How To Download Yo WhatsApp 2021 Update Method

In this post you will know How To Download Yo WhatsApp And the way of updating this app is similar to the official WhatsApp but in this you get to see more and better features than the original app, that’s why many people use it. If you also run the original WhatsApp, then you will also know that at present only normal features are available in it, so many people are waiting for its advanced feature, but if you want advanced features now, then Yo WhatsApp proves to be a better option for you. could. Because in this you get a lot of modern features which are currently not available on the official WhatsApp.

How to download Yo WhatsApp

Although still many people would like to know what is Yo WhatsApp, in fact it is a MOD version of the official WhatsApp which is currently available for all Android users. There are many such apps and games in the Internet, whose MOD versions are also available on the Internet, this MOD version is a copy of the original app, in which it is made available to the user for free by copying the original app and making some modifications in it. However, there is no guarantee of their being safe because they are made by third party developers, that is why you do not even find them in the Google Play Store.

How to download Yo WhatsApp

A lot of features have been added to WhatsApp since the beginning, but there are still some features that you will get to see only in mode apps like Yo WhatsApp. If you want to download it, then it is obvious that you must have got bored by running the old normal app, in such a situation, if you want to add interesting features to your WhatsApp, then Yo WhatsApp can be the best option for this.

If you are also going to Google Play Store after hearing the name of Yo WhatsApp, then you should know that this is the MOD version which you will not find in the Google Play Store because it violates the policies of the Play Store. However, you can download it by going to the browser and searching on Google, how to do this, for this you follow the steps given below.

1. First of all open Chrome or other browser on your mobile.

2. After this, you have to search in Google by typing Yo WhatsApp Latest Version Download.

How to download Yo WhatsApp

3. In the search result, you have to first open the website as mentioned in the image.

4. Now you will get the download option in this website, on clicking on which the Apk file of Yo WhatsApp will start downloading.

When you install yo WhatsApp for the first time, your mobile may ask you to enable unknown sources. After enabling it, it will be easily installed in your mobile, after that you can use it by verifying your WhatsApp number in it.

Yo WhatsApp Update

Since you do not find this app in Google Play Store, you cannot update it easily but there are two main ways to update it. First Chrome browser and second Yo WhatsApp itself Now you must be wondering how to update it from Yo WhatsApp itself, then tell you that whenever new features are added to it or a new updated version comes, its notification will be found in this app. Is. If you want to update it without losing the chat, then definitely watch the video below, it will give you all the understanding.

If for some reason you do not get any notification to update it, then you have to go to Google’s Chrome browser again and download its updated version, for this you have to follow the steps given below.

1. First of all, go to the chat option in your old version of WhatsApp, take a backup of it and uninstall it.

2. Now go to the browser and search by typing Yo WhatsApp Latest Version Download.

3. Many websites will come in its result from where you have to download its new version.

4. After installing it, restore it by entering your old Yo number.

In this way, you can update your Yo WhatsApp by following some simple steps, here before installing the new version of Yo WhatsApp, uninstall the old version so that there will be no problem in installing the new version.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Yo WhatsApp

The biggest advantage of this app is the extra features it offers and you can customize it to a great extent according to you. In this you get many advanced features like – Unlimited themes, Share Images Without Losing Quality, Change Font, Dual WhatsApp, Message Without Saving Number, Hide Bluetick & Second Tick, Anti Delete Messages, Hide Online Status, Downlod Any Status in Mobile etc.

On the one hand, where its advantages are more than one, there is no less harm from it. Actually, it is not as secure as the original WhatsApp, it does not provide end-to-end encryption, which means that the developers of Yo WhatsApp can read your messages if they want.

Its biggest disadvantage is that the number is banned, in fact it is a third party application which has been created by copying from the original WhatsApp. If their official team comes to know that you are doing any wrong activity using Yo WhatsApp, they can ban your number.

so now you know that How to download Yo WhatsApp Whenever we want an app, we first search it in Google Play Store, so whenever you have heard about Yo WhatsApp for the first time, you must have also searched it on Play Store. But you will not find this app in play store because it is a MOD app and you will not find this type of app in google play store it violates play store policies. However, you can download them from any website by searching in Google Chrome browser and the information about how to do this has been told to you in this post.

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