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Today in this post we will tell you about save trees, we have been hearing this since childhood that Ped Lagao Paryavaran Bachao, vriksh lagao paryavaran bachao, plant trees save the environment. Trees play a very important role in the movement of life. We need oxygen to live, and we get that oxygen only through trees. If we are alive then only because of trees because trees are the only medium through which we get oxygen. Plant trees, save the environment, plant trees, save the environment, plant trees, save the environment, we often hear such things.

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Today, we have a strong need to save the precious resource of the natural, but we are wasting it, or we are destroying it. Our today’s essay is also on this topic – Save trees SAVE TREES. Also, we have planted trees, save trees essay in Hindi, plant trees, save the environment. Ped lagao paryavaran bachao essay in hindi.

save trees

So friends, if you want to know about save trees or save trees, want to know about the importance of trees, or want to know about save trees movements, then do not worry at all. We will give you all this information. So if you want to be aware of the important information to save trees and trees, then definitely read this article till the end.

save tree essay in hindi

Trees, given to us by God and the earth, are a priceless gift. Which we need to keep. If we have a tree, then this should be the mantra of our life. Along with us humans, many other animals which are alive due to oxygen, we get it from trees only. The gas we release from our body in exchange for the oxygen we take in is called Carbon Dioxide. This gas can pollute our environment, but the tree takes it inside and saves both us and this nature.

In this way, trees are an important source of production of Oxygen as well as consumption of Carbon Dioxide. If there were no trees in this world, it would be difficult for humans or animals to live on earth. Because we get oxygen only because of the tree. Save Trees, Save Trees Andolan This is all we are told about in schools.

We have to protect the trees to keep ourselves alive. Due to industrialization, how many trees are being cut, forests are being cleared, buildings are being built there. We have to stop all this. Similarly, if trees are cut down and buildings are made, then there will be no trees left on the earth.

Essay on Tree Conservation

Man can remain hungry and thirsty for some time but cannot live without oxygen. Trees are a very important part of our ecosystem. Trees work to maintain balance in our environment, and at the same time provide us with medicine. Save trees is not just a slogan, it is an important responsibility of all of us. Which every human living on earth should understand and believe. Many animals, including humans, animals depend on trees for their food and shelter. It is the tree that controls this environment.

Apart from giving us oxygen, the tree also performs many important functions, which we ignore. But we need to know the importance of the tree. Some of the importance of trees are as follows:

  • We get many types of wood from trees, which are used to make furniture.
  • Trees save both us and our environment from many types of pollution.
  • Trees help to clean the air around us.
  • Tree roots prevent soil erosion.
  • Trees are also helpful in preventing floods.
  • We also get many important medicines from the tree.
  • Many food items are also available to us from the tree, such as fruits, coffee, tea, oil, and also many types of almonds.

So now you must have understood that trees are an important source of many of our needy things. Now that you know it’s important, now you know how to save it. Read our next essay to know how to save trees.

How to save tree 10 Points in Hindi?

How to save trees 10 points in hindi In this we will give you some very important information.

save trees

Saving trees is very important in today’s modern world, where urbanization, industrialization and global warming are increasing very fast. We cannot cut trees like this. Because this is our only loss, if the trees are not saved then how will we live.

So understanding this, we should cut at least the tree and use it very thoughtfully to save it. How to save trees? This is a very important question, the answer to which is very simple. Some easy ways to save trees are as follows:

  • plant more trees The more trees we plant, the more we will make our environment prosperous.
  • use organic fertilizers – Chemical pesticides and fertilizers cause a lot of damage to the trees. So we should use only organic fertilizers. Due to this the quality of the soil will also be maintained and the fruits which will come on the trees will also be of quality.
  • stop felling of trees Nowadays a large number of trees are being cut due to industrialization, housing and road construction. Due to this a lot of damage is being done to the environment and the trees are dying day by day. It is very important for the environment to stop it.
  • Reduce soil pollution To save trees, we have to save the soil first. Trees get their nutrition from the soil. If we pollute the soil, then the tree itself will suffer.
  • Save paper, save trees We use paper a lot in our daily life, and paper is made only by trees. To save paper we should use it wisely, reuse it, write on both sides of the paper. These are some small things, which we have to take care of, so that we can save the trees.
  • Do not use paper napkins and paper plates Whenever we go out, we should use steel plates instead of paper plates. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.
  • Teach others about the importance of environment We should tell people about the importance of trees, how they are useful in our life. We get oxygen through trees and we also get fruits. Which is very useful for our life.
  • Reduce the use of wood We use wood for many purposes. We have to reduce it. Whenever we go to buy any furniture, then buy only an alternative to wood. In this way we can save many trees and forests from being cut.
  • Use recycled paper as much as possible We should use recycled paper. This can save thousands of trees from being cut. It is also safe for the environment. This reduces methane gas and CO₂ emissions by up to 20%.
  • Use eco-friendly things We should minimize the use of things made of paper. Instead, we should use eco-friendly things more.

