To get a mobile sim card, you had to face a lot of problems in the earlier times like you had to fill the form, you had to give documents as your identity and along with that, the SIM card was very expensive in the earlier times. Used to do, but in today’s time it is not so, since the arrival of Aadhar card, the process of getting SIM card has become very easy and in the earlier comparison, SIM card has also become very cheap.

Many times it happens that our mobile is stolen or lost. With which our SIM goes along with our personal information, in such a situation we need to get a new SIM. Apart from this, there are many other reasons when we need to buy a new SIM. Whatever be the reason, but while buying a SIM, this question definitely comes in our mind that how much SIM we can take on one of our Aadhar card. It cannot happen that we go on buying unlimited SIM in our name, so that the government and the company should not make any difference. So to prevent this, some rules have been made which you should know.

how many sim can i get on one aadhar card

For your information, let us tell you that according to the new rules of TRAI, you can take 18 SIMs on one Aadhar card. TRAI is an organization of the Government of India known as the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. This organization looks after the telecom companies present in the country. This organization has been created for the convenience of the customers so that no telecom ie SIM company can do arbitrariness.

By the way, let us tell you that according to the earlier rules of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, you could buy only 9 SIMs on one basis. Earlier also its maximum limit was fixed. Meaning any person could take only 9 SIM cards in his name, if he buys the 10th SIM, then it was not activated.

But TRAI has now doubled the number of SIM cards, giving relief to the user. Meaning now according to the new rule you can buy 18 SIM cards from your Aadhaar. This decision has been taken keeping in view the need of such people. Those who need more SIM cards. This will not only benefit the professionals and organizations but common people can also take advantage of it.

How to know how many sims are running on one aadhar card

Now you would also want to know how many SIMs are active on your Aadhar card at the present time. When Jio was launched, many people had bought more than one SIM in the affair of free internet. Some people had made it a business by selling it in black. In such a situation, you must know, after all, how many SIMs are running from your Aadhaar and whether someone is taking wrong advantage of it.

We have already written an article about this. How to find out how many SIMs are running on your basis, you can read it by searching in the site or by clicking from here also. In this article, you have been told in very easy language. With this you can find out how many SIMs are present in your name. If there is a number running that you are unaware of, then you should get it turned off.

So now you know that how many sim can i get on one aadhar card Whenever people buy a new number, this question often comes in their mind too. But now you can take a total of 18 SIMs according to the new rules of TRAI. However, if you try to take more than this, then your new number will not be activated, then hopefully this information will prove to be of use to you.

If you want to check jio balance data then there are many ways for that but in this blog we are going to talk about the number dialing method that you can take information about your balance by just typing some numbers.

how to check jio balance data

Here we are going to tell you two such numbers from which you can know your Jio net balance plan, data, validity, you will not need to go to My Jio app to know the balance and data, in this way you can save your time. You can also save the data being spent in running the app and the battery of the mobile.

So all you have to do is to open the dialer page of your mobile and dial 1299 there, after a few seconds after dialing this number, the phone will be disconnected but after that a message will come in your mobile in which your plan, current data, expiry date etc. The details will tell you that this message will be from the Jio company, there is no charge for dialing this number. In this way you can check the balance and data of Jio from this number.

how to check jio balance data

In the first trick, you have to dial the number to know the net balance of Jio, but in the second trick, you have to send a message to know the balance and net data of Jio SIM, then first you have to go to the message box of your mobile. And there you have to write BAL and send it to 199. After this, a message will come from Jio in which your balance will be told, similarly if you want to know all the details of the plan, then you have to send it by writing MYPLAN in the message box, after which you will get complete details of your plan.

After knowing the number given above, now you must have known that without My Jio app how to check jio balance data So if you are a Jio user, then these numbers will be very useful for you, earlier you had to open the My Jio app for balance, but now you can find the balance data of Jio without My Jio app.

