Ingredients List List of Hindu Wedding Puja. Shaadi Puja Samagri List In Hindi

Shaadi (Wedding) Puja Samagri In Hindi In Indian marriage, two people are not married to each other, in this a whole family joins another family. Marriage is not just a custom, it is an event lasting several days. Indian wedding is not less than a festival, the whole family celebrates it with full enthusiasm and wants to live it. Hindu wedding is not just a wedding ceremony, it has a long list of rituals and customs. Wedding is such a moment, when the bride and groom step on the new journey of their life, here the whole family is standing with them. This marriage is considered complete only when the wedding ceremony is done according to the rituals. A lot of worship material is used in these rituals. Hindu marriage is called Brahma Vivah according to the old age.

At the time of preparing for the wedding, the worship material related to the marriage should also be prepared by keeping it together, so that later there is no problem. Nowadays marriages are not done from home, both boy or girl get married in a hotel away from their home, so it is important that you have everything you need in a systematic way. Some rituals in the family of boy and girl may be different, but overall a lot is the same. Today I will tell you about the worship material used in a Hindu wedding. How to prepare for marriage? Read here to find out.

hindu wedding pooja material list listShaadi Puja Samagri in Hindi

If you have the first marriage here, then when will you not know about the ritual and its rituals, for this it is necessary that as soon as the date of marriage is fixed, you take complete information about the rituals behind it. The rituals of every Hindu family are different, so you should understand all the rituals well from any elder or family member of your own house. When will it take according to the ritual, write it in front of that ritual itself, which will make it easier for you while collecting the same. Apart from this, you can also take a list of worship materials from your pandit.


God’s photo or statue

Lord Ganesha is worshiped first in Hindu society. That’s why keep their photo or statue. Along with this, keep the photo or statue of Mata Lakshmi as well.

An experienced priest

The worship of Hindus is considered complete only by a pandit. Almost every Hindu family has a family pandit, who gets all the rituals done well. If you do not have such a pandit, then you should talk to a pandit ji from your familiarity beforehand. Pandit ji people are also busy in the marriage season, so do all the things with them in advance.

Required Items for Turmeric Ceremony –

Haldi ceremony takes place in the marriages of all Hindu families. This ritual takes place in the family of both the bride and the groom. Turmeric is considered sacred from a religious point of view, as well as it is also very good in terms of health. By applying it, the complexion of the face increases, so this groom is applied to the bride as an upton. To make Uptan, add 3 spoons of turmeric powder, 3 spoons of milk, 3 spoons of gram flour and few drops of rose water. Benefits of rose water and how to make Click here to know. In the Haldi ceremony, nowadays the bride wears a yellow sari and adorns herself with floral jewellery. Due to TV, films nowadays this trend has become a ritual. While the groom wears a dhoti kurta.

Mehandi and Sangeet ceremony

After the turmeric, the mehendi ceremony takes place. Mostly this ritual takes place in the evening or at night. Nowadays, mehandi is applied by professionals only. It does not require any worship. But this is also the main part of a wedding ceremony, in which the bride should be well prepared, these are all the memories which are captured in the camera, which we remember throughout our life. Therefore, these moments should be lived to the fullest and made memorable. Many people also do ladies music at the time of Mehandi Ceremony, in which house, relatives, friends all dance and sing together. Dark Color of Mehandi and Ways to Keep it Longer Read here to know.

Seating arrangement between wedding rituals –

On an auspicious wedding ceremony, the puja is performed under some strict rules. The place of sitting of the bride, groom and pandit ji is important, for this decide the place only after asking pandit ji.

incense burner –

In a Hindu wedding, the bride and groom tie the knot by taking seven rounds of fire. Only after this their marriage is considered complete. Bring a havan kund for havan, first place a layer of sand in this kund. The entire material of the havan is available at the shop with puja samagri. Apart from this, keep dry wood of mango tree, sandalwood, ghee, sugar, rice are also put in the havan.

For Paddy, Rajham ceremony –

2 plates of rice are used for the Rajham ceremony. In this, the bride’s brother, the groom puts paddy in the hands of the bride, which falls into the fire.

fresh flowers- leaves

Mango tree leaves, betel leaves, betel leaves are used at the time of worship. Along with this, fresh flowers are also planted. Jaimal is also made of fresh flowers for the bride and groom.

fresh fruits-

Many fruits are also needed in the wedding ceremony. Fruits are offered as Prasad. Banana, coconut are very important in this, apart from this 5 different types of fruits can be kept.

Kalash –

Holy water is kept in the Kalash, you can keep Ganga water or any holy river water in it. Copper hut is used as a Kalash. Mango leaves and then coconut are placed on it. Properties and benefits of coconut Read here to know. The Kalash is kept near the Havan Kund. Near it, Gaur Ganesh made of cow dung is placed on a betel leaf, and then it is worshipped.

Requirements for alliance –

Alliance means the knot tied between the bride and groom. It is tied with the bride’s sari and the groom’s chunni. The conch shell is blown at the time of alliance, so keep the conch shell at this time.

Elder’s Blessings –

Rose flowers are dipped in the Ganges water by the elders and sprinkled on the bride and groom.

Vermilion –

After making seven rounds of fire, the groom applies vermilion to the bride. Sindoor is a symbol of honeymoon of a married woman. In this, vermilion is filled with silver coins or rings.

Mangalsutra –

Mangalsutra is also a sign of happiness. Married women in Hindus always wear Mangalsutra. During this ceremony, flowers are showered on the bride and groom.

Other Ingredients –

serial number Stuff
1. Turmeric, Kumkum
2. Sweet
3. A new towel, a saree, a blouse piece, a shawl
4. Suhagan’s full par
5. For lighting a lamp, ghee, oil, wick
6. white thread, molly
7. Dough or Rangoli for making square

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