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Hello friends! Today we will talk about such a topic here, which is a very serious and serious topic. Do you all remember the bomb blasts of Mumbai? Also remember the Pulwama attack of 2019 and Uri attack of 2016? These were terrorist attacks on our country. How do we get goosebumps when we hear these names? We call the masterminds behind these heart-wrenching attacks terrorists. .

So friends, if you are looking for Essay on Terrorism in Hindi, that is, Essay On Terrorism In Hindi, or Essay on the problem of terrorism, then you have come to the right place. Here we have written different types of essays on all these topics. Is. If you want to know more about terrorism and want to be aware of it, then definitely read this article of ours till the end.

Preface on Terrorism.

(Aatankwad Par Prastavana)

Terrorism is a cowardly act done by terrorists, whose purpose is to disturb the peace of the country and spread panic among the people. Many people have lost their lives due to the nefarious deeds of terrorists.

India has been threatened by terrorism, especially from Pakistan. For years, Kashmir, Mumbai, Delhi, have been the main victims of terrorism. Delhi’s Parliament attack, Mumbai’s countless bomb attacks, Uri attack, Pulwama attack, how many more attacks have happened on India.

Essay on Terrorism.

(Essay On Terrorism)

Terrorism is such a word, when we hear it, we get nervous and our heart beats fast. Terrorism, which is called Terrorism in English, is actually a violent act done by a group of some bad people, which they do to intimidate the general public, to harm them.

These terrorist attacks are sometimes the result of conflicts between countries. Two countries fight with each other, intimidate each other, cause harm, attack each other.

Where does terrorism go today, not just using bombs. The time to fight with weapons has become obsolete. Now bacteria and viruses are being used to fulfill the purpose of destroying other countries.

Today, all countries have big weapons to counter terrorism.

In 2020, the situation of COVID-19 in the whole world today, it is only a type of virus terrorist attack, which has infected millions of people.

Today’s new era is also a new era for terrorism. If you sit to write an essay on terrorism, then words will fall short, because its story is so old, that some aspects will still remain untouched. “Boneless skin my body is this, so such love is noble which would have been from Ram, so why is there Bhava-Bhit”

India Essay on problem of terrorism in hindi.

(Bharat Mein Aatankwad Par Nibandh/Aatankwad Ki Samasya Par Nibandh,

Our country faces many challenges at once. Poverty, unemployment, inequality, population growth, and much more. But the biggest challenge we have to face is the problem of terrorism.

These terrorism groups want to take over other countries by doing violence, want to win over them. The problem of terrorism in India has a very old history. For many years, there have been terrorist attacks on India, behind which many terrorist groups are involved.

The problem of terrorism in India is increasing day by day. It has caused a lot of damage to the general public, whether knowingly or unknowingly. To give a befitting reply to these terrorist attacks, many of our jawans are stationed at the border. By risking his life, he is ready to fight with these terrorists.

Terrorism is such a problem that the Indian government has adopted many methods to fight, but now they have to be more strict and to stop this violence, a concrete strategy will have to be made.

Short essay on terrorism.

(Short Essay On Aatankwad)

Terrorism is a very dangerous and violent group of people who do not think before doing anything to get their point across. No law applies to them, nor do they follow any rules.

They just have to make their point, and in the process of carrying out their cause, even if they have to take the lives of hundreds of innocent, innocent people, they do not hesitate even for a moment, they just drop bombs.

Remember Mumbai train blast? How many local trains of 7 railway stations were blown up by bombs in one stroke. About 200 people lost their lives and some 700 people were badly injured.

These terrorists have absolutely no compassion, they only understand the language of violence. The elimination of these terrorists is very necessary for both human and country, then only human will be able to live a peaceful life.

Essay on Global Terrorism.

(Vaishvik Aatankwad Par Nibandh)

Today’s era is connected with each other in such a way that if something happens in one corner, then its news is immediately received in the other corner.

If there is any attack in one country, then the whole world is shocked.

