Essay on Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao in Hindi

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana (BBBP) is a joint effort of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Ministry of Human Resource Development. This scheme was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 22 January 2015 in Panipat district of Haryana State.

The main reason for starting this scheme from Haryana state was only 775 girls per 1000 boys i.e. difference in sex ratio of girls and boys. The scheme was initially implemented in 100 districts across the country where the sex ratio was effectively the worst and it is planned to be rolled out across the country in the coming years.

Objectives of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme:

To change the conservative mindset towards daughters in the social system under the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme.

To advance the education of girls.

Ensuring the survival and security of the village by ending the process of gender discrimination.

Ensuring education of girls in every household.

Prevention of gender based feticide.

Ensuring education and participation of girls.

Why was the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign needed?

Our India is our mythological culture, it is considered a land of dharma and karma and affection and love. But since Indians have started making progress and new technologies have developed, there has been a big change in the mindset of the Indian people.

Due to this change, there has been a huge upheaval in terms of population. The mentality of the people has deteriorated so much that they have started discriminating between sons and daughters. They have started treating daughters as a commodity. Such people celebrate the birth of a son and distribute sweets in the whole village, if a daughter is born then the whole house is in silence as if some calamity or calamity has occurred.

He considers daughter as alien wealth because one day daughters have to get married and go to another house. That’s why people with fallen mindset think that it is useless to spend on any kind of daughters. This is the reason why they do not educate the daughters nor do they raise them properly. They do not have the freedom to do any work of their choice.

In some places, daughters are not even allowed to step out of the house. On the contrary, sons are much loved and sent abroad for their education. All kinds of exemptions are given to sons. Such people believe that sons will become the sticks of our old age and serve us, but nowadays everything is happening the opposite.

Having such a small population of girls is not less than a disaster. It refers to prenatal discrimination by sex selection of the child and prenatal discrimination against girls. Due to this increasing mentality day by day, the population of daughters has started decreasing because daughters are being killed in the womb itself. According to a UNICEF report, “India is short of about 5 crore girls.”

Taking cognizance of this, the United Nations warned India that if nothing is done to protect the girls soon, there may be many other disasters in India along with the change in population. Therefore, the Honorable Prime Minister of our country, Narendra Modi, started a new scheme for the protection of daughters and education of daughters, which is called Beti Bachao Beti Padhao.

Reasons for the plight of daughters:

Ever since new technologies have developed in India, ever since people have started living to fulfill their selfishness, the condition of daughters in our country has become very pathetic. No one else is responsible for their condition, but there are some people who discriminate between sons and daughters. In many states, the situation has become so bad that even the youth are not getting married there.

Let us know what are the reasons due to which the condition of the daughters of our country has become very pathetic.

gender discrimination.

Gender discrimination means that people no longer want the birth of daughters. They only want sons to be born in their homes. But those people do not know that if girls are not born then where will the daughter-in-law, sister, and mother come from.

female foeticide.

Due to increasing gender discrimination, the mentality of people has become so bad that they kill daughters in the womb. His desire for a son has grown so much that he kills his own daughter before coming into the world. Due to which there has been a huge decline in the population of girls and a new disaster has emerged. On which neither people are taking any action nor is the government doing anything on it. Due to which girls are being exploited every day.

Lack of education

Due to lack of education, people still do not give respect to daughters due to which in countries like India where mothers are worshipped. In the same country, girls are exploited. Due to the lack of education of the parents of the daughters, they listen to others and start discriminating against the daughters. What they don’t know is that even if daughters are given the right opportunities, they can still show more taxes than sons.

Corrupt mindset.

The mentality of the people in India can be traced to the fact that they have started treating daughters as something that they can use and throw away. People consider daughters as alien money and treat them as an expense, due to which the condition of girls in the country has become worrying.

People with corrupt mindset believe that sons are everything, they will become the sticks of their old age and serve them. This is the reason why they also do not want daughters to be killed at home. So people should try to change their mindset.

dowry system.

Dowry is a very serious problem in our country due to which the condition of daughters has become worrying. Due to this practice people no longer want daughters to be born in their family, because when daughters get married, they have to pay a lot of dowry. Due to which people are considering daughters as a huge expense and discriminating between sons and daughters. At present, daughters are killed at home, so that people do not have to pay dowry on their marriage, so it is very important to end this practice.

