is a process using which we can get free, organic traffic to our website from search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

You would know that there are many search engines in the world like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc. But Google is the most popular among them. All these search engines have their own algorithm or some ranking factors. Through SEO, we optimize our content according to this algorithm, so that our content ranks at the top of the search engine and we get maximum traffic.

About 60% of all traffic on the web comes from Google search.

Google’s market share is ~ 92%. That is why everyone asks to optimize their website for Google instead of Bing, DuckDuckGo, or any other search engine.

The important work related to SEO is writing high quality content, optimizing the content against specific keywords and creating backlinks.

To understand SEO better, let me give you an example; Suppose you have a website, but you need visitors to earn money from that website. You have 3 ways to bring visitors/traffic;

  • Share your site in social media.
  • Promote your content through paid promotion.
  • Bring traffic from organic search.

The advantage of organic search is: you can get free, passive, huge traffic month after month on your website. But your content to get organic traffic SERP It is important to rank on the first page.

The full form of SERP is “Search Engine Result Page“. The result page that shows up when you type anything in Google’s search box is called SERP.

SERPs include organic search results, Google paid Ads results, Featured Snippet, Knowledge Graphs and video results.

SERP result
SERP (search engine result page)

you have come to know What is SEOBut before knowing more about it, we first know its basic i.e. search engine, that how it works, only then we can understand SEO very well.

How Search Engine Works?

Search engines are like libraries, and they store web pages instead of books.

When you type a query into a search engine, it scans all the pages indexed in it and tries to give the most relevant, best results. To do this, it uses a computer program called an algorithm.

No one knows exactly how these algorithms work, but based on patents and statements filed from Google, we know on what basis web pages are ranked.

Google crawls its search results to a large extent on the basis of relevancy and authority, so that it can provide the best answer. Similarly, the search engine also determines whether it is easy to navigate, read and user-friendly.

Google famously uses over 200 ranking factors. But do not focus too much on all these factors, rather try to provide the best answer for the users.

Why SEO is Important for Blog?

The purpose of a blog is to make our content reach as many people as possible so that we can earn money from it. But is it that easy?

I am going to give you some stats here so that you will know why SEO is important for your blog?

WordPress users alone publish more than 2 million posts every day, that is, 24 blog posts every second.

A study conducted by Backlinko revealed;

  • In Google’s organic search results Rank 1 result of average CTR is 31.7%.
  • Only first 3 results From 75.1% clicks Get.
  • In college 0.78% Google searchers second page clicked on.

From this data, you can also understand that out of millions of content, only a select few get free traffic from Google. For this, along with your content being good, its SEO should also be the best, so that it can stand out from millions of results and rank on the first page of Google.

There are many other benefits of doing SEO in your blog/website such as,

  • Helps your target audience find the site.
  • Increases your credibility and authority
  • It helps you to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • This helps in improving the user experience.
  • Optimizes your website so that you can get more traffic.

SEO in Hindi

Keeping in mind how the search engine works and how to do SEO in your blog, you should write content that can rank.

Search engine algorithms are always changing. So there is no guarantee that what is important today will be important next year as well. But there are some factors of SEO that will always be consistent such as Authority, Quality Content and Backlinks.

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RSS i.e. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is a Hindu nationalist organization whose principles are rooted in Hindutva. The main objective of this organization is to maintain the values ​​of India’s culture, heritage and ideas and to propagate the ideology of Hindutva among the people to strengthen the Hindu community. Along with this, this organization teaches people to be aware of the greatness and heritage of India and engages in social services silently not only during disasters but also during normalcy. It is very popular among the people by the name of RSS. In this article you What is RSS And the detailed information of RSS Full Form in Hindi is being provided.

list of subjects

What is RSS

Full form of RSSRashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh” It happens. rss full form in hindiRashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh” it happens. It is a non-governmental Hindu national organization, which was named on 17 April 1926, in which it was named ‘Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’.

Have a look at this post: What is WHO? WHO full form and complete information related to it.

