How To Block Number In Jio Phone? (Easy Way 2022)

Many times we start getting calls from unknown numbers or sometimes someone deliberately harass us and at that time you have only one option to block that number in your mobile but if you use jio phone then yes. There may be a different way to block a phone number in it, although it is a very easy process, but if you are blocking a number from your jio phone for the first time, then you may have a little problem.

So in this article we are going to know about this topic that how you can block any number from your jio phone, then read the article till the end to know.

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How to Block Number in Jio Phone?

Till now no feature has been given to block the number in Jio phone. But there is definitely a way, you live in Jio phone Chat You can block any number with the help of the application, so let’s learn step by step what is the process for that.

1. first on the phone menu button press, and live chat Open the application.

2. live chat now App After coming to the home screen of left side down options If the feature will appear then go to this option.

3. After coming to this option, you will get a setting If the feature will be visible, then you have to go to this option.

4. After that you have been given many options out of which security and privacy option will be available. If you have made the setting in Hindi, then you have to go to the option of Security Privacy.

5. Now Here You Blocked Contacts Option Feather Let’s go Go.

6. now in front of you Block The list of number done will appear. If you have not blocked any number before then click below right side given in Add Click on the button.

7. now from here contact list Select the number from which you want to block Select Do it

8. Enough This much Do NS He Number black list In successfully walked Will go

So friends in this way you jio phone In Calls To block and if you can Google, YouTube but this way search If you do, you will get to see this way.

But tell us that in this way any incoming call in Jio phone block will not, because only Jio Chat App calls can be blocked. And a little disappointing thing is that till now no feature has come in Jio phone so that you can block any number directly.,

Can the number be blocked in Jio phone?

No, in jio phone you Contact Cannot block incoming calls to any number in the list. because at the moment it Facility jio phone users not given for.

But since the time in jio phone,new on time,New updates keep coming. So from this it can be expected in future that definitely in Jio phone. Block Contacts feature will be added. So that Jio users can get unwanted calls coming in their phones. Block Can do

And we think this feature is very important therefore Android, iPhone Or this feature is also given in other keypad phones and this feature will be brought soon by Jio in Jio phones too.

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How to block company calls in Jio phone?

Using Jio phone if unnecessarily Calls You keep coming. then you can be free from this trouble, To intercept any commercial calls or messages from the Company, you DND You can activate the service, let’s know how you can block the company’s call

To completely stop the company’s calls in Jio phone, you can contact the helpline number of Jio phone. 198 I can call. After calling this number DND There is an option to activate the service. if you right key press We do, So this service gets turned on.

Or you can also talk to the customer care officer of Jio and ask the company to stop the calls coming to this number. After which the customer care officer on your number DND The service will be activated. And after some time all the people who come to your number Call And sms will be completely closed.

So in this way you can save money from the company’s upcoming extravaganza on your jio sim. Calls You can get rid of it forever. Because when the company’s calls and messages keep on coming, then some important work is being done outside., So at that time it causes the biggest trouble.

If you are a smartphone user then you My Jio With the help of the app, you can completely stop the unnecessary calls coming in your Jio phone. So friends, after reading this post today, you must have come to know that what is coming on Jio phone. Calls To Block can do.

I hope that the information given in this article has been very helpful for you, but if you have any question related to this, then you must ask in the comment section.

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