Friends, अगर आपने नई airtel sim लिया है तो आपको उस sim को चालू करने के लिए पहले उसको activate करना पड़ता है उसके बाद ही आपका airtel sim चालू होता है. पर बहुत सारे लोगो को इसे चालू कैसे करना है इसके बारे में पता नही होता है जबकि किसी भी new airtel 4G sim को चालू करने का तरीका बहुत आसान होता है.

Airtel Sim chalu kaise kare

आपको airtel sim 2 वजह से चालू करना पड़ता है अगर आप या तो नया airtel sim खरीदे या फिर आप किसी और company के sim को airtel में port करवाते है तब आपको इन दोनों ही situation में airtel sim activate करना पड़ता है. तो चलिए अब हम ज्यादा समय ना लेते हुए आपको airtel sim चालू करने की पूरी proccess बता देते है.

Airtel 4G Sim card Activate या चालू कैसे करे

कुछ दिनों पहले की बात करे तो airtel sim card activate करने का तरीका manually calling और verification होता था. पर अब airtel sim activation की process थोड़ी अलग है. जब से आधार card जरूरी है तब से sim card चालू करने के लिए थोड़ी लंबी process होती है. अब sim card के user का online verification हो जाता है. Sim को आधार से link करने की proccess को E-KYC कहा जाता है.

1. जिस sim card को activate करना है उसे अपने मोबाइल में डाले और उसको अपने नजदीकी airtel retailer के पास लेकर जाए. वो अपने mobile में Airtel Mitra App से sim चालू करने की proccess start करेगा. उसके बाद sim की E-KYC करेगा.

Sim card का E-KYC होने से Telecom service provider को यह पता चल जाता है कि सिम card use करने वाला व्यक्ति वही है जिसने आधार कार्ड दिया है या फिर कोई और उसके नाम से इस sim को फर्जी sim की तरह उपयोग कर रहा है.

2. अब वो आपके आधार नंबर enter करेगा और thumb scan करेगा. Online Sim card activation की process में जिस व्यक्ति का आधार card submit किया जाता है और आधार में linked mobile नंबर पर एक OTP भी जाता है. इस OTP को इस proccess में submit करना होता है.

Airtel Sim activate kaise kare

3. उसके बाद Thumb (अंगूठे) का verification किया जाता है. जैसे ही वो otp submit और thumb scan करेगा. आपके आधार कार्ड की detail खुल जाएगी. सब कुछ अच्छे से check करे और Submit कर दीजिए. जिससे कि आपका आधार card verification process (e KYc) complete हो जाएगी.

यह सब proccess होने के कुछ ही देर बाद में आपको Airtel की और से एक message receive होगा जिसमें लिखा होगा कि आपका Airtel Sim Card verification proccess हो चुका है और कुछ ही घंटों में आपका airtel का sim चालू हो जाएगा.

Note -: Sim card activate करवाने के बाद आपको अपने नंबर पर recharge भी करवाना होगा जिसे FRC (First Recharge) कहा जाता है. जब पहला recharge करवाते है तब जाकर आपकी सिम पूरी तरह से चालू होती है.

तो दोस्तो इस तरीके से आप सिम कार्ड रिटेलर से अपनी सिम को चालू कर सकते है. अब आप हमें बताएं कि आपको हमारा यह पोस्ट कैसा लगा और post अच्छा लगा है तो जल्दी से हमारी website को subscribe करे और हा अगर कोई भी problem हो तो comment करके हमे जरूर बताएं.

Friends, Call Setting ki Series me humne abhi tak Call barring kya hota hai, Outgoing Call kaise band karte hai iske bare me jana tha. Aaj hum Call barring ki hi ek aur Setting, Incoming call band kaise karte hai iske bare me sikhne vale hai. Agar aap apne phone par aane vali Fake, Spam calls se pareshan ho chuke hai. To yeh post aapke kam jarur aayegi. Agar aapke pas fake call nahi aati hai aur phir bhi aap apne number par aane vali ko band karna chahte hai. To is post ko last tak jarur padhe. Is post me humne Incoming call kya hoti hai, Incoming call kaise band karte hai ki puri jankari share kari hai.

incoming call band kaise kare

Incoming Call kya hoti hai?

