Income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi income tax whose name any person is afraid of. The person wants to save it, or does not want to fill it. While this thinking is very wrong, when we do any work with complete planning, then its effect is positive. In the same way, we should follow the same thing on Income Tax. Just as it is the duty of every person to pay tax, in the same way it is the right of every person to plan for tax while staying within the purview of the law.

Ways to save income tax Income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi

In income tax, where tax is to be paid on income, there is some income which is also tax free. Just as a person always keeps a part of his income as his savings, that savings will be useful in future, in his bad times. In the same way, by filling it with income tax planning, we can take many benefits from it in future.

The main five sources of income have been mentioned in Income Tax –

  2. Income from House Property (INCOME FROM HOUSE PROPERTY)
  3. Income from Business and Profession (PROFITS AND GAINS OF BUSINESS OR PROFESSION )
  5. Income from other sources ( INCOME FROMOTHER SOURCES)

These five incomes include all the sources of income in themselves. This all income avoidance provision is present in income tax. For example, by making savings schemes, trusts, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), distribution of family income, through gifts, earning maximum tax free income. By including all such income in our income, we can reduce our tax liability. Tax planning is a very detailed subject, for which we should take the help of an accountant to a chartered accountant (CA) and a lawyer and planning should be done keeping in mind the specifics told by them.

  • How much income is tax free?
  • How is tax planning done?
  • How to take advantage of tax free income?

How much income is tax free?

We should first know that how much income is tax free. There is a limit fixed in income tax, till that there is no tax on income. This limit is pre-determined by each person. As soon as we cross that income, we have to pay tax to the government at different rates. We have presented this further through the chart.

Tax Slab Financial Year (FY)2015 – 16 Assessment Year(AY) 2017-18

income limit female/male senior citizen senior citizen
(whose age is less than 60 years.) (Age above 60 years but below 80 years) (whose age is more than 80 years)
2,50,000/- Rs. NIL NIL NIL
2,50,001 Rs.-500,000 Rs. 10% 10% NIL
500,001 Rs. – 10,00,000 Rs. 20% 20% 20%
10,00,000 Rs. more than 30% 30% 30%

How is tax planning done?

Just as the tax rate on income after deductible income is fixed in INCOME TAX ACT, in the same way the provision for investment in tax planning is present in SECTION 80 C – SECTION 80 U. The main among them are mentioned below –

In INCOME TAX ACT, investments can be made from 1 LAKH to 1.5 LAKH in SECTION 80 C, 80CCC, 80CCD.


  • National Saving Certificate (NSC SCHEME)

Similarly, in SECTION 80 D, exemption of 20000/- has been given to MEDICLAIM PREMIUM which is self, husband and wife, child (who is dependent on parents) and 30000/- to senior citizen. All these and many other investments are there in income tax, whose exemption we get while doing INCOME TAX RETURN FILE.

Other methods of tax planning

  • Tax planning by mutual agreement of family
  • Tax planning from birth to death of a person
  • Tax planning through GIFT
  • Tax planning from all other income

of tax by mutual agreement of the family Planning-

What should we do for this?

  • Along with doing your own INCOME TAX RETURN FILE, do RETURN FILE of your family member too.
  • Do tax planning for your adult children.
  • By filing taxes of your elderly parents, take advantage of higher income tax slabs.
  • By will, the property is divided in such a way that the burden comes as a minimum in the form of tax on the heirs.
  • Take advantage of tax by filing return of daughter-in-law.
  • File tax by making HUF.

In this regard, we should be careful about some things.

  • Do not add the income of husband and wife together.
  • The minor is of the income of the children, so do not include it in the income of the elders. Invest it in a fund or SCHEME.

Tax planning from birth to death of a person


income tax kaise bachaye tareeke saving tips in hindi

Tax planning from job to retirement

income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi


According to the will, as per the will, the way the property is divided, do TAX PLANNING by telling it to your tax advisor. Sometimes some INCOME is such that it is TAXFREE. Eg – Agricultural Income (AGRICULTURE INCOME)

Tax planning through GIFT Gifts up to 50,000/- are TAXFREE after April, 2006. And gifts above 50,000/- will be TAXEBLE.

Tax planning from all other income

Whenever the income of the taxpayer is high, he does such planning of tax so that he can transfer his INCOME to his loved ones. Due to which his tax liability gets reduced. But some things have to be taken care of. like –

  • Transfer income without transferring assets
  • Proper planning of revocable transfers
  • Avoid transferring your income to wife/daughter-in-law/minor children
  • loan taken on bill or payment
  • Unclear bank dealings, CASH, investments and expenses

In the above point, the liability of tax will be made on the tax payer.

Apart from this, make TAX SAVING by creating a COMPANY and HUF and TRUST.

key points

  • If TDS is deducted then claim it.
  • If you buy any property, give its information.
  • Do not deal in big and cash in business, deal only through cheque.
  • If TAX / ADVANCE becomes a liability of TAX, then avoid interest by filling it in the prescribed time.
  • If you are operating a big business or company, then take care of small things like making bills and buying from bills, ACCOUNT by filing all kinds of income-expenditure, purchase-sale, receipt of investment made properly. Maintain |

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Hello Everybody will tell you in this article What are the ways to hack WhatsApp Whatsapp has become a very popular app, which is used by everyone from small to big, through WhatsApp we can chat with our friends and send video photos and find out the location of anyone, like As the users of WhatsApp are increasing, the number of hackers is also increasing.

many people Whatsapp Hacking Tricks Want to know about and keep searching on the internet how to hack Whatsapp means people keep looking for different ways to hack WhatsApp.

The main reason why Whatsapp is popular is that it does not have any kind of add-on and it is absolutely free, as well as its security is also good, so no one can hack Whatsapp so easily.

But there are some methods and tips and tricks by which we can read any other’s WhatsApp message, read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp message, whichever you want to hack WhatsApp or want to see someone’s WhatsApp message chat video in your mobile. So his mobile should come in your hands for 2 minutes.

Only then you can see and read someone else’s Whatsapp Message Photos Videos in your mobile laptop or computer, you can chat with anyone, let’s learn, what are the ways to hack WhatsApp.

What are the ways to hack WhatsApp

Whatsapp Kaise Hack Kare
  • There are following ways to hack Whatsapp
  • Hacking WhatsApp by doing Whatsapp Web.
  • Through Whatscan App.
  • Through Message Verification or OTP.
  • Through Call Verification.
  • Through Spy App.

Now let’s know about how to hack WhatsApp in all these ways.

Alert: This article are only for Educational Purposes, Do not Misuse!

Hacking Through Whatsapp Web

step 1First of all, open the browser on your mobile or computer.