RSS is India’s right-wing, Hindu nationalist, paramilitary, volunteer organization that is widely considered to be the parent organization of India’s ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata Party. RSS is the world’s largest voluntary organization, its main objective is to make India a world power and ultimate glory. The formation of this Sangh is to give Hindu rites to the lost sanskars and their children and it helps people of all religions in a big way when natural calamities come.

Friends, now you know that what is the meaning of RSS in Hindi or RSS. Let us now tell you in detail about when it was established in RSS Ka Itihas, and who founded RSS etc.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was established on the day of Vijay Dashami on 27 September 1925 from the branch of 4 people “Dr. Keshavrao Baliram Hedgewar”. The festival of Vijay Dashami is celebrated with great gaiety by this association. This union has spread and is known today as the world’s largest union. RSS Sangh is working in more than 80 countries of the world and has more than 56 thousand 569 daily branches. Presently the headquarter of RSS is in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

In 1975, after 50 years of the establishment of the Sangh, a state of emergency was declared in the entire country, at that time all the officers and workers of the Sangh were banned from uniting. As soon as the Emergency was lifted, this Sangh joined the Bharatiya Janata Party and a coalition government was formed at the center under the representation of “Morarji Desai”.

After 1975, its political importance gradually increased and it leaned in the form of a political party like Bharatiya Janata Party. Initially the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh refused to accept the national flag of India. The Sangh, in its mouthpiece, in the editorial of “Organizer” dated July 17, 1947, titled “National Flag”, had demanded that the “saffron flag” be accepted as the national flag.

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There is no formal membership of any kind to join RSS. RSS has been running Bal Bharati and Balgokul programs from the very beginning to inculcate its ideas and patriotism among the children below the age of 18 years.

If you want to join this Sangh or want to work in it, then for this you can become a part of it by participating in the daily, weekly or monthly activities of the Sangh. You will find its branch at every region, department, district, province and center. All levels of Sangh Mandali meeting are held in RSS Sangh. And in which the workers do exercises, sports, Surya Namaskar, Samta (parade), songs, hymns etc.

To join Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), you can join or get its membership by visiting its official website www.rss.org and filling your personal information in the form.

According to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, there is no benefit to any person in the RSS because RSS is not a for-profit organization in which a person is involved for his personal gain. Only those people can participate in this, who want to get the benefit of service to the society and the nation.

If you join RSS today then it is beneficial for our country and Hindu society. There is nothing beneficial for you in this, although by joining it, your thoughts will develop more towards the culture of India.

  • By this you will forget caste discrimination.
  • You will learn how to help people in natural disasters.
  • You will be proud of your great culture and history.
  • Your role model will go from being a Bollywood celebrity to a freedom fighter.
  • If you are visiting RSS shakha everyday then you will meet new people everyday.
  • Doing daily exercise in RSS will keep your body healthy.
  • The feeling of nationalism and patriotism awakens in you.

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The RSS shakha does not work in a room, but in an open field or an open yard, for 1 hour a day. It also includes various types of activities such as exercise, parade, Surya Namaskar, prayer and song etc. The branches in RSS are as follows:

  • Prabhat branch (morning branch).
  • Evening branch (evening branch).
  • Night branch (night branch).
  • Milan (a branch held once or twice a week).
  • Sangh-mandali (branch to be held once or twice in a month).


So friends, this was RSS Ke Bare Mein Jankari which you must have liked. Millions of youth and individuals in India make their important contribution by joining this association. In this union, any member who joins with his full will is called ‘Volunteer’. The popularity of RSS Sangh is such that its presence can be felt in every region of India.

Hope you have found the information given in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh In Hindi useful. If your answer is yes, then share it with other people as well, so that they too can contribute to the cause of the nation.

Today, through this post, you will know that Speed ​​Post Kya Hai? And In how many days does speed post reach. Speed ​​Post is a high speed postal service provided by India Post. The service, launched in 1986, provides fast delivery of parcels, letters, cards, documents and other important items. The Indian Postal Department started this service in the name of “EMS Speed ​​Post”.

list of subjects

Speed ​​Post Service or India Post not only uplifted the Indian Postal Service but also solved many problems of the consumers. Bank Document, Debit Card, Credit Card, Official Notice of Court is received by people by post only. Know how much Speed ​​Post Delivery Time is, what is Inland Speed ​​Post Meaning, its complete information in detail.