Jab koi User Aapke mobile number par Call karta hai aur vo call jab Aapke pas Receive hoti hai. Tab is call ko, Incoming call kaha jata hai. In short, Aapke number par aane vali call ko Incoming call kaha jata hai.

Agar Aap logo ki call attend karke pareshan ho chuke hai. Aur chahte hai ki ab mere mobile number par koi bhi call nahi kar paye, yani Incoming call band ho jaye. Tab yeh setting aapke bahut kaam me aayegi. Kyonki es Call Setting ko On karne ke baad Aapke number par aane vali sabhi Incoming call band ho jayegi.

Ab koi bhi vyakti chahe to bhi Aapko Call nahi kar sakta hai. Ab agar aap chahe to sirf apne Mobile se kisi ko call kar sakte hai par koi bhi return call nahi kar payega. Caller hume sirf Text message send karne ke siva aur kuch bhi kar nahi payega.

Incoming Call Band kaise kare

Aap phone par aane vali sabhi Incoming call band to karna chahte hai par aapko yeh nahi aata hai. Aapne Sim ke customer care aur mobile ke service center par bhi baat kar li hai. Lekin kahi bhi aapko koi esa tarika nahi mil paya hai. To ab aap hamare bataye steps follow kare.

 STEP -: 1  Dial Pad me jaye Settings icon par click kare. Ab aap Setting me Enter ho chuke hai.


 STEP -: 2  Ab last me Aapko More setting ya phir Advance setting name se option dikhai de raha hoga is par click kar dijiye. Yaha par Call Barring ka option search kar use open kare. Ab More setting me Call Barring ko select kare.


 STEP -: 3  Ab jis Sim Card ke liye Incoming call band karna chahte hai us par click kar dijiye. Agar aap pahli vale sim card ke liye Incoming Call ko band karna chahte hai to pahle Sim card name par click kare. Maximum time Sim card name us Sim company ke service provider ka name hi hota hai.


 STEP -: 4  Yaha par Call Barring ki sabhi condition dikhai degi. Ab hume sirf Incoming call ko band karna hai. Isliye sirf Incoming calls ke liye 2 option ka hi use karna sikhenge. Jiske bare me humne niche bataya hai.

incoming call disable
  1. All incoming calls: Agar Aap sabhi Incoming calls ko band karna chahte hai to is par click kar On kar dijiye.
  1. Incoming calls while roaming: Jab Aap roaming me rahe sirf tab hi koi call nahi kar paye to iske liye Yeh setting option On kare.

 STEP -: 5   Setting On karne par Aapse Call barring password puchha jayega tab apne phone ka Default password enter kare. Kyonki Phone ka Default Password hi Barring password hota hai.


Agar Aap apne phone ka password nahi jante hai. Google par search kar pata kar sakte hai. Apne mobile name & model ke pichhe Default password likh kar search kare. Aapko kai sari website mil jayegi joki aapke phone ka Default password bata degi. Jyada tar phone me default password 0000 hota hai aap ise try kar sakte hai nahi to comment me apne phone ka naam bataye hum aapko phone ka default password bata denge.

Yeh setting on kar Password enter karne ke baad ab aapke phone par Incoming calls aana band ho jayegi. Aur phir koi bhi aapko call nahi kar payega. Jab tak ki aap is setting ko Disable/Off nahi kar dete hai.

Hello Friends, Pichhli post me Call barring meaning in Hindi me jana tha. Lekin Aaj hum Outgoing call ko band karna sikhenge. Aksar kayi sare log yeh sochte hai ki kya hum apne phone ki Outgoing calls ko band  kar sakte hai ya nahi. Yeh pata karne ke liye Vo Telecom company ke customer care me bhi pata karte hai par unhe sahi jawab nahi mil pata hai. Aur jab phir bhi unhe sahi jawab nahi mil pata hai to phir vo Google par yahi baat search karte hai- Sim ki Outgoing calls kaise band kare. Mera jawab hai- Ha. Har jagah par bhi search karne ke baad bhi sahi jawab nahi mila hai. To hamari post ko padhe. Yaha humne Outgoing Call kya hoti hai, Outgoing Call ko kaise band kiya jata hai iski puri jankari share kari hai.

outgoing call kaise band kare

Outgoing Call setting, Call barring ki hi ek setting hai. Agar aap chahte hai ki mere mobile phone par Incoming call to aaye. Par koi bhi mere mobile se kisi ko call nahi kar paye to iske liye aapko, niche hume Mobile me Outgoing call band ya esa kahe Outgoing call band karne ka tarika bataya hai.