Side effects of plight of daughters:

It is well known to all of us that excess or deficiency of anything leads to some kind of disaster. Because in the present time, there is a lot of discrimination between sons and daughters. Due to which the number of girls has come down and their education initiation has also decreased significantly. Let’s look at its side effects:

population growth.

Boy lovers will continue to have children until a boy is born in their household, due to which the population will expand in large numbers. This will slow down the pace of development of our country, due to which people will not get proper employment and proper food.

Similarly, our country is very backward and if population growth continues at this rate then our country will never be able to develop. So, people should discuss this and take some concrete steps against it.

Decrease in the birth rate of girls.

If people continue to discriminate against girls in this way, the birth rate of girls can drop drastically, whereas in many states of India, the population of girls is currently very low, from 0 to 6 figures in 1981. is according to. This year the sex ratio of girls was reduced from 962 to 945 and in the year 2001 this number came down to 927. By 2011, the situation had worsened as the number of girls out of 1000 boys was only 914, which has become a serious problem.

Increasing incidence of rape and exploitation.

Due to the decrease in the population of girls, you must have once seen in the news that incidents like rape are increasing very fast in our country. One reason for this is that the birth rate of girls has come down. Due to male dominated society, where the population of girls is less, men show their dominance and exploitation of girls does not stop them.

Slow development of the country.

If girls are discriminated against, then the pace of development of the country will slow down because even today half of the population of our country is women, if they do not get proper education and security, then the pace of development of our country will be slow. And it is said that the first teacher is the mother, if she is not educated, how will she teach her children. That is why it is very important to educate girls.

Measures to improve the plight of girls:

You and we are also responsible for the plight of girls deteriorating in the country because whenever girls are discriminated against or exploited, we just watch and don’t even protest against them. Which is why we are seeing this situation today.

If there is any kind of discrimination against girls and if we see this happening then we are equally responsible for the discrimination, so we should raise our voice against the whole policy against girls. Otherwise one day it will come that there will be no girls in our country.

The government also brings new schemes for the upliftment of girls like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme, Women Empowerment Scheme, but due to lack of interest of common man, all these schemes are shelved.

Let us see what measures we can take to improve the plight of girls –

Stop gender screening.

Currently, due to the development of new technologies, it has come to know whether the baby in the womb will be a boy or a girl, people take advantage of this and find out in advance whether they will be born a boy or a girl if they come to know that If there is a daughter, then the girl is killed in the womb itself, due to which the sex ratio of girls is continuously decreasing.

Gender testing machines are easily available in India, we should stop these machines immediately. Although the Indian government has brought a strict law on this, but due to some greedy doctors, gender testing is still done and girls are killed in the womb.

Promotion of women’s education.

We should promote female education, if there are educated women in the society, then it will never allow those daughters who are killed in their womb before giving birth, it is also easy to do this because women are uneducated. Trapped in old stereotypes, their family members kill their daughter in the womb itself. The more women educated, the higher will be the sex ratio of girls.

Stop discrimination against girls.

In our 21st century India, where women like Kalpana Chawla are going to space, on the other hand, people in our society are discriminating against girls.

Girls are discriminated against on the basis of sex selection and even if they are born, they are not given proper education. Due to this discrimination policy, girls do not develop properly and remain backward, due to which they are unable to walk shoulder to shoulder with the boys. However, at present, there has been some change in the status of girls in the cities. But not much has changed, where girls are not being discriminated against.

Changing the mindset of the people.

In our 21st century India, on one side people claim to be civilized and on the other they exploit women, molest them and commit incidents like rape. These people are none other than us. There are some of us whose mindset has become so bad that they consider women a commodity.

Such people should be thrown out of the society, these people are very dangerous not only for the society but for the whole world. Therefore, it has become very important to change the mindset of thinking people, because the number of such people is increasing day by day, the results of which you see in newspapers and news every day.

Formation of strict laws for the protection of girls.

Government of India should make strict laws for the protection of girls so that no one dares to do injustice and discrimination against girls. Although the government has made some laws that protect women, but due to some shortcomings in these laws, people take advantage of it and commit incidents like rape.

Recently, the government has introduced a new law that can be commended in which those who rape girls up to 12 years of age will be punished. If such strict laws are made then no one will dare to raise eyes on girls.

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