There was a time when a letter or form sent by the postal service took weeks to reach the people. The recovery from this problem started in 1986 when the Indian Postal Department started the Speed ​​Post Service. So let’s now know about Speed ​​Post Kaise Kare without delay, along with this, in this post we will also know that in how many days the registered mail reaches. So friends, to know the complete information related to Speed ​​Post, stay with us on this post till the end.

Speed ​​Post Kya Hai

Speed ​​Post is the fastest modernized postal service of India Post. It is faster and safer than Registered Post. Due to this service, it has been possible to send any post from one part of India to another part of India.It was launched with One India One Rate Scheme with very low fee with a minimum amount of just Rs.25 per rate so that the general public of India can benefit from Speed ​​Post service.

  • Inland Speed ​​Post Meaning In Hindi:- “Inland Speed ​​Post Service” means a service which seeks to deliver postal material by a particular messenger or vehicle within a specified time in respect of each city or town from time to time”.
  • Item Dispatched Meaning In Speed ​​Post In Hindi:- The item has been dispatched for delivery or the item has been issued for delivery from the post office concerned.

So this was the information related to Speed ​​Post Meaning In Hindi. If you want to know, how long does Speed ​​Post take and what are Speed ​​Post Charges, then you have been told about it further.

Speed ​​Post Kaise Kare

In the fully modern speed post service, you get the information about the delivery of the post through a message on your mobile. Cash on delivery can also be done on speed post. The Indian Post or Speed ​​Post network covers more than 1200 cities in India, with 290 Speed ​​Post National Network and 1000 Speed ​​Post Centers in the network.

Speed ​​post provides booking facility. In this, you do not even need to pay immediately, you can pay anytime within 30 days of bill generation. Consumers also get discounts on daily speed post.

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to post a letter:

  1. Buy an envelope from the post office and affix the letter inside the envelope and write ‘SPEED POST’ on the top.
  2. Mention the recipient’s name, postal address and phone number on the left side of the envelope.
  3. You will also need to enter your details (name address and phone number on the right side of the envelope).
  4. Hand over the envelope to the counter staff. He will calculate the rate according to the weight and destination.
  5. The counter staff will print and attach your shipping label.

Your courier will be delivered to your destination within stipulated time. With Tracking Number, you can monitor and track the progress of your shipment at every step.

Speed ​​Post Kitne Din Me Pahuchta Hai

Speed ​​Post Me Kitna Time Lagta Hai: While it takes 7-8 days for the delivery of normal post, this work is done by speed post in 2 or 3 days only. Apart from being a fast service, it is a completely digital service. In this, you also get Speed ​​Post Tracking (Tracking Number) and Safety Assurance, so that you can rest assured to stay updated with the status of your post.

Speed ​​Post service provides time bound service. It delivers mail to any corner of India in a maximum time period of three days. This is a completely reliable service, some fee is given to the consumer as a fine in case the goods are damaged or stolen.

Friends, this was the information about what is speed post and what is inland speed post in Hindi. Let us go ahead and know what are the rules of speed post.

Speed ​​Post Track Kaise Kare

The Government of India has completely digitized it. If you want to track your speed post, then on doing speed post you get a tracking number by which you can track it.

  • First of all open the official website of Indian Postal Department.
  • Now you will see the option of Track N Trace, below that you will open a box of Consignment Number, you have to tick on it.
  • After this, you have to fill the Consignment Number in your receipt in that box.
  • Now fill the Captcha Code below, and click on the Track Now button, you will get the information about your Speed ​​Post Status.

So in this way you can get the information of your post from this tracking number, and can take advantage of the location tracking facilities.

How To Check Speed ​​Post Through SMS (Speed ​​Post Enquiry)

You can also inquire your post. For speed post inquiry, you can write your problem and speed post number in the message and send it to 51969. In 5 minutes the information related to your post will come to your phone.

