How to learn to speak English and improve speaking English. How to learn and improve Speaking english easily tips in hindi

how to learn to speak english how to improve speaking english How to learn and improve Speaking english easily tips in hindi

English is recognized as a global language. And when another language has made a place in your life since childhood, it becomes a little difficult to understand a different language. But in recent times, understanding and expression of English has become a necessity. For this reason it becomes very important to learn and understand it, for this writing, speaking and listening are the only ways in which English can be improved, In such a situation, if you follow some simple tips in everyday life, then English can be easily improved.

How to learn and improve Speaking english easily tips in hindi

improve my English Tips

Make a study-plan

If you learn English for any reason, then the learning process will stop after a limit. That’s why it is better to learn it like a child, so that you are not limited to any one area of ​​the language like speaking or writing. So make a long-term goal and start working on it. If you face any problem, then do not hesitate to take the advice of experts. Instead of finishing it in one go, it would be better to repeat it again and again. No matter what you are doing, you can create English words and sentences in your mind, this will improve your English a lot.

Spend most of his time in an English speaking, listening environment. This will make you comfortable with English. Make a study plan to learn English and include your family and friends in your learning plan. In fact, to learn English, it can be started with only 4 core skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Prepare some notes for self

You can also make some notes for yourself while learning English, for which keep a notebook with you. Use it to write sentences, or if someone gets to learn the word, they can also write it immediately. Listening to a lesson everyday, it would be good to memorize the words and make some lines using them to correct the vocabulary. If you start making sentences by catching words, then you start getting a good hold on the English language.

Read the English grammar

To learn English, first try to understand this language. For this, read grammar books, and start understanding the words. When a child learns a language, he first listens and then speaks. If you want, you can do the same for English. Listen to English stories for some time, or stay among English speaking people. And start understanding by listening to them.

With grammar, you will start to understand how to make sentences, and once the words and their associations start to take hold, then you will start learning to arrange them in order.

If you want, you can also join a class for a few days to learn grammar, all your basics will start clearing there.

Read the English books

If you stop having problems in reading once, then you can also read a novel or an inspirational book or newspaper written in a simple language of a good writer. Initially, you can focus only on reading to understand the meaning, but later you will start understanding the use and composition of words. Start learning the root word, whenever you learn a new word, try to make other words or sentences related to it.

Learn by hearing and watching

In fact, the more you listen to English, the more you will understand it. In the beginning it is possible that you may not understand anything, but with continuous practice, you can make your grip on English in a short time, because English is considered to be the easiest language in the world. For this, you start watching English programs on TV or YouTube.

Watch more DVD or any recorded video than TV which you can rewind, apart from this, watch as much subtitled movie as possible, and try to understand by listening with it.

Join English Speaking Course

If you can already read and write in English but only have problems with speaking and listening, then for this also you can go to a separate class, where speaking English is taught. There you will get the right direction and you will be able to improve your English quickly.

Practice reading aloud ( Read the newspaper and magazines with high volume)

If English is a completely new language for you, then you need to start as a child to learn English. For example, if you understand grammar and then sit down to read a book, then you have to read it aloud. By doing this you will be able to correct spelling and pronunciation, and this will also build self-confidence. You can also read aloud a newspaper or any magazine.

Practice in Writing

You can also start writing a book by reading it. For this it would be good to start with small stories. After reading any story, if you sit down to write it immediately, then many ideas will come in your mind to show your creativity in this new language. It is possible that you are short of words. For this, if you practice daily, then soon some keywords of the related story will be fixed in your mind, and there will be no shortage of words. Apart from this, the problem that will come is that of making your sentences, for this, if you have learned a little grammar, then you will be able to write easily. But if you don’t have enough understanding of grammar then don’t worry because when you read the story then some words, story line got stuck in your mind, now you can understand it in your own language, in English You have understood that too. In such a situation, you can write that story by doing something wrong and doing something right. Only mistakes made by this will give you a chance to improve.

Communicate in English only

The other problem that comes in learning English right now is to establish communication. For this, it is necessary to have more self-confidence than grammar, word formation or combination of sentences. Because many times, despite having a good understanding of writing and reading English, a person has to lag behind in life only due to lack of self-confidence. For this, it is very important to keep this thing in mind that it is only a language, if something goes wrong while speaking it, then there will be no misfortune. Unless this kind of thinking is developed, speaking English will not be easy. And other problems that come with it will also start making their place in life, so no matter how talented a person is, he will miss good opportunities. So to include English in the dialogue, first of all start talking in English to the people around you with whom you are comfortable. Then whether those people also know English or not, if you start speaking English in your everyday life, then you will see that you are not hesitating while speaking English in unknown and new place.

Think in English only

Before speaking English, you think something in your traditional language, then if you translate it into English, then stop doing it from now on. Because on doing this, sometimes some such lines are made which are not correct. Also, it takes a lot of time to think about all this, so leaving this method, you should adopt a new method. It is better to first compose words and sentences in English than to fit anything in your mind.

Take the help of Social Media and Smart Phone (Use Smartphone and Social Media Platform)

Speaking English is not a difficult task in the age of social media. If you want, you can improve English by making social media the basis. Along with writing, you will also get a good platform for expression.

You can also take the help of smartphone to record your voice first, and then listen to it. With this you will understand your mistakes, and the fear that is there will also go away. The phone will improve your spelling as well as pronunciation.

Daily Learn a new word

If the passion for learning English goes on its head, then you can make a habit of learning a new word every day and in this way you can also improve your vocabulary in English. There are some traditional ways in which English can be improved like watching English movies, communicating in English with friends and also using English in arguments.

Practice in free time

When you are not doing anything, you can also try to communicate with yourself in English, for this you can stand in front of the mirror and speak English. This will increase your self-confidence along with speaking English. will also increase.

Develop your fluency in English

Yes! To speak English it is necessary that you pay attention to fluency, and forget grammar. This will require a little practice with self-confidence and this method will make your path very easy, although if you feel any kind of shame in this, then you can also observe people who speak English for some time, And you will understand that there is no need of Grammar to speak English.

Develop your English vocabulary

To make your English effective, you can use some special words, while writing, you will get synonyms of many words which will make your writing effective. But while speaking, you will have to use some tongue twister for this, so that your English will become effective on its own. You can use internet for this.

Accept the mistakes

Do not be afraid of mistakes, continue to speak English with confidence. People can correct your mistake. And if someone does this, then accept it with pleasure, do not make it a matter of arrogance.

Remember that you cannot learn English just by reading and writing, unless English is included in your life, you cannot learn English.

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