hindi shayari quotes for marriage

hindi shayari quotes for marriage

In today’s time, “women’s music” has a special place in the wedding ceremony. It is considered very special to give importance to music among all the rituals. Even earlier in the wedding special, we shared some Hindi poems with you through an article. , in which one “wedding special hindi poetry” and the other “little angel”.

In this article, keeping in mind some special relationships, I am going to present some special poems. Which you can use as a quote in the conduct of women’s music and in a gift given to a special relationship.

Hindi Shayari to make your gathering more memorable and beautiful

Marriage anchoring quotes in hindi

Marriage anchoring quotes in hindi

Mother-in-Law Shayari for Mother-in-law Mother/ Mother-in-Law Quotes In Hindi For Anchoring

mamta ke sundar nirmal baag main,
anskarit pushp(Groom) ko aapne sanjoya hain.
aapke pyaar avm sanskaron se bhar
garonde main
apni kali
(bride) ko hamne aapke aanchal me saunpa hain.

In Mamta’s beautiful Nirmal Bagh,
You have cherished the cultured flower (groom).
In your homes full of love and values,
We have entrusted our bud (bride) in your lap.

Poetry for Father-in-law / Father in Law Quotes In Hindi For Anchoring

Surya sa prabhavshali tej hai aapka,
chand jaisa ujala swbhava hai aapka.
anushasit jivan se sajaya hai parivar,
dhany hain hum jise mila aapka sansar.

Yours is as impressive as the sun,
You have a bright nature like the moon.
The family is decorated with disciplined life,
Blessed are we who got your world ||

Sister/ Sister-in-law Quotes In Hindi For Anchoring

Pyaari pyaari bahano ke pyaare bhaiya,
ban gaye hain dulahan ke saiyan.
ghar me aa rahi hai bhabhi aapaki
banakar rakhiyega inhe saheli aapki
aapki khushiyon mai rahe hamari beti ka saat,
aisa hi pyaara sa bane nannd bhabhi ka sath.

Dear brothers of dear sisters,
Has become our bride’s helper.
Your sister-in-law is coming to the house,
Make them your friend.
May the hand of our daughter be in your happiness,
Be such a lovely nand sister-in-law’s support ||

Brother / Brother In Law Quotes In Hindi For Anchoring

Dhurndar Bhaiyon ke bina kya aayega mahfil main maja,
kanvanre hain ab tak lado inhe bhi dulahan do ek saja.
barat sajane ka kaam bhaiyon ka hai hota,
bina bhai ke kabhi nagin dance nahi jachata.
bhabhi devar ka sath hota hain nirala,
jaise baje koi sureela sitara.

What will be the fun in the gathering without the great brothers
You are still a bachelor, give them a bride, a punishment
It is the brothers’ job to decorate the procession.
Without them, the serpent dance does not fit.
Sister-in-law’s companion is unique
Like a bright star

Marriage anchoring quotes in Hindi If you like it, then write it in the comment box, if you want such special poems for yourself, even then write in the comment, we will try our best to do your work.

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