Step 2: Now search by typing Web.Whatsapp.Com in the browser, you can also go to Web.Whatsapp.Com from here.

QR Code

Step 3: As soon as you go to the website of WhatsApp Web, a QR Code will open in front of you,

Step 4: Now whatever mobile you want to hack Whatsapp chat message video photo, take that mobile and open Whatsapp in it.

Step 5After opening Whatsapp, there are three dots in the top corner, click on it. Then Whatsapp Web Click on

Whatsapp Web

As soon as you click on Whatsapp Web, the mobile camera will open, now scan the QR code with this camera, as soon as you scan the QR code, its WhatsApp will be hacked, now you can use it in your computer, laptop or your mobile. View all WhatsApp messages WhatsApp photos, videos and chat with anyone.

hack whatsapp with qr code

This is another way to hack Whatsapp by scanning the QR Code..

  1. first in your mobile Whatscan for Whatsapp Web Install it, you can download it from google play store.
  2. After that open the app.
  3. Then you will see a QR Code, scan it with any mobile whose Whatsapp Account is to be hacked as mentioned above, as soon as the QR Code is scanned, its Whatsapp message will appear in your mobile.

how to hack other’s whatsapp with otp

As I told you above, to hack any other’s WhatsApp, you should have his mobile with you for a 2 minutes, for how to hack WhatsApp through message verification, follow these steps below.

step 1: First of all you download and install WhatsApp in your mobile, if you already have WhatsApp installed in your mobile then log out of it.

Step 2: After installing WhatsApp, open it and log in with the mobile number of which you want to hack WhatsApp, for this you should know its mobile number.

Step 3: As soon as you enter his mobile number in WhatsApp, an OTP will come on his mobile number, you have to enter that OTP code in your mobile.

As soon as you enter the OTP, Message Verification will be completed and all its chat messages WhatsApp photos, videos will all be visible in your mobile, now you can comfortably see all the messages that have come in his WhatsApp, can see photos, videos watch and he can chat with others.

Hacking WhatsApp With Call Verification

The way to hack WhatsApp through Call Verification is also in the same way as WhatsApp is hacked through Message Verification or OTP, in Call Verification, you get OTP through the call and that OTP has to be entered in the mobile. After entering the OTP, all his WhatsApp messages will be visible in your mobile.

Hacking WhatsApp With Spy App

Whoever wants to hack WhatsApp, you have to install Spy App in his mobile, through Spy App you can hack not only WhatsApp but the whole mobile.

For this, Airdroid App is the West. With Airdroid App, you can find out anyone’s mobile by hacking the mobile, what does he keep in the mobile, which application he keeps installed, what songs are there in his mobile, Who keeps which photos and what types of videos, OTP messages, you can download, play and delete everything from his phone.

For this I have written a separate post Android Mobile Ko Hack Kaise Kare? You must read this post once, in this post we have given complete information about how to hack mobile with step by step and screenshots, hope you will like this information.

Final Words

I hope What are the ways to hack WhatsApp You must have got complete information in the post, if you are satisfied with the information given by us, then share this post with your friends.

Best time for babies to sleep and wake up, easy ways to put babies to sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning [Tips to wake up toddlers early in the morning, and make a kid fall asleep in Hindi]

In today’s modern and modern generation, along with the elders, children are also becoming lazy somewhere. First of all, elders should bring punctuality in their daily life, because children follow the habits of elders. That is why you should also do all the tasks in your daily life on time, so that the child can also learn something from you. The guardian of the children should sleep on time and wake up on time. The more punctual you are, the more your children will automatically start becoming punctual after seeing you. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about the way children sleep and wake up at the right time. In this article of ours, you may have remained till the end, that you may also get a lot of help through this article.

Tips to wake up toddlers early in the morning and make a kid fall asleep in hindi

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Right time for baby to wake up and sleep

Sleeping at the right time and getting up at the right time gives a lot of health benefits. College and school children should get good sleep for at least 6 hours to 8 hours, accordingly, they should also sleep in the evening. Waking up in the morning also gives you enough time to meditate, exercise and do other daily tasks. By doing the necessary daily tasks, your body always remains healthy and fit. Be it children or elders, prepare a schedule of sleeping and getting up at the right time, which will make it easier for them to get up in the morning.

What are some ways to get babies to sleep early?

If the guardians of the children want their child to wake up early in the morning, then your child will also have to sleep early first. Below we have given some tips, By which your child’s sleep schedule can be ready and your child can wake up early in the morning and keep himself healthy.

If your child is stubborn and you want to improve his habit then click here

Quickly finish the important work before sleeping.

At least 30 minutes before sleeping at night, tell the children to finish their daily tasks and get them to do peaceful activities like studies for a short time. By doing this, children will feel that now it is time to sleep and they will sleep on their own time while studying.

, Set a right time to sleep at night

To put your children to sleep at the right time, first of all set an approximate sleeping time according to their age and their nature. we give you simple words Let me explain, when a small child goes to sleep, it takes about 5 minutes, but when older children of 1 year or more than 1 year of age go to sleep, they take more time than small children. This is the reason that young children sleep early, while older children take more time to sleep according to their age. That is why your children should prepare a set routine for sleeping from a young age, which later on these habits help children to get up early in the morning.

If your child watches too much mobile, then it is harmful for him, if you want to get rid of the habit, then click here………

, Make sure to follow the right time to put the children to sleep early –

If you want to inculcate good habits like sleeping early and getting up early in your children, then for that first make your child a habit of sleeping at the same time every day. By doing this, the child will also get adequate amount of sleep and he will also be able to get up early in the morning. That is why it is important that you set the same time for your children’s sleep and at the same time you put your children to sleep.

, Children must do these activities before sleeping

Before putting the children to sleep on time, some of these important activities should be done with them like washing the face of the children, using clothes for sleeping at night. Be sure to do all this. If you teach all these important activities to your children from childhood, then it later becomes a part of the daily routine of the children.

If your child cries while going to school, then you can adopt these methods, click here to know………..

, Do this work for your children to sleep well –

While making children sleep, give them information about good and positive things. Tell stories of bravery and bravery to your children while sleeping. By doing this your baby will sleep well and he will be able to wake up in the morning with a positive energy.

, While putting your children to sleep, keep things of their choice with them

Children mostly like to sleep with their favorite things with them. That is why it is important that while driving the children, keep the things of their choice like their toy, pillow etc. close to them while sleeping. By doing this, children feel comfortable while sleeping and they fall asleep feeling themselves calm.

If you are looking for a school for your child then here are some tips Click Here

How to inculcate the habit of getting up early in the morning?

If you want to inculcate the habit of waking up your kids in the morning, then some tips are mentioned below. By following them, you can easily change the sleeping habits of your children.