Terrorism is not a matter of concern for any particular country, but it is a matter of concern for the whole world.

Terrorism is faced by many countries including India, America, Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, and many more.

America’s 2001 World Trade Center attack is one of the world’s biggest terrorist attacks. Similarly, Pakistan’s 2016 Peshawar school attack, Spain’s 2004 train bombing, are the world’s most dangerous and heart-wrenching terrorist attacks.

Terrorism is a global problem that all countries have to fight together.

on terrorism Essay 2020.

(Aatankwad Par Nibandh 2020)

2020 has been a very painful year for the whole world. Since the beginning of this year till now, something or the other is happening.

Today, as we know, terrorist attacks are not just fought with missiles. Many new methods of attack have come to the fore, one of which proved to be the most dangerous attack – CORONAVIRUS. It is believed that this is a bacterial attack by China.

Today, more than 20 million people have been infected with this disease all over the world and more than 7 lakh people have died.

The series of terrorist attacks started from the beginning in 2020. The terrorist attack in Kabul’s Gurudwara in March shook the whole world.

People worshiping God were riddled with bullets by those ruthless terrorists. What can be more panic than this that we are not safe even at the door of God.

In India, attacks on the soil of Kashmir keep happening every day. How many jawans are martyred while saving us from these terrorists.

The year 2020 started with many attacks, whose effects are still being faced by the people of the whole world as well as their economic and social condition.

essay on terrorism 250, in words.

,Essay On Terrorism In 250 Words)

Terrorism is a violent and violent activity carried out by a group of dangerous people, who are trained in every way. Where do the terrorists who spread terror go?

The purpose of these terrorist attacks is to create fear among the general public. They want to create fear in the public, that people should not even come out of their homes. Temples, mosques, markets, schools, railway stations, no place is safe. Even the house is not completely safe. As soon as there is an attack, people shudder and sit in their homes in fear.

These terrorists, to carry out their purpose, choose only such places, where there is a maximum crowd. In this way, they can harm many people at once.

Do you remember that 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai? In that attack, about 170 people were killed and about 300 people were injured. Many places were targeted for these attacks and there were large numbers of people everywhere.

There have been many more such heart-wrenching terrorist attacks, not only on India, but on many other countries as well. Whatever be the country, the loss is only of human race and nature.

To stop this violence, our government has to take many strong decisions and to end this evil, we all have to support them. May there be no attack, and it may not be our last day.

Speech on Terrorism.

(Speech On Terrorism In Hindi)

Honorable Principal, respected teachers and all my classmates – I warmly congratulate all of you.

Like every time, even today our school has come here to make all of us aware of an important topic. Today’s topic is Terrorism.

We have heard the word terrorism many times, but who are these terrorists? These terrorists are a group of very cowardly and violent people, who take millions of lives to fulfill their means.

There have been many such terrorist attacks in our country of India, some of which you must have heard the names such as – Pulwama attack, Uri attack, Parliament attack, Mumbai bomb attack and many more.

Their purpose is to damage our economic, mental, political and social condition, but the Indian government and our capable army are deployed to protect us from these attacks.

But is it only them’s responsibility to protect the country? We all have to bear the responsibility of protecting the country. It is the duty of every citizen to be aware of the activities happening in their neighborhood, if we see any suspicious activity, then it is our responsibility to inform the police personnel about it.

In this way, if every citizen of the country understands his responsibilities and cooperates with the police personnel for the security of the country, then without permission, even Parinda will not be able to kill in our country.

So let us all come together and say thank you to all of them and stand with our country against these terrorists.

thanks i

Quotes on terrorism.

(Quotes On Aatankwad In Hindi)


So friends, here we have introduced you to every aspect related to terrorism and this was our small effort to bring you information related to terrorism.

Hope you got the information you wanted on terrorism by reading these essays. After reading this, you must share it with your friends and tell us your valuable thoughts or any question by writing in the comment section.

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