Hindi Stage Steering Female Sangeet or Anchoring Script | Anchoring Script and Quotes for farewell In Hindi

Stage Steering Script, Women’s Music or Farewell Ceremony Or Anchoring Script (Ladies Sangeet Anchoring Script and Quotes for farewell, college annual function Speech In Hindi)

In this, we have described the college as family, where some were in the place of guru and disciple, some elder brothers, some younger brothers, some sisters, some daughters and some were in the place of their friends and friends. I have expressed these relationships built over the years through a few lines. Hope you can get help from these lines in any of your programs.


Memories have huge size,
Have kept a family.
All are pearls of a rosary,
Everyone is the light of the temple of education.

It is not just the courtyard of a high school.
This is the courtyard of the house of Shri ……….

for the master

consider them to be a guru as their own
who showed the dream of life
guidelines given on step
life environment

for big brother

Give shade to the peepal in the harsh sun
Such amazing is the love of love
Happens when elder brother’s hand
life passes without controversy
no blood relation with them
But the priceless bond of life

to dry

The houses of life are decorated with dreams
Heart fills with the knock of memories
every moment becomes happy
When these friends are together.

for the disciple

What is happiness for Guru?
Nor is that power in words of praise
True worship is not in valuable gifts
There is only one who gives soul peace
When the disciple gets the radiance of success

for daughters

Sometimes such turns come in life
You meet crazy people
someone has fashion worm
one’s temper
There is a cute baniya in this
one has blown away nindia
Such is the circumstance of these girls
Who many times surrounded them in controversies

for naughty girls

Here are some good daughter-in-laws
sweet, bitter, tea like
fast in work, sometimes in things
sometimes straight and sometimes in karate
they have a different place
Indelible contribution to the temple of education

for friend
do-it-yourself balancing equation
assessment of chemicals
Now they too have to leave
separated from peers

They have a hold in political science
wearing a sari
no wrinkles no spots on face
There is a sense of domination in the voice

The pages of their history are fresh
Their conch shells are from ghost to ghost.
…………… are the names of which
Friends are with them like friends

for staff

Without them the whole family would not be
Together only then everyone’s shape is formed.
When all are bound in the bond of love
Only then do the pearls of the garland shine

other partner

everything becomes easier
when the strings of hearts are joined
then no matter how much turmoil
There is a stay in a life full of love

Many twists come like this
when the mind is disturbed
when those difficulties
just be with your loved ones

This is SN College’s family
where everyone is the same size

other members

They have understood that the child of this family
Whose wickedness remains fresh
The atmosphere is happy with their mischief
like a cover smelling of perfume
Without them there is desertion
Do it all the time like a fly

younger brother

As much as the family is decorated with the blessings of elders
It smells as much as the naughty mischief of the little one

Younger brothers are also so special in this family
without whom there is no instrument

Life introduction

through a few lines,
Just a small introduction.

Life was spent in this city,
lit the lamp of education,
from school yard

Gave pride of higher education,
in the streets of college

was still filling the pot of knowledge
He had to go for further studies.
Those who say goodbye to this place today
Everyone is with their fans today
They are their own life’s capital
The only key to simple conduct.

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