, Get your kids to sleep early

For children to wake up in the morning, they need to be put to sleep early at night. If your children stay up till late at night, they will not be able to get up early in the morning and even if they wake up early in the morning, they will feel lethargic and will not be interested in studies at all. Therefore, it is important that you can put your children to sleep early at night, then keep the smartphone or PC game away from them while sleeping at night. Instead of using these gadgets, ask your children to read books or comics books. By doing this, children will fall asleep while studying.

It is the responsibility of parents to make children cultured, if you want to know how to make children cultured then read here

, Pick up children early in the morning using alarm

Set an alarm to wake up your kids early in the morning and as soon as the alarm rings, pick up your kids and start doing daily tasks. If you don’t engage your kids in daily activities immediately after the alarm sounds, he will fall asleep again and he will feel unable to get up. That is why it is important that you yourself wake up your children with an alarm and motivate them to do daily tasks.

, Prevent children from using fast food while sleeping at night.

Do not allow your children to consume fast food items at night. If your child uses fast food before sleeping at night, then he will have trouble getting up in the morning because, all these fast food things are injurious to health. Before sleeping at night, you should feed light food to your children. By doing this, the health of the child will also be fine and he will also feel himself energized.

If you want to take care of children suffering from malnutrition, then here are the special information.

, Pick up the children in the morning and remove their laziness.

When your child wakes up in the morning, first of all you should wash your children’s mouth, hands and also put some water drops in their eyes. By doing this, your child will feel completely refreshed and his laziness will also run away from him.

How many hours should students sleep?

Like students preparing for IAS, they should sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours only. Such students should sleep from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am. The mind of the students remains very calm when they study from 4:00 am. Which makes it easy for the students to study. Sleeping for a long time worsens the concentration of the students. Due to which he is not able to concentrate his mind in studies properly.

Be it children or adults, their body always remains healthy by sleeping early and getting up early. By inculcating good habits like sleeping early and getting up early, you will always be punctual and will be able to complete all your tasks on time. That is why it is necessary that you start making your children study all these good habits from childhood, so that they do not face any kind of problem later on. If you all liked the article presented by us, then definitely share it with your friends and family, so that they too should always be aware of the good habits of their children.

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We have heard many times about bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency and in today’s time many people are investing money in it, but do you know that you can get bitcoin for free too, maybe you will not believe it but in this article We will tell you about some such ways by which you can easily get bitcoin for free.

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What is bitcoin?

bitcoin one crypto currency Is. Which cannot be seen or touched, which means that it is a digital currency, which is now digitally Internet Through this you can transfer from one account to another. And this is not the currency of any one country, each country has its own special currency, like if you are from India and if you go to America, then there you cannot buy things with Indian Rupees, there you have to US currency is required. But if you have bitcoin, then you can also buy things with bitcoin in America.

Bitcoin is a currency over which no government or any authority has any control. When bitcoin was created in 2009, its price was very low, but if we talk about the present, then the price of one bitcoin is from ₹ 3000000 to ₹ 3200000. Bitcoin cannot be hacked. Its transactions can be tracked. Whenever you transfer money from one account to another, all the information about it is known to the bank, it can track your account.

But when bitcoin is transacted, its information is not in any one computer but in thousands of computers. So it can never be tracked. Bitcoin works on demand and supply, that is, the more people buy it, the more its price will increase, the more people sell it, the more its price will decrease.

How to earn bitcoin for free? 

There are many ways to earn bitcoin for free, some of them are as follows –

  • First you have to go to freebitcoin.com.
  • After that you have to sign in on it.
  • For this, you have to enter the email id, password, it will sign you in.
  • Now you will see an option of Free BTC, click on it.
  • Now you will see the option of Roll, click on it.
  • You get some bitcoins as soon as you click on roll.
  • After this you will see the option of Manual BET and Auto BET.
  • Out of these you have to click on Manual BTC.
  • Now you will be shown the option of BT High and BT Low.
  • Out of these, you have to tell whether BT will go high or BT will go low, if you tell right then you get some more bitcoins.

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How to earn bitcoin for free with free bitcoin app?

  • First of all download free bitcoin app from play store.
  • After that click on Next.
  • You can also enter a referral code in it.
  • In this app you are given some tasks. If you complete these tasks, then you get bitcoins.
  • In this, you can do more tasks by clicking on More Tasks.
  • You can see how many bitcoins you have earned.
  • You can also earn money by inviting your friends in it.

How To Earn Bitcoin For Free With Stromx App?

  • First of all you have to download this app from play store.
  • Now some permissions will be asked from you, they have to be accepted.
  • Now click on Next.
  • You need to create a profile to sign in to this app
  • In the profile, you have to enter your name, last name, nick name, and mobile number.
  • Now an OTP will come on your mobile number, that OTP has to be entered And to verify.
  • You are given some tasks in this app, such as downloading some apps, watching some videos, downloading some games, many other types of tasks are also given.
  • If you complete these tasks then you get bitcoin.
  • You can see how many bitcoins you have earned by clicking on the History option.

Conclusion –

Although it is beneficial to earn bitcoin for free, but to earn well, you have to refer your friends or a large amount of people, on the basis of that you can get a better earning, although to earn bitcoin for free. There are many ways that we have to go through this blog, so I hope that the information mentioned in this article will be beneficial for you, but if you have any question related to this then you can ask in the comment section.

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In today’s time, youtube has become a great tool for business, which everyone uses to generate leads in their business or to earn money from youtube, but this question definitely comes in everyone’s mind. That’s how they can increase their subscribers so that they can get more and more leads for their business and earn more money.

Although there are many ways to increase subscribers, but instead of adopting all the methods, it is better to use some effective or experienced methods so that your time is not wasted at all and you can earn more subscribers in less time.

In this article, we are basically going to know about the top 10 ways to increase subscribers in YouTube, which you might not have applied much, but it is very effective, so read the article till the end to know.

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How to increase Subscribers on YouTube?

All the people who create their channel on YouTube and upload videos on it and want to earn money through it, there is always a common discussion among them that brother how can I increase my YouTube subscriber because Subscribe is the diamond which plays a very important role in the growth of any YouTube channel.

The more subscribers the channel has, the more the video of that channel is viewed and shared, due to which if monetization is approved on that channel, then its earnings reach in lakhs of rupees in a month and the same thing is done by people. attracts a lot.

What to do to increase subscribers on YouTube?

Any person who has less subscribers on YouTube channel, often searches the same question on Google that what has to be done to increase the subscriber on YouTube or how to increase the subscriber of YouTube in 1 day as quickly as possible, for the time being we are giving you Let us tell you that if you want to increase your YouTube subscriber then you have to be patient and you have to follow carefully what we are telling you in the article, then see how your YouTube channel’s subscribers increase and your YouTube channel progresses. 

