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As we all know that compared to 10 years ago from today, how much India has developed today. Today, from sending money to buying goods, everything is done within minutes sitting at home. From city to village, everything is developing. Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken a pledge to make India a developed country, and this is a very important step towards that. We know this campaign as Digital India. This is also our topic today – Digital India

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So friends, if you want to know about the meaning of Digital India, Benefits of Digital India, or the purpose of Digital India, then you have come to the right place. We will give you complete information about all these topics as well as about Digital India Portal and Digital India Online Registration. So if you want to know more about Digital India, then definitely read our article till the end.

Meaning of Digital India.

(Digital India Kya Hota Hai?)

Digital India is a campaign started by the Government of India, specially to make available government services to the citizens of the country on a digital platform.

Efforts are being made in this campaign to make the country prosperous especially by improving from the roots and empowering the country in the field of technology. To make India a developed country, this is a very important step which will take us towards success.

When did Digital India start and for more information related to it, definitely read our next essays.

When did Digital India start?

(Digital India Ki Shuruaat Kab Hui?)

The Digital India campaign was launched on July 1, 2015, at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in New Delhi. It was inaugurated by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji in the presence of eminent industrialists like Mukesh Ambani, Azim Premji, Cyrus Mistry.

It was launched to connect rural areas to the Internet and increase digital literacy.

There were many people who did not have any information about government facilities, due to which they could not take advantage of it. But Digital India gave them a new light, made them aware of their rights, that too very easily.

Digital India has strengthened its hold in many areas and is moving ahead on the same path.

Digital India Portal, Online Registration, Payment.

(Digital India Portal, Registration, Payment)

Digital India Portal is a website that has been created with an objective to provide an opportunity to retailers to access various web services and serve their customers at low investment cost.

There are many different areas under Digital India, which we can take advantage of. For this we have to first get the government recognized registration then only we will be able to use it further. You do not need to go anywhere or any office to get this recognition. You can do all this work online only.

To register on Digital India Portal:

  • First of all go to its official website
  • There you will see many options, out of which you have to go to ‘FRANCHISE REGISTRATION’ and register yourself by going here.
  • Now in the page that will open in front of you, you will give all your personal information asked for.
  • After that you will upload your Aadhar card, PAN card, a photograph of yourself and your signature.
  • After that you will submit it by pressing on SUBMIT.
  • Your ID Password will be sent to you on your given email ID within 24-48 hours of your submission. By giving this ID Password, you can start using the Digital India Portal.
If you face any problem in doing this process, then you can call on the numbers given below the SUBMIT button, or their official email ID ‘[email protected]’ You can also mail.

The Digital India campaign lays special emphasis on digital empowerment. A part of this is also digital payment. There are many such digital payment methods, which help us to do money transactions sitting at home. Such as- Internet Banking, Credit / Debit Card, UPI Services, etc. It allows us to make payments through electronic means.

Digital India Online Registration and Digital India Payment is very important part of Digital India Portal.

Essay on Digital India, 200 words.

(Digital India Essay In Hindi, 200 Words)

Digital India is an important step towards a developed India, which has proved its importance in many fields.

This campaign, started in 2015, is a proactive effort to bring digital facilities to every small and big citizen of every small and big village and city. The goal of Digital India is to increase in the areas of electronic services, manufacturing and job opportunities and take India forward towards development.

Digital India is such a project, in which we can do our government work sitting at home. Why only government, today we can do almost all the work sitting at home in minutes, without making rounds of government offices.

The people of backward villages are not that much educated, nor do they have much knowledge of these subjects. Sometimes they do not understand the working of government offices and there is no one to help them. These people often live in villages away from cities and it is not possible for them to visit offices again and again.

To reduce these difficulties, Digital India was started, so that they can do their work in the shortest possible time sitting at home.

With the implementation of Digital India, the economic and industrial sector of the country has also increased significantly. The country has been able to stand itself on many platforms. Digitization gave many unemployed opportunities to earn a living and at the same time worked to reduce the high-cost of many goods.

There are many more reasons to start Digital India, which have been implemented for the benefit and convenience of our citizens. To know about these objectives and benefits, definitely read the next essays.

on digital india Essay.

(Digital India Essay)

This very important campaign, implemented from July 1, 2015, which we know as ‘Digital India’, started with the aim of digitally enriching the country and making government services and facilities accessible to the citizens of the country. has been done.

While inaugurating it, our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had assured all the citizens that now all types of government services will be available to every citizen very easily.

Coming into the work of Digital India, there has been growth in many technology sectors in India. Digital India has made the work of us citizens very easy. We can do bank work, office work sitting at home, and can buy goods without going to the market.

Some of the facilities provided by Digital India initiatives are: Digital Locker, E-Health, E-Education, E-Shopping, National Scholarship Portal, and Bharat Net. Along with this, the government has also planned to start a botnet cleaning center.

