Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home | Basic Vastu Tips For Home in hindi

Basic Vastu Tips For Home in hindi

Home is the place for a person where he seeks good memories while living comfortably with the family. Home is essential for our living, the growth of our mental space and our identity, every part of our life is deeply connected with home. That’s why we pay special attention to home design, decoration and maintenance. Vastu means abode or house, Vastu Shastra is a science to perfectly accommodate the five elements- earth, water, fire, air and sky. Vastu Shastra for the house depends on different energies such as solar energy, lunar energy, wind energy, light energy and magnetic energy etc. If the house is constructed keeping these energies in mind according to Vastu Shastra, then happiness, peace and prosperity will always remain in the house and if the house is built against Vastu Shastra, then the atmosphere of tension and unrest will remain in the house. essay on solar energy Read here.

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Importance of Vastu in House Construction

Vastu eliminates the negativity while increasing the positivity, so whenever you think about the construction of your house, first of all you imagine a house where your family is safe and happy. Also, to be protected from any kind of negative forces, hence the importance of Vastu becomes immense. If we do not follow Vastu while constructing a house, then many problems can happen with us, some of which are described below –

social loss ,

Loss of respect in the society, troubles in legal matters or other kinds of troubles will always remain.

Monetary trouble:

Business loss and bankruptcy can also happen due to Vastu Dosha.

medical crisis ,

Various types of Vastu defects prevention of diseases The family members are surrounded in this, along with many types of fatal diseases, the family may also have to bear the sting of untimely death.

Basic Vastu Tips For Home in Hindi

According to experts, there is a scientific logic behind every Vastu guideline which aims to provide an organized and comfortable life to all. Whether we believe it or not, Vastu has an effect, we can bring a lot of peace in our life by bringing some changes in the house. Following are some of the major basic principles of Vastu for home-

  • If you are planning to buy a plot for the house, then first of all make sure whether the land is in the south and west direction, because the land in this direction is considered more beneficial than the land of other directions.
  • The land should be in square or rectangular shape with its inclination towards north and east or north-east.
  • A house which has mango, banana, pomegranate, ashoka, coconut, champa jasmine and sandalwood tree is considered auspicious.
  • Whenever you think about the construction work of the house, keep in mind that there should not be much open or empty space in the south and west direction of the house, and more space should be kept in the north and east direction than other directions. Needed.
  • The height of the first floor of the house should not be more than the ground floor and there should not be any store house on the first floor.
  • The entrance of the house should be in North-East or North and East direction. The entrance door means the main door of the house should be bigger than the doors of other rooms of the house and the door of the main door of the house should always open inwards, due to this positive energy enters the house. There should not be a temple in front of the entrance or dustbin should be kept, there should not be any kind of obstruction in front of the main door. Lighting should be good, it will bring good luck, prosperity and harmony in the house.
  • There should never be a toilet, ladder, beam or wall in the middle of the house, this part should be free from any kind of obstructions. house cleaning tips Read here.
  • For the size of the door, its width should be half the length of the door.
  • War, violence or sorrow, struggle, any kind of picture depicting negativity should not be kept in the house.
  • The living room in the house should be in North, East and Northeast direction. Heavy items like beds, cupboards should be in South, South West and West direction. The sleeping bed should not be placed in the very middle of the room, doing so promotes Vastu defects, one should try to avoid such room decoration. In the bedroom, one should sleep with the head towards the south or east direction. This leads to deep and sound sleep. Also life is long. There should be no window towards the head.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, the bedroom of the house should be located in the South-West or South and West. Mirror should not be kept in the sleeping room and it should be kept away from the bed. Further, if you already have a mirror in the bedroom, then put a curtain on the mirror while sleeping. According to Vastu, there is a risk of diseases and separation in relationships.
  • Holy Ganga water should be kept in the house, it increases the flow of positive energy, and it is considered auspicious to use the symbols of Swastika at the main gate of the house. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the house, as well as to maintain peace and happiness in the house, Navagraha and Ganesh worship should be done once in 3 years, which removes the Vastu defects of the house.
  • The kitchen should be located in the south-east, which is also called the angle of fire in the scriptures. The door of toilet and bathroom should not be in front of the door of the kitchen, it is considered inauspicious in Vastu Shastra. Never keep medicines in the kitchen as the kitchen signifies health and well-being and medicine indicates illness.
  • The house of worship should always be located in the east direction or north direction or northeast direction of the house. One should face east while worshiping. The height of the idols kept in the puja room should not be more than 9 cm and not less than 2 cm. The worship room should never be made on the wall attached to the wall of the bedroom or bathroom.
  • The study room should be designed in such a way that whenever you study, your face should always be towards North or East. There should be proper lighting in the study room. This room should have the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati. Also a pendulum clock should be on the north wall of the room. The windows should be bigger in the east direction.
  • There should be a name board outside the door, it shows the ownership of the house, it brings positivity.

In this way, by adopting all these Vastu tips, you too can lead a happy life.

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