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1. YouberUp

This is an application which is also available for Android platform and also available for iOS platform. With the help of this application, you can increase the subscribers of your YouTube channel absolutely free and very fast.

With the help of this application, you can not only increase the subscriber on your YouTube channel through real and active user, but also increase the likes and videos of your YouTube channel. With the help of this subscriber increasing application, you can get as many subscribers to your YouTube channel as you want. In this you have to collect coins.

2. Complete Setup of YouTube Channel

To increase more subscribers on YouTube, you need to complete setup of your channel. What we mean by complete setup is that you should display your YouTube channel banner, video message, verification, etc. on your YouTube channel.

Because when a person will visit your YouTube channel and he will get all the information by watching your YouTube channel, then he will find your channel 1 genuine channel and he will feel that you provide correct information. In this way he can subscribe to your channel.

3. Customize Video Thumbnails

Thumbnails play a very important role in increasing the subscribers of any YouTube channel. Whenever you upload a video to YouTube, set a high quality thumbnail of that video and create it on your video.

By applying high quality thumbnails, you will have the advantage that when someone accesses YouTube, because your thumbnail is eye-catching, he will definitely click on your video and thus he will also subscribe to your channel if he likes the video.

4. Create YouTube Channel Trailer

You can also create YouTube channel trailer and upload it to your YouTube channel to increase YouTube subscribers. This will happen that when a person opens you YouTube channel, he will be the first to see the trailer created by you. Let us tell you that this trailer is autoplay.

You can increase the subscriber of your YouTube channel by uploading a good trailer on YouTube channel. Overall, the trailer video in short provides information to the channel watcher about which category your channel is based on.

5. Add Subscribe Button

YouTube also offers a great feature using which you can add a subscribe button to your YouTube videos. The advantage of this is that when someone sees your video, they will also see the subscribe button above your video.

In such a situation, if the person likes your YouTube video, then by clicking on the subscribe button, he will directly subscribe to your YouTube channel. Many times you must have seen the subscribe button above that video while watching a video on YouTube. In this way, by using this feature, you can increase the subscriber on YouTube.

6. Create 3 to 5 minute videos

It has been revealed in many surveys that, on YouTube, people like to watch such videos, whose length ranges from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. That is, the videos which are neither too short nor too big, people like to watch such videos and the channels which upload videos of length from 3 minutes to 5 minutes, most of those channels also have more subscribers. .

People mostly watch videos of 3 to 5 minutes because they do not spend much MB in it. In this way, if he likes the video, he also subscribes to that channel, due to which the subscriber of the channel owner’s YouTube channel increases.

7. Share your video as much as possible

Many YouTube channels are not able to grow because most of the people do not know about them and when no one will know about your YouTube channel then how will they subscribe to your YouTube channel.

To take your YouTube channel forward on the path of rapid growth and to increase the subscribers of YouTube channel rapidly, you have to market your YouTube channel and the best way to market your YouTube channel is for you. Use of social media will be proved.

Whenever you upload a video to your YouTube channel, then you have to share the link of that video on all social media. For this, you can join many groups on Facebook and share the link of your YouTube video in it at least four to five times a day.

Apart from this, you can also share the link of your video on Twitter. Below we are giving you the names of some such social media applications where you can post your videos because when people know about your YouTube channel only then they will subscribe to your YouTube channel.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • mxtaktak
  • spark
  • josh
  • zili
  • WhatsApp
  • Hike
  • Telegram

8. Use Keywords in Video Titles

While uploading a video to your channel on YouTube, you have to use the top keyword in the title of the video, because when you use the top keyword in the title of your video, doing so will put your video in a good position in the search engine. Due to which more and more people will see your video and when more and more people will see your video then they will definitely subscribe to your channel.

9. Comment on other videos

You can also comment on videos of other YouTube channels to increase the subscribers of your YouTube channel. However, while doing this, you have to keep in mind that you have to comment on the latest video only.

In such a situation, when a person sees your comment, then he will definitely come to your YouTube channel if he is interested and he will also subscribe to your channel if he likes it. There are many such YouTubers, who use this trick to increase the followers of their YouTube channel. Comments are a great way to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel and make your YouTube channel viral.

10. Enlist the help of your friends

Due to the availability of cheap smartphones in the present time, many people are able to buy a smartphone and when a person gets a smartphone, the first thing he starts using the social media application in his smartphone. In such a situation, it is obvious that many of your friends must also be using social media.

In such a situation, you can ask your friends to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Using this method, you can also increase the subscriber of your YouTube channel, as well as if you want, you can also request your friends to share your YouTube video as much as possible so that more and more people can reach Get access to your videos.

11. Add YouTube subscribe button to your website.

If you have a website or you work on a blog, then you can add YouTube subscribe button on your blog or website.

By doing this it may happen that many people click on the subscribe button on your blog or website and when this happens, your YouTube subscribers will increase. YouTube gives you the service to create a YouTube subscribe button, which you can use to create a YouTube subscribe button on your blog or website.

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In today’s time, we have come to a digital zone where everything has become available online and we have got the biggest advantage of this that we can get everything sitting at the comfort of our home, however, because of this online shopping. Everyone is taking advantage in today’s time but you may have never used it before.

So if you are doing online shopping for the first time then this article is going to be helpful for you because in this we have told about some better ways by which you can do online shopping more easily as well as advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. We have also talked about in this article, which will help you to give clarity whether you should shop online or not.

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What is Online Shopping 

Online shopping means buying things or services on the Internet, through online shopping, you can buy anything sitting at home. When the concept of word wide web came, since then goods and service seller companies started selling their goods online to those users. Those who spend their time at home or in the office on computer or laptop. Through this online shopping, customers can buy many products online sitting at home. Like house hold material, food item, clothes, furniture etc. But if you want to do online shopping, then it is necessary that you have access to the internet and you have a card to pay for things like debit card or credit card etc.

Start of online shopping:

Online shopping was started by Michael Aldrich in 1979. They used television for this and seeing things on TV, customers could place their order through the telephone. In March 1980, he started redifon’s office revolution through which consumers, customers, agents, distributors, suppliers and service companies could connect online. The first word wide web server and browser was created by Tim Burners Lee in 1990. And its official use happened in 1991.

