Do you know what is Refurbished Mobile or Meaning In Hindi What is? So let us tell you that, a refurbished mobile is not like a normal second hand phone. These are the phones which are returned by the customer after purchase due to some fault and which are then repaired by the company and sent to the market for resell with some discount.

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Today Refurbished 4G Mobiles are being sold by big companies. You can also buy Refurbished iPhone and Refurbished Laptops from these companies. Amazon, Ebay, Snapdeal company is also providing Refurbished Mobiles in India. If your keyboard is not working then you can also buy refurbished keyboard from these companies at low cost.

But before buying such Refurbished products, it is important to know whether it is beneficial or harmful for you, so today we will talk about it and Refurbished Ka Matlab Kya Hai (Meaning of Refurbished in Hindi) its complete information. gives you. So let us now know what is Refurbished Ka Hindi Meaning and how you can use it.

Meaning in Hindi

Meaning In Hindi

Refurbished phone means or Refurbished mobile meaning is “made like new by repairing”.

If there is any defect in the phone, then the customer gives it back to the company, after that the mobile is repaired again by the company, it is checked and the mobile is completely repaired and sends them back for sale. This is called Refurbished Phones.

Because of this, Refurbished Phones are also cheaper than other mobiles, but they should be bought carefully, otherwise you may also suffer its loss. Refurbished Keypad Phones are also returned to the company, which you can buy if you want to buy.

Refurbished Mobiles Warranty

Before selling Refurbished Mobiles, they are thoroughly tested and warranty is also given to these mobiles. Mainly 6 months warranty is given to Refurbished Mobiles.

If you are searching for Refurbished Meaning in Marathi, then let us tell you that the meaning of Refurbished in Marathi is “refurbished”.

Precautions While Buying Refurbished Mobiles

If you are buying Refurbished Mobiles then you should keep some things in mind.

  • Before buying a refurbished mobile, you should check which company it belongs to. Buy Refurbished Phones from a good company only.
  • Refurbished mobiles are provided with warranty only and are thoroughly tested and repaired. So make sure whether the accessories have been given with it or not.
  • Buy only after checking its return policy, terms and condition, warranty period and complete details of Refurbished Mobiles.
  • Be sure to check the software in the mobile, whether there is any third party app already installed.
  • Look at the launch date of the phone, do not buy an old phone.

Refurbished Grading

When Refurbished Phones are ready for sale, they are also graded by the company.

  • A Grade Phone – This grade includes those phones which are exactly like new phones. The quality of these phones is very good.
  • B Grade Phone – These Refurbished Mobiles are also like some new phones but they are less scratchy and slightly damaged.
  • C Grade Phone – By looking at the phones of this grade, it can be easily ascertained that they have been used before, this phone can also be slightly damaged.
  • D Grade Phone – The phones coming in Grade D are more used which look completely second hand.

Where to Buy Refurbished Mobiles

Friends, you can easily buy refurbished mobile in India, you have two ways to buy or get restored mobile phone-

  • factory or store There are official factory stores in some cities that provide Refurbished Mobiles. However, for this you have to find where in your city its factory or store is. We understand that this method is a bit difficult and where you will have to struggle a lot to find the right mobile.
  • online stores – This is the second option to get refurbished mobile online, almost all online e-commerce stores provide all the important information of their product to their users so that they can understand the device properly and decide whether it is a phone or a product. better for them.

We are further giving you the names of top websites from where you can easily get open box or refurbished mobile in India.

  1. Amazon
  2. Snapdeal
  3. Flipkart
  4. 2GUD
  5. Greendust
  6. Overcart
  7. Yaantra
  8. QuickrBazaar

Refurbished Mobiles Ke Fayde

If you buy Refurbished Phones, then you also get some benefits from it which are given below.

  • Refurbished Mobiles Under 5000 can also be bought for Rs. Its best advantage is that it is available at a low price.
  • One can buy the same phone as a brand new mobile at a lower price.
  • Like new phones, warranty is given on these mobiles too.

Refurbished Mobiles Ke Nuksan

Before buying refurbished phones, it is important to know about its disadvantages. The disadvantages of refurbished phones are mentioned below.

  • If you are buying Refurbished Phones then there is no guarantee that you will also get other tools like charger, headphones etc.
  • Sometimes it happens that this phone gets damaged again.
  • It does not come in the original packaging. These are given in a simple box only.


So friends, now you must have understood what is Refurbished Mobile Meaning in Hindi and what are the benefits of buying a refurbished phone. Now whenever you buy Refurbished Mobiles, you will find it easy to buy them. In this way you will be able to buy the phone of your choice at a low price. Keeping the above mentioned precautions in mind, you should buy refurbished products. Friends, also tell your friends about this post ‘Refurbished Mobiles Meaning in Hindi’ and if you like the post, then definitely share it, thank you!

