Tips to use WhatsApp | Whatsapp Useful Tips And Tricks In Hindi

Tips To Use WhatsApp (Whatsapp Useful Tips And Tricks In Hindi)

Whatsapp is the most used application today. The usage of WhatsApp is continuously increasing. In view of its increasing popularity, new features are being added continuously by the company so that it can be easily used by more people in the coming days. According to a recent calculation, more than 800 million people use an application launched by Facebook. In this application, the user can send free messages as well as make free calls. But all these facilities cannot be easily understood by the user or the user has difficulty in understanding it. But the good thing in this is that in this you can learn all these things easily by following some fixed instructions.

You will also be able to use WhatsApp as easily as Facebook. And with the help of this you will be able to talk to your friends easily without any fear whenever you want.

Whatsapp Useful Tips And Tricks In Hindi

Tips for using WhatsApp

How to check that your message has been sent (How to check send msg in whatsapp):

When you send a message to someone, the 2 right sign shows in the just side of the message, it means that your message has been sent to your friend.

How will you check when your sent message has been read:

When you send a message to someone, the 2 right sign shows in the just side of the message, it means that your message has been sent to your friend and as soon as this 2 right sign changes in blue color. This means that the message sent by you has been read by the other person. But many times you want more information than this, for that you have to click on the message sent by you and select it, then by clicking on the info icon, you can get other information about that message. This info icon shows up in WhatsApp as an i on the top side.

You can change your mobile phone without losing the chat details:

When you want to change your android phone or i-phone, but you do not want to lose your chat details, all you need is your micro SD card. This is a simple process by which you can save data (your chats) in your micro card. Menu>Setting>Chat setting>Backup conversation . Now you can put this micro card in your new phone and you can take your chat data from this card in your new phone. For this you have to install WhatsApp on your mobile first. If this backup is in internal storage then you can move it to your MBL by searching your data in sdcard/ Whatsapp. Hope your information will be useful for you.

How to send message in bulk:

Many times it happens that you want to send messages to many people simultaneously in your WhatsApp and want to save your time. Here sending a message to everyone at once does not mean sending a message in a group, but here it means sending a message to many of your friends using the broadcast feature. With this feature, you can send private messages to many of your friends. For this, by going to new broadcast in the menu in an android phone, you can create a list of your friends whom you want to send a message to and you can send a message to them. And if a friend replies, then that message is not sent to all the members of that list, but only shows in your personal inbox.

Recover deleted messages:

If you want to back up your own WhatsApp messages, the easiest way is to uninstall the application and reinstall it. And when you install your messages back, it takes permission from you for this and after you do this, it reinstalls your last 7 days messages. If you want to see old messages on your android phone, then its For this you have to use an app and go to whatsapp / database sdcard to see your backup. You have to change the name of the file you want to see and for this, go to setting> application> whatsapp> clear data and change the name of the file and then start and restore it.

Using WhatsApp on your computer:

Through this we will tell you how to use WhatsApp on your computer. If you do not have an android phone and still you want to run WhatsApp, then it is possible that you can use it by installing this application on your computer. For this, if you have Google Chrome browser on your computer or laptop, then go to WhatsApp web on it and follow the instruction. For this it is necessary that the net is running on your phone because this app syncs all the things from your phone. Now you have to find whatsapp web option by opening whatsapp menu in your phone then you have to scan your QR code. And then you can use whatsapp in your computer.

Creating shortcut for chat:

If you talk to any of your friends again and again and for this you have to open whatsapp again and again, then you can get freedom from this trouble, for this you just have to create shortcut. To create a shortcut, you have to open whatsapp in your mobile and tap on that friend’s name and after you click on his name for a while, you can drag it to your home screen. The name of this friend of yours looks like an icon of an app on your screen, which you can easily use whenever you want.

To mute notifications in a group chat:

Many times the conversations done by others in the group disturb you in your work and if you want to ignore these group notifications without leaving the group, then the easiest way is to mute these notifications. To mute the group chat in your mobile, you have to go to the setting in the menu in your mobile, go to the notification and there you have to mute it by going to the group notification. As soon as you do this, you do not hear the sound of the message coming in your group and you do not have any problem with it.

Locking whatsapp app in your mobile:

We all want that no one should have any personal talk done by us with our friends, for this it will be necessary that you keep the whatsapp app locked in your mobile. There is no such option in your mobile by which you can lock your whatsapp But if you use android phone then there is no problem. You can protect your mobile chats using apps like chat block, applock, and smart applock. If you use these apps, then you or anyone will have to use the PIN to chat on your mobile, so that your chat is safe.

Hiding Your Last Seen Time:

When you get someone’s message in your whatsapp, then just below his name shows the time of last seen whatsapp of that person, similarly your last seen time of whatsapp can also be seen by someone else if you want. It is that the time of last seen of your whatsapp is not seen by anyone else, then you have to hide the time of last seen by going to setting > account > privacy, but if you do so, you also do not see the time of last seen of someone else. Can . Similarly, you can also lock your profile photo, status, and receipts.

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