Online Shopping Advantages:

Below we have told you its advantages in online shopping. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • With online shopping, you can shop at any time in 24 hours, but if you buy the same thing from a shop, then it does not happen that you have to shop only at the time of opening of the shop.
  • Through online shopping, the list of many products is available to you, so if you want, you can compare the products among themselves.
  • If you shop online, then you can also compare the price of the product.
  • If you do online shopping, then your time is saved, you can do shopping from your system in less time while sitting at home.
  • If you do online shopping from your computer while sitting at home, then you avoid the problem of parking in shopping malls.
  • If you shop online, then you do not have to face the problem of standing in line at the time of billing.
  • If you do online shopping, then your goods are delivered to your home by the company, on the contrary, if you go to a shopping mall or shop and shop, then you have to bring your own goods.
  • If you shop online and you are not satisfied with your goods, then you can return your goods, you get your money back.

Online shopping disadvantages:

We will tell you some of its disadvantages in online shopping. If there are some advantages of online shopping then there are also some disadvantages.

  • If you do online shopping, then you can not test by touching things like normal shopping, you have to do your shopping things only by looking at the screen, when on the contrary, in normal shopping you can touch things and try wearing clothes. Yes, their material can be checked etc.
  • When you do online shopping, you also make your payment online, then there is a possibility of fraud with you.
  • When you do online shopping and you do not like the goods or due to some reason you have to return the goods, then you have to face a lot of problems to return your goods and your money back is also a bit difficult because money back also. Comes in your account only.
  • If you shop online then you have to wait for some time to get your goods, whereas if you shop from normal shop then you can get your goods immediately.

According to the article of online shopping, in spite of all these advantages and disadvantages, online shopping is very much in trend nowadays, many customers have started using online shopping due to busy schedule. That nowadays the first choice of the new customer is online shopping. As gradually people are becoming friendly with the system, they have started liking online shopping, nowadays even if people are sitting empty, their best time pass is online shopping, in free time, people visit different websites and products. Check and buy them.

Simple Steps for Online Shopping:

Set your shopping times:

The best advantage of online shopping is that you can shop according to your time. But in online shopping, the delivery of any item can be found most quickly till the second day of shopping and this time starts from two hours after you do your shopping. If you do online shopping, then the charges for home delivery of the item are clearly declared on the site, then it should be confirmed by the customer in advance that how much money he will have to pay for delivery or not.

Start Shopping:

When you start your shopping, type the item you want to buy in the search bar or search it from different categories on any site or you can also click on any advertisement and select your goods and buy your goods. can. When you shop for yourself, you can click on the item you like, then you can clearly see that item in different ways and zoom in so that the image of that item is clear in your mind.

Select your payment type:

When you do online shopping, you can select your payment type yourself, whether you want to pay through credit card or debit card, or if you want, you can also make your payment in cash at the time of delivery of the item. . When you make your payment by credit or debit card, money does not go from your account until the item is delivered to your home.

Recheck your order:

When you place your order and you want to amend that order, then you have the option but keep in mind that this modification should be done within a certain time only. At the time when you place an order and the item arrives at your home and you do not like the item or the item does not fit according to your size, you can still change or return the item.

Receive your shopping:

When all the pre-process is completed then the item reaches your home and you can get your shopping item at your home. When the seller company delivers the goods, then it is their responsibility that at the time of delivery there is no damage to the goods or the right item reaches the customer’s home. If there is any damage or mistake in delivery, the seller or the delivery company is solely responsible for it.

Payment at the time of order placement after shopping:

This is the best facility of online shopping that you can make your payment at the time of delivery of the item. If the customer makes the payment at the time of delivery, then there is no risk of any kind of fraud and at the same time that person can check and pay after receiving his goods.

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Blogging is a very popular way to earn money online, which has become very popular in India, today many people are earning a lot of money with the help of this and I know that you also want to earn money from blogging, then in this article we will We are going to tell you which are 10 such effective ways to earn money from blogging, so that you will be able to earn a lot of money.

How do bloggers make money?

To earn money, first of all there should be traffic on your blog, that too quality traffic. Only after this you adopt methods like advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored post to increase the income of your blog. Apart from these, the most successful bloggers also use some other methods to earn from their blog, which we have told below.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most common way for every blogger to earn money. Once you have more than 20 posts on your blog, you can sign up for an AdSense account. But for earning from this it is very important to have at least thousand of traffic on your blog.

Adsense is able to display ads on your website according to the search pattern of the reader. Every time a reader clicks on any of these ads, you get paid by Google. Especially for blogs like Quotes, Wishes, Jobs, Tools, News, it is the primary source of income.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also a great tool to monetize your blog. Affiliate marketing is the most important way to earn money from your blog for all the big bloggers in the world. You can estimate from here that about 15 percent of the revenue of the digital media industry comes from affiliate marketing.

By joining the affiliate program, you have to make a contact and share the link on that product. For those who buy that product from your link, you get a commission for that. There are many affiliate programs using which you can start earning money from affiliate marketing.

3. Sponsorship

When your blog becomes popular and thousands of millions of traffic starts coming to it, you can get sponsored posts from advertisers. In this, bloggers take money to write about the company’s product and give their opinion on it.

Just make sure that the post should be really high quality and relevant to your audience. For example, if you write about technology, you can do sponsored reviews for companies like laptops, cameras, gadgets etc.

4. Direct Ads

Just as newspapers sell advertising space on their pages, bloggers can make money in the same way. If your blog is on a specific niche, then there will definitely be many businesses that want space on your page to promote their business, services, product or brand.

Selling ads on your blog depends on the popularity and authority of your blog. You can directly engage with brands or partner with agencies for this.

5. Paid Membership

Loyal readers of your blog may be willing to pay to read more of your work. You can create a members-only plan for them to share more in-depth blog posts, downloads, videos, audio content, and more.

If you have an audience that is dedicated and is already spending money to improve, then building a membership site may be the most profitable thing for you. There are many WordPress plugins that help you create and manage your membership site.

Example: If you have an image website, then you can keep a membership plan for some high quality and unique image.

6. Sell Online Courses

Another great way to earn money from your blog is through courses. There is no limit to the topics on which you can create tutorials or courses. You can teach people how to play online games, earn money, carpentry, cooking, DIY by making tutorials.

It’s not that you need to be a certified chef to make a course that teaches people how to cook. If you can cook better than most people who can actually teach people how to cook, then nothing can stop you from making courses.

7. Provide services

As a blogger, you will already have specialized knowledge of your niche. You can start earning money as a freelancer by offering your skills and expertise. You can just start offering your services to your current audience.

For example, you can offer services like content writing, logo creation, SEO, web development, video editing, etc. one in my blog service section Which you will find in the blog footer below.

8. Sell Ebooks

There are many bloggers who sell their expertise and experience in the form of eBook. Ebook selling is not limited to a particular niche/topic. You can create eBooks on blogging, photography, fitness and any such.