Speed ​​Post Charges

Speed ​​Post is one of the leading domestic fast paced business services which is committed to dispatch Letters and Parcels up to 35 Kgs within short span of time across India. It is an affordable service that delivers up to 50 grams of goods in quantity 15 rupees across India. Presently it has become the widest network reaching all the addresses in the country.

Burden Local 200 km m. till 201 to 1000 kms. m. till 1001 to 2000 kms. m. 2000 kms m. over a distance
up to 50 grams 15 rupees 35 rupees Rs 35 Rs 35 Rs 35
51 grams to 200 grams 25 rupees Rs 35 40 rupees 60 rupees 70 rupees
From 201 grams to 500 grams 30 rupees 50 rupees 60 rupees 80 rupees 90 rupees
more than 500 grams or at extra load 10 rupees 15 rupees 30 rupees 40 rupees 50 rupees


Friends, I hope you liked our article Speed ​​Post Kya Hai and Speed ​​Post Kaise Karen and also got useful information about Speed ​​Post. You must share this information with your family and friends. For any type of question or suggestion related to Speed ​​Post, you can comment us. Thank you for reading our article till the end.

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It is said that the one who knows how to make money with money becomes rich. Who does not like to make more money? So how can money be made from money? The answer is to share money and earn money from it. Question must be arising in your mind that where is money earned by sharing money? The answer is Share Market.

Hello friends, all of you are welcome in Thehindisagar, don’t you know? “Share Market Kya Hota Hai? And how to buy shares? What is Share Market in Hindi?“If yes, then today we have brought this post for you. so that you Share Market in Hindi I got complete information.

If you do not know anything about the share market, then let us know What is Share Market in Hindi?

What is share market? Share Market What is Hota Hai? What is Share Market in Hindi

Before understanding what is share market, you have to understand that share (Share) what actually happens.

Share Kya Hota Hai? What is share? What is Share in Hindi

Share means share. If a company wants to advance itself, wants to prosper itself and needs a lot of money for that, then that company sells some of its ownership to others. And the money that is received by selling it is used by the company in its development.

Suppose you want to make a mobile company and have made a company by investing all the capital of your life, but you do not have any more capital to run that company or to give some more development to that company, then you can start your own company. Will sell a small part of the ownership to someone else 10% or 20%. So the money that you will get by selling 10-20%, you will invest it in the development of your company.

When a company sells its shares, it loses the ownership of the percentage of the share it sells. And the person who buys that share becomes the owner of that percentage.

So the one who will have the highest share of a company will be called the owner of the company.

What is the stock of the company, it must have been understood by now, now you know what is share market in Hindi.

What is share market? What is Hota Hai in Hindi

Share Market (Share Market) is the place where many company’s shares are bought and sold. There, many companies sell their shares. By buying shares, you are investing money in the company. As the company grows, your share price will also increase. When the share of that company will increase at a higher price, then by selling that share to someone else at a higher price, they can earn a lot of profit.

Suppose you had bought a share of MRF company for Rs 2000 and that company remained in good price in the market and the company has a lot of profit, then the share price of that company will also be high. So the share that you bought for 2000 rupees, the price of that share has increased many times more than that, then at that time you can sell your share and earn a profit of that many times.

You will have profit or loss in the share, it depends on the price of the company in the market. If there is profit of the company then there will be profit in share and if there is loss of company then there will be loss in share also.

So always invest money in such a company which will have the possibility of making profits or else your money will surely sink.

By investing in the share market, you can fulfill your dreams like higher education, buying a car, building a house etc. If you start investing at a young age and stay invested for a long time, the rate of return will be higher. You can plan your investment strategy based on the time when you need the money.

big big company share Why sell?

A lot of money is needed to run the company even in a big company, which that company cannot raise itself. That’s why he sells his shares to the people and invests the money he gets in his development. And in return the profit I get, he distributes the money according to the percentage of his shareholder.

When a company lists its shares for sale to investors, that process is called IPO (Initial Public Offer).

share Where is the shopping done?

