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everyone today Facebook use and many more Facebook user Story We also post, in such a situation, sometimes we need to know about our friends. Story Liked but there is no option to download facebook story in facebook app and a question comes in our mind how to download facebook story?

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Friends, in today’s post we will know Facebook Story Download Kaise Kare Are you a friend of yours? fb story download Can both photo and video files along with music in the gallery of mobile.

Facebook Story Kaise Download

anyone’s facebook story download To do this you have to download an android app from play store. Save Story for Facebook Stories – Download Huh. This app has 1M+ downloads in play store and got a rating of 4.4, it is a 15MB app. Download the app by clicking on the Download Now button given below.


How to use App?

step 1. Open your app facebook account Login with
Step 2. Click on the option of two numbers on the top of the home page.

Download Facebook Story 2021

Step 3. Here the story of your friends will come, click on what you want to download.
Step 4. Click on the 2 dot below the story download Click on the option of it, then the story will be downloaded in the mobile gallery.

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friends are you want to convert any text to voice do you want to know What is text-to-speech? And how we can hear a text in our male or female voice. So you must read today’s article because after reading this article till the end, you will get to know the easy way to convert any text into voice.

Due to the change in technology in this era of internet, today new features are being given by mobile companies in smartphones. By using which we are saving both our time and energy. Friends, often we like to listen more than to read something. Because we prefer to listen rather than read a story. Because the human brain remembers the thing heard by the ears for a long time as well as listening carefully.

Just like when we read the information given in a story or an article online on the Internet. So we would rather listen to him than read. Friends, so in today’s article here we are going to tell such a way. By which you only have to copy and paste any text in Hindi or English language. And by doing this you can listen to that text in any language Hindi or English. Friends, without wasting time let’s know how we can convert any text into voice?

First of all you have to install application named TTS Reader from play store. This is very less MB application, which is very easy to use.

After the app is installed, open this app.

After opening, you will come to the home screen of this app. Now here we have to do some settings before converting any text to voice.

First click on the top menu.

Now many options are available here, you tap on download language.

Now many languages ​​are present here, you can select Hindi language and download it. And the Hindi language file is about 20 MB, download it.

Now in the next step, tap on the top and select the language. With which you can listen to any text in male/female voice.

Now scrolling down, there are many options here, you select that language. The language in which you want to type or paste the text. If you want to convert Hindi text to voice, then you can select any option from Male/Female.

Now you have to type Hindi text, you can copy the Hindi paragraph from whatsapp or any other app. TTS reader app can paste in.

tts reader After typing or pasting any text in it, tap on the play button below. And now you will be able to listen to this text easily in Hindi language.

Note:- Friends, always keep in mind that in whichever language you type or paste text, you have to use the same language. The language also has to be set.

Friends, in this way you can easily can convert text to voice. This app has many foreign languages ​​including Bengali, Chinese, Nepali, etc. We have to type or paste that text in the language in which we want to listen to any text of our choice.

Hope today’s article has proved useful for you. If you found today’s information important, then do not forget to share this information with your loved ones. So that those people can also know this information. Apart from this, if you have any question related to this article, then you can feel free to tell your thoughts in the comment.

Income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi income tax whose name any person is afraid of. The person wants to save it, or does not want to fill it. While this thinking is very wrong, when we do any work with complete planning, then its effect is positive. In the same way, we should follow the same thing on Income Tax. Just as it is the duty of every person to pay tax, in the same way it is the right of every person to plan for tax while staying within the purview of the law.

Ways to save income tax Income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi

In income tax, where tax is to be paid on income, there is some income which is also tax free. Just as a person always keeps a part of his income as his savings, that savings will be useful in future, in his bad times. In the same way, by filling it with income tax planning, we can take many benefits from it in future.

The main five sources of income have been mentioned in Income Tax –

  2. Income from House Property (INCOME FROM HOUSE PROPERTY)
  3. Income from Business and Profession (PROFITS AND GAINS OF BUSINESS OR PROFESSION )
  5. Income from other sources ( INCOME FROMOTHER SOURCES)

These five incomes include all the sources of income in themselves. This all income avoidance provision is present in income tax. For example, by making savings schemes, trusts, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), distribution of family income, through gifts, earning maximum tax free income. By including all such income in our income, we can reduce our tax liability. Tax planning is a very detailed subject, for which we should take the help of an accountant to a chartered accountant (CA) and a lawyer and planning should be done keeping in mind the specifics told by them.

