how to prepare for wedding Shadi Taiyari Or Wedding Preparation Tips In Hindi

Shadi Taiyari Or Wedding Preparation Tips In Hindi How to prepare for marriage? This is a matter of great concern and its concern can only be understood by those who get married in their house after a month from today, but the solution to such concerns is being found on the Internet, so today in this article we tell you that How to prepare for marriage?

shadi ki taiyari kaise karen wedding preparation tips in hindi

how to prepare for wedding

Shadi Taiyari Or Wedding Preparation Tips In Hindi

When the boy and the girl agree for marriage, the tension of preparing for marriage comes on the head, below are the important points about how to prepare for marriage from beginning to end, which can be applied on both sides.

  • Prepare wedding budget

In today’s time, marriage is considered to be one of the biggest expenses, so first of all, prepare a rough budget for the wedding. Note down a rough account of how much you want to spend on something. especially three important budgets

  1. wedding party expenses
  2. jewelry and clothing expenses
  3. cost of giving gifts
  • Decide Wedding Type (Shadi Time):

Which custom will you marry? Find out the wedding ceremony according to your cast and in how many days all the wedding functions are to be held accordingly. Decide it. For example, a wedding is either a two-day function or a five-day function. It is up to you to decide, so first of all you should choose the days.

  • Decide on the date of marriage (Shaadi Date):
  1. If marriage takes place in your house according to the Muhurta, then first of all, call your pandit and decide the date of marriage.
  2. If you do not believe in Muhurta, then fix the date according to your convenience.
  • Decide Venue / Wedding Hall / Garden (Shadi Venue):

As soon as the date of marriage is fixed, according to how many days the function is to be held, decide a good venue / wedding hall / garden as soon as possible. Do not delay in this or else every preparation for marriage seems dull due to not getting the desired place.

  • Make a guest list (Guest List):

Make a guest list and notify the out-of-town guests first by phone. and ask them to book their tickets. Also ask them the date and time of their arrival and departure. Don’t feel shy about asking because it’s important for the convenience of your guests. Accordingly, make proper arrangements for their stay because hotel or dharamshala is not easily available during the wedding days. So book it about two months before the wedding.

  • Train / Bus / Air booking or other means booking:

If you want to take a procession, then book train / bus / air tickets, it is difficult to get a confirmed ticket due to the huge crowd at the time of marriage.

  • Shopping Preparation

Make a list first

  1. Make a list of gifts to give to guests and start receiving them accordingly.
  2. Make your own clothes list. When what to wear and how many dresses do you need because it can take a lot of time to get the clothes sewn, so think about all this in advance, about 1 to two months in advance. Choose it according to your budget, it will not cost unnecessarily.
  • Shadi Party Menu:

‘This is also an important task in which you first have to decide for how many days you want to cook food and how much time food and breakfast have to be given in it. Prepare the menu list accordingly. Also keep in mind the weather. There is a lot of difference between the summer menu and the cold season menu, keeping that in mind, make a list.

Special Note: Make food in proper quantity. If still the quantity is more, then do not throw it away, keep in contact with the organization that already carries the food. With this work of yours, the food will not be wasted but will reach the needy.

  • Wedding Cards:

Get the card ready two months before the wedding and send the card sending by post immediately but inform the out of town guests by phone or mail. Send the soft copy of the card to everyone through mail because no one can take responsibility for whether the card is received on time or not. Therefore, make sure to call or e-mail the guests out of memory.

Finish the process of giving cards to the guests of the city by fifteen days before the wedding, that is, start distributing cards a month before the wedding. Distribute this work, include other members of your household also in this work or you can choose an outsider for this work. In this, you send the card through that person and in return contact your guest on the phone and invite them, this will save your time and the guest will not feel bad by making a phone call.

All this work should be finished fifteen days before the wedding. After this, the tasks that you will do as the date of marriage approaches.

  • Share all the functions of marriage. Write in a list which responsibility has been given to which person and from time to time ask that person about the responsibility and remind them.
  • Make a rough list of the guest and decide the arrangement of their stay in the rough copy i.e. how many rooms you have, or where you have to accommodate them. How far is your wedding venue from that place? How many people can stay in it? Make allotment list after deciding all this.
  • Contact the guest coming from outside and decide on which day, at what time they will come. Accordingly, make proper arrangements to receive them. Assign this task to someone reliable but do the task of reminding yourself on time.
  • Prepare and pack all the worship related materials in the wedding. Know full details of marriage. Note it in one place respectively and according to that determine their time according to which day which rit is to be held at what time and what material will be included in it as well as which members are required to be in that rit. Make a list of all these things and pack the goods in the same way according to different functions. Also, inform the important members who are involved in the ritual that at what time they are required to attend the ritual.
  • At the time of marriage, when you have sat in the puja, then you should not have any inconvenience in taking the goods, so put a list on each packing, in which the name of the ritual and the list of the ingredients used in it. You do not need to remember anything. And the work will also be done easily. Having a list, anyone will be able to find it easily.
  • One week before the wedding, prepare your own and all the family’s bags. Keeping in mind what to wear when in which ritual, pack it. Gather all the ingredients in a bag.
  • Make a list of all the rituals of marriage, note down the time and make some copies of it and place it at the place where the rituals are to be held. This will not disturb the sequence, as well as when the time is written, everyone will know the time so that the ritual can start on time.
  • On the wedding day, assign all the special family members the work of attending the guest in advance, where to send them according to their stay, at what time there are arrangements for food and breakfast, tea etc. Give all this information to your guests. It is also important to take care of the guests in the wedding, it decides your personality for life.
  • Prepare yourself 10 minutes before each wedding ceremony, then only you will be able to expect this from your guests. If you do all the work on time, then you will enjoy a lot in the whole marriage.
  • Make all the preparations carefully for the bride and groom in the wedding. Prepare their bag and keep all the ingredients in it so that nothing is left behind. Do this work from fifteen days before the wedding.
  • Take full information from the one who has been given the responsibility of preparing for the reception of the wedding procession, observe all the information yourself two days before.
  • Keep empty bags ready for wedding gifts and envelopes etc. and give the responsibility to a reliable and responsible person. Often a bag full of gifts is lost. So keep it in special work too.
  • After marriage, when the guest goes to his house, prepare his return gift in advance and keep it with his name and give it to him at the time of his departure. Pack the food together to the out-of-town guest and give it in proper packing so that they do not face any problem in keeping it.
  • Go to the place of marriage only after cleaning your house so that when you reach home after marriage, you will not face any problem in doing further rituals or taking rest.

Special rituals are performed in marriage, which is the responsibility of the pundit, for which you should prepare for the above rituals a few days in advance, so that all your work will be done easily.

Apart from the rituals, the preparation of the wedding party and ladies music is important, for which you also need to gather a few days in advance, for that also the necessary tips have been given in the above points.

To make women’s music successful, keep some points in mind:

1 First of all arrange DJ.
2 Make a list of who can dance at the wedding, if possible, talk to that member and ask his favorite song.
3 Must collect all the good songs that are used in the wedding because the biggest problem is when the songs are not available on time. Make a list of Famous Wedding Songs, Some Old Dancing Songs and Latest Songs in Songs and take them on a CD, DVD or Pendrive.
4 Although the preparation for dance starts many days in advance, but if you do not have time, then take out the songs according to the above points and select the song yourself and tell the dancers. There can easily be a good woman music than this.
5 Must keep a good anchor / conductor in the music because if the conductor is good then the mind of the audience remains engaged as well as the audience themselves come to perform.

Here are some easy tips to improve your female music. Apart from this, if you want to practice and give your music by hiring a choreographer, then it is the best.

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