How To Change Photo In Aadhar Card Easily

In this article, we are going to know that how you can change the photo of your Aadhar card because as we know that the photos of our Aadhar card are not good at all or we have our childhood photos in it which we update. It is very important to do this because wherever you go, there is a quantity formality of Aadhar card by which you can tell your identity, so it is very important to have your new photo so that there is no problem in identification.

However, changing the photo of Aadhar card is considered technical by many people, but it is not so, in supportmeindian, we tell about some such simple methods of everything that even a child can follow, so during this article you will find something simple. Steps will be told about which you can easily change the photo of your Aadhar card by following it.

How to change photo in aadhar card

To book an appointment for updating Aadhar card or changing photo, you will have to visit the official website of Aadhar card, UIDAI. From where you will be able to book appointment very easily. After this your photo will be changed. Follow these steps which we have given below and book your appointment.

1. Open Google to Change Photo in Aadhar Card

First of all, you have to open Google, you can use mobile too, I am opening the browser here in laptop, so in the screenshot you will see the website in landscape, the process is absolutely the same in mobile too.

Friends, you have to open Google and search UIDAI, as soon as you search UIDAI, you will get the website first.

This is the official website, you have to open the first website only, keep in mind that do not go to any fake website and register an appointment, you can get into trouble, you will have to come to the official website only whose link is uidai.

how to change photo in aadhar card

2. Click on Book an Appointment

Friends, as soon as you open the website, you will have to scroll a little, after scrolling you will get a tab named Get Aadhar, in this tab you will get many options, the second option where I have put arrow, “Book an Appointment” above it You have to click

how to change photo in aadhar card

3. Select your city or your location

There are 2 ways to book an appointment for Aadhar card firstly you can select the city and click on Proceed to book appointment, or if you want to update Aadhar card from Aadhar Seva Kendra then proceed to book appointment which is Below is the option you can click on it.

But I would recommend you to select your location and click on Proceed to Book Appointment which is the above option.

how to change photo in aadhar card

4. Select the Aadhar Update Option

In the fourth step, the screen will open in front of you as shown in the screen shot below, here you will see three options at the top, where you can select aadhar card update new aadhaar and manage apartments. Change photo comes under the category of Aadhar card update, so the first option will click on Aadhar update, it will also be selected by default.

Friends, after this you have to fill mobile number and captcha, whatever mobile number you are entering is not necessary that it is already registered in Aadhaar, you can enter any mobile number on which OTP can go.

Enter mobile number and captcha and click on generator OTP.

how to change photo in aadhar card

5. Verify the OTP received in the mobile

Friends, now an OTP will be sent on the mobile number you entered, enter the OTP and click on the Verify OTP button, if the OTP is not sent, then the Resend OTP button shown in red color has to be clicked.

how to change photo in aadhar card

6. Fill the given form correctly

Now four new steps have been shown in front of you as shown in the screenshot below, you have to fill the complete information correctly, here on the left side you have to fill the aadhar number and your name which is on the aadhar card, select the document in the right side and Enter State and City. After that, your center will come automatically in front of the option of Aadhar service center, if there are multiple service centers, then by clicking on the button on select, choose one which is nearest to you, and then click on the next button. Give it

how to change photo in aadhar card

7. Aadhar Card select biometric

After this, in the next step, you have to first select the last option biometric in the top select field dipped update because you want to change the photo in Aadhar card.

After this, you have to fill the details of the family head, in which you will select your relation with the family head, fill its Aadhar number and select the name and certificate of relation and click on the next button.

how to change photo in aadhar card

8. Select the date of visiting Aadhaar Center

In this step, you have to fix the date of your appointment, in the left side you will be seeing the calendar, the date which is valid in it will be in dark color, that means Aadhaar center will be open on that day. You select any valid date and see the time in the right side, after selecting the time, you will get another option of Next below, here you have to click.

how to change photo in aadhar card

9. Submit after checking all the details

Now the last step is in front of you, here you will be shown all your details, verify all the details well and click on the submit button.

As soon as you click on submit button then all your process will be completed and your appointment will be fixed, on given time when you will reach at Aadhar center you will not have to stand in any line and your work will be done directly.

how to change photo in aadhar card

Final Words

The process of changing the photo in Aadhar card is not free, here you may need to pay certain charges, then you have to keep that in mind, but it may be that if you get the same work done from a computer shop then it will give you If more can be charged, then somewhere your money is being saved.

Hope the information given in this article is helpful for you but if you have any other information related to this then you can ask by commenting.

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