Jio Phone Ka Lock Kaise Tode? [Updated 2022]

How to unlock jio phone in hindi? Friends, if you have a Jio mobile phone and it is locked, and you are looking for a way to unlock it, then in today’s post we will know how to easily remove the password of any Jio phone? How to reset jio phone? Or how to break jio phone password? Jio Phone Ka Lock Kaise Tode? [Updated 2022]

Jio Phone Ka Lock Password Kaise Tode

If you are a jio phone user and your jio phone is locked or if it happens sometime in future then how to break jio phone password? It should be known so that you can easily crack the password. If you have forgotten the password of your Jio phone, and after entering the password, the message of invalid code is appearing on the screen.

So today we have brought such a secret trick for you, with the help of which you can unlock the password of your Jio phone in a few minutes. And this method is so easy that you will not even have to go to the repairing center in case your Jio phone is locked.

You will be able to change the password of Jio phone of your own or any of your friends, relatives sitting at home. So let’s start this article today and know Jio Phone Ka Lock Kaise Tode?

Jio Phone Ka Lock Kaise Tode?

To remove the password in Jio phone, you have to reset your Jio phone to reset the password. After reset, your phone comes in brand new condition as if you have bought a new mobile!

All the data on your Jio phone gets cleared on reset. Your photos, songs, contacts etc. are all cleared and your passwords are also cleared from that.

Before resetting the Jio phone, back up all your important data, if using a memory card, take out the memory card along with the SIM from the phone.

After doing this, follow the steps given below carefully to break the password of your Jio phone and to unlock it.

Jio Phone Ko Reset Kaise Kare?

  1. First of all remove the back cover of your Jio phone.
  2. And jio phone Remove the battery and re-insert this battery.
  3. So now your mobile is completely switched off, then to turn on the phone, you have to hold the power button along with the Star button, ie the red button, for a few seconds.
  4. After doing this the recovery mode will open in your mobile. So from here you have to unlock the password of your jio phone.
  5. If you will get the Wipe Data Factory Reset option on the screen, then you have to click on it and do it okay.
  6. And after that the option that will come has to be yes, and it will be OK as soon as you press the red button.
  7. By doing this, your Jio phone will be reset and after that you will see the option of Reboot system on the screen, on which you have to do OK.
  8. Just after doing this your Jio phone will be switched on again.
  9. Now after hard reset of Jio phone, now you can see, on the screen you will get the option to select language, then choose any one language.
  10. Now you can see you will not see any password.

So friends, in this way you can easily break the password installed in your Jio phone. Now you must have understood that if you ever forget the password of Jio phone! So the only way is to hard reset it and how to reset it!

On the basis of the above-mentioned process, you must have easily learned. Now there are some important things that you have to keep in mind before hard resetting your Jio phone which are as follows.

Things to keep in mind before resetting Jio phone:-

• Make sure to charge your Jio phone before resetting it! Keep in mind that before resetting your Jio phone, your phone should have at least 50% charge.

• If you want to save your important data before it is lost or deleted! So you must take out the SD card from your mobile so that the data is not cleared from the memory card at the time of reset.

• While hard resetting your Jio phone, you will see some process in between. Which takes some time, during this time do not make the mistake of tampering with the phone, that is, switching off the phone, let the process run!

• If this process is tampered with, then your phone can be dead forever.

• Apart from this, if Contacts is saved in your SIM card, then remove your SIM card before resetting it.

Jio Phone Ka Password Kaise Tode?

As you would know that there are different models of a Jio phone sold in the market. Therefore, if the model of your Jio phone is different, then the process of resetting it may be slightly different.

If your Jio phone is not getting reset based on the above procedure, then you can press the Up button together with the red button of your Jio phone, which will reboot your phone.

If you still face any problem then you can learn in detail how to hard reset your jio phone model number on youtube! Or you can mention the model number of your jio phone in the comment section so that we can help you to hard reset your phone.

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So friends hope that now you know how to remove the password of any Jio phone? How to reset jio phone? Or how to break jio phone password? Jio Phone Ka Lock Kaise Tode In Hindi!

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