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Today every person has started using youtube channel, since the time Jio has come, many channels are being made on youtube. Using Youtube Channel, some people upload their videos by making videos to share their knowledge in the logo and some people upload videos to earn money from Youtube. Now it comes to deleting YouTube channel, why delete youtube channel.

Suppose you have created too many YouTube channels and you are not able to manage them or you do not want to keep your YouTube channel, whatever the reason, let’s learn to delete YouTube channel.

How to delete youtube channel?

step 1 First of all you log in to Youtube.

Step 2: Then select the channel you want to delete.

Step 3 : Then click on your photo or logo, as soon as you click on the photo you will get Settings button will appear, click on it.

Step 4 : Then a new Windows will open in it View advanced settings Click on

Step 5 : then at the bottom Delete Channel Click on

Step 6 : Then the option to enter Email Id and Password will come, by entering your Email Id and Password Next Click on

Step 7 Then you are asked I Want to hide My Channel Do you want to hide your channel and then you are asking below I Want To Permanently Delete My Conten You have to click on that means you have to click on the option below.

Step 8 : as soon as you click then face to face 2 Options will come.

  • In the first option, it is telling you that whatever your youtube video comments are, all will be removed, and in the second option, it is telling you that it will not affect your Google Profile. By checking both of you Delete My Content Click Pay.

Step 9 : Then you have to confirm your channel name, then enter the name of your channel Delete My Content Click on

Now your channel has been deleted, friends, in this post, I told you how you can delete your youtube channel, if you find this post useful, then share it with your friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter.

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