What is trading? What is Trading?All About Trading in Hindi

What is trading? What is Trading?

Trading in Hindi means trading.

The paid exchange of goods or services between any two parties is called trading. It is the fundamental principle of economic societies and financial activities.

Trading can take place between any two countries or between any two entities or between any two companies or between any two individuals.

Trading controls progress in any society and allows for wealth creation. The place where any form of trade takes shape is called a market. On the basis of the type of products, the market is defined.

There are mainly two forms of market – organized and unorganized. Organized market is constituted with a set of rules and regulations which each entity operating in the market has to follow and there is usually a regulatory body to oversee such adherence. For example: stock market where there is a fixed rule to trade and the business is organized.

There are no strict rules and regulations in an unorganized market, and even if there are, it is not mandatory to follow. For example: Chor Bazaar where no rules. You can also buy 1 lakh item for 10 thousand.

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History of Trading:

What is trading?  History Of Trading

Trading or trading has been going on since ancient times. Different communities or countries used to have different types of trading systems. In the past, trading or trading was the exchange of goods or services in the exchange of any other goods or services.

The business problem of that time was that the products did not have a fixed price. Gold and silver were also traded in the exchange of grains.

To solve that problem money or money was introduced and since then each product got a stable price and trade was organized and organized.

What is Share Market Trading?

Share Market In various companies sell some percentage of their shares to investors and investors buy their shares and invest money in this company. There are investor participation in every profit and loss of the company and some investor sells those shares to another investor along with their profits. All this share buying is called Share Market Trading.

What are the types of Share Market Trading?

Intraday Trading:

In intraday trading, traders buy or sell shares on the same day. The day traders book profit or loss early and close their trade before the close of the stock market. Shares can be held for a few hours or a few seconds, and multiple times in a single day. Share price in intraday trading is highly volatile and it requires fast decision making. That’s why inexperienced people who are new to the stock market are made to take part in intraday trading.

Swing Trading

In this type of trading, traders or traders keep the shares for more than one day to increase the price. They estimate the price of their share to increase and accordingly keep the share for that number of days.

Most of the swing traders are there in the stock market.

Positional Trading

In this type of trading, investors keep the stock for a long period to get more profit. Shares are kept for a few months to years.

Investors predict the price movement by various technical and fundamental analysis and buy shares accordingly.

This type of trading is relatively safe, because shares are kept for a long time.

Fundamental Trading

Generally all the long term investors who invest in a developing company by ignoring the short term fluctuations of share price. This type of trading is called Fundamental Trading. There is always profit in the long run. That’s why fundamental traders invest only for a long time.


Although every business is called trading, but today, especially trading in the stock market or stock market has been called trading.

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