Dark Color of Mehandi and Ways to Keep it Longer Mehndi Dark Color And Long Lasting Tips in hindi

Dark Color of Mehandi and Ways to Keep it Long Mehndi (Heena) Dark Color And Long Lasting Tips in hindi

Mehandi is considered very auspicious in our Indian society, which is the first choice of women and girls. Mehndi is considered a symbol of the marriage of women. There is a provision to apply mehndi on every Teej, festival, wedding or any other occasion. Mehandi is an art, which makes beautiful beautiful designs in our hands and feet. People of every caste, religion in India consider Mehndi auspicious, and apply it. The darker the color of mehndi, it is said that love is deeper.

Mehendi Dark Color And Long Lasting Tips in Hindi

In India, applying mehndi to brides at the time of marriage is a ritual, which has been adopted in most religions. The darker the color of the bride’s mehndi, the more her husband loves her. It is the dream of every bride, that the color of her mehndi should be dark. Hands drawn with dark colored mehndi, are applauded even in the bride’s in-laws’ house. Everyone likes to apply mehndi, but when its color is not deep then the mind gets spoiled. There are some deep color of henna and some ways to make it last, which I share with you today.

Before applying mehndi keep these things in mind (Things you do before applying mehndi) –

  • Choose the design of the mehndi in advance, by which you want to get the mehndi done, by informing it in advance, fix the time.
  • If you want to apply mehandi by preparing it at home, then start its preparation in advance. Because it takes time. By the way, nowadays, there is a cone made of mehndi in the market, which comes in many varieties.
  • Before applying mehndi, wash hands and feet thoroughly with soap, so that no dirt, oil remains in the hands, and mehndi can reach deep and bring color. The deeper the mehandi reaches, the darker the color will be.
  • Do not apply any cream or oil after washing hands.
  • Before starting to apply mehndi, keep all the things attached to the mehndi like old cloth, scissors etc. The design also gets spoiled by getting up again and again, and the color also rises differently.
  • While applying mehndi, sit in a place with more light.
  • Before starting the mehandi, you should also come through the washroom, so that there is no need to go in the middle. If there is any other important work, then do it.
  • While applying mehndi, one should not sit in sunlight, nor should it be dried in sunlight. This spoils the design. We want Mehndi to dry quickly, that’s why we try to dry it in sunlight, but Mehndi takes its own time to dry, it does not dry quickly by doing something like this.
  • After applying mehndi, waxing, pedicure, manicure should not be done. Due to this, the top layer of mehndi gets removed, and the mehandi starts to look washed out. You do this before applying mehndi, then apply mehndi, it will also make your hands and feet look beautiful.
Mehndi Dark Color And Long Lasting

How to Make Mehndi Darker for Hands –

  • Get mehandi done at least 2 days before any festival or wedding. With this, till the day of that function, the color of your henna will be very dark and beautiful. Mehndi does not have its full effect on the second day of applying mehndi, it also takes 1-2 days to climb.
  • Before applying henna, apply eucalyptus oil on the hands and feet, it also smells very good.
  • Let the mehndi dry on its own, do not try to dry it in front of a fan or cooler, it will spoil the design. Mehandi should not be dried even with a blow dryer, it also spoils the design.
  • The longer the henna is applied, the darker its color will be. For this, if you apply henna at night and leave it like this overnight, then its color will be very good in 12 hours. If henna is used for 10-12 hours, its color keeps on increasing.
  • When the mehndi starts drying up a bit, apply the mixture of lemon and sugar with the help of cotton, with light hands. With this, the design of the mehndi will stick, and will not fray. With this you can keep it in your hand for a long time. Apply only a limited amount of lemon-sugar mixture, too much will spoil the design.
  • After the henna is dry, you can also inhale the smoke of cloves. For this, put 4-5 cloves on a pan and let it heat up. When smoke starts coming out of it, then keep your hands on it. Do this until it starts feeling hot. After a while, do it again. benefits of cloves Read here to know.
  • After 10-12 hours, after shearing the mehndi, apply the vicks in your hand, it gives warmth, due to which the mehndi brings a darker color.
  • You can also rub the wax and apply it on your hand.
  • Apart from this, apply some pickle oil in the hands. It comes in even darker color.
  • Even if you have removed the mehandi in 2-3 hours, do not let the water get in the mehandi for at least 10-12 hours.
  • Some people say that if the hands covered with mehndi are covered with foil, it brings a darker color. But it is dangerous to do this by yourself, it can spoil the design. You can also do this by asking the person who applies mehndi, with his help. Apart from this, you can take help from someone else, medical paper tape can be wrapped in your hands.
  • Immediately after removing the mehandi, water should not be added.
  • Even if water has to be poured on the hands with mehndi, then both the hands should never be rubbed together.
  • After watering, apply petroleum jelly on your hands. This will protect the color of the henna.

Other Uses of Mehndi –

Apart from decorating henna, it also has many health benefits –

Gives coolness

Mehndi has cooling ingredients. Applying it in a cut or burnt area gives coolness. This is also a home remedy, in case of high fever, henna can be used to reduce the temperature continuously. Even in the heat of summer, applying henna gives relief.

Remove headache-

Staying under the sun for a long time causes headache, to reduce it, make a paste of fresh henna leaves and mix vinegar in it. Then apply this paste on the forehead. This will give relief very soon. Headache causes and home remedies Read about here.

Remove baldness

Henna leaves also remove the problem of baldness. For this, boil some henna leaves in mustard oil, now filter it and massage the head. This will increase hair growth. You keep this oil in a bottle, and use it regularly, it will be beneficial.

Remove stains –

Mehendi removes the scars and pimple marks on the body. It is also helpful in removing the problem of tanning. home remedies to remove tanning read here.

Arthritis –

Arthritis patient should massage with rosemary oil, its continuous use reduces the pain. gout home remedies Read here.

Beneficial for hair

Henna is the best conditioner for hair. Also, applying henna gives good color to the hair. By applying henna in the hair, the hair becomes shiny, soft, strong, thick, as well as the problem of dandruff is removed. Mehndi is a very good natural dye. home remedies to remove dandruff Read here.

Tattoo –

This is the most common use of mehndi. Different types of designs are made with mehndi in India, nowadays people make different types of tattoos in the armpit, neck, waist with it.

Mehandi should be kept out of reach of children, if they take it in their mouth, then there may be trouble. Many chemicals are also mixed with henna in the cones that are made today, due to which it is harmful.

Types of Mehndi –

name of mehndi
Arabic Mehndi
Pakistani Mehndi Designs
Indian Mehndi Design
Indo-Arabic Design
Moroccan Mehndi Design
glitter mehndi
Mughlai Mehndi
Bridal Mehndi Design
multi color mehndi design

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