Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale? How to find Airtel SIM number?

There is bound to be some problem in life. Sometimes we forget our number. We do not remember what our number is? You use your mobile all day long but forget your number, how does this happen? Friends, in today’s post, we will know about Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale? How to find Airtel SIM number?

Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale?  How to find Airtel SIM number?

If you have all this problem then you do not need to panic. You have many methods to extract your mobile number like you can use USSD code either you can remove your number by talking to your friends or you can remove number using airtel thanks app.

Along with this, you can remove your number by talking to the customer care. All these methods will help you to get the number because in today’s era there are many people who are so busy in important work that they forget their number. The memory power of every person is very weak, so the person forgets his number.

Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale? How to find Airtel SIM number?

USSD code is very helpful to find Airtel number. Every company has its own different USSD code like Jio’s is different, BSNL’s is different, Airtel’s is different.

USSD code varies from year to year because the customer is afraid that if the same USSD is used, then other companies can also use it.

(1) USSD Code *282#
(2) USSD Code *121*9#
(3) USSD Code *121*2#

USSD Code Se Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale?

  1. First of all go to the dialer phone of your mobile.
  2. After that, use any of the USSD codes mentioned above on your mobile.
  3. With this, your mobile number will be easily known.

The above USSD code is valid from the year 2021 to 2022 only because it keeps updating every year because the same USSD code does not last more than 2 years, you can use it only for a limited time as it will cause problem to airtel user later. Might be possible.

Because companies determine the USSD code according to the data they provide. Which varies from year to year, you don’t have to worry. If any of these USSD codes won’t work in 2023, then you can find out by searching for Airtel’s new USSD codes on Google, so you can get new updates in an instant. Will go

How to find Airtel SIM number using Airtel Thanks App?

If your USSD code does not work, you can use the Airtel Thanks app to know your mobile number, for this you must have a smartphone.

  • Now first of all go to Play Store and install Airtel Thanks App.
  • After that you login to the app with your number. And verify yourself in airtel thanks app.
  • Once you are verified, your number will start showing on the home page of the Airtel Thanks app.
  • For this, your mobile must have net as well as your mobile should be touchscreen not with keypad and its android version 1.02 3:00 You cannot use airtel thanks app in your multimedia phone.

Because you do not get all this facility in a multimedia phone. You get limited facilities in it. As you can call from your mobile, you can neither talk nor record nor watch videos. So if you have your own smartphone then this method is going to be very useful for you.

How to find out your SIM number by talking to airtel customer care?

If your USSD code and airtel thanks app doesn’t work. So you can know your sim number by talking to airtel customer care. For this you have to dial 121. After this you have to ask the customer care that I have forgotten my mobile number. Tell me our mobile number, then customer care will tell you your mobile number through message.

You won’t have any problem with this. With this you will easily know your mobile number. But provided your mobile balance should be maintained otherwise your phone will not be able to connect to customer care.

If for some reason the customer care does not pick up your phone. So you can also know your number by mailing on airtel’s mail id, if this does not work then you go to Airtel’s Near Buy store to know your number, there you will easily know your number.

How to find your Airtel number by calling any other number?

If Airtel Thanks App And USSD Code And Customer Care Doesn’t Work Out. So you can also call your friend to know the number. With this your number will be known, it is not necessary that you have a smartphone, for this you can call your friend’s number from airtel number in your multimedia or any phone.

Now ask those who have received the call from the number you have. You can message us or call that number. With this you will easily know the number of your mobile. You will not have any problem because this is the best way to find out the mobile number.

But what should you do if your friend’s mobile number is said to be switched off? There is also an option for this. For this, you can text message to your friend, so that your mobile number will be easily known.

Because you will tell your friend that you send our mobile number from which the message has come, see that this is not a short-term process, it is long-term. Because if you need it urgently then you can not go through your mobile number tax because in this you will start facing serious problem which will result in delay in your work, for this it will be necessary that you take some immediate steps,

Airtel Mail ID Se Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale?

If your work is not done by talking to airtel thanks app or customer care then you can easily find out your number by mail on airtel’s mail id, for this you need airtel’s mail id

[email protected] to mail on.

To mail, you have to open the Gmail ID in your mobile, after that you go to the compose e-mail and enter the mail ID of Airtel, after that fill in the subject whose recording you want to message.

After that you describe your problem in the description. This will solve your problem easily. You will not have to make any effort for this.

But one thing is to be kept in mind that you will get the answer of the mail within 24 hours and not immediately, so you have to have some patience. You will be contacted as soon as your mail will be received by the customer care and your number will be told to you, you will not have any problem in this, it is all easy process.

Know Airtel Number From Airtel Facebook Page!

If the above option does not work for you, then you can also message on Airtel’s Facebook page, the name of Airtel’s Facebook page is Airtel care, on this you write your problems, your problems will be resolved immediately.

Because Airtel provides 24×7 facilities on this page, that is why you can use this page provided the subject is to be written in this page, nothing else is to be written otherwise you will not be informed and you will be blocked from Facebook. Will go

That’s why if you agree to all these service conditions then only you can write your problems in airtel and airtel is ready to solve all your problems. That is why you are requested to describe the subject with patience and courage on this page because every subject is well diagnosed.

Know your Airtel number from Twitter.

If you are tired and unable to solve your problem. Like neither from airtel facebook page nor your USSD code nor airtel thanks app then there is no option left. That is airtel’s twitter care page On this page you describe your problems and type this message on airtel care twitter care.

Your problem will be resolved in an instant and you will also be told many more ways to fix your problem, using which you can know your airtel sim number. And you will not have any problem in future.

  1. For this, you just need to have a little technical knowledge, for this you have to go to mobile and install Twitter from your Play Store.
  2. After that you have to search airtel care from the search bar of twitter, you will get its page, you follow it and write your problem for solution.
  3. Your problem will be resolved immediately as people are very active on airtel twitter page at this time. And the customer will solve your problems very soon.

Know Airtel’s number from Instagram

In today’s consumerist era, everyone runs Instagram. If you want to know the number of your airtel sim, then you follow the page of airtel india on instagram, after that you write your problem in its comment box, your problem will be solved immediately.

Because airtel is very active on instagram too, your problems will be taken very seriously and your problems will be resolved quickly, that is why airtel nowadays is very active on social media regarding customer problems, for this you follow airtel india page of airtel instagram But it will benefit you a lot

How to find Airtel SIM number from Linkedin?

If you must be running LinkedIn then it is best for you because airtel is providing its services on LinkedIn very fast nowadays. Your problems with how to know Airtel SIM number will be resolved immediately.

What you have to do for this, first you have to create your account on LinkedIn, after that you have to go to the search bar by clicking on its search bar icon.

You have to search in that Airtel India, then just follow this page, after that write your problem in it, your problem will be resolved immediately that too with complete formal process.

So friends have full hope after reading this article Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale? How to find Airtel SIM number? You will have got complete information on this subject. If you like the information then you can immediately share it on social media.

Hope now you have come to know that your Airtel Ka Number Kaise Nikale? How to find Airtel SIM number?

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