For example, if you have a blog about gardening, you can create an e-book that teaches your audience in more detail about how to grow a particular plant.

You can easily promote your ebook directly through your blog by creating content that will attract people. Write a review about the book and tell people why they should buy it. At the same time, you can also sell the eBook through Amazon and other online outlets.

Harsh Agarwal of ShoutMeLoud has an entire section of his site devoted to ebooks.

Ebook Shoutmeloud

9. Website Flipping

If you know how to build a WordPress website, you are ahead of most people. Sometimes individuals, entrepreneurs prefer to buy pre-established websites which they can use for their own business.

If you can create a WordPress blog and start getting traffic to it, you can sell it and make money from it. For this it is necessary to know what kind of websites are in demand, and how to sell them and for how much money. There are sites like Flippa that serve as auction sites and brokers for selling websites.

10. Consulting

Sometimes people want more detailed and personalized instructions from a book or video, for which they turn to professionals. As a blogger, you can also become an online consultant within some niche. Rather than just offering your services, it provides advice and strategies to help their clients become more effective.

For example, if you are blogging about saving and investing, you can also work as an online financial advisor. You can charge by the hour via phone, email or skype.


You can earn a lot of money by following these 10 mentioned methods, but keep in mind that you have to focus the most on the process because most people expect a lot before starting, after which they demotivate if they do not have things. If you leave, then you follow the process well, then you will get good reward automatically.

How to become successful in life and make dreams come true in hindi

There is a very famous and well-known saying that “the whole world salutes the rising sun”, it means that the person who is successful gets respect everywhere and who does not like this respect. Now the question arises that how does one become successful? How to make your dreams come true?

Sapne sakar kaise kare kamyab bane

How to make dreams come true and how to be successful in life

Everyone in the world has some or the other dream that what he wants to do in the future, what he wants to become and he also tries to fulfill this dream. Some of these people are successful in making their dreams come true and some are not. Everyone tries their best to make their dreams come true and be successful in life, but what are the reasons why they do not get success? Each secret of dreams which comes to the fore over time.

Here we will share some such things, which will help you to make your dreams come true and you become successful:

What is your dream (What’s your Dream?) :

Actually these are the most sensible questions, because it is very important to know that what is your dream? what do you want? Its decision needs to be taken very carefully. When we think about this, then we dream very much from our present circumstances and then when the idea of ​​fulfilling it comes in mind, knowing it as impossible, they leave it, their enthusiasm becomes cold. Huh. So it is necessary that we start with a small step. Then after its completion, decide the next strategy. In this way we get success step by step and the way to success is also opened.

Decide and Believe:

You have dreamed and considered it completely, that you have to do this work. After this step, you should strengthen your determination towards this work and establish your faith in it, that you can do this work and you will get success in it.

You may have difficulty in the beginning and face initial failure, but at this time you have to remember your determination and keep your faith in it, this will definitely give you success. For this, remember the following Mool – Mantra –:

determination + confidence (believe) = success

Release Fear:

In order to turn our dream into reality, when we take steps towards it, then we will be afraid in the beginning, whether our step is wrong or we will get success or not. We do not stop dreaming because of the fear that our dreams should not be broken, so why should we not stop fearing, it will have two benefits –

  1. We will be able to move fast towards fulfilling our dream,
  2. Our Fear also gradually diminishes and ends Will be done.

Take action: The fourth and important step is – to take steps to fulfill your dream, for this it is necessary to start somewhere. Even if that step is small, it is important to take that step. It is also very important to climb the first step to reach the height, only then you can reach your destination.

Love yourself: When you love yourself, only then you can give attention to yourself and your dreams too. You must take some time for yourself every day, whether in that time you read, listen to music or pursue any other hobby of yours. Talk to yourself and think about your dream, think about where you are now, where you want to reach and what to do about it now. By working in this way, you will be relaxed and you will be able to take further decisions with a calm mind and now you will definitely get success.

Take inspiration from others’ success (Use other’s success as Inspiration):

When you are aware of the success of a person, take inspiration from him and think about how I can achieve my success.

When we see a successful person and his negative things instead of looking at it positive things learn from him, how that person made his dreams come true and his get success in life That, then we too are inspired to take steps towards making our dreams come true and become successful.

Some examples can be seen for this, those who did not get success in their first attempt, but they did not lose courage and made continuous efforts, due to which today they have become the second name of success for the world. Some of these names and their area of ​​success are as follows:

serial number successful person successful work
1. Thomas Edison invention of bulb
2. Tata Group cheapest carnano’ success in making
3. Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Succeeded in manufacturing many missiles for India and today ‘missile man are known as.
4. Amitabh Bachchan famous film actor
5. Abraham Lincoln Journey from a poor boy to becoming the President of America.

Learning from Mistakes (View Mistakes as a Lesson) :

When we take a step towards making the dream come true, we may have made a mistake and instead of taking a step forward towards our dream, we take a step or a few steps back, then it does not mean at all. That you cannot do that work or it is not about you to get success. Here you just need to change your attitude, you should take a lesson from this mistake, not get frustrated and step back from your dream. A small failure should not be used as an excuse to step back.

Give importance to even small decisions (Value Tiny Decision):

To achieve success, if we start with a small step, it means that even this small step means a lot. Therefore, it is necessary that whatever decision we take, whether it is small or big, it is necessary to give importance to it because only small efforts show us the way to our success and also bring success.

Don’t let bad habits win:

It is very easy to blame the minor difficulties of your life, but the more difficult it is to overcome them. If you have any bad habit, then get control over it in time and then gradually eliminate it. If you do not do this then you will become addicted to it and then you will spend your hard earned money like water to get rid of this habit. At the same time, they can also create difficulties in the way of our success, so it is important that it is better to leave these habits than to fall into these useless messes.

Be Patient:

When you take steps towards making your dream come true, you may get success in your first attempt itself, but it may also happen that you will fail this time. Therefore, it is important that you prepare yourself for both the situations and with patience, make a further strategy and take steps accordingly. In this way, you will definitely get success if you keep trying continuously. The same if you sit down disappointed with one failure, then you will never be able to succeed. So it is necessary that you have patience and move forward.

Flexible Strategy :

If you have to face failure again and again in the way of making your dream come true, then consider that your path is not wrong. That is, the path on which you are walking, the methods you are adopting, whether they are wrong or not and that is why you are not able to fulfill your dream. Therefore, it is necessary that you check your strategy from time to time and if necessary make changes in it.

Law of Attraction :

Whatever you want in your life, what you imagine to be, your life really becomes as it is, the reasons behind this are – “law of attraction” You think about your life or dreams and imagine it and the more powerful this imagination is, the greater the chances of it coming true, that is why it is said that we should always think well. But it also does not mean that you just keep imagining and waste your time waiting for it to come true. You also have to put in enough effort to turn them into reality.