Ab aap soch rahe honge ki yeh sab kuch hume kisi App ki help karna padega. To aap galat soch rahe hai. Yeh facility hamare mobile ki Call setting me pahle se di huyi hoti hai. Ougoing Call off karne ke liye hume kisi dusre tarike ke android app ko install karne ya koi tarah ki service activate karne ki jarurat nahi hai. Bas niche batayi gayi in steps ko follow karte jaye.

Outgoing Calls kya hoti hai?

Outgoing Call, Jab Aap apne mobile phone me dial pad me jaakar kisi vyakti ko call karte hai aur usse bat karte hai to is ki jane vali call ko Outgoing call kahte hai. Aasan shabdo me kahe to jab hum kisi ko call karte hai to ise outgoing call kaha jata hai. Chaliye ab jante hai ki is tarah ki call kaise band kare..

Outgoing Call band kaise kare.

Dosto jesa ki maine upar bataya es setting ko On karne ke baad koi bhi vyakti. Aapke mobile se call nahi kar payega. Aur tab tak call connect nahi kar payega jab ki aap is setting ko Off/Disable nahi kar dete hai. To chaliye jante hai ki mobile se lagne vali Sabhi calls ko band kaise karte hai?

 STEP -: 1  Phone ke Dialpad me jaye aur Call Setting icon par click kare. Ab aap Settings me enter ho chuke hai.

call setting

 STEP -: 2  Yaha Outgoing Call band karne ka option aapko direct nahi milega. Iske liye niche ki side drag kare. Vaha par Advance setting/More setting ke name se ek setting option milega us par click kare. Ab yaha aapko Call barring setting me jana hai.

Call barring option

 STEP -: 3  Call barring ko select karne ke baad jis sim ke liye outgoing call band karna chahte hai use select kar lijiye.

select sim

Agar aapke phone me 2 Sim card hai jaise – 1- Airtel, 2- Idea hai aur aap Airtel number ke liye outgoing calls ko band karna chahte hai. To Airtel par click kare. Mere phone me 2 Airtel sim hai. Aur mai pahle vale sim ki Outgoing call band karna chahta hu.

 STEP -: 4  Ab Aapke samne Call barring ki sabhi condition dikhai degi. Hum yaha par Abhi sirf Outgoing Call ko hi band karna chahte hai. Isliye sirf Outgoing Call settings ko hi change karenge. Yaha par Outgoing Calls ke liye 2 options dikhai denge.

Outgoing Calls band

1. All Outgoing Calls: Agar aap sirf ise on karenge to aap sirf local (India) ke number par hi call nahi kar payenge.
2. International Outgoing Calls: Aur agar is on karte hai to phir koi International number par bhi call payega.

Esliye jesi aapki jarurat ho vo setting on kare. Mere hisab se International call to koi karega nahi esliye sirf All Outgoing Calls ko On kar dijiye.

 STEP -: 5  Ise on karne par Aapko apne phone ka default password dena hoga. Uske baad hi yeh On ho payega. Finally aapke isme outgoing call band ho jayegi. So ab aapko samjh aagya hoga ki outgoing yani ki jane wali call kaise band kare post achcha laga hai to ab ise share kare.

Phone ka Default password aap nahi jante hai to Internet par Apne mobile name & model ke pichhe Default password likh kar search kare. Aapko kai sari website mil jayegi joki aapke phone ka Default password bata degi. Jyada tar phone me default password 0000 hota hai aap ise try kar sakte hai nahi to comment me apne phone ka naam bataye hum aapko phone ka default password bata denge.