  • How much income is tax free?
  • How is tax planning done?
  • How to take advantage of tax free income?

How much income is tax free?

We should first know that how much income is tax free. There is a limit fixed in income tax, till that there is no tax on income. This limit is pre-determined by each person. As soon as we cross that income, we have to pay tax to the government at different rates. We have presented this further through the chart.

Tax Slab Financial Year (FY)2015 – 16 Assessment Year(AY) 2017-18

income limit female/male senior citizen senior citizen
(whose age is less than 60 years.) (Age above 60 years but below 80 years) (whose age is more than 80 years)
2,50,000/- Rs. NIL NIL NIL
2,50,001 Rs.-500,000 Rs. 10% 10% NIL
500,001 Rs. – 10,00,000 Rs. 20% 20% 20%
10,00,000 Rs. more than 30% 30% 30%

How is tax planning done?

Just as the tax rate on income after deductible income is fixed in INCOME TAX ACT, in the same way the provision for investment in tax planning is present in SECTION 80 C – SECTION 80 U. The main among them are mentioned below –

In INCOME TAX ACT, investments can be made from 1 LAKH to 1.5 LAKH in SECTION 80 C, 80CCC, 80CCD.


  • National Saving Certificate (NSC SCHEME)

Similarly, in SECTION 80 D, exemption of 20000/- has been given to MEDICLAIM PREMIUM which is self, husband and wife, child (who is dependent on parents) and 30000/- to senior citizen. All these and many other investments are there in income tax, whose exemption we get while doing INCOME TAX RETURN FILE.

Other methods of tax planning

  • Tax planning by mutual agreement of family
  • Tax planning from birth to death of a person
  • Tax planning through GIFT
  • Tax planning from all other income

of tax by mutual agreement of the family Planning-

What should we do for this?

  • Along with doing your own INCOME TAX RETURN FILE, do RETURN FILE of your family member too.
  • Do tax planning for your adult children.
  • By filing taxes of your elderly parents, take advantage of higher income tax slabs.
  • By will, the property is divided in such a way that the burden comes as a minimum in the form of tax on the heirs.
  • Take advantage of tax by filing return of daughter-in-law.
  • File tax by making HUF.

In this regard, we should be careful about some things.

  • Do not add the income of husband and wife together.
  • The minor is of the income of the children, so do not include it in the income of the elders. Invest it in a fund or SCHEME.

Tax planning from birth to death of a person


income tax kaise bachaye tareeke saving tips in hindi

Tax planning from job to retirement

income tax kaise bachaye tarike saving tips in hindi


According to the will, as per the will, the way the property is divided, do TAX PLANNING by telling it to your tax advisor. Sometimes some INCOME is such that it is TAXFREE. Eg – Agricultural Income (AGRICULTURE INCOME)

Tax planning through GIFT Gifts up to 50,000/- are TAXFREE after April, 2006. And gifts above 50,000/- will be TAXEBLE.

Tax planning from all other income

Whenever the income of the taxpayer is high, he does such planning of tax so that he can transfer his INCOME to his loved ones. Due to which his tax liability gets reduced. But some things have to be taken care of. like –

  • Transfer income without transferring assets
  • Proper planning of revocable transfers
  • Avoid transferring your income to wife/daughter-in-law/minor children
  • loan taken on bill or payment
  • Unclear bank dealings, CASH, investments and expenses

In the above point, the liability of tax will be made on the tax payer.

Apart from this, make TAX SAVING by creating a COMPANY and HUF and TRUST.

key points

  • If TDS is deducted then claim it.
  • If you buy any property, give its information.
  • Do not deal in big and cash in business, deal only through cheque.
  • If TAX / ADVANCE becomes a liability of TAX, then avoid interest by filling it in the prescribed time.
  • If you are operating a big business or company, then take care of small things like making bills and buying from bills, ACCOUNT by filing all kinds of income-expenditure, purchase-sale, receipt of investment made properly. Maintain |

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In today’s article, we will tell you in detail that Email id kaise banate hain? If you want to know too. That Phone mein Email id kaise banate hain? So in today’s article we will give you complete information about it in very simple language.

