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Water is a priceless gift given by nature to man. Without water we cannot survive even a day. Many of you must have faced the problem of water. Those people will understand better how important water is and how important it is for us to save it. Today’s article Essay on Water Conservation It is on this topic – water conservation as well as the importance of water conservation, water conservation methods and water conservation measures are very important. Slogan on water conservation and poetry on water conservation, you will also get information about all these here.

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In view of the scarcity of water in future, more emphasis is being given on water conservation to solve it. Not only in India, but in other countries of the world, there can be a severe shortage of water, out of which there are many countries where common people have to travel a lot and long distances for drinking water.

On the other hand, where adequate sources of water are available, they are wasting more water than their daily needs. Therefore, all of us should understand the importance of water and the problems related to water scarcity in future and make people aware about water conservation.

So friends, if you want to know about essay on water conservation or importance of water conservation or methods of water conservation, then you have come to the right place. We have also given speech on water conservation and slogan and poetry on water conservation in this article. If you want, you can also make this essay on water conservation in PDF. If you want to know more about water conservation and want to learn something from it, then definitely read this article of ours till the end.

Water Conservation

meaning of water conservation

(Jal Sanrakshan Kise Kahate Hai)

You all must know that the quantity of water is slowly decreasing now, and we need to save water.

Water conservation is the process of managing the use of water, protecting it from contamination and recycling it for agriculture and construction purposes.

In this process we store water and recycle it and use it again. With this we can reduce the use of water by up to 40%. To get water conservation essay 3000 words must read the full article.

Short and Long Essay on Save Water in Hindi

Essay on Water Conservation 250 Words

(Jal Sanrakshan Par Nibandh / Water Conservation Essay In Hindi)

It is believed that 3.7 billion years ago, the Earth cooled down, forming the oceans. This is where the process of water started and from then till now, water has remained the basis of life of many living beings.

70% of the earth is covered by water, but only 3% of it is usable. Keeping this in mind, we should use water very wisely, and prevent it from being wasted.

Water is the most important part of our life without which our work would not be possible at all. Throughout the day, we do not know how many times we use water, for so many different purposes. From quenching thirst to growing food grains, water plays the most important role in everything.

Because of our carelessness of so many years, today our most valuable resource is on the verge of being exhausted. The water level on the earth is decreasing day by day, and the biggest reason for this is the misuse of water by us.

How much water do we waste in our daily routine? We use everything necessary for farming, such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers etc. But we forget that the use of these things is polluting the water.

Now is the time to rectify our mistakes and think about the future of ourselves and our future generations. If we do not take some strict steps today, do not change our habits, then later on we will have to face many difficulties.

Therefore, now we all have to come forward and conserve water and this will happen only when we understand the importance of water and also know many more important things related to it.

So if you want to know about the importance of water conservation or how to conserve it, then definitely read our next essay and save water by taking education from it, because “Water is life.

Essay on Water Conservation in Hindi (300 words)

Water is the most important of the three basic necessities of human life. Water is life and to maintain the existence of life on earth, it is very necessary to conserve and protect water because without water life is not possible at all. Earth is the only planet in the entire universe where water and life exist.

In view of the need of water in human life, in order to save water in future, we all have to conserve water together. If water scarcity is not taken seriously in future, then in future there may be a problem of acute shortage of water in the whole world.

Rajasthan is such a state in India where it is heard that most of the girls there are not able to go to school because they have to travel a long distance to fetch water which spoils their whole day and hence they have to do some other work. There is no time for this.

India is an agricultural country with almost 60% of its economy dependent on agriculture. Suicides are committed by many Indian farmers due to drought, low yield prices, exploitation by middlemen and inability to pay loans.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau survey report, about 16,632 farmers (2,369 women) have ended their lives by suicide, although 14.4% of these cases are due to drought.

importance of water conservation And Requirement

,Jal Sanrakshan Ka Mahatva aur Avashyakta,

We all believe that water is one of our most valuable resources. The surprising thing is that despite being so valuable, we are not afraid to leave the water tap open, we are not afraid to waste it.

We save our every small and big things, but why does not the thought of saving such a big and limited thing come in our mind? It is very important for us to conserve water.

Right now we are not understanding its importance, but later when it is over, then we will not be able to do anything even after understanding it. So first you need to know about the importance of water conservation or the need for water conservation.

The first and foremost reason is that without water we will not be able to live. They say- “Water is life”. To save our ecosystem, we have to save water from getting polluted.

Jal Sanrakshan Par Nibandh

Living in polluted water is proving to be harmful for many aquatic animals. Many animals are going extinct because of this. So to save these animals, we need to save water and keep it clean.

If the water is clean, then the nature will also be safe. Conservation of water would also save energy.

