Poppy Flower Information in Hindi

Poppy Flower Information in Hindi

Poppy flower is a type of flowering plant. About which you are going to get complete information today. It is also known by many other names. Poppy flowers are called poppy or poppy in Hindi. Apart from this, it is also called poppy plant. There are many more interesting facts related to the poppy flower, which you are going to find in this article. Let us know, Poppy Flower in Hindi, all the information related to the flower and plant of Poppy –

Poppy Flower Information

Poppy flower is called poppy or poppy. It is a flowering plant. It is commonly used for home decoration. But apart from this it is also cultivated. Poppy is a plant of the poppy family. It is believed to be native to the Mediterranean.

Initially, the poppy flower was found around the Mediterranean. After that it started being grown all over the world. At present, poppy is cultivated mainly in many countries like India, Asia Minor, China, Turkey. Poppy is cultivated in India in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh.

Let us tell you that to cultivate poppy, you have to take permission from the Excise Department. If you cultivate it without permission, then you can also be punished. This is because opium is extracted from the poppy plant, which is completely illegal. Opium is a drug. “Post” is a word derived from Pashto language.

Poppy Plant Poppy Plant

Poppy Flower Information in Hindi

Poppy plant is very beautiful and attractive. Usually the poppy tree is about 60 cm high. But in some of its species, this plant is also small. The leaves on the poppy plant grow straight from its stem. The color of these leaves is light green. The leaves of this plant are also very beautiful. White, red, purple, yellow, and pink flowers bloom on top of the poppy. Apart from this, it is also found in many colors.

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Poppy Flower Poppy Flower

Most of the poppy plants are seen with red flowers. Apart from this, it is also light purple, and white. A fruit grows on this plant, this flower of poppy is called ‘Doda’. It is very smooth, the shape of the Donda fruit is oval.

Let us tell you that some species of poppy are used for opium, and some species are used for flowers in home and gardens. Poppy plants that are used for flowers and home decoration are called Shirley Poppies.

To extract opium from the poppy plant, farmers call its fruit, which is called Donda. Stripes are made on the raw dough with a sharp knife. After this, a sticky milk-like substance comes out from this ball, when it dries and becomes thick, then it is scraped from the top of the ball.

This is opium. When the poppy fruit is dried, the remaining opium is also removed by soaking the peel of its pod in water. Morphine and codeine are extracted from it, both of which are used for medicines.

Opium usually contains 8 to 13 percent morphine, which can go as high as 22.8 percent. If we talk about how much opium is produced from the cultivation of opium, about 25 ser of opium can be extracted from one acre of field.

Poppy Seeds Poppy Seeds

Apart from poppy, poppy is also used for its seeds. Poppy seeds are also called poppy seeds or poppy seeds. Its seeds come in many colors, among which Black White and Blue are the most sought after. The amount of oil in Poppy Seeds is found to be around 40 to 60 percent.

The oil extracted from these seeds is used for cooking food items. Poppy seeds are used to make sweets, and things like thandai. There is no intoxicant in the poppy seeds. Poppy seeds are considered medicinal.

The benefits of poppy seeds are very beneficial for the human body. Poppy seeds are also very beneficial for hair. It is very popular because of its postic properties. In Garhwal district in Uttarakhand, the green leaves of poppy are used to make a vegetable.

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