Advantages and disadvantages of teaching coaching classes to children Coaching Classes Fayde in Hindi

Teaching coaching class is right or wrong, from which class should one go to coaching and how to choose coaching? [Advantages and Disadvantages of Tuition/Coaching Classes in hindi, Coaching classes ke nuksan, Fayde]

In today’s time, as the standard of education has increased, in the same way, the tendency towards coaching has increased among the people. In today’s time, there is a competition in every school to be the top and be ahead of each other. The parents of the children are also worried about how their child should come forward and top the class. In such a situation, the parents of the child make every effort. Children also top the class, for this they also go to coaching. Sometimes the routine of children becomes so heavy that they do not get time for themselves. Coaching from school and coaching from home, followed by homework. In such a situation, the pressure on them increases and their stress level also starts increasing. Sometimes coaching also makes them tired.

Bachcho Ko Coaching Class bhejna sahi hain ya nahi

Is it right or wrong to teach coaching classes to children, what are its disadvantages and advantages

In such a situation, a confusion arises among people whether going to coaching is right or wrong. Should children be sent coaching or schooling alone is enough for them? So in today’s post, we will clear all your questions. Today we will tell you in detail whether it is right or wrong to go to coaching, what are its advantages and what are the disadvantages. If you want to send coaching to your child, then from which class to send and how to choose coaching, we will know about all these in detail.

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Is it right or wrong to teach coaching classes?

First of all the question comes in the mind of parents whether it is right or wrong to give coaching to children. Some people think that going to coaching classes makes children smart, while some think that it is just a business and it does not help.

Some people think that the student will study in the school itself, what is the need of coaching and some people feel that in the coaching class, full attention is given to the children. Let us know what are the advantages and disadvantages of coaching class, so that you will be able to understand better about it.

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Benefits of teaching coaching classes

Individual attention given to children

There are many children in the school and in such a crowd, the children have little understanding. In such a situation, personal attention is given to the children in the coaching class. Because of this, the problems related to education of children can be easily solved. If the child does not understand something in school, then he can understand his solution by taking notes down and coming to coaching.

good marks come

If the child is given individual and separate attention, then the level of education of the child will increase and he will start to understand things better. With this, he will perform well in the examination and his marks will be good.

Increases confidence

By going to coaching class, children remain fully connected with studies and every problem of theirs is solved, the confidence increases in the children. They get the feeling that they can face every challenge of the school with aplomb. When their school problems will be solved in coaching and children will understand easily, then it is obvious that the confidence of the children will increase.

Fear of studies and exams ends

When children go to school and they do not understand anything there, the first thing that comes to their mind is that they will go to coaching and understand. When that problem is solved in the coaching class, then the fear of studies and examination ends in the mind of the children, because they have a solution for their every problem.

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Disadvantages of teaching coaching classes

childhood is wasted

In today’s children, the competition to move ahead and the fear of parents of their children to top the class attracts children towards coaching. In such a situation, the trend of coaching class in childhood itself takes away the childhood of the children. Children get away from sports. He spends all his time in school and coaching.

stress level rises

First the child goes to school, after that he stays in coaching, then in homework etc., due to which the pressure starts increasing on him and due to this the child gets stressed. The child is not able to get enough sleep for the time being and due to this the nature also starts becoming irritated and the stress level starts increasing.

a waste of time and money

If you know that your children are smart in studies and remember what they were taught in school, then do not send them to coaching classes. This will waste their time and your money too.

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Which class should I go for coaching?

Firstly, class has nothing to do with coaching. If your child is smart in studies, he remembers what he taught in school and catches everything well, then he does not need any coaching. He can bring good marks in the examination only through self study and can perform better.

Now secondly, if you can teach your child till class V, then what is the need of coaching. There are many parents who teach their children at home and their children top the class. If you have knowledge and you have time, then give your time and knowledge to your children. What is the need of wasting time and money by sending coaching in vain.

Thirdly, if your children are weak in studies and they do not understand what is taught in school and you do not even have time, then you can send them coaching. But still, it would be better if you manage only a few classes in the beginning because even in very young children, they do not understand anything in coaching.

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How to choose coaching?

Now we have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of coaching, from which class we should send coaching to our children. Now it comes to how to choose coaching. With the changing times and studies, the business of coaching has started growing rapidly.

In today’s time, coaching classes are dominated everywhere in villages, towns and cities. But the biggest thing is to choose good coaching because many coaching institutes do their publicity on a large scale but they do not even have proper classes and teachers do not even come. In such a situation, it is very important to choose a good coaching class. Let us know how to choose a good coaching class.

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Keep these things in mind while choosing coaching

See the quality not the result

First of all, those who promote coaching, exaggerate their results and do promotion in a very better way. Many times the children who are included in the topper list do not belong to that coaching, their name is used just to mislead.

Instead of how many toppers have been taken out by the coaching class, instead of focusing on how is the education there, how is the study material, how is the attention given to the children, whether the class is held on time or not. Look at the quality of coaching rather than the result, that is more important.

Take demo before taking admission

Do not rush to take admission, rather study there for a week and see. Even the coaching operator will not refuse you for this. During this, the student will easily understand that how is being taught, how is the atmosphere there. Only when the child is completely satisfied, he should be admitted to that coaching class.

Interact with the students who have studied there

Talk to the children who have studied in that coaching because only they can give you the most correct and accurate information. Ask the child how is the study material there, how it is taught, how is the practical knowledge etc. In this way you will get the right information about coaching and you will also know whether to choose that coaching center or not.

Check Pattern, Syllabus and Regular Performance

The coaching about which you are collecting the knowledge, see what is the pattern of studies, what is the syllabus and whether the regular performance of the children is being seen there or not. It should also be found out from the coaching people that they follow the same set or pattern or bring changes over time.

You have understood very well in this post what are the advantages and disadvantages of coaching class, from which class the children should be sent coaching and how to choose coaching. I hope you liked this post and if you liked this post then share it with your friends and give your views in the comment box.

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