If you use a mobile phone, you must email id And gmail id would be required. And if you don’t know Email id kaise banate hain? So you have come to the right place, in today’s article we will give you all the step-by-step information.

email id Address via gmail id we can send message to anyone through gmail. And apart from this also we use email id in many places, to use any application and software, we also need email id mostly. So let’s know how we can do it in our mobile How to create email id?

Email id kaise banate hain?

email id You can easily make it with the help of your mobile and computer. In the next article we how to create email id It has been explained in detail, if you want to create Gmail id from computer and laptop. So you have to follow the steps given below and you have to open on any browser and after that follow the steps given below. But if you are doing it from mobile, then you have to download the application of Gmail. And after that all the steps given below have to be followed.

Phone mein Email id kaise banate hain

Creating a Gmail account in a mobile phone is absolutely free, and it is very easy, so let’s know about it step by step in detail.

Step 1 – Download Gmail application

To create a Gmail account on your smartphone, you will first need to download the Gmail application. To download this application, you can go to your Google Play Store and Apple Store, and from there you can easily download this application.

Email id kaise banate hain

Almost all smartphones have it pre-downloaded. And if it is already downloaded in your smartphone, then you must update it once from Google Play Store and Apple Store. To update, first you have to go to Google Play Store, after that you have to search Gmail in the search box above there. After that the Gmail application will come in front of you, if the update is available there, then you can update it by clicking on Update.

Step-2 Open gmail application

After updating, you will have to open the Gmail application in your mobile phone, after that the home page of the Gmail application will open in front of you. In that you have to click on Add Gmail Account.

Step3 Sat up email

After that a screen will open in front of you in which you will see three to four options, you have to select google from these options. To select you just have to click on google.

Step-4 Create account

After clicking on Google, a new page will open in front of you, in this you will see the option to sign in, but we have to create a new account. So we will click on the create account button given below, after that we will see two options, if you are creating Gmail account for yourself then you have to click on for myself, and if you want to create Gmail account for your children. want to do. So you can click on for children so that you will be able to manage their account.

Email id kaise banate hain

Satp-5 Enter name

Now a new screen will open in front of you, in which you will have to fill some of your details, you have to proceed by filling all your details correctly. You will first be asked your name, you will have to write your name correctly, after that you will have to click on the Next button given below.

Email id kaise banate hain

Step-6 Date of birth Now you will be asked for some more information about you, now you have to enter your date of birth, after that you will have to select your gender. You can easily use the option of date of birth and gender on this page. After entering your date of birth, you have to click on the next button given below.

Email id kaise banate hain

Step-7 Sat username

Now you will go to the new page, on which you will be suggested some usernames by the Gmail application, if you want to create your own username apart from those usernames, you have to click on create your own Gmail account.

Email id kaise banate hain

After clicking on this option, a text box will open at the bottom in which you will have to enter the username of your Gmail id. With the help of this username, any person will be able to send you email,

And if you want to login Gmail account on any application. Even then you will need this username. So this username you can enter whatever is available according to you.

Step -9 Set password

Now you will go to a new page, you will see the option to set password there, you will have to create a password for your Gmail id. You can keep this password as per your wish.

Email id kaise banate hain

You have to keep the password strong because you have a lot of information in Gmail, that’s why you try to create a good and strong password that you can remember, after doing this you have to click on Next.

Step 10 – Accepted terms and conditions

Now Google’s terms and conditions page will appear in front of you, if you want, you can also read this rule given by Google. And even if you do not, you can scroll down and click on the checkbox below and click on the Continue button. After doing this, your Gmail account will be ready in the phone, now you can use it anywhere.

In this way you can easily create a Gmail account, and you can also tell your friends that Phone mein Email id kaise banate hain ? and can help them.

question asked by logo

Q. 1 Can I change my name after creating a Gmail account?

Yes, you can change your name after creating a Gmail account, for this you have to go to the personal information section in the Gmail application.

Q. 2 Can we create more than one Gmail account in one mobile?

Yes friends, you can create more than one Gmail account in mobile. And can use them too.

Q. 3 How to protect Gmail account from being hacked?

If you want to protect your Gmail account from being hacked, then you have to allow two step verification. After that your account will be more secure.

