Best Ways To Earn Bitcoin For Free 2022

We have heard many times about bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency and in today’s time many people are investing money in it, but do you know that you can get bitcoin for free too, maybe you will not believe it but in this article We will tell you about some such ways by which you can easily get bitcoin for free.

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What is bitcoin?

bitcoin one crypto currency Is. Which cannot be seen or touched, which means that it is a digital currency, which is now digitally Internet Through this you can transfer from one account to another. And this is not the currency of any one country, each country has its own special currency, like if you are from India and if you go to America, then there you cannot buy things with Indian Rupees, there you have to US currency is required. But if you have bitcoin, then you can also buy things with bitcoin in America.

Bitcoin is a currency over which no government or any authority has any control. When bitcoin was created in 2009, its price was very low, but if we talk about the present, then the price of one bitcoin is from ₹ 3000000 to ₹ 3200000. Bitcoin cannot be hacked. Its transactions can be tracked. Whenever you transfer money from one account to another, all the information about it is known to the bank, it can track your account.

But when bitcoin is transacted, its information is not in any one computer but in thousands of computers. So it can never be tracked. Bitcoin works on demand and supply, that is, the more people buy it, the more its price will increase, the more people sell it, the more its price will decrease.

How to earn bitcoin for free? 

There are many ways to earn bitcoin for free, some of them are as follows –

  • First you have to go to
  • After that you have to sign in on it.
  • For this, you have to enter the email id, password, it will sign you in.
  • Now you will see an option of Free BTC, click on it.
  • Now you will see the option of Roll, click on it.
  • You get some bitcoins as soon as you click on roll.
  • After this you will see the option of Manual BET and Auto BET.
  • Out of these you have to click on Manual BTC.
  • Now you will be shown the option of BT High and BT Low.
  • Out of these, you have to tell whether BT will go high or BT will go low, if you tell right then you get some more bitcoins.

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How to earn bitcoin for free with free bitcoin app?

  • First of all download free bitcoin app from play store.
  • After that click on Next.
  • You can also enter a referral code in it.
  • In this app you are given some tasks. If you complete these tasks, then you get bitcoins.
  • In this, you can do more tasks by clicking on More Tasks.
  • You can see how many bitcoins you have earned.
  • You can also earn money by inviting your friends in it.

How To Earn Bitcoin For Free With Stromx App?

  • First of all you have to download this app from play store.
  • Now some permissions will be asked from you, they have to be accepted.
  • Now click on Next.
  • You need to create a profile to sign in to this app
  • In the profile, you have to enter your name, last name, nick name, and mobile number.
  • Now an OTP will come on your mobile number, that OTP has to be entered And to verify.
  • You are given some tasks in this app, such as downloading some apps, watching some videos, downloading some games, many other types of tasks are also given.
  • If you complete these tasks then you get bitcoin.
  • You can see how many bitcoins you have earned by clicking on the History option.

Conclusion –

Although it is beneficial to earn bitcoin for free, but to earn well, you have to refer your friends or a large amount of people, on the basis of that you can get a better earning, although to earn bitcoin for free. There are many ways that we have to go through this blog, so I hope that the information mentioned in this article will be beneficial for you, but if you have any question related to this then you can ask in the comment section.

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