Music and Shayari for Wedding Ceremony | Wedding or engagement Shayari in hindi

Hindi Shayari for Sangeet and Wedding Ceremony (Wedding or engagement ring ceremony or ladies Sangeet Special Shayari in hindi)

The music of the wedding shows the most brightness in today’s time. Without songs and poetry, the musical goal is never complete. Shaadi Mein Bidaai Songs Soaks everyone’s eyes, some such poetic compositions are present in front of you.

blessings of elders

The confluence of seven suras makes music,
The bond of two hearts makes marriage.

The meeting of many families decorates the gathering,
Blessings of elders, puts four moons in happiness,
Makes four moons ||

Hindi Shayari For Groom

Aya daughter’s prince

It was only yesterday that a small bud had blossomed in the courtyard.
By making her doll a bride, she used to play in dreams.

With his laughter, my courtyard was resonant.

My lap was filled with his little mischief.

Today a prince has come to my door,

The procession is brought home with drum beats.

She will take my daughter as a bride, in a doli.

He will make my princess the Lakshmi of his house.

Hindi Shayari For Bride

shedding farewell

You are a soft rose bud,
Made from the scorching rays of the sun.
You are the moonlight golden, my dear sister,

When you are gone, your memory will hurt a lot.

The hope of your coming will awaken happiness in the heart.

Who will listen to me, who will stop me?
Now this mind will call you again and again.

You come to meet me or else the phone bill will be too much

Bill will come

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