Q. 4 Is it necessary to have a mobile number to create a Gmail account?

If not, then you can create a Gmail account without a mobile number, but sometimes Google asks for a mobile number for its security.

Q. 5 Can we delete our Gmail account?

Yes friends, you can delete your Gmail account anytime.

what did we go today

In today’s article, we have told you that Email id kaise banate hain? We hope that the information provided by us How to create email id? You might have liked it, and it will be helpful for you. If you like the information given by us, then definitely share it with your friends.

Call Details Kaise Nikale Kisi Bhi Mobile Number Ki? Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Jio, BSNL, Aircel, Telenor How To Find Call Details Of Any Mobile Number? How to get call history of any number. Friends, today in this post we are going to know without OTP. How to get call details of any mobile number?

Friends, by the way, you can easily see the call details of any of your mobile numbers by going to the call log. But if someone has deleted your call details from your phone or you want to see the call details of any other number, whose phone you do not have, only sim card, then today in this post I will give you the details. Will tell that Call Details Kaise Nikale Kisi Bhi Number Ki?

If you want to know the call details of your husband-wife and brother-sister or anyone else, then this is the easiest way. For just some time, you can take your victim’s phone and remove its one month old call details or call history. You can find out all this from which number he has talked to for how long, at what time.

Alert: This post is only for Educational Purpose, do not make any wrong use of it. ?

Call Details Kaise Nikale?

Whatever mobile number you want to remove the call details, just keep its phone with you for some time, and follow the steps given below.

1. Download Mubble App:

Download and install the Mubble app on the phone number of which you want to remove the call details.

Download Mubble

Open Mubble and select your language.

2. Select Language:

After selecting the language, click on Get Start and now enter the number of which you want to remove the call details here.

3. Allow Permission:

Now allow permission of your phone.

Now the complete data of those numbers will be shown in front of you.

4. Click On Get My Bill:

Just click on the BILL option directly.

Now the call log detail of that number will be shown in front of you. Which you can download as a pdf file on your email. Click on GET BILL BY EMAIL.

5. Now you are Done:

Now the call details of that number will come to your mail. Enter your mail id or download the pdf file.

So friends, in this way you can remove the call details of any mobile number. Hope you now know that Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Jio, BSNL, Aircel, Telenor or Call Details Kaise Nikale Kisi Bhi Number Ki? And How to know call history of any number.

Hope you Call Details Kaise Nikale Kisi Bhi Number Ki? This post must have been helpful.

If you have any question related to this post then you can ask in comment below. And if you found this post helpful, then you can also share this post with your friends on social media.

Elements App Download: Hello friends, on this post we are going to tell you about India’s social media app, you will be happy to know that under self-reliant India, the first social media app of Make in India has been launched, it has been named Elyments. Already the Government of India had banned 59 Chinese apps, after that this app has been launched under the self-reliant India campaign, so read the Elyments App Full Review carefully and download it as it is an indigenous app.

WhatsApp and Facebook have a large number of users in India, in this app you will get to use all the features found in WhatsApp and Facebook, Elyments App is designed keeping in mind the Indian audience, so the app is available for WhatsApp and Facebook in other countries. Give or not give competition to Facebook, but it will definitely give competition to them in India.

What is Elements App?

Elyments is a social media app launched under Make in India, this app has been launched by the President of India M. Vaikaiah Naidu and is now available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store platforms. Elyments is an all-out social media app that competes with Facebook in terms of features and features, as the app incorporates the features of various social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.

ELiment was launched on 5th July, 2020 on the occasion of “Gurupoornima”. Now you have come to know that what is eliment, elyments app which country ie eliment is the app of which country. Let us now know how to download elyments app, how to use elyments app features and elyments app, keep reading the post for Elyments App Full Review.

How to Download Elements App?

It is very easy to download Elyments, you can download it from both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store platforms, in the search bar you have to search for Elyments, then you will see Elyments – Social Media Simplified, as you see in the above screenshot. You have to download it only. You can download it from the official website of Elyments for both Android and iOS platforms.

