How many qualities of a horoscope should be found for a successful marriage? Gun Matching For Successful Marriage In Hindi

How many qualities of a horoscope should be found for a successful marriage? Guna Matching For Successful Marriage In Hindi

Hindu marriage is not just the marriage of two lovers, here the qualities of both are matched before getting married. To see the compatibility between the two person, their horoscope is matched in every way, on the basis of which the marriage of both of them is done and their future is decided. Astrology has got a special place in the Hindu society, here every work is done according to the Muhurta, the condition of the planets.

Marriage is such an opportunity in the life of a man, which brings new and big changes in his life. When the talk of marriage starts in the Hindu society, before the nature of the boy and the girl, the horoscope is matched, and the nature is not found, but if the horoscope is good, then the marriage is done.

Gun Matching –

For a successful household life, it is very important to meet the qualities between husband and wife, these qualities are matched through the horoscope. The horoscope of any human being is made on the basis of his date of birth, sun, time and place. This horoscope is prepared considering the position of the house constellations at the time of birth. Then at the time of marriage, boy and girl, this horoscope is matched. While matching the horoscope for marriage, mainly 8 things are matched, these are –

a quality How important is it to match
count 6
home friendship 5
beard 8
Vaishya 2
Character 1
cunt 4
Star 3
Bhakoot 7

In the horoscope, there are total 36 qualities by combining all these, the more qualities the boy and the girl get, the more successful the marriage is.

a quality What happens when you get how many qualities?
under 18 This matching is not considered worthy of marriage, it is said that this marriage fails.
18 – 25 A good match for marriage.
25 – 32 This is the best match for marriage, this marriage is good.
32 – 36 This is the perfect match, this marriage is very successful.

By matching the qualities, the nature of the boy and the girl is mixed. Arrange marriages are mostly done in Indian society, if such two persons do not get a chance to know each other, then their qualities are mixed by the horoscope. With this, it is understood that how much difference is there in the nature of both the persons, it does not lead to quarrels in future due to misunderstanding.

Guna Matching Successful Marriage

Manglik Dosh –

Anyone whose horoscope is Manglik by birth is called Manglik Dosh. This is the most important thing at the time of horoscope matching. If the horoscope of one of the boys and girls is Manglik, then it is carefully mixed with the help of astrologers, and then it is decided. Generally, if one person has a Manglik Kundli, and the other doesn’t, then it is not eligible for marriage due to Manglik Dosha. But many times one’s Manglik Dosh gets reduced according to the house condition of the other’s horoscope.

How to match the qualities (How To Match Kundali) –

If the intellectual, physical and mental qualities in the girl’s horoscope are more powerful than the boy’s horoscope, then the qualities of both are not good. On the contrary, if there is more family happiness in the horoscope of the girl than in the horoscope of the boy, then both the qualities are found more.

Let us understand in detail the eight matchings required in the horoscope –

Characters (Mental Matching)

The maximum score in this comes to 1. In this, mainly the ego of the boy girl is matched. These are four according to the Vedas – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. If it is the same in the horoscope of both the boy and the girl, then it means getting the character.

Vaishya (Who will dominate whom) –

Maximum 2 marks are required for this match. This boy sees in the girl’s horoscope that who will dominate whom, who will run in the house. We have seen it in five ways –

  1. Man
  2. Vanchar
  3. Chatuspad (four-legged)
  4. aquatic
  5. aquatic insect

Tara (the position of the constellation at the time of birth) –

A maximum of 3 marks must be obtained for this match. After marriage, the health of husband and wife is mixed by this. This matching is done by the number of stars in whose horoscope at the time of birth. By the way, there are 9 stars at the time of birth – Janam, Sampat, Vipata, Kshem, Pratari, Sadhak, Slaughter, Mitra and Ati Mitra.

cunt –

Maximum 4 marks are required for this match. By this matching, how will be the relationship between the boy and the girl, it will be seen. With this matching, the house condition of the constellation is seen in the natal chart of the boy and the girl. Each Nakshatra represents an animal. If both have similar constellations in their horoscope, then their household life is considered very good.

For example, if there is a mongoose constellation in one’s horoscope, and a snake in the other’s horoscope, then this match is 0, because mongoose and snake are naturally enemies of each other.

The names of 14 animal characters are as follows, which tell the personality traits of a person –

  • horse
  • Gaza
  • Sheep
  • Snake
  • self (dog)
  • marjarah (cat)
  • mouse (rat)
  • cow
  • Mahisha (Buffalo)
  • Vyagraha (Tiger)
  • deer
  • apes (monkeys)
  • Nakula (weasel)
  • lion (lion)

Home Friendship –

It is necessary to get a maximum of 5 marks for this match. This test determines how the natural behavior, mental qualities, happiness of children and mutual affection will be between both the partners. This shows how the relationship between the boy and the girl will remain, whether they will remain friends or each other’s enemies or normal.

It is matched by looking at 7 planets –

  1. Sun
  2. moon
  3. Fortunate
  4. wed
  5. Teacher
  6. Venus
  7. saturn

Qualities (compatibility in nature) –

Maximum 6 marks are required for this match. Due to this, the behavior, nature between the two is seen. It is mixed in three ways –


In this category the person is more spiritual, and less materialistic.


In this category, man walks by maintaining a balance between both spirituality and materiality.


In this category man is more materialistic, less spiritual.

Bhakoot (match between zodiac signs) –

It is necessary to get a maximum of 7 marks for this match. It tells how there will be happiness in the relationship between the two human beings. It determines the family, economic prosperity and happiness between the couple. Moon signs are as follows –

  1. Sheep
  2. Taurus
  3. Gemini
  4. Cancer
  5. Lion
  6. Virgo
  7. Libra
  8. Scorpio
  9. sagittarius
  10. Capricorn
  11. Aquarius
  12. Pisces

Nadhi (compatibility in health)

Maximum 8 marks are required for this match. It looks at the genetic compatibility between the two. It determines the probability of progeny. There are three nadis –

  1. e.t.c
  2. Middle
  3. the end

At the time of matching, the match of Nadhi holds the main place, it gets the highest score. Nadhi dosha is considered a great dosha. There should not be equal pulse between the boy and the girl, due to this there is more mental tension between the two, there is no mediation in thoughts. Similar Nadhi is called Nadhi Dosha. If there is a different Nadhi between the boy and the girl, then it is considered a good indicator, it is called Nadhi Shuddhi. The beard of a person is determined by his birth. There is no happiness of children due to Nadhi dosha. Even if there is a child, there is a danger in his life.

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