How to save trees 10 Points? Or How To Save Trees 10 Points? You must have got the answer of these questions here. In Save trees essay in hindi you came to know about the importance of trees.

Plant Trees Save Trees Save Earth Essay.

Ped lagao ped bachao tree is an integral part of our life. It is not only the medium of our living, but also the medium of our food. It has many more benefits. In today’s date, big factories are being constructed at that place by cutting the forests. Houses are being built, buildings are being constructed from those woods by cutting down trees.

Cutting trees is completely wrong and it is also against our environment. If this happens, we will be in a lot of trouble. We can put the future of our future generation in danger. That’s why we don’t have to destroy the trees, but we have to think about saving them. If we are cutting trees for any of our work, then instead we should plant two more trees, so that the balance of the environment is maintained. If every person plants even one tree, then lakhs of trees will be planted. That’s why we should plant trees, so that we can use it for ourselves.

By doing this we will also save the tree and will also be able to use it. They don’t say – “Save Trees Save Life”.

Plant trees save environment save life essay.

Ped bachao tree is a priceless asset of our earth. It is because of the trees that there is greenery on the earth. We get many things from the tree, be it air, food, medicine, the tree gives us everything. The tree only knows to give and we do not give anything in return. How for our own benefit we have cut down thousands of trees and erected houses in their place.

How do we forget that if the tree is not there, then we will not be there. From trees there is the environment and from the environment there is life. How much damage is being done to our earth today due to global warming. The ice is melting and due to this there is a significant rise in sea level. The biodiversity of which we are proud, is slowly moving towards ruin.

By cutting trees, many changes are being seen in the life cycle of the earth, which is not a good sign for our earth. So many small animals are dying by cutting trees. Many animals are dying of hunger due to lack of food, and the reason for this is the cutting of trees. Due to the death of these animals, a lot of changes are also taking place in the food chain, which is not right for humans or for nature.

So therefore, we need to save trees, and we can do this by planting more and more trees. The more trees we plant, the more the environment will benefit.

This statement fits perfectly here: “Plant trees, save environment, save lives.”

Save Tree Movement.

Ped bachao ped lagao In today’s time we are forgetting its importance, because our needs are increasing. It is written in our Puranas that trees are like gods, it is our duty to protect them.

Many years ago today, many villagers came forward to save the tree and saved the trees from being cut by giving their lives. Since then, there have been several Save Trees Movements, with the aim of protecting the trees.

Some of the important Save Trees Movement of India are as follows:

bishnoi movement: This movement took place in the year 1730 in Rajasthan. This movement was led by Amrita Devi, in which about 363 Bishnoi villagers sacrificed their lives to protect their forests.

Amrita Devi who hailed from Bishnoi village could not see the destruction of her faith and the sacred trees of the village in front of her eyes and went and embraced the trees and inspired everyone to do the same.

When the soldiers tried to use an ax to cut down the trees, even then these people did not leave the trees and lost their lives.

Chipko MovementThis movement took place in the year 1973 in Uttarakhand. The movement was led by Sunderlal Bahuguna, whose aim was to protect and conserve trees.

This movement is remembered mainly because the role of women in this movement was very important. In this movement, women tied a sacred thread around the tree and embraced it.

The main reason for this movement was that due to the cutting of trees, due to industrial reasons, there was widespread flood in the area, causing great damage to the villagers.

Another reason that angered the villagers was that the government was not allowing villagers to cut forests for fuel and fodder, a sports production company that got permission on a large scale.

Apart from these save trees, there were also many movements, in which every effort was made to save trees, such as – Save Silent Valley Movement, Save Jungle Andolan.

We should also take lessons from these movements and come forward to save our trees.

Save trees slogan in Hindi.

Preserving our trees, Preserving our future.

You will be able to breathe only when you save the trees.

Trees are protectors of nature, don’t cut them and become eaters.

Mother earth calls out, children may be a thousand trees.

Human will be protected only when you protect wildlife.


So friends, hope you have liked the post, save trees and you must have learned something from these essays. And you must have also come to know that how to write on ped lagao par nibandh, you must have also known the meaning of save tree essay in hindi. And with this, you must have understood the importance of the essay on Plant trees, Save the environment, Plant trees, Save the earth. If you liked this article of ours, then do share it with your friends and if you have any question then definitely write it in comment.

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