Hindi Wedding Poetry : Little Pari (Life from Birth to Parting)

Little Pari Hindi Poem from Birth to Bidaai Kahani Shaadi Special (Poem For Sister Marriage In Hindi)

A summary of a girl’s life is how she is born in a family and one day leaves her forever. How many memories she would have lost in a moment and embraced a new life. From birth till parting, she saves life in the lap of her mother and suddenly one day she becomes the basil of some courtyard. She has freedom as a daughter, she takes responsibility as soon as she becomes a daughter-in-law.

Hindi kavita Poem Dulhan beti Sister Marriage

Hindi Poem Kavita For Daughter (Bride) for Marriage Sangeet Function

little fairy
(The little angel went to her in-laws’ house as a bride)

See, a little angel came home
Heart filled with enthusiasm and excitement,
Look, a little angel came home.

The screaming sound echoing in the house,
The string of pearls falling from the eyes,
Like drops of dew are lying in the field.

Look, a little angel came home…………..||

The whole family was revolving around him,
Beautiful Salona Sweet dream is weaving for her,
Like every flower was swinging in the hum of the whirlpool.

Look, a little angel came home…………..||

By tying a ghungroo in her feet, she used to dance.
Sometimes grandfather, sometimes grandmother, sometimes ran to mother,
As a beautiful image of Maur is dancing in the forest.

Look, a little angel came home…………..||

Little angel walked the street of Gurukul today,
Come on, today she is standing in the pavilion of marriage,
The lovely little angel left her mother’s lap,
Sharing affection in-laws’ street ||
Look look, the little angel left the house
Sharing affection in-laws’ street ||
See, the little angel left the house,
The bride went to her in-laws house…….||

Karnika Pathak

This journey from daughter to bride was written through this poem, how did you feel, write to us ,

Poem For Sister Or Daughter Marriage In Hindi Specially written for the bride’s side.

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