If we reduce the consumption of water in a natural way now and keep the water bodies clean, then we will not have to spend money to drink and save water in future.

So now you must have understood why it is necessary to conserve water and what is the importance of water conservation.

in India of water conservation methods / Methods

,Water Conservation Methods/Techniques In India,

Water is a valuable part of our life, which helps us to live our life. But from few years, the limit of water is decreasing and if it continues like this, then the day is not far when the amount of water on earth will be completely zero.

Before anything like this happens, we have to find ways to avoid it and preserve it, so that our future generations do not have to suffer for water.

In India, many modern and innovative methods of water conservation are used. By using these methods water is also saved and at the same time salty water is also converted into fresh drinking water.

Let us introduce you to the modern methods of water conservation, by which we can conserve water.

One way is – Rooftop Rain Water Conservation

This is the easiest, effective and very economical method of water harvesting, which is done especially on the roofs of big houses. By adopting this method, the groundwater level of that area also increases.

This system is used to collect rain water. In this system, rainwater is stored in a roof tank and diverted to an artificial recharge system, from where it can be used later.

By using this system water consumption can be reduced by 40% and at the same time, water and soil runoff can be stopped on the road.

There is another way – ferro-cement tank ,Ferro Cement Tanks

This tank is a cheap and economical alternative to expensive storage methods, which are made only of plastic and masonry. It has proved to be very effective in areas of high rainfall, where there is a need to store more water.

Rain water is stored in these tanks, which can avoid the problem of water stagnation in the fields and this water can also be used later. This system can be easily adopted by the farmers and laborers.

So friends, by adopting these techniques, we can help to conserve water. You can also use Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Technique on the roofs of your homes.

Water conservation measures.

(Jal Sanrakshan Ke Upay)

We all know that “Water is life” and “If there is water, there is tomorrow”.

But don’t know why, even knowing this, we do not do anything to keep it safe. According to his need, just keep on using it more than the limit.

Why don’t we think about what we will do if the water runs out? Then how will you quench your thirst? How will you grow grains then? This is something to think about, isn’t it?

Let’s not think yet, so think now. They say, “When the eyes open, it is morning”, so in the same way now that you have understood the importance of water, then think about how to save it.

So first of all we start from our home. Just like every new work starts from home, in the same way we have to save water first at home itself. For this, we will have to reduce the consumption of daily water, when it is not needed, the tap is closed, we have to keep this in mind, by visiting the ponds, we will have to turn it off, which pollutes it due to our domestic work.

After home now we go out. Today, with the increasing population, the heaps of garbage are also increasing, and all these wastes get deposited in the water bodies only. What we have to do here is that we do not throw our waste in the water sources. Whatever the waste is, it needs to be disposed of properly.

We have to bring changes in the way of irrigation. We need to adopt modern methods of irrigation. This will save 50% of water. Also, the use of pesticides used in agriculture will have to be reduced. Only then overall we will be able to reduce the pollution happening in the water.

The less water we pollute, the more water will be preserved for us. These are some of the measures that you will be able to conserve water by doing in your everyday life. If every person starts doing his part, then a lot of change can happen.

water conservation slogan in hindi

,Water Conservation In Hindi Slogan,


speech on water conservation

,Jal Sanrakshan Hindi Speech,

Honorable Principal, respected teachers and all my dear friends – I welcome all of you in today’s program.

Today we all have gathered here, so if my teachers present here have permission, then I want to say something in front of you all. The subject I am going to talk about is a matter of great concern.

We all know that the most important basis of our life is water. Without water our life is not possible. How many times in a day, for so many purposes, we use water. But have you ever thought that if we do not get this water, what will happen? If someday the water supply suddenly stops, then how will we do our work?

This is a very important thing to think about, it is a different matter that we think about every little thing, but ignore this serious matter. But water is the basis of our life and without it we cannot survive.

It is our responsibility to protect what is so valuable to us, doesn’t it? It is our duty to stop the wastage of water and make good use of it. To prevent tomorrow’s problems, we have to work hard from today.

On this point, I request all of you to do your part and save water as much as possible, so that we do not have to pay for it later.

Thank you all for patiently listening to me. Have a nice day to all of you.

Thank you.

poem on water conservation

(Poem On Water Conservation)

Water is life, don’t waste it.

This is such a thing, so try to understand it.

The water that is finished today,

so what will you do tomorrow?

Today you will drink water throughout your life,

So will you be able to stay thirsty from tomorrow?

Now those who do not understand the value of water.

Then tomorrow you will regret a lot.

Maybe you don’t have trouble with water,

Your generation will surely suffer tomorrow.

There’s still time to calm down

prepare yourself and come,

Save water together.

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