how to make dreams come true ways to be successful in life

How to become successful in life and make dreams come true in hindi

There is a very famous and well-known saying that “the whole world salutes the rising sun”, it means that the person who is successful gets respect everywhere and who does not like this respect. Now the question arises that how does one become successful? How to make your dreams come true?

Sapne sakar kaise kare kamyab bane

How to make dreams come true and how to be successful in life

Everyone in the world has some or the other dream that what he wants to do in the future, what he wants to become and he also tries to fulfill this dream. Some of these people are successful in making their dreams come true and some are not. Everyone tries their best to make their dreams come true and be successful in life, but what are the reasons why they do not get success? Each secret of dreams which comes to the fore over time.

Here we will share some such things, which will help you to make your dreams come true and you become successful:

What is your dream (What’s your Dream?) :

Actually these are the most sensible questions, because it is very important to know that what is your dream? what do you want? Its decision needs to be taken very carefully. When we think about this, then we dream very much from our present circumstances and then when the idea of ​​fulfilling it comes in mind, knowing it as impossible, they leave it, their enthusiasm becomes cold. Huh. So it is necessary that we start with a small step. Then after its completion, decide the next strategy. In this way we get success step by step and the way to success is also opened.

Decide and Believe:

You have dreamed and considered it completely, that you have to do this work. After this step, you should strengthen your determination towards this work and establish your faith in it, that you can do this work and you will get success in it.

You may have difficulty in the beginning and face initial failure, but at this time you have to remember your determination and keep your faith in it, this will definitely give you success. For this, remember the following Mool – Mantra –:

determination + confidence (believe) = success

Release Fear:

In order to turn our dream into reality, when we take steps towards it, then we will be afraid in the beginning, whether our step is wrong or we will get success or not. We do not stop dreaming because of the fear that our dreams should not be broken, so why should we not stop fearing, it will have two benefits –

  1. We will be able to move fast towards fulfilling our dream,
  2. Our Fear also gradually diminishes and ends Will be done.

Take action: The fourth and important step is – to take steps to fulfill your dream, for this it is necessary to start somewhere. Even if that step is small, it is important to take that step. It is also very important to climb the first step to reach the height, only then you can reach your destination.

Love yourself: When you love yourself, only then you can give attention to yourself and your dreams too. You must take some time for yourself every day, whether in that time you read, listen to music or pursue any other hobby of yours. Talk to yourself and think about your dream, think about where you are now, where you want to reach and what to do about it now. By working in this way, you will be relaxed and you will be able to take further decisions with a calm mind and now you will definitely get success.

Take inspiration from others’ success (Use other’s success as Inspiration):

When you are aware of the success of a person, take inspiration from him and think about how I can achieve my success.

When we see a successful person and his negative things instead of looking at it positive things learn from him, how that person made his dreams come true and his get success in life That, then we too are inspired to take steps towards making our dreams come true and become successful.

Some examples can be seen for this, those who did not get success in their first attempt, but they did not lose courage and made continuous efforts, due to which today they have become the second name of success for the world. Some of these names and their area of ​​success are as follows:

serial number successful person successful work
1. Thomas Edison invention of bulb
2. Tata Group cheapest carnano’ success in making
3. Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Succeeded in manufacturing many missiles for India and today ‘missile man are known as.
4. Amitabh Bachchan famous film actor
5. Abraham Lincoln Journey from a poor boy to becoming the President of America.

Learning from Mistakes (View Mistakes as a Lesson) :

When we take a step towards making the dream come true, we may have made a mistake and instead of taking a step forward towards our dream, we take a step or a few steps back, then it does not mean at all. That you cannot do that work or it is not about you to get success. Here you just need to change your attitude, you should take a lesson from this mistake, not get frustrated and step back from your dream. A small failure should not be used as an excuse to step back.

Give importance to even small decisions (Value Tiny Decision):

To achieve success, if we start with a small step, it means that even this small step means a lot. Therefore, it is necessary that whatever decision we take, whether it is small or big, it is necessary to give importance to it because only small efforts show us the way to our success and also bring success.

Don’t let bad habits win:

It is very easy to blame the minor difficulties of your life, but the more difficult it is to overcome them. If you have any bad habit, then get control over it in time and then gradually eliminate it. If you do not do this then you will become addicted to it and then you will spend your hard earned money like water to get rid of this habit. At the same time, they can also create difficulties in the way of our success, so it is important that it is better to leave these habits than to fall into these useless messes.

Be Patient:

When you take steps towards making your dream come true, you may get success in your first attempt itself, but it may also happen that you will fail this time. Therefore, it is important that you prepare yourself for both the situations and with patience, make a further strategy and take steps accordingly. In this way, you will definitely get success if you keep trying continuously. The same if you sit down disappointed with one failure, then you will never be able to succeed. So it is necessary that you have patience and move forward.

Flexible Strategy :

If you have to face failure again and again in the way of making your dream come true, then consider that your path is not wrong. That is, the path on which you are walking, the methods you are adopting, whether they are wrong or not and that is why you are not able to fulfill your dream. Therefore, it is necessary that you check your strategy from time to time and if necessary make changes in it.

Law of Attraction :

Whatever you want in your life, what you imagine to be, your life really becomes as it is, the reasons behind this are – “law of attraction” You think about your life or dreams and imagine it and the more powerful this imagination is, the greater the chances of it coming true, that is why it is said that we should always think well. But it also does not mean that you just keep imagining and waste your time waiting for it to come true. You also have to put in enough effort to turn them into reality.

Positive Thinking: You should always keep positive thoughts in your life. If we think good, then it will be good. The reason behind this is that the way we think, it affects our work and its success and failure are certain. But this does not mean that you should not consider both the aspects of the situation i.e. positive and negative facts. You have to take decisions after understanding both the aspects very well and adopting a positive attitude towards the decisions taken, you have to expect them to be successful, only then you will be able to get closer to success.

Trust the Universe (Believe the Universe is Friendly):

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita It has been said that “a man should keep on doing his work, not worrying about its result”. That is, when you have completed all the necessary work to make your dream come true and now you want to get its result that when that work will be successful and when you will be able to become successful, then at this time you have to trust the universe i.e. God. It is necessary that they will definitely give you the fruits of your hard work. Having faith in this way will not only give you courage, but will also take you one step further towards your success.

Thus, whenever you want to achieve a goal in your life, see a dream, make it come true and wish that success kisses your feet, then it is necessary that you take the above things seriously and choose the path of success with the help of them.

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