11 Useful RUN Commands That You Always Need

11 Useful CMD Tips in Hindi

We use the computer for various tasks. But common computer users are often unaware of the useful features present in the computer, with the help of which they can do many of their tasks easily and fast. If you are also a window user, And if you are not using your computer according to the capacity, then after reading this article today you will know about some useful tips of run box which can prove beneficial for you.

As we know, the run box window present in the computer is an important feature so that we can directly open the useful features present in the control panel without any apps or by typing shortcut commands. Here we are going to tell you about 12 useful run boxes which will help you to use computer efficiently in your daily life.

First of all, open the run box in the computer. You can open the run box by pressing R (window + R) with the window key. Along with this, press the window button and you can open the Run box by typing run in the search bar.


We can use many features like new user account, app uninstall, change settings etc. with the help of control panel. For this you can run command control You can open the control panel by typing.


You can use the calculator by typing calc in the run box. This command is especially useful when we suddenly have to use calculator for some task.

shutdown your computer

Do you know? We can directly shutdown our computer with the help of run box. Yes, if you still shut down the computer by going to start and clicking shutdown, then you can additionally power off by typing shutdown -a in the run box.

Along with this, you can shutdown the computer by setting a timer. For this you can type shutdown -s -t xxx in the computer. Here instead of xxx, type seconds.

If you want to automatically shut down the computer after ten minutes, then you have to set a timer of 600 seconds.

Which would make it look something like shutdown -s -t 600

get system info

You can get complete information about your system by typing msinfo32. With which you can get information about your system’s hardware, display etc. immediately.

control your mouse

If you want to change the settings of the mouse without opening the control panel, then you can customize the icon, speed etc. of the mouse pointer by typing main.cpl in the run box.

open command prompt

You can open it directly by typing cmd in the run box. This is the fastest and easiest way to open cmd, there are many important commands in cmd, with the help of which we can do any task faster.

All these commands mentioned above can be used easily in window 7,8 and window 10.

Along with this, it is important for you to know here that we can get the correct result even if we write all the capital letters of the run box in capital letters.
For example, if you type conTrol paneL like this, then the control panel will open even after that. Similarly you can do other shortcut commands.

open window service

You can enter by typing services.msc in the run box and from here you can see the current window service in your computer. Here you can turn on, off and configure these services as needed.

clean disk drive

With the help of this shortcut command, you can delete a drive. You can type cleanmgr in the run box, and you will get a dialog box of window disk cleanup so that you can select any drive and click on ok. And the disk cleaning process will start.

check system properties

If you want to know about the system’s hardware, system protection, then you can get the system properties information by typing sysdm.cpl in the run box.
Along with this, you can type dfrgui to defragment the hard disk.

see your computer performance

You can check the current performance of your computer by typing resmon in the run box. In which you can check memory, network, installed apps and various services.

open c drive

You can open c drive without opening my computer by typing / in the run box. For this you have to type / in the run box and you can access your files and folders in c drive.

open window media player

If you use window media player to listen to your favorite song, now you can open it directly after knowing this shortcut command. For this, you have to type wmplayer in the run box and the Window Media player app will open in front of you.

Hopefully, in today’s article, you must have known about some useful shortcut commands of run box. You can express your views related to this article to us by commenting.

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