How to Buy Shares of Zomato IPO? Zomato has announced IPO,

Hello friends, the much awaited IPO of online food delivery Zomato has been announced for distribution on Dalal Street. It has fixed the offer price for the same. Its public offering is ₹72-76 per share and you can apply for membership to buy shares from 14th July.

The offer price of the Zomato IPO is probably ₹9,375 crore, which is the second highest IPO after SBI Cards and Payment Services’ offer of ₹10,340 crore in March last year. The application for membership of the IPO will close on July 16, which includes an IPO sale offer of ₹375 crore by the company’s initial investors and a fresh distribution of ₹9,000 crore. This IPO is likely to be listed on the stock exchange on July 27 in the stock market.

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Special information about Zomato IPO:

  • Issue period: 14 July 2021-16 July 2021
  • IPO Size: ₹9375 Crore
  • Price: ₹72 to 76 per share
  • Slot: Minimum 195 shares, and thereafter in multiples of 195. An investor can buy a maximum of 13 slots.
  • Size of Quota: For the retail category, the quota has been fixed at 10% of the net offer, while for Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) at 75% and Non-Institutional Investors (NII) quota at 15%.
  • Kotak Mahindra Capital, Morgan Stanley India and Credit Suisse Securities (India) are the global coordinators and book running lead managers (BRLMs).
  • Bank of America (BofA) Securities and Citigroup Global Markets India will manage the issue while Link Intime India is the registrar of the issue.
  • GMP: Zomato’s Grey Market Premium is trading at around 13-15 which, according to market observers, is around 20% at the upper end of the IPO price band of 76.
  • The Zomato IPO will be listed for the stock exchange on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) on July 27.

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How to Buy Zomato IPO

You can buy IPO both online or offline.

To buy online:-

  • You have to first open a Demat Account and a Trading Account. Both these accounts will be linked to your normal bank account. And if you already have Trading Account and Demat Account then follow the following steps.
  • Once your trading account is opened, you need to open it and select Zomato IPO.
  • Now, transfer the amount for the number of shares you wish to apply for in the trading account through your bank account.
  • If the shares will be allotted to you by the same IPO, the shares will be transferred to your demat account.
  • If you do not get the allotment of shares, your deposited amount will be returned to you. The refund transaction will be done either by directly transferring the amount to your postal address or it will be transferred to your bank account through ECS.

To buy online, you can go to the apps of Groww, Zerodha, UpsTox, ICICI etc.

To buy offline:-

  • First you need to take an application form from your broker and fill it thoroughly covering every mandatory field.
  • You must also have a Demat account for offline purchases. It is not necessary to open a trading account. This will be required only if you have a plan to sell your shares which you had acquired through IPO.
  • You have to decide the amount you want to invest in the IPO to buy the shares and then issue a check for that particular amount.
  • If your amount is more than Rs 50,000, then attach the copy of PAN card with your application form.
  • You will have to hand over these documents, i.e. application form, PAN card copy and check to your broker, who in turn will give you a receipt.
  • The broker will then submit your form to the company and thus your application for share of shares will be executed.

Should you invest in Zomato IPO or not this post will be helpful for you :- Should I invest in Zomato IPO or not??


Before buying Zomato IPO, one should get an idea of ​​how much the share price will return by looking at the company’s market performance, profit and loss. And those who are thinking of investing for the long term, they should invest with utmost concern.

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Zomato Ltd. What is IPO?

The issue size of Zomato Limited IPO is around Rs 9,375 crore. It is a combination of fresh issue of Rs 9,000 crore and offer for sale of Rs 375 crore.

Zomato Ltd. What is Pre-Apply for IPO?

Pre-application will allow you to apply for Zomato IPO 3-4 days before the start of the subscription period. The Zomato IPO is open for subscription from July 12 to July 16.

Zomato Ltd. When will the order be placed after pre-applying for an IPO?

Your order will be placed on the exchange as soon as Zomato IPO bidding starts. You will receive a UPI request within 24 hours of the opening of the bidding period.

Zomato Ltd. What are the opening and closing dates of the IPO?

The Zomato IPO is open for subscription between July 14 and July 16, 2021.

What is the size of Zomato IPO?

The size of Zomato’s IPO is for ₹1 equity shares of up to ₹9,375.00 crore

Zomato Ltd. What are the allotment dates for IPO?

The shares will be allotted around July 22.

When will Zomato’s IPO get listed in the stock market?

Zomato’s IPO will be listed on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange) on July 27.

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