Carnation Flower Information in Hindi | Carnation Flower Information | all information in hindi

Carnation Flower Information in Hindi

carnation flower (Carnation Flower in Hindi) Very beautiful and attractive. Today we will know in detail about this beautiful and attractive flower. White Carnation is the most preferred of this flower species. Apart from the white color, these flowers also bloom in many colors.

Carnation is a very strange species of flower, very few people know about it. Many people do not even know the meaning of carnation flower, and they search on Google, Carnation Flower Meaning in Hindi, so today you are going to get all the information related to this flower in this article.

Let us tell you that this flower is very much liked in India, so in this article we will also know about which season of this flower blooms in India (Carnation Flower Season in India), so let’s know, Carnation All important information related to flowers in Hindi –

Carnation Flower Information | Carnation Flower Information in Hindi

Carnation flower comes in the list of most important and beautiful flowers all over the world. Its scientific name is Scientific Name – “Dianthus Caryophyllus”. This name was given to the carnation by Theopharastus, a Greek botanist.

The petals of this flower are like paper, which is cut from the middle, it is very attractive to see. The inside of the carnation flower smells like a clove. These flowers remain fresh for a longer time than other flowers. Most of the people apply it in their homes and gardens for its fragrance and beauty.

Carnation flowers bloom in many colors, among which red, white, yellow, and pink are the main ones. There are about 250 species, but only Dianthus barbets, Dianthus cryophyllus, and Dianthus chinensis are planted in homes and gardens.

It is a plant of “Cryophyllaceae” family. The “Cryophyllaceae” are known for producing total spectacular flowers. Carnation flower is widely cultivated in many countries including Colombia, Turkey, Europe, Israel, Netherlands and India.

There are many species of carnation flowers, which also have different colors and shapes, but the flowers of Dianthus Caryophyllus species have 5 petals, and it usually blooms in white, pink and purple colors. Carnation plant when grown, it is about 6 cm in size, and it grows to 8.5 cm, the stalk on this plant is very short, its stem color is light brown, or blue Is. Apart from this, the stem of the plant depends on the species.

Meaning in Hindi

Carnation means love. Carnation flower is considered a symbol of love. According to a legend, when Jesus was being carried on the cross. Carnation flowers had grown at the place where the tears had fallen from the eyes of the holy “Mary”. Because of which they are also considered a symbol of maternal love. If the Cornation Flower is also considered as the flower of Jesus, because it is made up of two words of Greek language which includes “Dios + Anthos”, in this Dios means, Jesus and Anthos means, flower.

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Meaning of Carnation Flower Colors

information of carnation flower in hindi

Carnation flowers bloom in many colors including red, yellow, white, purple, and pink. But each color of Cornation flower has its own meaning, so let us know, what is the meaning of the colors of Carnation flower –

  • White Carnatiion – The white carnation flower is a symbol of purity and luck.
  • Light Red Carnation – The light red carnation flower is a symbol of appreciation.
  • Pink Carnation The pink carnation flower is a symbol of gratitude and perseverance.
  • Yellow Carnation – The yellow carnation flower is the symbol of Capricorn.
  • Dark Red Carnation – Carnation flower in deep red color is a symbol of love and affection.

Carnation Flower History

The history of the carnation flower dates back to the time of Jesus, at which time the carnation flower was used for art in the ancient Greek and Roman states. But according to a Christian legend, the carnation flower was born on earth when “Jesus” was being carried on the cross, at this time when “Jesus”‘s mother “Mary” came to tears, at the place where “Mary” The tears had fallen, there the Carnation Plant had grown. According to this legend, the carnation flower is also called the symbol of Mamta.

Varieties of Carnations Flower Species

Carnation plant is popular for gardens and homes. It grows in many different colors. Apart from this, as mentioned above, according to their colors, their meaning is different. Usually there are mainly three species of carnation, but if we talk about its varieties, then it is found in hundreds of varieties. Let us know about some of the major species of carnations –

1. Dianthus “Everlast Lavender Lace”

In this species of carnation, the center of the flowers is very soft. In this variety, the height of the plant increases to about 8 to 12 inches, these plants require sunlight, it attracts butterflies.

2. Dianthus “Neon Star”

Neon star flower has four petals, which are slightly cut from the edge, it usually blooms in pink color. It is very easy to grow.

3. Dianthus Superbus

In this variety, fringed flowers bloom, in whose petals, long beautiful fringe-like fibers hang. The colors of these flowers are white, red and purple. These flowers have a very nice aroma.

4. Dianthus Caryophyllus

It is the most commonly grown variety of carnations, which produces red, pink, and white flowers. It generally gives better yields in the southern countries.

5. Dianthus Plumarius

Flowers bloom during the months of May to August in this variety, it is basically pink in color. Plants grow up to about 2 feet tall. The edges of the petals are lightly cut, which gives beauty to the flower.

How to Grow Carnation Flower From Seeds

Carnation Flower in Hindi

  • To grow carnation plants from seeds, first you should get Carnation Seeds from the market or online.
  • Carnation seeds are black in color, after they come out of the packet, you have to prepare the soil for planting the seeds.
  • To prepare the soil, mix the old manure of cow dung, normal garden soil and sand in equal quantity and fill it in the pot. If you have a cockpit, then you can mix it in place of manure.
  • After this, you should scatter the carnation seeds at some distance in the pot.
  • After planting the seeds in a pot, you should make a thin layer of soil over the seeds, after which water should be sprinkled in the pot.
  • After this, keep the pot in a place where there is good sunlight during the day, but direct sunlight should not fall on the pot.
  • As long as the Carnation Seeds do not come heavily, then keep spraying water in it and keep the moisture in the pot.
  • In about a week or so, all your seeds will sprout. When the plants get a little older, then the fungus side should be sprayed.
  • When the plants grow up, keep spraying NPK 19 19 in them, you should do this spray twice a month.
  • In this way, you can grow Carnation in your home through seeds.

How to Care Carnation Plant

  • To grow Carnation Plant properly, you should first prepare the soil in such a way that water should not stagnate in the pot.
  • These plants mostly require sunlight, always plant them in a place where there is about 5 to 6 hours of sunlight.
  • The plant should not be planted in a very big pot, if you are planting a plant in a big pot, then plant three to four plants together in it.
  • You can spray Liqued Fertilizer once in 15 days.
  • As long as the flowers bloom on the plant, do not let the seeds form on it. Keep plucking all the dried flowers from time to time.
  • When seeds start forming on the plant, it reduces the number of flowers on the plant.
  • While watering the pot, keep in mind that water does not fall on the leaves and flowers of the plant, as it can cause fungus on the plant.
  • If your plant is infected with fungus, then you can spray neem oil for this.

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