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Essay on My Dear Friend: Friendship is a great gift of God. Lucky are those people who have good friends. It is said that a true friend is one who supports you in times of adversity. There is only one friend with whom we share all our good and bad things. A friend is like a brother in our life. Make friends who inspire you in every step of life and support you every step of the way.

If you also have a dear friend, true friend or best friend and you want to write an essay dedicated to him, then below we have written My Dear Friend Essay, My Dear Friend Essay In Hindi, My Friend 10 lines in Hindi and My Best Friend Essay In Must read essays like Hindi given to them.

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my Dear friend Feather Essay – (Mera Priya Mitra Nibandh In Hindi)

I have many friends but Rahul is my dearest friend. Rahul lives in our society, his father works in the post office. Rahul is not very rich but he is very intelligent and honest. I call Rahul “my dear friend” because he is very different from others in behavior. Everyone gets impressed by him as soon as he meets him.

My friend Rahul is very punctual and he does all his work on time and systematically. He is also very good in studies and also helps me in my studies. Rahul is very funny and treats people with great respect, that’s why everyone likes him.

The most important thing about Rahul is that he helps his mother with work at home along with studies and I respect her a lot for this. My friend Rahul is a great source of inspiration for me. I get to learn many things from him. Be it studies, good behavior in front of people or punctuality, I got to learn all these things from Rahul.

I am proud that Rahul is my dear friend, I will always be a good friend with him and keep learning new things from him.

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my Dear friend Essay in Hindi

I don’t have many friends but the friends I have are all good and my dearest friend is Vishal among them all. Vishal is at the top of my friends list. Good nature, smartness and honesty make Vishal my dear friend. I am glad that I found a good friend i.e. friend in Vishal.

Vishal is from a poor house. His father is a laborer, and his mother works hard to make ends meet at home. Vishal himself contributes to his family’s income by working part time for a few hours after school so that he can support his parents.

This is what I like very much about my friend Vishal. Waking up in the morning with the first ray of sun to exercise, then getting ready for school and going to work after school. In an age where we are all leading a good and comfortable life, Vishal is already working hard and struggling.

essay on my dear friend

I really like these things of Vishal. Even after doing so much hard work, Vishal comes first in studies. He is very much liked by all the teachers in the school and asks everyone to take inspiration from Vishal.

Talking about nature, Vishal is always ready to help others. Be it activity in school or a student needs help in studies, Vishal does not ask for any work.

Such a beautiful character, top in all work and at the forefront of helping others. All these qualities make Vishal different and better and that is why Vishal has got the status of “Monitor” in our class.

I am happy and proud that Vishal is my dearest friend and I will always remain his friend.

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my friend Hindi In 10 Queue

I have many friends but whose friendship I am proud of is my friend Sahil.

Sahil is a nice, calm and intelligent person.

My friend Sahil tops studies and does every work with great interest.

Sahil is not very rich but he contributes to his household income by working for few hours along with studies.

He also helps his mother with work at home and respects and respects her parents a lot.

I get to learn a lot from Sahil and he is a great source of inspiration for me.

Simple nature, always hungry to learn something new and believe in hard work. All these qualities make Sahil different and the best.

My parents love Sahil very much and ask me to be like him.

Sahil is my true friend because he inspires me to study and also helps me.

I am very lucky, I found my true friend in the form of Sahil and from him I understood the importance of friendship.

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My Best Friend Essay In Hindi

We all have friends but only a few of them are our true friends or best friends.

Friends should be such that they support us for good deeds, for learning new things and in every step of life. I am glad that I have such a friend.

Nikhil, My Best Friend – My true friend. I call Nikhil my dear friend because he is totally different from others and very hardworking person.

Apart from being good at studies, he is also good at all kinds of sports activities. For me, Nikhil is an all-rounder who knows everything.

Nikhil lives in harmony with everyone, he never lets anyone down and never fights with anyone. When someone criticizes Nikhil for something, he corrects his mistake by taking it in a positive way, I love this quality of my best friend Nikhil.

My friend Nikhil is honest in his work and very simple in his behavior. All the teachers in our school praise Nikhil very much and ask all the children to take inspiration from Nikhil.

Nikhil’s father is a big business-man, he has a big house and he is very wealthy. Despite being so rich, Nikhil leads his life with simplicity.

There are many poor students in our school who are from backward class but Nikhil talks with most respect and does not show his wealth.

Nikhil is a cheerful person with so many good qualities and keeps on making others laugh. He always says that making others happy is the greatest virtue.

Nikhil has brought a lot of positive changes in me and he has taught me the skills to live. If it wasn’t for Nikhil, I might not have been so good today. Nikhil is my true friend in true sense.

I am happy that I have a best friend like Nikhil and I will pray that everyone gets a friend like Nikhil.

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