How To Buy Hostgtor Free Domain Name?

Many people want to make their own website and work on it so that through their website they can reach their ideas to the people and help them. To make any website you need Domain And Hosting is mainly needed. You have to run your business by buying both of these in any case. But how is it that you have to buy hosting only from these and you get the domain for free. You Hostgator but easily Free Domain can buy.

Hostgator From Free Domain things to take

Hostgator From Free Domain You must have some essential things to buy.

  • You have to think about the domain name you want in advance. because you hostgator But just search the domain name and it will be yours.
  • To buy a domain name, you have to pay for which you have Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking Or you should have a PayPal account through which you can make payments.

Keep in mind here that you don’t have to pay for the domain. The domain will remain completely free. What you will pay for here is the hosting service. Hostgator you Hosting with Domain Free gives. if you’re the only one Domain If you want to take it, then you will not be able to get it here for free.

Hostgator From Free Domain how to buy?

Hostgator you very easily Free Domain can buy. For this follow the procedure given below.

First of all Hostgator Go to the homepage of. If you want this link ( You can also go by clicking on

here you Get Started Now Click on the option that will appear.

  • On the next page, you will see some of these plans in which Starter, Hatchling, Baby, Business Will be. You can choose them according to your wish and budget. like us Business chose and Buy Now Clicked on.
  • then it will ask you Do You Already Have a Domain for your Hosting Plan? you Yes Or No I have to answer. it means have you already Domain Purchased placed. you No to click on. if you Yes If you click on Free Domain Will not be able to get
  • After this you have to search your domain name in the search bar. If it is available then you will be informed.
  • If domain is available then you Add To Cart Click on here The same domain is available for free. if you .com If you want to take a domain, then you will not get it for free.
  • .net Some price will be written in front of the domain. This price will go away later. you just Add to Cart by clicking on checkout Click on
  • After this a list of whatever you are about to buy will come in front of you. In this, a lot of things will come and add which you can reduce.
  • You can also reduce the validity of the plan given in it.
  • You can select whatever you want to buy continue Click on
  • Now you will be asked to create an account. You can login to it directly through your Google Account or Facebook Account.
  • After creating an account, you can directly Payment Option will reach the page. Where you have to pay for what you have bought.
  • After your payment is done, you Free Domain And Hosting be able to use.

like this you Hostgator with Free Domain can buy. If you are starting a new blog or website, then here are very good plans for you, which you get at a low price.

The best thing here is that you can get a domain with hosting for free. That is, your savings of at least 40 percent are easily done.

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If you have more budget then You can also buy domains. But if you are in the initial stage then this is a very good option for you.

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