Shadi Ka Laddu Vivah Kavita Poem in Hindi Specially written for the function of marriage and women’s sangeet “|

To make the wedding ceremony memorable(Anchoring script)

Vivah Kavita Poem In Hindi..

Wedding Laddu Hindi Poetry

Shadi Ka Laddu Vivah Kavita Poem in Hindi

a big mess of my country
Wedding drum rings as soon as you are born

Showing dreams every moment of marriage
If you don’t have a son, you will get less dowry.

No one ever likes wedding laddoos
But don’t go without eating it

what a dire situation brother
If the bread becomes round then only you will get army.

This black magic is of seven rounds
Celebrate the world gets stuck Raja Babu

The girl who used to be the queen of the house
Become a maid after the seventh round

What to say if you do not say black magic
Those who eat, regret those who don’t eat.
Karnika Pathak

at the wedding ceremony Anchoring script in Hindi in particular Hindi Poems That’s why it’s common to speak Shadi Ka Laddu Vivah Kavita Poem in Hindi are written for you.

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Income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi income tax whose name any person is afraid of. The person wants to save it, or does not want to fill it. While this thinking is very wrong, when we do any work with complete planning, then its effect is positive. In the same way, we should follow the same thing on Income Tax. Just as it is the duty of every person to pay tax, in the same way it is the right of every person to plan for tax while staying within the purview of the law.

Ways to save income tax Income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi

In income tax, where tax is to be paid on income, there is some income which is also tax free. Just as a person always keeps a part of his income as his savings, that savings will be useful in future, in his bad times. In the same way, by filling it with income tax planning, we can take many benefits from it in future.

The main five sources of income have been mentioned in Income Tax –

  2. Income from House Property (INCOME FROM HOUSE PROPERTY)
  3. Income from Business and Profession (PROFITS AND GAINS OF BUSINESS OR PROFESSION )
  5. Income from other sources ( INCOME FROMOTHER SOURCES)

These five incomes include all the sources of income in themselves. This all income avoidance provision is present in income tax. For example, by making savings schemes, trusts, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), distribution of family income, through gifts, earning maximum tax free income. By including all such income in our income, we can reduce our tax liability. Tax planning is a very detailed subject, for which we should take the help of an accountant to a chartered accountant (CA) and a lawyer and planning should be done keeping in mind the specifics told by them.

  • How much income is tax free?
  • How is tax planning done?
  • How to take advantage of tax free income?

How much income is tax free?

We should first know that how much income is tax free. There is a limit fixed in income tax, till that there is no tax on income. This limit is pre-determined by each person. As soon as we cross that income, we have to pay tax to the government at different rates. We have presented this further through the chart.

Tax Slab Financial Year (FY)2015 – 16 Assessment Year(AY) 2017-18

income limit female/male senior citizen senior citizen
(whose age is less than 60 years.) (Age above 60 years but below 80 years) (whose age is more than 80 years)
2,50,000/- Rs. NIL NIL NIL
2,50,001 Rs.-500,000 Rs. 10% 10% NIL
500,001 Rs. – 10,00,000 Rs. 20% 20% 20%
10,00,000 Rs. more than 30% 30% 30%

How is tax planning done?

Just as the tax rate on income after deductible income is fixed in INCOME TAX ACT, in the same way the provision for investment in tax planning is present in SECTION 80 C – SECTION 80 U. The main among them are mentioned below –

In INCOME TAX ACT, investments can be made from 1 LAKH to 1.5 LAKH in SECTION 80 C, 80CCC, 80CCD.


  • National Saving Certificate (NSC SCHEME)

Similarly, in SECTION 80 D, exemption of 20000/- has been given to MEDICLAIM PREMIUM which is self, husband and wife, child (who is dependent on parents) and 30000/- to senior citizen. All these and many other investments are there in income tax, whose exemption we get while doing INCOME TAX RETURN FILE.

Other methods of tax planning

  • Tax planning by mutual agreement of family
  • Tax planning from birth to death of a person
  • Tax planning through GIFT
  • Tax planning from all other income

of tax by mutual agreement of the family Planning-

What should we do for this?

  • Along with doing your own INCOME TAX RETURN FILE, do RETURN FILE of your family member too.
  • Do tax planning for your adult children.
  • By filing taxes of your elderly parents, take advantage of higher income tax slabs.
  • By will, the property is divided in such a way that the burden comes as a minimum in the form of tax on the heirs.
  • Take advantage of tax by filing return of daughter-in-law.
  • File tax by making HUF.

In this regard, we should be careful about some things.

