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Hi FriendsDo you want to keep your name ringtone in your mobile?

If yes, then this post is absolutely for you. because in this post I will give complete information to all of you to make your name ringtone.

Update: Downloading name ringtone in Hindi will become very easy if you follow this article step by step. It is being told in great detail here that how to download name ringtone. For any other kind of help, you can also comment below.

Many people like name ringtones like if girlfriend call Girlfriend called Is. if dad calls Papa’s phone came is etc.

So it will be really fun if you keep or want to keep your name ringtone in your mobile. apne How to download name ringtone? We have brought complete information about it in today’s wonderful post.

Actually, many people had asked us how anyone Your name ringtone ( Naam Ringtone ) If you can make it, that’s why today I have brought this post for all of you so that you can Your name ringtone ( Naam Ringtone ) You can set it up on your mobile.

name ringtone download in hindi

you on the phone apne name ringtone You can also attract other people by applying and they will also ask you how you made your name ringtone and after that you can also tell how they too can do this very easily.

Ours name ringtone it becomes very easy to make If you follow the below mentioned trick. Because in this detail post you are being given all the information that you will need to make your name ringtone.

Yes, Hindi Tech Tricks are known to make your work easy related to Tech. and in today’s post Making your name ringtone can also be easily understood.

Like you can have this type of ringtone…..

Your phone is ringing ( Your name ) Ji > ( Naam Ringtone )
Your phone is ringing…..> ( Name Ringtones ,
PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE…..> ( Name Ringtones ,
Please answer the phone…..> ( Name Ringtones ,
pick up the phone….. > ( Name Ringtones ) And so on !

To be honest, making your name ringtone (Naam Ringtone) is very easy and I am giving complete information about it below.You just have to go to a site, search your name on it and after that you have to download whatever ringtone you like on your mobile or computer as per your wish. you can use it always. can do for.

Similarly, if you want to download name ringtone for any of your friend or relative, you can do so quite easily by using the exact same method.

So let’s start with the information about how to download name ringtone.

So let’s know how you can set your name ringtone on your mobile by making it.

How To Create Name Ringtone In Hindi

Apna Naam Ringtone in Hindi
STEP 1. Click below to go to this website from your mobile or computer.Create Naam Ringtone

STEP 2. After that search by just typing your name in the box located there. As soon as you search by typing your name, then many ringtones related to your name will be seen below. If you have searched by typing your full name and it is not found there, then you search by typing the first word of your name. Like not by writing Prakash Kumar….search by writing Prakash.


STEP 3. After searching you will find many types of name ringtones ( Name Ringtones ) you will find below that. As you can see in the image below that when we searched by typing prakash, many name ringtones came here which is related to our name Prakash. Like… mr prakash pic up phone ringtone…..prakash ji aap ka phone baj raha hai…..prakash ji aapka phone aaya hai….hi prakash please receve my call saying dialogue....etc There are many name ringtones available to download.


STEP 4. Whichever name ringtone you want ( Name Ringtones Click on the one you want to keep. As soon as you click, a new page will open in which its download link will be present.

STEP 5. After that you will get the option to download it. If you want, you can also listen to this name ringtone before downloading so that you can know whether the ringtone you are going to download is correct or not.


STEP 6. You download it to your computer or mobile and after that go to the sound setting of your mobile and make it your ringtone.

so so easily name ringtone download can do. But sometimes it happens that you have searched your name and the ringtone of that name is not available on that site, so you do not have to worry. Because we are telling its method on this too.

If your name ringtone is not available on this site, then this site will also make you your name ringtone.

Yes, you heard it absolutely right, this facility is also available on this site that you can make your name ringtone by making it and that too for free.

You just have to follow the below mentioned method.

As you did in the beginning you have to first go to and after that if your ringtone is not found then click on REQUEST RINGTONE option from above menu.

As soon as you click here, you will come to its Facebook page. Here you can tell in the message that you want a ringtone of this name.

Then the team of this site will send you your name ringtone as soon as possible.

so like this FDMR Key site is a great site which can prove to be very beneficial for name ringtone downloaders.

So Friends, I hope you your name ringtone download There will be no problem in doing or getting it done and now you can download your name ringtone whenever you want.

With this easy Hindi trick, you can make your name ringtone very easily.
You can make your name ringtone by this easy trick and also tell your friends.

So friends, in this way we told you how you can make your name ringtone and then download it.Don’t forget to share it with your friends, Sharing Button is at the bottom of the post.Keep Sharing, Because Sharing is Caring

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