Download here for Android

elements app details

Currently the size of the elyments app is 90 MB and Elyments has got a rating of 4.4 on Play Storer whereas it has been downloaded by 1,000,000+ people in a very short time, by looking at its ratings and downloads you can find out that Elyments in a very short time. Has become a popular app.

elements app features

Talking about the elyments app features, it positions itself as a super-app. Because in this you get almost all the facilities. Available in more than 8 Indian languages ​​Elyments – Social Media Simplified, integrates features of popular social media platforms for chatting and making free audio/video calls. This super-app enables users to connect with friends, send messages to them, interact with each other’s content via feeds, and even video call with friends.

The popular social networking app also comes with a feed search option in which you can follow celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. The notification bar has been replaced by alerts that let you track friend requests and activities. Like like, comment on your post. You can also use filters while clicking photos

Apps on its platform will also have public profiles that users can follow or subscribe to. The report states that the Elyments app will include options regional voice commands to make it accessible to all.

Combining the features of top social networking sites, Element also has the option to take photos and apply multiple filters. The app also has options to use AR characters while creating posts with innovative elements.

Is the Elements App really secure?

Yes, Elyments App is absolutely secure, with special attention given to the privacy of the user, the app developers really care about the information security of the users the most. The Art of Living Foundation has taken the help of more than 1,000 IT staff to build the app, it is being told that the user’s data will be hosted on Indian servers, without the permission of the user, no one’s data will be shared with others. Will be done.

Features of Elements App

  • Elyments is India’s first social media app, developed under Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • Elyments is created by App Developer, Sumeru Software Solutions, Bangalore based IT Firm.
  • Backed by Art of Living and developed by over thousand IT experts.
  • The main focus is on the privacy of the user, as the data is hosted on Indian servers and without the permission of the user, his data will not be shared.
  • It is available in 8 Indian languages.
  • It is available to download from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
  • Elyments has so far 1,000,000+ downloads on the Google Play store.
  • Elements rating: 4.4
  • ECommerce platform Features and Elements Pay

Why Download Elements App?

As an Indian citizen, you must download Elyments, because to make the self-reliant campaign successful, it is very important that we use and promote our local product, as the Prime Minister has told us many times. Vocal for local. Which will give a new impetus to the Make in India campaign.

Secondly, the Elyments app has been included on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, all these features are included, the company says that more features will be added to it in the coming time, so if you have not downloaded it yet, then the above You can download from the given link.

So now you know Indian social media What is Elements? How does this work? What is its privacy policy? What are its features and what are the features in it, you must have understood the Elyments App Full Review very well, this is an indigenous app, so make your friends aware to promote it more, because from today every Indian has to be a local. To become vocal.

Hello Friends, Although you have already told everyone how to download your name ringtone, but making your work easier, I have brought another post for all of you, with the help of which you all can download your name ringtone. You can do it quite easily.

Yes, today I am going to tell you all the names of the app through which you can download apne naam ki ringtone ko very easily.

Many people want to keep their name ringtone in their mobile. In such a situation, this post is going to be very helpful for all those people.

if girlfriend calls Girlfriend called Is. if dad calls Papa’s phone came There are many such ringtones that you can download through these apps.

name ringtone download hindi

It would be really funny if you had your name ringtone on your phone and people were surprised to hear it.

Actually many people were asking in the comment how they can download their name ringtone very easily… so this post is going to be helpful for all of them.

It is very easy to make ringtone of your name. If you follow the below mentioned trick. Because in this detail post you are being given all the information that you will need to make your name ringtone.

some people who like to have naam ringtone

Your phone is ringing ( Your name ) Ji > ( Naam Ringtone )
Your phone is ringing…..> ( Name Ringtones )
PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE…..> ( Name Ringtones )
Please answer the phone…..> ( Name Ringtones )
pick up the phone….. > ( Name Ringtones ) And so on !

Now many name ringtones you can download directly in the old way, but if your ringtone is not available there then this app can be useful for you.
name ringtone maker apps You can create Hindi ringtone by yourself

Well there are many on google play store my name ringtone app Available but in this post I am listing those apps which are best and very easy for your use through which you can create and download your name ringtone without any problem.

Download your name ringtone maker app for free

Download My Name RingTone Maker

This is a great one to make your name ringtone which you can use by downloading it from play store. By this you can not only make naam ringtone but you can also use mp3 cutter, that is, you can cut any mp3 song and make ringtone.

