how to calculate percentage how to calculate percentage from mobile

let’s find out today How to calculate percentage How to calculate percentage from mobile and calculator Mathematics is a subject that almost students do not like, but there are some students who like mathematics the best, but in today’s article, I will talk more about those students who do not like to study mathematics. But it is compulsory to study maths till 10th class. For this reason, many times it happens that we do not understand the things taught inside the class, then the students who did not know how to calculate the percentage inside the class or are facing any problem, then in today’s article we will tell you about it.

How to calculate percentage

Today’s article is going to be very beneficial for those people who have problem in maths subject because in today’s article we are going to talk about how to calculate percentage. If you read the article well, then you will not have any problem in finding out the percentage.

In this article, we will give you complete details about percentage and will try our best to explain all the formulas and all the methods and try to explain it to you in a very easy way, so let’s start this article today without taking much of your time. .

How to calculate percentage

For this you have to remember a small formula like total marks×Percentage Number÷100 Examples If you want to take out 30 percent of 40, then for this you need 40To do ×30÷100, the answer will be 12, which means 30 percent of 40 is 12. Similarly, 45% of 600 will be 270 because 600×45100 is divided to get 270.

It is very easy to calculate percentage, so in this point we will tell you how you can calculate percentage in another way and will tell you another way to calculate percentage below.

Formula = Marks obtained × 100 Total marks

If we look at it in simple language, then we have to multiply the number found inside the paper by 100 and divide the number of the paper by that number like

Que. If a student has got 500 marks out of 600 in the paper, then find the percentage of it.

Ans. First of all you have to multiply 500 by 100, after multiplying we got 50000.

After this we have to divide 50000 by 600, after dividing we got 83.33%.

That is, 83.33% of the student who has got 500 marks out of 600 has got it.

Example 500×100÷600 = 83.33%

how to get percentage from mobile

Today, technology has made almost everything used in daily life easy to a great extent, such as in the past, to calculate the percentage of something, multiplication had to be done on paper, but technology has made mobile phones with new inventions. has also become quite modern, Today, most of the people of the world have their mobile phones, in which you get to see the modern calculator, if you have a mobile then you can easily calculate the percentage of any small big number, how to know that,

how to calculate percentage from calculator

For this, you have to open your calculator which can be traditional or mobile, first of all you have to write the number whose percentage you want to calculate., Like 500 after that you have to click on the button of %, now you will see something like 500%, after that write the number you want to calculate the percentage like 22 after this = click on the button you will get the answer, Example 500%22=110

what is the percentage

Percentage word is made up of two words Per + Cent means each and Cent means Hundred Percentage is expressed by % in the sign like x% means per hundred x i.e. x%=x/100 Thus percentage A fraction is a number whose denominator is always 100. The fraction of a fraction is called the rate of percentage.

How to calculate percentage

A person spends 65% of his income that means he spends ₹ 65 out of every ₹ 100 if his income is ₹ 1100 then he spends 65 × 11 = ₹ 715 here it does not mean that he Costs only ₹65.

where is the percentage used

We use percentage when we are facing some problem in identifying the data.

With the help of percentage, we can easily identify which number is increased or small or which child’s number has come more or less. To identify all these things. We use percentages, as in –

EXP. Suppose there are two friends X and Y and the result of both has come.

Out of these, X got =400/500 numbers.

And got Y = 350/400 numbers.

So you have to tell which number you have to use percentage here, these figures are small, but many times it happens that we get to see very big figures here, for this reason we have to use percentage here. have to use.

Ans. X got marks out of 500 = 400

So marks out of 1 = 400/500

Marks out of 100 = 400/500×100

So X got total percentage = 80%

Y got marks out of 400 = 350

Marks out of 1 = 350/400

Marks out of 100 = 350/400×100

So Y got total percentage = 87.5%

So if we get to see figures like this anywhere, then we can find out who got more numbers and who got less numbers, then hopefully you must have understood where the percentage is used. is and how it happens.

convert percentage to fraction

Converting Percentage to Fraction is very easy. To convert a percentage to a fraction, you first have to divide the percentage number by 100, and after dividing by 100, you have to solve that fraction. Your answer will come, yours will be different. As if

convert x% to fraction

Ans. X% = X/100 = X/100

convert 22% to fraction

Ans. 22% = 22/100


convert fraction to percentage

It is also easy to convert a fraction to a percentage. To convert a fraction to a percentage, you first have to multiply the fraction by 100 and after multiplying by 100, you have to put a percentage sign in front of the number you get, such as

Convert X/Y to Percentage

Ans. [ X/Y × 100 ],

convert 4/25 to percentage

[ 4/25×100 ], =16%

convert percentage to decimal

Converting Percent to Decimal is even easier. To convert Percent to Decimal, you have to first divide the given number by 100 and after dividing, put the percent China in front of the number you get. for example

convert x% to decimal

Ans. X% = X/100

convert 25% to decimal

Ans. 25% = 25/100

= 0.25%

convert decimal to percentage

It is very easy to convert a number given in a decimal to a percentage, to convert a number given in a decimal to a percentage, you first have to multiply the decimal number by 100 and after multiplying, the number you get is You have to put a % sign next. for example

convert 0.25 to decimal

0.25 = 0.25×100

= 25%

percentage formula

Although there is only one formula to calculate the percentage, but inside the percentage also you get to see many types, due to which you also get to see many formulas of percentage as you can see all the formulas in the table below. Huh.

main formula of percentage

Formula X% = X/100

Other formulas of percentage:-

Suppose a number is X and we want to find its Y% then-

  1. Y% of X = X×Y/100
  2. X is what percent of Y = X/Y×100
  3. Y is what percent more than X = YX/X×100
  4. By what percentage is Y less than X = XY/X×100
  5. Percentage Growth = Growth / Initial Value × 100
  6. Percentage Decrease = Decrease / Initial Value × 100
  7. X On increasing R%, we get X/(1+R/100)
  8. X decreasing R%, will get X/(1-R/100)
  9. Finding the new number when X is increased by Y% = (100 + Y/100 × X)
  10. The value of X is R% more than that of Y, then the value of Y is less than X in R% = ( R / 100 +R × 100 )%
  11. If the value of X is less than that of Y in R%, then the value of Y is greater than that of X in R% = ( R / 100-R × 100 )%

how to find number from percentage

Many times it happens that we know the % but we do not know how to find our numbers from %, so I will tell you to find the number from % in this point, then you will read this point well so that you will get be well understood.

If you know what percentage has come in your paper, then you have to consider your number in the paper as X.

Now you have to divide the total number by 100 and multiply your answer by the percentage, and whatever your result will be, that will be your total score. for example

Que. If you got 83.33% out of 600 in the paper then find your total marks.

Ans. You have to divide 600 by 100 which will result in 6.

Now you have to multiply 6 by your percentage i.e. 83.33 which will result in 499.98.

And this will be your answer i.e. if 83.33% is converted into marks then it becomes 499.98.

  • 600÷100 = 6
  • 6×83.33
  • =499.98

so now you know How to calculate percentage And in this article, we have tried our best that every student should know how to calculate percentage, I have taught you how to calculate percentage in very easy way. If you liked the information given in this article, then share this post as much as you can so that this information can reach you and they too can take advantage of this information. If you are facing any problem in this article or you have any question in your mind, then you can comment us in below comment box and we will try to reply your comment as soon as possible.

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