  • Do not add the income of husband and wife together.
  • The minor is of the income of the children, so do not include it in the income of the elders. Invest it in a fund or SCHEME.

Tax planning from birth to death of a person


income tax kaise bachaye tareeke saving tips in hindi

Tax planning from job to retirement

income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi


According to the will, as per the will, the way the property is divided, do TAX PLANNING by telling it to your tax advisor. Sometimes some INCOME is such that it is TAXFREE. Eg – Agricultural Income (AGRICULTURE INCOME)

Tax planning through GIFT Gifts up to 50,000/- are TAXFREE after April, 2006. And gifts above 50,000/- will be TAXEBLE.

Tax planning from all other income

Whenever the income of the taxpayer is high, he does such planning of tax so that he can transfer his INCOME to his loved ones. Due to which his tax liability gets reduced. But some things have to be taken care of. like –

  • Transfer income without transferring assets
  • Proper planning of revocable transfers
  • Avoid transferring your income to wife/daughter-in-law/minor children
  • loan taken on bill or payment
  • Unclear bank dealings, CASH, investments and expenses

In the above point, the liability of tax will be made on the tax payer.

Apart from this, make TAX SAVING by creating a COMPANY and HUF and TRUST.

key points

  • If TDS is deducted then claim it.
  • If you buy any property, give its information.
  • Do not deal in big and cash in business, deal only through cheque.
  • If TAX / ADVANCE becomes a liability of TAX, then avoid interest by filling it in the prescribed time.
  • If you are operating a big business or company, then take care of small things like making bills and buying from bills, ACCOUNT by filing all kinds of income-expenditure, purchase-sale, receipt of investment made properly. Maintain |

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Best climate change essay 2021| climate change essay 2021

The environment around the Earth is an important component of the natural environment and biosphere ecosystem because when all kinds of existence in the system are possible only because of the gases contained in the atmosphere. It acts like an atmosphere because it absorbs incoming ultraviolet radiation from the Sun and prevents them from reaching the Earth’s surface, so the surface temperature does not rise excessively.

climate change essay
climate change essay

Climate is the average of the weather events of a place over a long period of time. Earth’s climate is not good. Weather and climate and natural causes change on a local, regional and global scale, but following the development of science and technology after the Industrial Revolution, human affairs have begun to change rapidly as humans alter the fundamental structure of atmospheric organizations. Gives and is able to crush. Its effect has started to affect the flora and fauna of the human community. Especially the very existence of mankind is in danger. This type of change in climate is called climate change. This means climate change caused by human activities 100 years ago. The geographic meaning of climate change is a long-term change in seasonal patterns.
Climate change parity is measured by a large change in temperature, precipitation, snow and wind patterns that occurs over several years. Climate change is being caused by humans burning large amounts of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas (which reduces the absorption capacity of carbon and forests and releases accumulated carbon into the atmosphere).

signs of climate change

Since the origin of the Earth, there have been many changes in the climate. Evidences of climate change in the Earth’s past years are called indicators of climate change. Here are some complete climate signs details-

biological indicators

  • Botanical Indicators – Fossils of plants, oxygen isotopes, growths found in tree trunks.
  • Zoological indicators – distribution and transmission of animal fossils, fossils, animals.

physical indicators

  • Sediment deposits in glacial lakes, coal sedimentary deposits, soil indicators, traces of advance and retreat of glaciers in certain latitudes.

snow indicator

  • Geological records reveal the transition process between the Ice Age and the Inter-Ice Age, respectively.

tectonic indicator

  • Plate tectonic – poleward movement and continental drift, hypochromaticism and oceanic diffusion.
    change in sea level.

historical record

  • flood record
  • dry record

factors affecting climate change

Climate change is a long-term process that is influenced by natural and human actions. Before industrialization human factors played little role in this process. The process of industrialization, urbanization and indiscriminate exploitation of resources has created serious problems in the form of global warming and pollution. The following are the natural and human factors of climate change.

The effect of natural factors on climate change

The atmosphere generally maintains a state of stability, due to which there are short to long term changes in weather and climate in terms of time and space. Long-term climate change persists for thousands of years and occurs very slowly. Climate change is always caused by natural work.