There are two major places in India in which the purchase of shares takes place.

One is NSE (National Stock Exchange) and the other is BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

What is National Stock Exchange? What is NSE

National Stock Exchange is the first stock exchange to successfully integrate all investors under one roof supporting Equity, Derivatives and Debt instruments. This achievement was made possible because it was the first stock exchange in India to provide electronic trading facilities.

What is Bombay Stock Exchange? What is BSE

The Bombay Stock Exchange is a free floating market-weighted index that tracks the performance of the top 30 companies. The BSE stock market uses the Sensex to monitor the performance of these companies to determine whether India’s capital market is going to rise or fall based on the direction of movement of the share prices of these companies. Is.

Both of these are controlled by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).

What is SENSEX? What is sensex?

The Sensex (SENSEX) is an index on the Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE. The Sensex comprises 30 companies, and is chosen on the basis of company’s liquidity, market capitalization, revenue and diversification. Also, for a company to be on the Sensex, it must be listed on the BSE.

What is Nifty? What is Nifty?

Nifty is a variation of the words National and FIFTY. Nifty 50 is also a benchmark index, consisting of the top 50 stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange.

The top 50 stocks included in Nifty 50 are from 12 different sectors. Some of these include financial services, information technology, consumer goods, telecommunications, automobiles, etc.

Share Market Types of?

  1. Primary Market
  2. Secondary Market

Primary Market

Here only new stocks or shares are bought.

If a new or old company wants to sell its shares, then it sells its shares on the primary market.

Here buyers get a chance to buy new fresh stocks or shares.

Secondary Market

Stocks or shares that have already been bought by someone else in the past and if they want to sell their shares to someone else, they sell them on the Secondary Market.

Here Second Hand Share is sold or bought, you can also speak.

How to buy shares? Share Kaise Kharide? / How to invest in share market?

You cannot buy shares directly. There are many intermediaries called stock brokers to do this business between the company and the share buyer.

But buying shares is not as complicated as it seems.

First you have to contact a stock broker. With the help of that you will have to open a Demat Account and Trading Account where all your business will be done.

Then which company you should invest money in which you can profit, that stock broker will advise. According to that, you can buy shares by investing money in any company from Primary Market or Secondary Market or you can buy shares by investing money in any company of your choice, it depends on you.

Nowadays many mobile apps have also come where it has become even easier to invest in the share market which is completely online and safe.

What is the job of a share market broker? Share Market Broker

Broker or Share Market Broker helps you to buy and sell stock or shares. Brokers usually help buyers find sellers and sellers help find buyers. Most brokers will also advise you which stocks to buy, which stocks to sell and how to invest money in the stock markets for beginners. They will also assist you in trading in the stock market. They will take commission from you instead of helping you.

You can get Brokers online or offline.

What is the advantage in share market

Share market plays a vital role in helping many companies to raise capital for expansion and growth. Through IPO, companies issue shares to the public and in return receive money to be used for various purposes. The company gets listed on the stock exchange after the IPO and this also gives an opportunity to the common man to invest in the company. With the help of this, the company’s advertising also becomes and it comes in the eyes of the people.

Any common man can be a trader or investor in the stock market. Traders hold shares for a short period of time whereas investors hold shares for a longer period.

When there is profit in the share market, there is a huge profit, so the share market can change the fate of any ordinary person.

How to make profit from share market? How To Earn From Share Market in Hindi

There are 3 ways profit can be made in the share market.

  1. When the company performs well in the market and the company has a profit, then according to the percentage of your share, you also give a share of the profits.
  2. The longer you hold shares in a company, the more likely you are to get profits. Holding shares for a long time will never hurt you.
  3. Sometimes it happens that by giving a company double or more money, the share holders buy back their own shares. At such a time if your share will be in that company then you will have a high profit.

What is the difference between trading and investment in share market?

However, money has to be invested in both trading and investment. But there is a difference of meaning between them.

When you invest money in a company for a short period of time, it is called trading. Traders invest money in a company for a specified period of time to generate a churn of money in a short amount of time.

