Horoscope matching is necessary for marriage or not. Kundli Matching For Marriage In Hindi

Kundli Matching (Kundali Milan) For Marriage In Hindi It is said that marriage is not a doll-game, marriage does not happen again and again in life and at least we want that marriage should be only once and The life partner should be such, with whom spending life feels like deciding a lovely journey. After tying the knot, one of the efforts to be made to make this journey a pleasant one is -: match horoscope. Whether it is a marriage with a person chosen by the family or a love marriage, in the end everyone wants to see their married life happy. According to our elders and some experienced persons, the horoscope of the boy and the girl should be matched before getting married and if their horoscopes match, then only then marriage should be done, otherwise not.

Horoscope matching is necessary for marriage or not

Kundli Matching Is Necessary For Marriage In Hindi

Kundli Matching Marriage

It is true that astrology [Astrology] There is a science and it can tell that the constellations of the boy and the girl [Stars] suitable for marriage [Favourable] are or unfavourable [Unfavourable]. On the other hand, some people also believe that for a successful married life, there is a need for love, trust and mutual understanding, not the meeting of planets and constellations. Matching or matching of Gunas, Nakshatras, etc. is a matter of belief, so it cannot be said whether matching of horoscopes is necessary for a successful marriage or not. What are the qualities required for a successful marriage? Read to know.

What is the meaning of matching horoscope in marriage? [What is Kundali Milan in marriage?] -:

Matching horoscope means studying astrology. Under astrology, horoscopes are made on the basis of the birth place, date of birth and other information of the boy and the girl and then by studying the horoscopes of both, it is tried to find out that there is mutual harmony in their future life. [Adjustments or Mutual Understandings] will happen or not. Generally, in the horoscope, the career, nature, health and whole life of that person are described. While matching the horoscope for marriage, things related to matching of qualities etc. are kept in mind.

While studying the horoscope of the boy and the girl for marriage, things like how many qualities out of 36 Gunas and 8 Kuta are available and how many should be considered. The study of the following table can help in this regard:

serial number Number of qualities found in the horoscope of boy and girl future outcome of marriage
1. 18 or less than In this situation, the chances of its failure are high if the marriage takes place.
2. On getting 18 – 24 gunas Marriage done in this situation can be successful, but many problems can come in it.
3. On getting 25 – 32 gunas In this way, the signs of a successful married life are obtained by matching the horoscopes.
4. On getting 32 – 36 gunas Best partner for marriage. Problems do not arise in these types of marriages, and even if they do, they do not adversely affect the relationship.

[परन्तु स्थानीय मान्यता के अनुसार भगवान राम और माता सीता की कुंडलियों के भी पूरे 36 गुण मिले थे, उनका जीवन कष्टों में बिता, अतः कुछ लोग पूरे 36 गुण मिलने की स्थिति को शुभ नहीं मानते.]

match horoscope in arranged marriage [Kundli match in Arranged Marriage] -:

Generally, people match horoscopes only in arranged marriages because they don’t know anything about the other person who might be the future life partner, so they get to know about his/her behavior, habits, lifestyle, etc. If an idea is taken, then after considering all these things, it helps in taking the decision to add or not to add a marital relationship.

matching horoscope in love marriage [Kundli match in Love Marriage] -:

Two people i.e. boy and girl already know each other, understand, they know about their habits and behavior and then decide to marry then the question of matching horoscope or not matching in it does not matter so much. That’s why people generally do not get horoscopes in love marriages.

On not getting horoscope [What will you do if the Kundli does not match ?]

Sometimes it happens that the Kundli is not found or the qualities are not found in sufficient quantity in the horoscope, in such a situation, the astrologer is told to overcome it and these measures include any fasting, fasting, any worship or wearing any gem, etc. There are such measures, by adopting which the defects of the horoscope can be removed and steps can be taken in a successful married life.

In some situations, it also happens that some strong qualities of one person mix with the weak qualities of another person and thus also the beginning of a successful married life.

But in some circumstances, people think better not to add marital relations if they do not get the horoscope.

Difficulties or drawbacks in Kundli matching [Loopholes in Horoscope matching] -:

It is said that astrology is a science, but the astrologer is not always a scientist because of the authenticity of the predictions made by him by looking at the horoscope. [Authenticity] It cannot be detected because no human being can look into the womb of the future and see what events are going to happen in the coming time. Apart from this, there is also a fact that matching horoscopes can prove to be meaningful only when the time, place, etc. things of birth are written correctly in the horoscopes. All other things in this can be confirmed to be correct, but you cannot give exact proof of the time of birth of any child because only Able to change the horoscope even a minute or a few seconds difference The reason for this is that changes in the stars, planets, constellations, etc. of that child are possible to a great extent during this time interval.

Horoscope matching is necessary or not ? [Kundli Milan is necessary or not ?] -:

Whether matching horoscope is necessary for marriage relationship or not, it can be everyone’s own personal opinion. Some people believe a lot about this and some people feel all these superstitions and both these opinions are manifested from their own experiences. But it is necessary that if we match the horoscope of the boy and the girl or not, we must try to reconcile the minds of both of them and both the families should also decide whether to combine this relationship with mutual understanding and understanding. needed.

Some things should be kept in mind while matching the horoscope, which are as follows -:

  • Do not go to the astrologer by any means to match the horoscope, but show your horoscope to the pandit who actually has knowledge about it.
  • The information about your place of birth, time, etc. is absolutely correct in the horoscope.
  • If you are doing love marriage, then do not fall into the situation of creating any doubt by mixing horoscope unnecessarily.
  • Do not take your life decisions on the basis of horoscope only, but take your decision after thinking carefully about all the situations.

Do not sit holding the things mentioned in the horoscope, but bring love, understanding and trust in your heart towards your future life partner, so that you can enjoy a successful married life.

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