  • Variation in solar radiation – The amount of sunset that the Earth receives keeps on decreasing due to changes in the Earth’s orbital position or changes in the Earth’s axial tilt etc. Prolonged increases in the amount of sun’s radiation cause the atmosphere to warm, producing a warmer climate and melting ice sheets and glaciers. Similarly, due to a decrease in the amount of sunlight, atmospheric temperature declines, leading to the rise of the sheet phase of the climate and finally the arrival of the Ice Age. Again the increase in the Sun’s radiation due to contraction in the Sun core leads to an increase in atmospheric temperature and the Himalayan period ends and begins intermittently.
  • Sunspot Cycle – The activation of solar stigma increases as the number of solar stigmas increases, which increases the amount of solar radiation. This heats up the Earth’s surface and its atmosphere. For this reason, decreasing the solar stigma reduces the amount of solar radiation, which leads to a drop in atmospheric temperature.
  • Volcanic weathering – Dust and ash emitted by volcanoes destroy some of the short-wave Sun’s radiation in the lower atmosphere by scattering, reflection and absorption, thus reducing the amount of Sun’s radiation reaching the surface. Because the temperature of the lower atmosphere is controlled by the weather and climate at Earth’s surface, it causes the Earth to cool. After the Philippines’ Pinatubo volcanic eruption in 1991, the Earth’s average temperature dropped to about 0.5 °C.
  • Changes in atmospheric gaseous composition – There is a constant change in the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, water vapor etc. in the atmosphere. Their emissions are mainly due to natural factors and the imbalance of these gases produced by nature is balanced by different regions. But when man-made causes a change in this balance of the earth, its compensatory nature is unable to do so. As a result, events such as climate change occur.
  • Continental Drift – Various theories related to continental drift such as Wegener’s continental theory, Harry Haas’s ocean net spread and Morgan’s plate tectonic theory are also helpful in explaining the causes of climate change.

The impact of man-made factors on climate change

Short-lived climate change occurs through humanization, urbanization, industrialization, etc., for human-caused work. The current climate change is a man-made problem. Man affects the environment with his problems. The activities carried out by human beings with nature to achieve economic objectives and material goals have destroyed the balance of the natural environment. Such problems are called environmental degradation. This environmental degradation is the only problem facing humans in Haji in the form of climate change and pollution. The anthropogenic factors and their contribution to climate change are as follows:

  • misuse of resources
  • Urbanization and rapid industrialization
  • Fuel scarcity and use of fossil fuels
  • massive land use change
  • Increase in the emission of GHG, CO2 etc. into the atmosphere
  • ozone depletion in the stratosphere
  • rise in temperature

Effects of climate change on humans and ecosystems

Climate change has been affecting the human ecosystem for a long time. The truth of this fact can be seen in the form of melting glaciers, polar ice fractures, monsoon changes, rising sea levels, ecosystems and deadly heat waves.

  • Effects and diseases on human health
  • Impact on agriculture and food security and food quality
  • Impact on Ecology and Biodiversity
  • Water stress, water insecurity
  • melting glacier
  • sea ​​level rise
  • increase in atmospheric and ocean temperatures
  • impact on land resources
  • weather events

do you also want to know What is web browser – What is web browser in Hindi And how does a web browser work? So this post will prove to be very beneficial for you. In which you have been given the information of the web browser in easy and simple words.

Hello friends I welcome you Sumit to our MDS Blog, friends, I hope you all are healthy and safe. Friends, in today’s blog post, we will learn about Browser.

today we will know what is web browserHow does it work, what is its history and what are the popular web browsers? So let’s start guys –

What is browser – What is browser in Hindi

What is web browser - What is web browser in Hindi

A web browser or browser is an application program. which provides a way to view and interact with all information on the World Wide Web, including web pages, videos, and images

The term “browser” originated from the web as a generic term for user interfaces. Which lets you browse (navigate and read) text files online. Many people today use web browsers to access the Internet and it is almost seen as a necessity.

A web browser is a client program that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to make requests to web servers across the Internet on behalf of the browser user.

Most browsers support e-mail and File Transfer Protocol (ftp). But those Internet protocols do not require a web browser and more specialized client programs are more popular.

Let me tell you for your information that the first web browser named World Wide Web was created in 1990. That browser was renamed Nexus to avoid confusion with the developing information space known as the World Wide Web.

The first web browser with a graphical user interface was Mosaic, which appeared in 1993. In the modern era, along with the increasing era of technology, many types of browsers have been developed which come with very good features.

Features found in normal web browsers

Most of the web browsers share standard features like –

Home button → Which, when selected, will bring the user to a pre-defined homepage

Web address bar → which allows users to input a web address and visit a website

Back and Forward buttons → button which will take the user to the previous or next page the user was on earlier

Refresh → A button that can be used to reload a web page

Stop → a button that stops web communication with a web server or prevents a page from loading

Tabs → Which allows users to open multiple websites in a single window

Bookmark → Which allows the user to select websites.

