how to impress a girl in Hindi

How to Impress a Girl Tips in Hindi (ladki ko impress karne )

In today’s time it has become very important to have a girlfriend or boyfriend, but how to get a girl? This is a thought-provoking topic. In this article, author Sneha Parihar has given some tips to impress a girl.

You like a girl and she doesn’t even look at you, you think about someone day and night, but you don’t care about her, this is what many boys experience many times, but if a girl is completely different from you. If her lifestyle is completely different from yours, then there is no problem, there are many ways by which you can impress a girl.

girl ladki ko impress karne patane ke tarike

Ladki ko impress Karne/ Patane Ke Tarike

Girls never look at the look and status of boys. She is impressed by the style and manner of the boys. The most important thing for any relation is that you behave like you are in real and do not adopt showy behavior to impress anyone. Girls do not like such boys, who behave in a pretentious manner to impress someone or hit the style without meaning or behave like someone else.

Impressing girls is very simple, here we are giving you some tips, by following which you can impress any girl.

Top 10 Tips to impress a girl

Here we will tell you 10 amazing ways to impress any girl

  • Impress the girls with your personality. Try to show with your behavior that you value girls or have a special place for a girl in your life and if a girl comes in your life then you will respect her and include her in every decision.
  • Try to be funny because girls like funny boys. Talk good with girls, share good jokes to impress them, if possible, try this joke with your friend girl or boy friend first and do not do such things that hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • Try to be an interesting person. Girls like those boys who take interest in everything and they have a specific goal to accomplish which they try their best.
  • Be a Mysterious Person. Give a hint to the reason for telling everything directly and make a habit of telling things by doing, so that he tries to understand you in a new way every time.
  • Try to be Charming. Do not behave in such a way that you are something in front of a girl and something else behind. Adopt the same behavior at all times so that girls can impress you.
  • Try to spend quality time with a girl, share as much as possible with her. Do not make things boring by talking on any book or high culture. If possible, try to know each other’s hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes.
  • Make a habit of praising girls because girls like to be praised. But keep in mind that do not praise everything all the time. Compliment on a special thing at a particular time, if you do this your praise will become special for girls and they will remember it for a long time.
  • You should have a good friend circle of your own, if possible, include girls in your group too. If your friend circle is good then it shows that people like you and if your group includes girls then whenever you take any girl to your group then she can easily adjust in that too.
  • If possible, staying in good style does not mean that you should wear expensive clothes or use expensive clothes. Style means that whatever you have, use it well.
  • When you feel that the girl is comfortable with you and you want to take her out, then say this very easily, like ask her to go to the movie or invite her for coffee.

And now that you have started meeting, you can impress girls in every possible way like gifts, flowers and personal things.

Top 10 Gifts Suggestion to impress a girl

SN Gifts For Girl
1 Perfume
2 Cloths- Western Top, Dress, Saree,
3 earrings
4 footwear
5 makeup kit
6 Begs
7 bangles, bracelet
8 Electronic equipment – hair dryer, straightener, other hairstyle equipment
9 watch

Just keep in mind that if you give a surprise, she will be happier because girls like it.

10 Tips to easily impress a girl

Even after keeping all these things in mind, many times it happens that you are not able to impress a girl but there is nothing to fear, here we are giving you 10 tips by which you can make yourself different from others in the eyes of someone. Can tell and easily impress anyone.

Be original:

It has already been told in this matter that you try to stay in front of girls as you are, but still there are many things that boys forget or they do not even know that a girl would like to do this. . For this, if you like someone, then try to spend as much time with him as possible, take your friend to dinner or if you want, you can spend a good time in a garden in the evening. And keep in mind that whenever you are with your friend, try to share everything with him, what do you like, what is your future plan and along with telling about yourself, you can talk many things about him as well. .

If the person you want to impress is in college with you, then it is even better for you, you can spend more time with him in the class library and this will give you many more opportunities to impress him like college functions, parties, projects. etc. can be found.

Be supportive:

If you want to impress a girl, then it is the most important thing that your nature should be supportive for her. For example, if that girl wants to do something different, instead of stopping her, you should help her in that work, but keep in mind that if you are supporting someone, then she is doing the right thing, by mistake she did not take any wrong path. If you have chosen this, then instead of scolding or getting angry, you can explain something comfortably, in this way your impression will increase even more.

Don’t behave like a boss:

Remember, whenever you are with a girl, do not try to impose your choice on her, like whenever you invite a girl for a date, do not choose the time and place in advance if you choose that girl in all these things. Even if you take advice from him, he will like it and he will be impressed with you.