It also has a very good rating on the Play Store, which is a sign of its being the best and it has been downloaded by more than 10 lakh people.

That is, you can use my name ringtone make to make your name ringtone, which you can download from the link below.

Download My Name Ringtone Maker & Flash Alerts

The My Name Ringtone Maker app is also a great one, due to which it has been added to the list. You can also make apne naam ki ringtone quite easily using this. All you have to do is install this app and then write your name in the text box and play it and save it.

In this also you have the facility of mp3 cutter which you can use to cut ringtone. It has a rating of 4.3 on the Play Store which is an indication of its goodness. Along with this, more than 10 lakh people have also downloaded it.

You can also download it for free from play store whose direct link is given below….

Download Name Ringtone Maker.

As its name suggests, you can use it as Name Ringtone Maker. Like the above app, you can also make your name ringtone through this but it works on text to speech which converts text into speech which does not have the facility to add background music due to which it sounds very simple. Is.

Still you can use it because its rating is very good on play store and more than 1 lakh people have downloaded it.

You can directly download this app from the link given below.

In this way you can easily download your name ringtone in your mobile.
With this easy Hindi trick, you can make your name ringtone very easily.
You can make your name ringtone with this easy trick and also tell your friends.

So friends, in this way we told you how you can make your name ringtone and then download it.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends, Sharing Button is at the bottom of the post.

Keep Sharing, Because Sharing is Caring

How to differentiate or identify between fake and real note in Hindi

The trend of fake notes here is very old, people are easily cheated in the real and fake notes in the markets. Year In 2016 when the government suddenly decided to change the note It was taken, then for some time it seemed that now we have got rid of the problem of fake notes, but in no time again these fake notes made their place in the market. And now your little carelessness can put you in harm’s way. To avoid this loss, you must have the correct identification of these notes.

How to identify genuine and counterfeit notes

First of all, we are introducing you to the color and size of the notes going on in us, so that you do not have any risk in them.

5 and 10 notes

The color of the 5K note that we have here is green, while its size is 117*63 mm. The color of the 10K note we have here is orange, while its size is 137 * 63 mm. A new note of 10 is also available in the market, whose size is slightly smaller than the first note while its color is chocolatey brown.

spot fake and real note

20 and 50 notes

The color of the 20 note that we have here is red-orange and its size is 147 * 63 mm. While we have two types of 50 notes in existence, one which is already running one which has just been brought in the market by RBI. The color of the old 50 note going in our place is purple while its size is 147 * 73 mm.

100 and 200 notes

The size of 100 notes available with us is 157 * 73 mm and the color is blue, while the size of 200 notes that came in the market just a few years ago is 146 * 66 mm and the color is orange.

500 and 2000 notes

500 and 1000 notes available here have been discontinued, whereas new 500 and 2000 notes are available in the market instead. The color of the new 500 note available here is stone gray and its size is 150*63 mm. Whereas the size of the new 2000 note available in the market is 166 * 66 mm and its color is magenda.

To identify the correctness of the notes available in the market, apart from their size and color, you have to take care of the following things, so that you do not face any kind of loss.

Security thread color

You will hardly know, that the notes available in the market, in which the thread is put by RBI, in which India and RBI are written. And on twisting the note, the color of this thread also changes from blue to green.

Marking of currency at a particular place when seen in light –

If you see the new notes of 500 and 2000 in the light, then the currency is written in horizontal words on the side of the opposite hand, which gives you a special identity of it.

When the note is kept at an angle of 45 degrees, the writing of the numerals appears –

If you look carefully at the new note available in the market, then a dark box appears below and to the left of Gandhi’s photo. When we tilt the note up to 45 degrees, the currency of the note 500 or 2000 appears in this box.

Bleed lines in note

In the new notes available in the market, some special lines have been marked on both and the white border. Which gives them a special identity.

Identification for visually impaired persons

The new notes available in the market have been specially designed keeping in mind the visually impaired persons. The identification marks available in these notes such as the picture of Gandhiji, both the available bleed lines and the Ashoka Pillar are rough, which can be recognized by a visually impaired person by touching it. And at the same time, the currency which has been marked on the right side in these notes is also rough, which these people can know by touching.