Many browsers also offer plugins that extend the capabilities of the browser. These plugins can allow users to use functions such as – for example – adding security features

How web browser works – How web browser works

A web browser takes you anywhere on the Internet. It receives information from other parts of the web and displays it on your desktop or mobile device

The browser transfers information using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol which defines how text, images and videos are displayed on the web. This information needs to be shared and displayed in an accurate way so that people anywhere in the world using any browser can view the information

Sadly, not all browser makers support the same format. For users, this means that a website may look and function differently. Creating uniformity between browsers, so that any user can enjoy the Internet, regardless of which browser they choose, is called Web Standards

When a web browser receives data from a server connected to the Internet, it uses a piece of software called a rendering engine to convert that data into text and images. This data is written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and web browsers read the code that we see, hear and experience on the Internet.

Hyperlinks help users to lead to paths to other pages or sites on the web. Each webpage, image and video has its own unique Uniform Resource Locator (URL). also known as web address

When a browser visits a server for data, the web address tells the browser where to look for each item written in HTML. The browser then knows where it can go to the web page.

What are the popular web browsers

One of the most used browsers currently is Google Chrome. Some other browsers are as follows –

  • Google Chrome browser
  • firefox browser
  • Microsoft Edge browser
  • Safari browser
  • Lynx browser
  • Opera browser
  • Flock browser

firefox → which was developed by mozilla

Microsoft Edge → This browser was developed for Internet Explorer with Windows 10

Safari → It’s a browser for Apple’s computers and mobile devices

Lynx → Text Only Browser for Unix Shell and VMS Users

Opera → A fast and stable browser that is compatible with most relatively operating systems.

Flock → An open source browser based on Firefox and optimized for Web 2.0 features such as blogging and social bookmarking

in short

Friends hope you like this post What is web browser – What is web browser in Hindi Would have liked it. If you found this information useful, then definitely share it on social media.

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let’s know today how to take backup of whatsapp If you also want that your WhatsApp Chat is always safe even after changing mobile, then you should back it up from time to time. So that later you can easily recover your WhatsApp chats when you need them. WhatsApp gives you three options to take backup, you can take backup every day, week, month, as you also know that WhatsApp is the most used messenger app in the world.

how to take backup of whatsapp

In which millions of messages are sent every day, because it is very easy to use, so most people use WhatsApp to talk to their friends. From the beginning till now, very good features have been added to WhatsApp, in which the feature of backup is proving to be very useful, in such a situation you should know WhatsApp Ka Backup Kaise Kare in Hindi because even after changing the mobile, you still have the chat data present in your old mobile. You can restore in new mobile.

how to take backup of whatsapp

The way to take a backup of WhatsApp is very easy, you can understand it at once, if you are taking a backup of WhatsApp for the first time, then for this you will need your Gmail ID present in your mobile. Once the Gmail ID is linked, your backup will automatically be saved in your Gmail ID, so let’s know how to do this.

1. To back up WhatsApp, first open this app.

2. Now go to the setting by clicking on the menu icon given on the right side.

how to take backup of whatsapp

3. As soon as you open the setting, you will get many options, you click on the option of Chat.

4. Here you will get the option of chat backup at the bottom, click on it.

how to take backup of whatsapp

5. After this the page of WhatsApp Chat Backup will open in which you have to make the following settings.

  • Back Up To Google Drive First of all, you have to select the time of backup in it, it is already set to Never, which you can set to Only When I Tap Back Up, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Daily, Weekly and Monthly are automatic, for example if you have selected Monthly then your WhatsApp Backup will be saved in your Google account every month.
  • By clicking on Google Account, you have to select the Gmail ID on which you want to take WhatsApp Backup. If you have more than one Gmail ID in your phone, then all you will get in this option, you have to select one of them.
  • BackUp Over In this you get two options WiFi Only and WiFi or Cellular If you choose the first option WiFi Only, then whenever your mobile is connected to any WiFi then only after that WhatsApp Backup will be taken. Whereas in the second option, apart from WiFi, you can also take backup from the internet connection of the mobile.
  • Include Videos You can keep this option turned on if you want the videos in your chats to be protected as well.

After making this setting, you click on the green button of Back Up given at the top, after which the process of your WhatsApp backup will start. This may take a few minutes. Once the process is complete, all your messages will be saved in your Gmail ID.

Benefits of backing up WhatsApp

If you backup your WhatsApp and then uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp from your phone, then all old and new messages, chats, photos, videos are all back from your backup. But if you do not take a backup and then uninstall WhatsApp, then all your WhatsApp data is also deleted along with it.

So now you know that how to backup whatsapp If you want all your WhatsApp chats to be safe, then you must back it up. Although there are many apps in the Google Play Store for this, but they sometimes do not work due to being a third party, in such a situation you should always resort to the official backup process and you must have come to know in this post how easy it is.

