How to delete Gmail account in Hindi? If you want to deactivate, disable or permanently delete your google account, gmail id, then in this post today I will tell you how to easily delete your Gmail account from your mobile phone and computer Kaise Kare (Temporary & Permanent)

If you have multiple gmail accounts, or you want to create a new gmail id, or there is a problem with your gmail account, or you are not happy with the services of google! And apart from this, there can be many other reasons for you to delete your google account.

By the way it is very easy to delete your google account, and if you are going to delete your gmail account then let me tell you, if you delete your gmail id or google account then all your google linked to your google account The data of the services will also be deleted, and you will not be able to use those services either.

If you understand in easy language, then if you delete your gmail account, then all the contacts saved on your google account, your youtube account, your google photos, all your mails, and all the other google services you use, your All accounts will also be permanently deleted.

But still, if you want to delete your gmail and google account, then before deleting the account, you can download all your google account data.

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So now let’s see that easily your mobile and computer Gmail Account Delete Kaise Kare?

Gmail Account Delete Kaise Kare?

Go To My Account

First you have to login to your Gmail account, and then go to After coming to my account, you have to click on mange your data & personalization in Privacy & Personalization.

Privacy & Personalization

After coming to mange your data & Personalization, by scrolling down you will have to download, delete, or make a plan for your data in third option delete a service or your account Click on the option.

Now you will have many options, you can download your data, you can delete any one google service, apart from this, if you want, you can also delete your google account permanently.

Now if you do not want to use any particular google service, then click on delete google service.

Delete Google Service

After clicking on delete google service, you have to enter the password of your Gmail account, and then after coming to delete google service;

Now all the google services you have used from that google account, they will all come in front of you.

Now you can easily delete any particular service from here.

Now if you want to permanently delete your entire google account, then you have to come back and go to delete your google account.

Delete Google Account

After clicking on Delete Google Account, you have to enter the password of your Gmail account, then now you will get a list of all the google services linked to your google account,

Now if you had not downloaded your google data earlier, then you can do it from here also, then you have to mark both the terms below and click on Delete Account.

Wait: Before clicking on Delete Account, think once again, because after deleting your Gmail account, all the google services linked to that google account, all those accounts and all their data will be permanently deleted.

Now by clicking on Delete Account, you can easily delete your google account by selecting any reason to delete the account.

Now you are Done!

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Now your google account or gmail id has been successfully deleted.

So friends, in this way you can easily delete any of your gmail account, that is without computer or laptop.

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Friends hope that now you have gmail id delete karne ka tarika and gmail account delete kaise kare? You will get complete information about this.

Hope you liked this post of Gmail Account Delete Kaise Kare (Temporary & Permanent).

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