How to put subscribe button in video- aaiyesikhe

After creating a youtube channel, after uploading 1, 2 videos in it, we have to put the Subscribe Button. It is very important to put Youtube Video Me Subscribe Button, if you are thinking of earning money from Youtube, then definitely put a subscribe button in your Youtube video, what happens by applying Subscribe Button.

Whenever any Viewer will come to our channel and watch our video, if he likes our video then he will subscribe to our channel so that our viewers will also increase, you can encourage the viewers by putting subscribe button in Youtube video, then friends let’s learn Youtube How to put subscribe button in video It is very simple to put subscribe button in Youtube video, just follow my step.

How to put subscribe button in video?

Youtube Video Me Subscribe Button Kaise Lagaye

step 1 First of all login to your Youtube channel.

Step 2 : Then click on your channel’s logo in the top corner then youtube studio Click on

Step 3 : Then Customization Click on top Branding Click on

upload subscribe button

Step 4 : Now in Video watermark option UPLOAD Click on

Step 5: Then you have to select the subscribe image from your computer, then DONE Have to do

Display Time In this, you can set the time of the subscribe button according to you, you have to show it in the first of the video or in the middle of the video or in the whole video, set it according to you.

Step 6: finally up publish Click on the button. Now your video has a Subscribe button, you can watch any video by playing it.

I hope now you have learned to put Subscribe button in YouTube video, how to put Subscribe button in Youtube? How did you like the post, do tell by commenting, if you like the post then definitely share it with your friends.

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