And when you invest money in a company for a long time, it is called investment. An investor invests his money in a good developing company for a long period of time and waits for the share price to become predictable.

If you want to know more about trading in detail then read this post – What is trading?


  1. What is meant by stock market?

    Where many companies sell their shares or stocks and investors and traders buy shares, that place is called stock market.

  2. Which is the largest stock market in the world?

    NewYork Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the world

  3. What is Demat Account?

    Demat account is different from an ordinary bank account where process like Share Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETF etc. is done.

  4. What is Bull Market and Bear Market in Share Market?

    Where the share price is always increasing, it is called Bull Market and where the share is always decreasing is called Bear Market.

  5. Which company has the highest share price in India?

    The share price of MRF company is highest in India which is around Rs 80,000 per share.


Share market is such a place which can make a person a millionaire and can also ruin it. Therefore, to go to the share market, one must first take good education and knowledge and invest your valuable money thoughtfully.

So friends hope that this post helps us to understand the share market in a better way. “Share Market Kya Hota Hai? And how to buy shares? What is Share Market in Hindi?“Helpful.

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It is very important for new bloggers to know about backlinks, such as backlink what and for your blog backlink kaise banaye. For complete information about backlinks, you read this post.

Search Engine Optimization Backlinks are an important part of this, especially to rank your post on the top in the search engine. But there are many myths in the mind of most bloggers about backlinks, today I am going to clear all those doubts.


Do you know Backlinks can spoil your reputation and blacklist your website in Google search!

Yes, your site will benefit or it will suffer from backlinks, it depends on what kind of backlinks you create. There are many factors that make the difference between a good backlink and a bad backlink. but before what is backlink You have to understand this.

Backlinks Kya Hai – What is Backlink in Hindi

Backlink is a link that goes from other website to your website. Meaning if another website gives a link to your website, then you get Backlink.

Backlinks to “inbound links” or “incoming linksAlso called.

“Backlink” named so, because the site creates a link that points back to you.

If you give a link to any blogpost of mine (OyePandeyji.com) on your blog, then whenever a visitor will come to my blog by clicking on that link, then I will get a backlink from your site.

When a blog links to your article, it is a Link Juice passes. This link juice helps to rank your article on the search engine and also improves your domain authority.

You can see in the image below, Website A, B, C, D Feather Your Website The link is because of which Your website is getting 4 backlinks.

backlinks in hindi
Website A, B, C, D contains a link to Your Website

Earlier backlink was the most important factor to rank your article in the search engine. The more backlinks your post will rank higher in Google. To rank their blog at the top, people used to make full backlinks. Some people had made it their business!

That is, earlier the quality of backlinks did not matter. People used to use black hat SEO and spammy websites, but now after the new update in Google algorithm, how is the quality of the backlink also has to be paid attention to. Otherwise your blog may also be penalized in Google search.

Note: Now it is important to have backlinks from quality sites and if your blog is about traveling, then the backlink created for it should be from traveling and its related site.

Now let us talk about the importance of backlink, why it is beneficial for SEO of your blog.

Importance of Backlinks

Whenever you create a backlink, search engines consider those links as “votes” for your website. That is, search engines think that your content is genuine, valuable, credible and useful.

So the more votes you have, the higher your site will rank in Google and other search engines. Before you create backlink Keyword Research And On-Page SEO It should come only then it will be more effective. Let us now know about the benefits of this.

1. Improve Search Ranking

The main purpose of creating backlinks is to get search engine ranking. Mainly, most of the traffic on the blog comes from the search engine itself, so the backlink is only on your blog. organic ranking Of or otherwise, it is the main source of bringing traffic.

If the backlink is of high quality, relevant to the niche, the correct keyword has been used in the anchor text, and has a dofollow, then Google will improve the ranking of the post on that keyword.

2. Referral Traffic

The traffic that comes to your blog not from the search engine but through your link from another blog is called referral traffic. The link of your blog post / page on the website with more visitors also increases the traffic.

Generally referral traffic is related to the targeted niche and its bounce rate is also low. This makes people trust your blog and helps to build a brand on the particular niche.

