Wedding anniversary greetings message, quote | Celebration of Marriage Anniversary With Quotes

Celebration of Marriage Anniversary With Quotes in Hindi

in a festive mood

Laughter is common

so man

sorry sorry

Sorry sorry ||

Hearty congratulations to all,

Let’s pray with folded hands.

Your arrival is only Ashish,
Our head bows with respect.


The confluence of seven suras makes music,
The bond of two hearts makes marriage.

This relationship of many days, comes in the form of years

Such a meeting of families, decorates the gathering,
Every person would put four moons in your happiness,
Makes four moons ||

Laughter is common in the atmosphere of celebration

But pulling legs is also special

That’s why gustakhi maaf gustakhi maaf ||

For Wife

It was only yesterday that a new bride was adorned.

With the sound of filtering, the house used to resonate.

Time passed, relationships took a new form,

Lived relationships like mother, mother-in-law and grandmother.

Looking back today, I got an idea of ​​the age,

The children who were taught to walk, today they decorated the gathering.

For Husband

I was living a thoughtless life,

I was threading my words alone in a garland.

Then that day came in my life,
When I brought a life partner home.
The one who supports me in every ups and downs,
The one who adorns my bitter words in a melodious rhythm.
who gave sweet music to my life
In today’s full gathering, I expressed my love again.

Relation Of Sisters

This relationship is sour and sweet,
We are such a story of sisters.
We are the pride of this festival,
We are each other’s life.
Tu-Tu-Mai-I are also our rhythm,
The people of the house get caught in our trap.
Sometimes East, Sometimes West,
Like a fly does
Still there is this unbreakable relationship,
Precious story of us sisters ||

Characterized Quotes


In tautli tautli language, she used to say,
Boy used to call himself boy after getting cut.
She used to stop at the texture of the letter,
Picking up Luna, she used to roam the street.
Music resides in their voice too
Today we will sing and play the rituals of our house.


This is the new new grandmother
sweet like honey

Old relation with train
They don’t like long journeys
He is also fond of singing
No one is stopping today.

Wife’s Friend

They have a different style,
Friends become a file of chatty things.
Panchayat runs such missile
Local STD ISD runs day and night mobile ||

Husband’s Friend

There is no fun in the gathering without friends,
Living without friends is a painful punishment.
Be cool if you have a friend’s mood,
Every day there is a colorful musical instrument.

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