Gandhiji’s picture on the white part –

There is some empty space in every note available in the market, when you see this note in the light, then the picture of Gandhiji is clearly visible on this empty space. And in the fake note, this picture is either not clear or there is something strange, so that you can identify the real and fake note.

Signature and year of Governor to be written-

The Governor’s signature and the year of its printing are written in a special place in each note, which gives it a special identity.

In this way, you can avoid losses by taking care of these few things. Because if you make a slight mistake and you get a fake note from somewhere, then it becomes difficult for you to run it in the market and on giving it to the bank, the bank employees tear it in front of you and the loss is only yours. only occurs. Therefore, to avoid harm, you have to take care of these things by being self-aware and also stop the circulation of fake notes available in the market, with your little vigilance, both you and the country’s benefit is possible.

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How to make a pan card in Hindi? How to make PAN card? If you do not have pan card, and you are looking for pan card banane ka tarika, then today in this post we will know what is pan card? What are the benefits of PAN card? Why is PAN card necessary? And Pan Card Kaise Banaye? Online Apply Kaise Care? (All about pan card in hindi)

A few years ago, you could not apply online to get a PAN card made, and you had to get it made offline. But now it is not so, and you can easily apply for pan card online from your mobile phone sitting at home.

If you have not got your pan card made yet, and you want to apply for pan card online, then today in this post I will tell you in step by step detail. Pan Card Kaise Banaye? Online Apply Kare (Detailed Guide)

But before knowing this, let us understand what exactly is PAN card? What are the benefits of PAN card? What is the use of pan card? Why is PAN card necessary? (All about pan card in hindi)

What is PAN Card? – What Is Pan Card in Hindi

The full name of PAN card is Permanent Account Number, and it is an Identification Code, which you use for financial transactions. In the PAN card, you get a 10 digit alphanumeric number from the income tax department.

PAN card is made in the form of a laminated card under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. & It is issued under the supervision of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). PAN card is useful for all types of financial transactions. And it is needed in paying Income Tax, opening a new bank account, receiving taxable salary, buying and selling properties.

Hope now you must have got some idea about Pan Card, what is Pan Card after all? – What Is Pan Card In Hindi? Let us now know what is the use of Pan Card? – what is Use Of Pan Card in Hindi?

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Use Of Pan Card – Use Of Pan Card In Hindi

By the way, you can use pan card in many places, but here I am telling you some important use of pan card.

  • For opening a bank account and for transactions above 50 thousand.
  • For income tax return.
  • For proof of identity.
  • For income tax return.
  • for foreign transactions.
  • To take advantage of government schemes.
  • to take loan.
  • To get subsidy on loan.
  • to receive payment.
  • for online payment.

Let us now see that in order to make a pan card, you should have the necessary documents from which of the pass.

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Required Documents For Pan Card In Hindi

To get a PAN card, you need an identity proof and an address proof.

Identity Proof

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID Card
  • driving license
  • Passport
  • photo ration card
  • arms license
  • pension card

Address Proof

  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID Card
  • driving license
  • Passport
  • spouse’s passport
  • post office passbook
  • Domicile certificate issued by the government
  • Allotment Letter of Accommodation (should not be older than 3 years)
  • property registration

You can upload any proof from the above mentioned list. So now let’s see Pan Card Kaise Banaye? Or Apply Online Kaise Care?

Pan Card Kaise Banaye? Online Apply Kaise Care?

Apply Online

Now you have to go to the website of nsdl, and fill the given form properly.

  1. Application Type: In this you have to select New PAN – Indian Citizen (Forum 49A).
  2. Category: In this you have to select the INDIVIDUAL Category.
  3. Title: In this you have to select the title next to your name.
  4. Last Name: Enter your surname.
  5. First Name: Enter your first name.
  6. Middle Name: If you have a middle name then enter it.
  7. Date Of Birth: Enter your date of birth.
  8. Email ID: If you have Email Id then you can put it in it
  9. Mobile Number: In this you enter your mobile number.
  10. Captcha Code: Now enter the captcha code.
  11. SUBMIT – After filling all the information click on submit.

Now after submitting, a page will open in front of you, in which you will be given a Token No, you have to note this, because it will be useful further.


