Cyber ​​Security in Hindi – What is cyber security and why is it important? (PDF)

With the increasing use of the Internet, there is a great need for Cyber ​​Security these days, so that we can protect our data. In this article, we will learn in detail about what is cyber security and why it is important.

Now everything depends on the Internet and computers – entertainment, communication, transportation, medicine, shopping, etc. Even banking institutions run their business online.

Without a security plan, hackers can access your computer systems and abuse your personal information, your customer information, your business intelligence, and more.

What is Cyber ​​Security

Cyber ​​security is the way to protect and protect computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from cyber attack, damage, or unauthorized access. It can also be called information technology security or computer security.

As the volume of cyber attacks increases, companies and organizations need to take steps to protect sensitive information, especially those related to national security, health or financial records. Cyber ​​security is dedicated to the security used to process or store that information and systems.

Any cyber security framework implements these five-stage:

  • Identifying weak assets within the organization
  • Protecting property and data, and taking care of maintenance
  • detecting intruders
  • respond to violations
  • Recover from any damage to system, data, and company

Why is cyber security important?

On an individual level, the consequences of a cyber security attack can range from identity theft, to extortion attempts, money theft, and loss of important data including family photos.

Government, military, corporate, financial and medical organizations use computers and other equipment to collect data, process and other information. It may contain sensitive information such as financial data, personal information, intellectual property, unauthorized use of which can have negative consequences.

Everyone depends on critical infrastructure like power plants, hospitals, and financial services companies. Securing them is essential to keep our society functioning, due to which cyber security is important.

Types of Cyber ​​Security in Hindi

Types of cyber security are nothing but techniques used to prevent data theft or attack. It requires knowledge of potential threats to the data, such as viruses and other malicious code.

1. Network security

Network security is a process of securing a computer network from intruders. To keep your network secure, it’s also important to have additional logins and secure passwords, which you reset from time to time. Examples of network security include antivirus programs, firewalls, antispyware programs, and monitored Internet access.

2. Application security

It protects the data used by your applications. As applications are more accessible on different networks, they are particularly open to cyber attacks. You can protect applications with cybersecurity antivirus programs, firewalls, and encryption services.

3. Cloud security

Cloud based data storage has become a popular option over the past decade due to its increased privacy. However, even though cloud storage is more secure, you should still protect it with a software program that monitors activities and can alert you if anything suspicious happens to your cloud accounts.

4. Information security

Sometimes also known as data security. This is necessary to protect the data from unauthorized access or alteration when it is being stored and when it is being transmitted from one machine to another.

5. Operational security

This includes procedures and decisions for handling and protecting data assets. Users’ permissions and procedures when accessing a network determine how and where data can be stored or shared.

Essentials for personal cyber security

Here are cyber security tips to protect against business and personal cyber threats.

  1. Update your software and operating system: This means taking advantage of the latest security updates.
  2. Use anti-virus software: Anti-virus software like Kaspersky, Avast helps to detect and remove viruses and threats.
  3. Use strong passwords: Make sure your passwords are not easily guessable and change them every 3 months.
  4. Don’t click on links in emails from unknown senders or unfamiliar websites: This is a common way malware spreads.
  5. Avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi networks in public places: Unsecured networks leave you vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Career in Cyber ​​Security (Jobs)

The demand for cyber security is very high and is going to increase. Cyber ​​attacks are becoming very common and more harmful. Even though we only hear about attacks from high-profile entities, the number of company as well as individual attacks is very high.

Cyber ​​security is a high earning job in the IT sector. Not only big companies, there is a possibility of many jobs related to cyber security in sectors like banking, railways, hospitals, defense, research institutes.

Some common cyber security jobs;

  • Security Analyst
  • Security Engineer or Architect
  • Security/IT Director or Manager
  • Security Administrator
  • Network Architect or Engineer
  • Forensic Investigator
  • Systems Engineer or Integrator

Common skills required for a cyber security job are firewall/IDS/IPS skills, SIEM management, analytics and intelligence, application security development, advanced malware prevention, cloud computing/ virtualization etc.

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