Who invented mobile and when

In today’s article we will know Who invented the mobile phone and when All of you must have been running a smartphone and at the moment you must have kept this article open on the mobile itself. In today’s time, mobile has become a very important part of human’s life, life seems incomplete without mobile and why not because of mobile, human’s life has become so easy. We can connect in a few seconds to a partner sitting thousands of kilometers away.,

Who invented the mobile phone and when

Mobile has changed the lives of people in such a way that now mobile has spread in every field, along with connecting to the world, people are earning money sitting at home from mobile. There are many examples like YouTube, blog, website and many more, only after mobile came WhatsApp, Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram came which changed people’s life.

This thought must have come in your mind that after all, who had discovered the mobile phone, when did the smartphone which can run the internet at the speed of 5G finally got introduced. In this article, I will talk about the inventor of mobile and will tell when the last mobile that changed the world came in the world itself.

who invented the mobile phone

The world’s first mobile phone was invented by American engineer Martin Cooper, the first mobile phone was made on April 3, 1973, this smartphone was made by the Motorola company. Martin Cooper joined the company in 1970 and started working on wireless energy transfer from the beginning. After about 3 years i.e. on 3 April 1973, he announced the first wireless mobile phone in front of the world, that is, 3 April 1973 is considered to be the birthday of mobile.

Who invented the mobile phone and when

what was the weight of the first mobile

There is often a question in the minds of people that how much was the weight of the world’s first smartphone or mobile, let me tell you that the first mobile was launched, there is a lot of difference between mobile and smartphone, you can do different types of work in smartphone but mobile At that time it was made only for calling and was effective in very limited quantity.

Today, the 200 grams of mobile you are carrying in your hand was very different from this, at that time its weight was about 2 kg and the reason for this weight was the battery given in this mobile. At that time there was not so much technology in the battery that like today a 4-centimeter battery could run the mobile for 2 days, at that time a huge battery was used in it which could keep that mobile running for only half an hour.

world first mobile price

The world’s first mobile used to give battery backup of only half an hour, as we told you at that time the technology of the battery was not so much, but what do you think the mobile that gives half an hour battery backup would have been charged in the end. The mobile which is in your hand gives full day’s backup in one hour charge but the world’s first mobile used to take more than 10 hours to get full charge and it gives only 30 minutes of battery backup.

What do you think what would have been the price of this mobile, let me tell you that it was more expensive than the iPhone available today and its price was 2700 US dollars, which is about two lakh Indian rupees. And this price was of 1973, that is, the value of this mobile was equal to 25 lakh rupees in today’s time, all this was because people had never seen such a thing before that a person standing in one place could talk at another place. As technology progressed, new things came and the prices became cheaper.

When did mobile phones come in the market?

This mobile launched by Motorola in 1973 was not launched for the market, but Motorola had launched it for the common citizens after about 10 years, that is, it came in the hands of the people in the decade of 1983, and also added some features to this mobile. were go. As it could have saved about 30 mobile numbers, but the battery backup of this mobile was still only 30 minutes.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was the first mobile that came in the hands of the people, the price of this mobile for the general public was US $ 3995 i.e. equivalent to about 2.5 lakh rupees.

When did mobile phones come to India

The arrival of mobile phones in the Indian market happened almost 12 years after the world’s first mobile was launched i.e. in 1995, 31st July 1995 was the day when the general public could buy mobiles for the first time in India and for the expansion of telecommunications, the government set up TRAI. was also established. What you call the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, today there are companies to win, airtel jio idea vodafone, etc. All of them have to work under TRAI and TRAI is the only organization that implements all the rules of telecom.

Bhupendra Kumar Modi was the first industrialist of India who dreamed of bringing mobile phones to India, he started working on the advent of mobile phones from 1994 onwards. His company was Modi Telstra which started the first mobile service in the country and the first call (Kolkata to Delhi) was made by this company’s network and the name Spice Mobile you hear is also of this company because later on The company had changed its name.

Some interesting facts about mobile

1. You must have seen the Nokia 1100 mobile, it is such a mobile whose name has got the title of best selling in the world. Nokia 1100 had reached more than 250 million people in its first 5 years and the title of selling most electronic gadgets in the world was named after Nokia, that too because of Nokia 11 hundred.

2. In the year 2012, Apple company set a new record in which Apple company was selling 3,40,000 mobiles in 1 day, that means 4 smartphones in 1 second.

3. A research was done in 2010 in which scientists told that our mobile phone has 10 times more germs than our toilet.

4. The world’s first mobile call was made by Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile himself, in New Jersey in 1973.

5. In Japan, about 95 percent of smartphones are waterproof, because companies are forced to make the mobile waterproof. Japanese women bathe the smartphone with them even while taking a shower, they are so attached to the mobile that they carry the mobile with them all the time, so every small and big company manufacturing in Japan has to make it waterproof.

7. About 12 to 13 years after the arrival of the mobile, the first smartphone had also arrived, which was the screen touch, this mobile was named Simon, and was first displayed at the Wireless World Conference. This mobile was completely touch screen and was priced at $899. In this mobile, along with making calls, you could also enjoy facilities like email and fax and features like contact book calendar were also given. This mobile was made jointly by Bell South Cellular and IBM Company and it is considered to be the world’s first smartphone.

8. Sonim XP3300 Force was the first such mobile in the world, which was considered to be the strongest. This is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, even after dropping this mobile from 84 feet above, there was no defect in it and all its parts were working perfectly.

9. The world’s first camera mobile was invented by the Japanese company Sharp Corporation in 2000. This mobile phone had a camera of about 1 megapixel.

10. U Switch Company conducted a survey, according to which annually more than one lakh mobile people in the UK accidentally drop them in the toilet and more than 23,000 mobiles are spoiled by dropping them in the bathtub.

11. Addiction to mobile phone leads to a disease which is called nomophobia, in this disease strange incidents happen with people where there is fear about missing the mobile when they leave the house. Problems like restlessness and nervousness arise when mobile is not around, more than 2 billion people in the world have nomophobia.

12. You all must be sending messages on both mobiles, via WhatsApp, Facebook or text message, so let me tell you that according to a survey, 90 percent of the world’s messages are seen within 3 minutes.

13. In 2012, the monthly mobile bill of an American woman, Solena Onse, was ā‚¹ 1,06,65,060. This is a record, because most people pay only a thousand or two thousand per month, and 90% of India’s people do so. I do recharge between one and a half hundred to 500.

now you know that Who invented mobile and when How did you like this article today, I hope you liked the article. Here we have taken complete information about the invention and inventor of mobile phone, in this article we have also disclosed about some interesting facts related to mobile phone. If you liked the article, then do not forget to share it with your personal friends at all and if any information is left, then you can ask by commenting, by replying, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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