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How to differentiate or identify between fake and real note in Hindi

The trend of fake notes here is very old, people are easily cheated in the real and fake notes in the markets. Year In 2016 when the government suddenly decided to change the note It was taken, then for some time it seemed that now we have got rid of the problem of fake notes, but in no time again these fake notes made their place in the market. And now your little carelessness can put you in harm’s way. To avoid this loss, you must have the correct identification of these notes.

How to identify genuine and counterfeit notes

First of all, we are introducing you to the color and size of the notes going on in us, so that you do not have any risk in them.

5 and 10 notes

The color of the 5K note that we have here is green, while its size is 117*63 mm. The color of the 10K note we have here is orange, while its size is 137 * 63 mm. A new note of 10 is also available in the market, whose size is slightly smaller than the first note while its color is chocolatey brown.

spot fake and real note

20 and 50 notes

The color of the 20 note that we have here is red-orange and its size is 147 * 63 mm. While we have two types of 50 notes in existence, one which is already running one which has just been brought in the market by RBI. The color of the old 50 note going in our place is purple while its size is 147 * 73 mm.

100 and 200 notes

The size of 100 notes available with us is 157 * 73 mm and the color is blue, while the size of 200 notes that came in the market just a few years ago is 146 * 66 mm and the color is orange.

500 and 2000 notes

500 and 1000 notes available here have been discontinued, whereas new 500 and 2000 notes are available in the market instead. The color of the new 500 note available here is stone gray and its size is 150*63 mm. Whereas the size of the new 2000 note available in the market is 166 * 66 mm and its color is magenda.

To identify the correctness of the notes available in the market, apart from their size and color, you have to take care of the following things, so that you do not face any kind of loss.

Security thread color

You will hardly know, that the notes available in the market, in which the thread is put by RBI, in which India and RBI are written. And on twisting the note, the color of this thread also changes from blue to green.

Marking of currency at a particular place when seen in light –

If you see the new notes of 500 and 2000 in the light, then the currency is written in horizontal words on the side of the opposite hand, which gives you a special identity of it.

When the note is kept at an angle of 45 degrees, the writing of the numerals appears –

If you look carefully at the new note available in the market, then a dark box appears below and to the left of Gandhi’s photo. When we tilt the note up to 45 degrees, the currency of the note 500 or 2000 appears in this box.

Bleed lines in note

In the new notes available in the market, some special lines have been marked on both and the white border. Which gives them a special identity.

Identification for visually impaired persons

The new notes available in the market have been specially designed keeping in mind the visually impaired persons. The identification marks available in these notes such as the picture of Gandhiji, both the available bleed lines and the Ashoka Pillar are rough, which can be recognized by a visually impaired person by touching it. And at the same time, the currency which has been marked on the right side in these notes is also rough, which these people can know by touching.

Gandhiji’s picture on the white part –

There is some empty space in every note available in the market, when you see this note in the light, then the picture of Gandhiji is clearly visible on this empty space. And in the fake note, this picture is either not clear or there is something strange, so that you can identify the real and fake note.

Signature and year of Governor to be written-

The Governor’s signature and the year of its printing are written in a special place in each note, which gives it a special identity.

In this way, you can avoid losses by taking care of these few things. Because if you make a slight mistake and you get a fake note from somewhere, then it becomes difficult for you to run it in the market and on giving it to the bank, the bank employees tear it in front of you and the loss is only yours. only occurs. Therefore, to avoid harm, you have to take care of these things by being self-aware and also stop the circulation of fake notes available in the market, with your little vigilance, both you and the country’s benefit is possible.

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My salutations to all, many people must have come to mind that what is gst? What are the types of GST? In India, a lot of tax is paid, but what type of tax is GST, today we will know in detail.

What is the meaning of GST?

The full name of GST is Goods and Service Tax which is a replacement tax of Excise Duty, VAT, Services Tax and other indirect taxes. In simple language, other indirect taxes like Excise Duty, VAT, Service Tax have been removed and replaced by one. The tax system GST was started so that all those indirect taxes can also be collected.

When was the GST system started?

Actually, the GST scheme was first done in the year 2000.

Atal Bihari Bajpayee’s government at the time of the then government of India. GST was proposed. At that time the Finance Ministers of all the states of India had formed a committee to prepare the GST structure based on the experience of the VAT structure of their respective states. Examine all aspects and prepare reports on thresholds, exemptions, taxation of inter-state supplies and taxation of services.

It took 17 years to develop this new tax system and finally got approval on the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the year 2017 and on July 1 of that year, GST was brought into law across the country.

Which indirect tax was removed from GST?