Positive Thinking: You should always keep positive thoughts in your life. If we think good, then it will be good. The reason behind this is that the way we think, it affects our work and its success and failure are certain. But this does not mean that you should not consider both the aspects of the situation i.e. positive and negative facts. You have to take decisions after understanding both the aspects very well and adopting a positive attitude towards the decisions taken, you have to expect them to be successful, only then you will be able to get closer to success.

Trust the Universe (Believe the Universe is Friendly):

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita It has been said that “a man should keep on doing his work, not worrying about its result”. That is, when you have completed all the necessary work to make your dream come true and now you want to get its result that when that work will be successful and when you will be able to become successful, then at this time you have to trust the universe i.e. God. It is necessary that they will definitely give you the fruits of your hard work. Having faith in this way will not only give you courage, but will also take you one step further towards your success.

Thus, whenever you want to achieve a goal in your life, see a dream, make it come true and wish that success kisses your feet, then it is necessary that you take the above things seriously and choose the path of success with the help of them.

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Easy Ways To Increase Confidence Or How To Increase Your Confidence (How To Increase Self Confidence Tips in hindi)

These methods of increasing self-confidence are based on my experience and I have got so many percent benefits from them, so now I am sharing this with you all. Confidence is the basis of life, if it is lacking then the basis of life is shaken. No matter how great a quality someone has, if he does not have confidence, then he lives a life of oblivion.

Increase Self Confidence Tips

I too lacked confidence. There was a time when I didn’t talk to anyone other than mom, dad and brother at home and kept quiet even in school, but I often felt like seeing students who participated in various school activities. Was, that I should also participate in some activities other than studies like him. But I was very scared. I could never dare to go ahead in class and speak.

Easy Ways To Increase Confidence (How To Increase Self Confidence Tips)

But you will be surprised to know that today I host many weddings in Sangeet Ceremony. I am fond of writing Hindi poetry and through this I first conducted the entire function in my aunt’s house’s wedding sangeet function with the mic in hand. While reading the first poem, a strange sound was coming in my ear. My voice was trembling due to fear and I was also having trouble breathing but after listening to my few lines, when all the audience applauded. I got courage and slowly today I am at this stage that I can conduct any function anywhere with complete confidence. I am only sad that if this fear had gone during school, college days, then I would have been able to fulfill my wishes but it would be too late. Today when there is applause and a smile comes on my mother’s face, I do not remember anything and that moment becomes a memory for me.

Parents are the most happy when they see their children standing on their feet with full confidence in this way.

It is said that children are like wet clay, in whatever form they mold them, they take the same form. Keeping this in mind, parents should focus on increasing self-confidence in children from childhood.

  Increase Self Confidence In Children Tips In Hindi

Don’t lie to yourself

First of all, tell yourself about the lack, fear and lack of confidence inside you, accept it well and decide that it has to be corrected in any case. Like I myself was fat since childhood, due to which I did not even go out of the house or talk to anyone, similarly I completed my graduation but after that I was determined and lost my weight so that I have the confidence to do anything. She was born as well as started loving herself. That’s why it is important to understand your shortcomings and try to overcome them.

Eye contact:

While talking to anyone, talk to him with eyes, you will automatically feel a surge of confidence. And do not be afraid while talking to anyone. Those who are in front are also human beings and they also have understanding, if you are new then they will understand your problem.

Start with your loved ones:

If you lack confidence like you are unable to speak among many people. In such a situation, start speaking among the members of the house and friends and do not be afraid to make fun. Contribute to the small functions of the house and apply your percentage, this will increase your confidence.

take responsibility:

Take responsibility in any activity at home, school, college or office and complete it with enthusiasm. This also gives you confidence.

Create strategy:

To do any work, make a rough background, which includes the complete details of the work and also make an estimate of the result, if you work on this track, then you will be familiar with right and wrong and this will give you confidence.

Stay away from negative thinking

Do not work with the hope of not getting any work done, doing so will reduce both your confidence and enthusiasm, always carry whatever scope is there for the work to be done.

Open your eyes and dream

Imagine that you are doing the work that makes everyone happy, you are also happy and everyone is praising you, this gives you a positive feeling, which increases your confidence.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Let me tell a story for this. Once I told a friend of mine that I do not give a presentation, I am not spoken in front of anyone, my voice trembles on this, laughing at this he said that you will not be able to speak more and more and you will be scolded but someone will kill you No. At least if you try, there is a chance that you will be able to do it next time. This line of his sat in my mind and I removed my biggest fear, it took time, but today tell me to speak anywhere anytime, I can do that. In the same way, I tell you that there is no need to be afraid or panic if you make a mistake, if this happens then you will never try, so do not lock your doors yourself.

Don’t be afraid to fail:

Don’t always imagine the perfect result. Sometimes disappointment is also found, but accept it because only by mistake a person learns that those who fall down touch the heights, so do not let your self-confidence fall due to failure, but observe your mistake and rectify it.

Follow good people

Incorporate the good qualities of a better person in your life. Knowing the lifestyle of great men and bringing them into your life, by this you develop good habits, which bring good results and you feel confident in yourself.

Change yourself with time:

Adjust yourself according to the time like speaking, dress and fashion. All these are necessary, even if not much, but with the change you will feel the enthusiasm in yourself. Being stylish also increases confidence.

You can easily implement all these tips in your life, due to which you will feel self-confidence and a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Confidence is a very important thing, having it, many difficulties of life become easy.

Do some meditation and yoga to increase self-confidence.

meditation and yoga action and benefit
meditate Sitting in meditation posture, keep your thumb and forefinger together on the knee. Sit in Sukhasana and close your eyes and focus your attention between the two eyebrows. This brings a positive attitude in you which helps in boosting your self-confidence.
shout out loud Shout loudly on the roof of the house or in any open place in the morning, it removes the fear of the mind and increases self-confidence.
do sudarshan kriya This is Sudarshan Kriya, which one should search about or learn from a yoga guru and incorporate it into your life. Sudarshan Kriya is a very good solution to all the physical, mental problems, it controls all the senses of the human being, due to which there is reduction in anger, increase in self-confidence and the mind remains happy.
do pranayama Do Pranayama regularly. In which one must do Bhrami and Anom antonyms. This keeps the mind calm. And the spirit of doing all the work is born which helps in increasing self-confidence.
do sun salutations Keeping in mind all the steps of Surya Namaskar, doing it with breathing activity increases concentration, it gives confidence to a person.

It is not that there is no solution to any problem in life, many shortcomings are fulfilled only by positive thoughts. Lack of confidence occurs only when we are afraid of something or feel lack in ourselves. And it is in your hands to eliminate both these reasons.