Now click on Continue with Pan Application Form. Then a page will open in front of you, in which you will get three options,

  1. Submit Digitally Through E-KYC & Sing In (Paperless) – In this, you have to verify the Aadhar card and submit it online. If you want to make a PAN card by verifying the Aadhar card, then select this option. If you get your PAN card made by choosing this method, then the signature will not show on your PAN card.
  2. Submit Scanned Image Through E-Sing – In this, you have to send by scanning your documents (Photo & Signature), if you want to send by scanning photo and signature, then choose this option.
  3. Forward Application Document Physically – If you choose this option, then you will have to send all your documents to the income tax department through post.

In this post we will talk about other options (Submit Scanned Image Through E-Sing), in which the signature on your PAN card will also be shown, and you do not even need to send any physical document.

But for this you have to fulfill some of the requirements mentioned below.

Personal Details

Now a page will open in front of you, in which you have to enter your personal details properly.

  1. Enter your Aadhar Number.
  2. Select your title.
  3. Enter your full name.
  4. Enter the name you want to print on the pan card.
  5. Enter the date of birth.
  6. Select gender.
  7. Have you ever been known by any other names and select No.

Now you have to enter your parent details. And after that you have to click on next.

Contact & Other Details

Now a page will open in front of you, in which you have to enter your contact & other details.

  1. Select your source of income, if you do job then select salary.
  2. Select Residence in Address of communication.
  3. Now enter your Residence Address.
  4. Now enter your mobile number and email id.
  5. Select No in the Representative Assessee.
  6. Now click on Next.

AO Code

Now a page will open in front of you, in which you have to select to enter your area code.

  1. First up”For help on AO code, select from the followingIn “Select Indian citizen.
  2. Now choose the state and city.
  3. Now your Area Code will be automatically selected,
  4. Now you have to click on Next.

Document Details

Now a page will open in front of you, in which you will have to submit your documents details.

  1. Select Aadhar Card in Proof of Identity.
  2. Enter your name, place, date of birth.
  3. Upload your sign, photo & aadhar card.
  4. And then click on next.

After filling everything correctly, the page for making online payment will open in front of you.

Now you have to make your payment through Debit card or internet banking. Now a page will appear in front of you, in which you have to tick mark and click on continue.

Now after clicking on continue, an Otp will come on the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar, which you have to submit.

After clicking on submit, the Acknowledgment page will open in front of you.

If you have submitted everything correctly, then your form will be successfully submitted. And in this process, you do not have to send the hard copy of any document to the income tax department.

Now you are Done!

That’s all you have to do, now your pan card will come to your address in 10-15 days.

So friends, in this way you can easily apply for online pan card, and you can get your pan card made from your mobile phone sitting at home.

Some FAQs related to PAN card

What are the types of PAN card?

There are mainly two types of PAN Card – Form 49A and Form 49AA. Form 49A is filled by Indian residents to obtain PAN card. And Form 49AA is filled by Individuals (Foreigners) who are from other country and want to get PAN card of India.

What is PAN card called in Hindi?

The full name of PAN card is Permanent Account Number. Which is called “Permanent Account Number” in Hindi.

What are the benefits of PAN card?

In India, after Aadhar card, PAN card is given the most recognition as an identity proof. The government gets information about the income of a person through PAN card. PAN card is required for opening a bank account, getting a passport, getting a driving license, getting a voter ID card.

Not only this, even if you are traveling by train with an e-ticket, you still need a PAN card for identity proof. While filing income tax, PAN card is required while depositing or receiving TDS i.e. tax deducted at source. Also, PAN card has to be used to pay income tax.

In how many days PAN card will be made?

Whenever you apply for a PAN card, it tells you that your PAN card will be ready in 15 days. But in reality, it takes one to one and a half months i.e. about 45 days to get ready.

How to make pan card for free?

You can easily make a PAN card for free today. You can make your PAN card for free in just 5 minutes by following the above mentioned method. In this you do not have to spend even ₹ 1 and you also get your PAN card immediately.

It is expected that now you must have got complete information related to pan card. And now you must have known that what is PAN card? What are the benefits of PAN card? Why is PAN card necessary? And Pan Card Kaise Banaye? Online Apply Kaise Care? (All about pan card in hindi)

Hope you Pan Card Kaise Banaye? Online Apply Kaise Care? Would have liked this post.

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