3. Fast Indexing

Especially on a new blog, the post is not indexed quickly, in this backlink helps the search engine bots to index your post by crawling it and your post is quickly discovered in Google. It has been seen that blogs that have more backlinks, their posts get indexed on Google in a few seconds and some posts on new blogs also take 10-15 days to get indexed.

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Types of Backlinks

There are 2 types of backlinksOne is Dofollow backlink and the other is Nofollow backlink.

Which backlink should you create and on which type of backlink you will get more benefit, for this you need to know about these two.

1: DoFollow Backlink

By default, whatever link you give to another website in a blog post is a dofollow backlink. Dofollow link is followed by Google as well as all search engines and users.

Note: Do not compare it with your internal link. When we link from one page to another within the same domain, it is called Internal Link is called.

When the site owner provides you with a dofollow link, it will be on your site. link juice passes. Creating quality backlinks can give you a high rank in the search engine and it also increases your domain authority.

When creating backlink anchor text Use, it means that you link to a website or webpage through a particular keyword.

DoFollow Link Structure: Keyword

Suppose, you are giving backlink on one of my posts, which is here anchor text is used”on-page optimization techniques“.

Looking at the screenshot, it looks like a normal link, but in the backend, the link is something like this.

on-page optimization technique

2: NoFollow Backlink

The main difference between Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks is that dofollow links are followed by both search engines and humans. But nofollow link To search engine not follow (Not crawl by search engine) does Only humans can follow it.

Nofollow link from one site to another link does not pass juice, so it is not useful for the ranking of your post. But you can get referral traffic from it.

NoFollow Link Structure: Keyword Here only one nofollow attribute (rel=”nofollow”) has been used.

Nofollow link is not beneficial then why do people use such link?
This link can save your website from penalty. If you are giving dofollow link to spammy website, then your site can be harmed by it too.

Therefore, you have to keep a balance between ‘Nofollow’ and ‘Dofollow’ links, both of which are important.

Blog Par Quality Backlink Kaise Banaye

Creating backlinks for a new blog has always been a difficult task. It is even worse for bloggers who have limited SEO knowledge. To get the most out of the search engine, you quality backlink Making it is very important. One high quality backlink is equal to thousands of low quality backlinks.

Here I have told about some basic method through which you can create backlink.

1) Write Quality Content:

First of all, the question should come in your mind that why would a blogger link to your website or blog?

Blogs will give you links only if your blog has a brand, people are getting any benefit from your website, you are succeeding in influencing or inspiring people or writing high quality content. This is the best way to get natural backlink.

Therefore, do proper research and write an article with your personal example so that you can get backlink from other website as a reference.

2) Comment on another blog:

The easiest way to get backlinks is to comment on another blog related to the niche of your blog. Although through this you nofollow link But through commenting, you can make good relations with other bloggers and attract readers of other blogs.

Note: Comment does not only mean that you make such kind of comment nice article, good information in other blogs. Your comment should be of 3-4 lines and in it you can talk about that post or give any suggestion, so that you can attract other readers as well.

3) Start Guest Blogging:

high quality dofollow backlink The best way to get water is to start a guest post. Guest post means that you publish your post on some popular blog. Not all blogs allow guest blogging, for this you should first write good posts, only then other blogs will publish your post.

From a PR blog Guest Post The backlink you get through this, you cannot get it with any other method.

4) Directory Submission:

Dofollow backlink is another easy way to water web directory submission. Web directory is called those high PR websites that list many blogs / websites in different categories according to their content.

5) Join Forum:

Another way to create a backlink is to join the question answer forum and answer people’s questions there, as well as submit a link to your blog post related to that question.

You can join forums like Quora, AskHindi. In this you will get Nofollow backlink but in some forum you also get Dofollow backlink. Apart from the backlink, the traffic that will come to your blog through this will be the genuine reader that will fall on your post and will be associated with you for a long time.

I hope you have given the information in the post What is Backlinks This How it is beneficial for SEO And you How to Create Quality Backlink, would be helpful.

Still, if you have any question related to this post, then you can ask in the comment below.