To increase self-confidence, first of all believe in yourself and try to fulfill your lack. Even if you are not successful, do not be afraid, not every person is made for all the tasks, you have tried, this is the biggest victory.

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How To Get Success Tips In Hindi Simple Ways To Success | This mantra does not work when you are doing any business or studies. Sometimes life gets so frustrating that we need someone’s help to increase our enthusiasm in our everyday life too.

Hard work and luck are the only two mantras to get success. Luck is not our force, hard work is our slave. The spirit of hard work is the feet of luck, those who help themselves, God loves them endlessly. Success is not a day’s earning wealth, it comes after years of experience and drinking water from the ghat. When a person learns to get up after falling, from that he gets the guru mantra of success and he does not go backwards a tree but moves forward. Handling a fall is also a quality of a successful person.

How to get Success Tips In Hindi

Basic Mantra of Success Easy Ways How to get Success Tips In Hindi

Some of our experiences are such that when we started the work of the blog, then within a few days we started getting very good response and the whole team happily engaged in this direction and made every effort to increase the work. Because till now we knew the only way to go up. We didn’t even see it coming down. After that, within a week, we saw something that blew our senses. Within three days, our position went from the king to the rank, perhaps we had made a decision that now we would stop this work, but then it was understood that at least we should find out where we went wrong, then all together found those reasons. In fact, before that time, we used to bring inorganic traffic to the site, in which there was a lot of investment, we did not pay much attention to organic traffic, meaning we did not know SEO. When we were looking for the reason for our failures, then we came to know about SEO, then we realized that if we do not fall, then we will never know the biggest arrow of the blogging world. blog behind us Search Engine Optimization Tips In this we have written our experiences which you may also go through. After this, we are writing the basic mantras of success that we have known in our blog today.

Start work small:

First of all, choose a path and focus completely on it. You must have heard that walking on four boats does not get the edge, so work by making a small point i.e. a small target. Just like software engineers work on small modules, in the same way, start your work small so that even if you fail, you have the courage to rise. What is better and what is harmful. If you work in a big way from the beginning, then you will not be able to understand right and wrong.

Work with the result in mind:

Before doing any work, think about its result and work accordingly. It is true that one should act, do not worry about the result, but it does not apply everywhere. If you just work without knowing the result, then your direction will go astray. You can do this by setting a target of slightly less than the best results you can expect.

Make planning:

Planning is very important. First make the time array. When you can give how much time and when will you do what work. Your works will not come in the way of each other and you will be able to do justice to all things. Also, mark your target in it and plan accordingly. Get excited and scold if you find a mistake.

Don’t be afraid to fall, learn to get up by falling.

If you have come out to do some work, then it will have benefits, they are fine, but there will be disadvantages, remember this. To learn any work, all the good and bad knowledge makes your work more strong, so always be ready to make mistakes and suffer losses. Even if you would have read about the life of the great man, it would have been found that he too has risen many times and has reached this point only then.

Note everything:

Prepare an account of the work done by you, this work seems boring, sometimes it is time-wasting but it is very important. With this, a list of the work done by you is prepared, so that in future if you have to handover your work to someone, then it is easy to teach them. Due to the notes, you also understand your mistakes, you can easily exam yourself. So make a list of the work done from day one.

Admit the mistake:

If you have made a mistake, do not admit it to others, because only by accepting the mistake you will be able to rectify it and will not repeat it in future. If you do not accept the mistake, then you will not be able to solve it properly and the burden will remain on the mind. For which you will find the list which you have made earlier, put your mistake in that list with red color so that it keeps telling you that they do not want to return you.

Focus on working with a team:

If you are working in a team, then always make everyone a part of your work. My business is not saying so, our business says so, in such a situation people are below you, they like them and they work responsibly considering them as their own. While working in a team, keep in mind that there should be no communication gap, there should be a transparency, due to which teamwork is easily completed and misunderstandings are reduced, along with sharing of ideas, the work is better and most of all, you do not feel boredom. would have If you are the team leader then you have to encourage all your members from time to time to scold them. Secondly keep an eye on their work but also leave them free. You will never know the knowledge and make them dependent on you Which can be a big reason for your success.

Celebrate the moments of success

Celebrate your small successes and share the credit for it. This brings enthusiasm to you and everyone in the team. And the spirit of working increases. But don’t get so lost in success that you stop working and don’t let your confidence turn into overconfidence. Celebrating your successes, consider it as the first CD of your next step and then work with enthusiasm. Get into

Keep calm in trouble:

If you have failed due to any reason, then keep courage and encourage your colleagues to move forward with courage. Failure is the sign of success, learn from your failure and observe it, find the reason and keep it on the side and move forward.

don’t rush

Don’t get discouraged or excited by any trouble or good news in your work and make hasty decisions. Decisions taken in haste never prove to be effective. If any member of the team has made a mistake, then definitely give him a chance. Never be in a hurry in such cases.

Consider a successful person as a role model

Follow any person you are inspired by in your life. This will give you the right direction as well as their experience will give success to your work. It is not necessary that the ideal is someone from outside, sometimes a friend, relative or neighbor also does such a thing that our heart starts considering them as ideal.

Always have the urge to learn:

Success touches the feet of the person who has the desire to learn the age. Be it small or big, many times he teaches that which we are not able to imagine in life. The desire to learn is helpful in doing something, only a person who learns can step forward with today’s time.

Remember the ground reality:

Success comes, the ego keeps on capturing you, never give it as much because if you are defeated by the ego, then the success you get is only for a moment. Ego will destroy all your sanskars and you will not even realize when you have come down from a great height.

How to get Success Tips In Hindi I have all the points that I got to learn from my boss. He has always taught me, his learning has taught me to believe in myself and today I am sharing our views with you all in this blog of mine so that you too can know how the path to success is gradually formed.

Success is not achieved in a day, sometimes actions are done by one generation and success goes to another generation like Dhirubhai Ambani. We do not say that his sons have not done anything, they have put four moons on their father’s name, but Dhirubhai made a path from bottom to top and his family got the fruits of his hard work.

There are obstacles in the way of success which test your spirit like we saw Amitabh Bachchan ji. Some moments of his life were very difficult. The son of a great poet had to go through a very tough phase to get into the industry and at that time when the competition was not as much as it is today. After giving nine flops together, he made a hit movie D, after which his graph kept increasing but it is not that he did not see the struggle after that. Even after that, the darkness thought to rule in his life, but he kept courage and made himself the superhero of the century and got the title of Big B from the fans. Amitabh ji’s life also paves us the right path to success. Similarly, we should make the experience of our ideals our shield.

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