  • Central Tax :-
  • Central Excise Tax (Excise Duty)
  • Central Sales Tax
  • Service Tax
  • Additional Duties of Customs
  • Additional Duties of Excise
  • Excise Duties levied under the Textiles and Textiles Products
  • State Tax :-
  • Purchase Tax
  • Central Sales Tax
  • VAT
  • Surcharges and CESS
  • Entry Tax
  • Taxes on Lottery, Gambling and Betting
  • Taxes on Advertisements

Type of GST

There are 3 types of GST

  1. CGST – When any goods are sold within a state, then the GST which is collected by the Central Government of India.
  2. SGST When some goods are sold within a state, then along with the central government, the state government also has to pay tax. The tax we pay to the state government is called SGST or State GST.
  3. IGST When any goods are sold between two states, the tax collected by the central government is called IGST.

In simple language, if any goods are sold within a state, then both the central government and the state government have to pay tax. (CGST + SGST) And when goods of one state are sold in another state, then only the central government has to pay tax. (IGST)

Benefits of GST

  • One Nation One Tax Law

Before the introduction of GST, the tax system used to be very complex. In each of the states of the country, their own tax laws used to run. It used to be different in the states. Due to all this, the states were benefited and it had a bad effect on the economy of the country. Therefore, by imposing the same tax law for the whole country, the differential tax system should be stopped in all the states. Gaya and the country’s economy improved slightly.

  • control over the price of goods

The tax system before GST used to levy a lot of tax on goods, as mentioned on the above point, each stage of production of a commodity was taxed till it was sold to the final consumer. Due to the passing of various stages of tax on a commodity, its price automatically increased, but with the help of GST, the price of the goods worked a little.

  • Small Businesses Benefited from GST Composition Scheme

In order to encourage less tax and tax compliance, composition scheme under GST was introduced. Small business owners registered under the scheme are required to pay a certain percentage of tax on their business. Also, unlike regular GST taxpayers Small businesses registered under the composition scheme are required to file a quarterly return. The following are the tax rates under the composition scheme:

  • Small businesses with a turnover of Rs 1.50 crore will pay a direct GST rate of 1%. They will now file only one tax return.
  • Small service providers with an annual turnover of Rs 50 lakh will now pay 6% GST instead of 18%.
  • Simplified the system of tax return

There were many indirect taxes on the previous tax system, so the registered businessmen for different indirect cars had to face many compliances.

  • Product Duty Return – Monthly / Quarterly depends on the scale of the business unit. (Large Business, EOU or SSI)
  • Service Tax – Half Yearly Return
  • Value Added Tax – Monthly/Quarterly depending on the state which is responsible for collecting VAT.

I do not have to go through so many castes to return tax under GST. And anyway, due to the online system, GST registration and return filing became even easier.

  1. What is the full form name of GST?

    Full form of GST Goods and Service Tax

  2. Who can file GST?

    Only those whose annual income is 20 lakhs or more have to pay GST.

  3. How many times do I have to file GST in a year?

    every month of the year.

  4. What happens if GST is not filed on time?

    Penalty of 10% of the tax amount payable subject to a minimum of Rs.10,000.


It is certain that due to the impact of GST, the country’s economy has improved a bit and it has become easier for the taxpayers to return the tax. so guys today we What is GST? I have tried to understand about it in detail and if you liked this post, then definitely tell by commenting and share it with your friends. Thank you.

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How to learn Spoken English (English bolna kaise sikhe) in Hindi

English has emerged as a global language at this time. It has now become a language that can be spoken anywhere in the world. Knowing English has become very essential today to keep pace with the changes of the global level. Also, it is worth noting that English is being used very extensively in our country as well. Now even for working in the smallest companies or for getting any formality done in any government office, English is needed. Also speaking English is sure to have a positive effect on your personality. English has gradually become the criterion under which it is ascertained that how educated a person is. Therefore, if you are less educated but speak English well, then you will be considered well educated. Because of this speaking English has become an essential condition nowadays.

English cannot be learned with a magic wand. For this we need to make some special changes in our daily routine. We read many types of advertisements, learn English in just 30 days, come speaking Hindi and go speak English. It is very nice to read all these tag lines and also give peace to the heart that we too will be able to speak English easily. But it is a matter of thinking that English is a language which can neither be taught in a pinch nor is it so difficult that it can never be learned.

Learn English Speaking

How to Learn English Speaking in hindi

Here are some easy ways by which you can learn to speak English easily.

Recognize the difficulties of learning English:

First of all you need to accept the difficulties you face while speaking English. In fact, until you accept your weaknesses, you will not be able to solve them. So start focusing on your difficulties related to this language, where you have the most trouble. There are many such words in the English language, while speaking, you just have to keep in mind a slight change. For example, the spelling of read is read and red is written for red. Care has to be taken while pronouncing these two. Also, in the same way you need to note that the plural of mouse is mice but the plural of house is houses. Therefore, there are many exceptions like examples in English, to understand which it is very important to read English.