The path on which Digital India has walked to empower the country is progressing and going forward and in the same way, this campaign will continue to enrich our country in every way.

short essay on digital india, 100 word.

(Digital India Essay In Hindi, 100 Words)

The Digital India campaign was started on 1st July 2015, with the main objective of creating a better infrastructure for the country electronically and to make the country digitally empowered by providing internet facility to every citizen of the country.

Since the inception of this campaign, how many people have been given mobile phone and internet facilities and at the same time, it has also been seen that 35% of the population of the country is using the internet, which shows the success of this campaign. enough to prove it.

The government has taken care of this project reaching every village, every city. Digital India has provided the facility to the citizens of the country to do their important work, such as depositing money, sending money, filling forms, buying goods, many innovative ways of studies, etc., sitting at home.

In our short essay on Digital India, in 100 words, we have told many important things, which will help us to know about Digital India.

Objectives of Digital India.

(Digital India Ke Uddeshya)

Digital India campaign is one such scheme run by the Government of India, whose main objective is to reach government facilities from door to door, that too through digitization.

Digital India is particularly focused in three areas –

  • The first is to provide a digital infrastructure to every citizen of the country.
  • The second is to take care of the digital empowerment of every citizen.
  • The third is to provide governance and service to the citizens according to their demand.

Apart from these, there are many objectives of Digital India, some of which are as follows:

  • Trying to make our country advanced in every field.
  • High speed internet facility in every village.
  • Mobile phone facility in every home.
  • Zero import of goods into our country and minimum cost on imported goods.
  • Facilitating efficient and easy delivery of services to citizens.
  • Providing more and more jobs to the citizens.
  • To create a new and developed government, through technology.

In this way we come to know that Digital India has many aspects, all of which have only one main goal – to improve the economy of India and provide good governance to the citizens of India through the joint efforts of the government.

Advantages and disadvantages of Digital India.

(Digital India Ke Labh Aur Haani / Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital India)

As we all know that every coin has two sides. Similarly, everything has two sides – a positive and a negative.

Whenever a new thing or a new plan is started, there is a lot of controversy on its positive and negative sides. Similarly, Digital India also has two sides. While it has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

We can know the advantages of Digital India and the disadvantages of Digital India from the following points –

Benefits of Digital India:

  • Today’s era is the era of digitization. Today everything is done through different types of electronics. Now in minutes we can submit forms, deposit money, exchange money, do all our government work sitting at home, and many more. All this has been possible only through Digital India.
  • Digitization has provided us with many employment opportunities. How many people doing technical work got a chance to earn their livelihood. Also, today is the era of online business. From big businesses to small businesses, Digital India has played its part in the growth of all sectors.
  • All transactions can be tracked due to online money exchange, due to which no illegal transactions are possible. With this, the black economy can be easily eradicated.
  • Because all the exchange of money happens online, no shopkeeper can avoid paying tax to the government. In this way the income of the government increases, as a result, the economy of the country grows.

Disadvantages/Disadvantages of Digital India:

  • Digital India has made everything digital, but one thing is neglected that even today there are many people, who do not know about mobile or internet, or how to use it. This can be difficult for them. India is still digitally incapable.
  • To make use of Digital India, the most important thing is to use mobile. But many do not have mobile at all. Here Digital India lags a bit behind.
  • Digitization has made us humans dependent on machines. We also use a machine to talk to someone. Digitization has made us socially distant from each other.
  • The use of internet has given a big boost to cybercrime. No special precautions are taken in India, due to which the risk of cybercrime increases.
  • Internet access is essential for the success of Digital India. But because of its high price and slow speed, it becomes difficult to use by all, especially poor people.

These were some important things related to Digital India, which tells us about both its advantages and disadvantages.

Hindi Slogan on Digital India.

(Digital India Slogans In Hindi)

The purpose of Digital India, the whole country should be digital.

Internet will be accessible to the public, ease of services will serve the public interest.

We will make the country digital, make it accessible to the people.

The use of papers will be less, now the power of high speed internet will be there.

Internet has made everyone easy, Digital India has made everyone’s troubles far away from home.

This government undertaking, made services easy.

Connecting to the Internet, weaving the dreams of a developed India.

City will connect with village, information will be easy to get.

Paper and time will be saved, Digital India has helped everyone.

The expansion of Digital India will bring immense employment opportunities.

The Digital India campaign has been very successful so far and it is going to strengthen its roots even further. As of 31 December 2018, India had a population of 130 crore people, 121 crore mobile phones, 123 crore digital Aadhaar cards, 446 crore smartphones. E-commerce grew by 51 percent as well, increasing from 481 million users in December 2017 to 560 million internet users, which is 35% of the total population of the country.

It is hoped that the objectives of this campaign will prove beneficial for all the Indians and digital India will transform our country into a developed country.

So friends, by reading this article of ours, you must have come to know about Digital India and many things related to it. If you liked this article of ours, then do share it with your friends and if you have any question for us, then definitely write it in the comment.

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