When you go out with a girl, take care of some things like whether the time will be comfortable for her, let the girl choose it. Do not try to impose your choice of dress or color on girls from the very beginning. If you go on a lunch or dinner date with someone, then also take the advice of the girl in deciding what to eat. By doing all these things your impression will be good on the girl.

Be cool:

When you are with a girl, it is not necessary that you always ask her to be according to her, sometimes it happens that you do not like many things of her, but it does not mean that you can talk about that thing at the same time. But if you get angry or react, you can discuss that matter after some time or in private. This will make your impression like a sensible person.

Many times it also happens that you do not like any friend of the girl, in such a situation you have to adjust a little because breaking someone else’s friendship only because you do not like anyone shows your obstinate nature and this will give you a wrong impression on the girl. Does matter .

Don’t compare a girl with any other:

Girls never like that you compare them to someone else. Many times it happens that when you are with a girl and at the same time you easily compare her to someone else, then it puts a wrong impression of you on that girl’s mind and you do not even know.

Keep in mind that if a girl does something special for you, instead of comparing her to someone else, praise her.

Give her a special treatment:

This is the most important thing that the more special you make a girl feel, the sooner and more she impresses you. Now the matter arises that how do you make her feel special, for that you will not need to do much, just you can do this by taking care of small things like when a girl calls you and you are not able to receive her phone. So as soon as you get time, you call him and say sorry and then talk, it has a different effect. Or when you are walking with a girl, do not let her walk on the roadside, even the smallest things done by you are noticed by the girls, these small things impress the girls.

Apart from all these things, your dress also has a different effect on girls, so whenever you go on a date with a girl, be a little careful while selecting your clothes or if possible, you should keep these things in mind while selecting clothes. .

Whenever you select your dress, any of your female Take advice from a friend or sister: What a girl will like, only a girl can socialize well, so when you go out with a girl, it would be good to wear your dress by asking one of your girl friend or sister once.

Take a look at what Joh Style is running right now:

Whenever you take a girl out, dress is very important thing. It is not necessary that you copy a star, but still being prepared according to today’s style will be helpful in impressing a girl.

Wear only the dress in which you are comfortable:

Many times boys get confused about style and choose a dress in which they do not feel comfortable, but by doing this, you are engaged in yourself the whole time and if you do not pay attention to other things, then it will be the same dress in which you are comfortable. Wear it

When you are on a date with a girl, then an important question also arises that what to talk about so that there is no wrong effect and the girl gets impressed.

Here we are telling some topics in which we will tell whether you should talk to girls about them or not.

Your desires:

The most impression on any girl is that what is your direction about your life, what and how do you want to do in your life, but it matters a lot that you think about all these things without thinking anything. Don’t talk in the air.

Humorous stories:

Some such laughs that have happened to you before can be a good topic to talk about at such a time.

Taking part in around:

When you have nothing to talk about, it would be a good topic to talk about the things around you that we can talk about. But keep in mind that your topic should not be boring.

Her: When you talk to a girl about her, it impresses her a lot. When you are talking to a girl about her, you can talk about her likes, dislikes, friends, college, family etc. This thing creates a good impression for you in her mind.

Don’t talk about your old girlfriend:

When you are out with a girl, do not talk about your old girlfriend at all, this thing will give a wrong impression. And keep in mind that do not ask any girl about her past till she is not comfortable or does not want to tell by herself.

It is not necessary that you need to impress a girl only when you are in college, you may need to impress someone even after your marriage. When your marriage is an arranged marriage and you do not know your wife well before marriage, you still need to impress your wife many times.

If you want to impress your wife then keep these things in mind:

  • First of all, introduce your wife to your family and try to know about the members of her family. it has a different impression on him
  • If possible, share with your wife in household chores and introduce her slowly to your house.
  • Praise the food prepared by your wife. Compliments made about any girl impress her a lot.
  • Take time out of your office and take your wife for a walk, it makes her feel that there is time for her in your life too.
  • Do not compare the work done by your wife with the work done by someone else, it gives a wrong impression.
  • If you have been very busy in your office for some time, then take your wife on a nice weekend.
  • If your wife has a misunderstanding with a family member, then without knowing the matter, do not increase the misunderstanding of anyone’s favor.

How to Impress a Girl Tips (ladki ko impress karne/ Patane ke tarike) in Hindi If this article is useful to you or if you want to add something else to it, comment us.

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