Read English Regularly:

If you want to speak fluent English, then for its practice you need to study English regularly. If you have time, spend at least half an hour daily with English books. With this you will have a lot of words which you will be able to use while speaking English. While studying English, many words will come in front of you whose pronunciation will be difficult, but with regular practice, you will start to understand the pronunciation etc.

Remember important phrases:

When speaking English you need to know specific phrases to make your sentences effective. So you can remember good phrases with the help of good books. Note that you do not have to memorize the entire sentence. You have to keep in mind only and only special phrases, which are used in different sentences as they are.

Don’t put too much emphasis on grammar:

The practice of grammar is very important for English, but only at the time of practice. When you are speaking English, there is no need to pay much attention to grammar. You should be completely confident while speaking English in front of anyone and there is no need to panic if there is any grammatical mistake while speaking English. You can, however, rectify your mistakes while practicing.

Don’t hesitate to learn

Today almost everyone speaks English. So you can learn English speaking skills from your books and from people other than your teacher. You should not have any hesitation in this. You can also improve your English with the help of English movies that you give in your TV. Note that there are many such channels, which give English movies with subtitles. This subtitle is also very effective in learning English.

Don’t translate your words while speaking English:

It has also been seen many times that many people first think of what they say in their mother tongue and after that they translate it into English, this process takes a lot of time and sometimes due to lack of proper words for translation. Hesitation has to be faced. Therefore, while speaking English, you should speak English only by using your own English dictation. With this, you will be able to easily keep your point in English.

Practice pronunciation:

It is not enough just to read and listen to English, because in the end you have to speak English. Therefore, the correct pronunciation of the words which you are reading or listening is also necessary. You have to repeat English words continuously during practice to get the pronunciation correct. You will see that there are many such words, which have different spellings, but they are pronounced differently. For example, k is not pronounced in knife. While saying this, it is called only knife but while writing knife is written. There are other examples which need attention.

Do English speaking exercises in front of the mirror:

You can use a mirror to practice speaking English. This is a very effective method, which almost every English learner does. Standing in front of the mirror of your room, keep speaking English on your favorite topic continuously for 2 to 3 minutes. While speaking English at this time, pay special attention to your body language and facial expressions. so that you can correct your mistakes. This will also increase your confidence a lot.

Practice Tongue Twister:

There are many such tongue twisters, practicing which can make your pronunciation very clear. A tongue twister is usually a sentence or phrase made up of a combination of similar words. For example, you can practice clearing your tongue by continuously saying ‘Drew Dodd’s dad’s dog’s dead’, ‘upper roler lower roler’ etc.

Listen to English songs and practice humming along:

Keep listening to it continuously by keeping some English songs in your mobile. You can easily get the lyrics of the song you are listening to on the internet. While listening to the song, take out its lyrics and hum along with the song. This will bring a lot of accuracy in your pronunciation and will increase your confidence in English. so it ways to boost confidence It’s good.

Record your conversation and listen again:

This is also an effective process for practice. Record the English you are saying during your conversation or practice with your mobile phone’s recorder. These days recorder is also available in almost all mobiles. So by listening to your recording, you will be able to guess where your pronunciation is wrong and where you have made grammatical mistakes. In this way, you will be able to improve your English speaking by correcting your mistake.

Read English newspaper daily:

There are many such English newspapers like Indian Express, Hindu, Statesman etc which you can read daily. In these newspapers, the English language is written in a very restrained way, so that the common people can easily understand. Therefore, you can increase your English vocabulary by reading any one of these newspapers daily. With this, you will also get to know the news of the country and the world and your English will also get better. essay on importance of newspaper Read here.

Read aloud while practicing:

At the time of practice, English is required to be read aloud, so that at least you can hear your pronunciation. In fact, many people have this habit at the time of practice that they study English in their own mind. Due to this their pronunciation is not practiced and there is a lot of difficulty while speaking English.

Read only the right books:

Note that there are many types of books in the market, which are sold in the name of ‘Learn to speak English’, but many such books are of no use. Therefore, whenever you want to buy a book related to English, then buy books from good publications and high-class authors only. In these books, things related to grammar and pronunciation are given, with the help of which you can greatly increase your English knowledge. Apart from grammar related books, you can also read English literature.

In this way, you can learn to speak English very easily in a few days by following the above instructions, but for this you have to work patiently and practice continuously. With continuous practice and study, you will have a better English vocabulary, which will make you confident and you will be able to speak English successfully.

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